Sam was my Father best friend who comes over for dinner around once every 3 weeks or more. Him and my Dad work together for well over 20 years at the City Hall in the archives department. I was alway turn on Sam as he was very good looking for someone over Fiffty as he stood well over 6 feet tall. My oldest sister always thought that Sam was either Gay or Bi Sexual because he could never keep a relationship together and always love hanging out with much younger men. 

It was well after dinner that Sam came into my Bedroom to fix the issue that I was having on my new Apple Computer that I have just bought. I then thought it will be a good time to make the first move on him by stroking and rubbing my hand up and down his nice hairy legs. He always were these very sexy dress shorts every time he go out to meet people or to be with his close friends. He really got off by the look in his eyes with every stroke from my hands. This went on for well over for 10 minutes before my Dad shouted at me to come down the stairs to show him how to use the new TV converter.

My best ways to describe Sam is that he could be the twin of Actor Ed Harris back in his early film days. The dinner was great that night when my father had ask me if I was interested in going with Sam to Boston to watch a Bruins Hockey game on Saturday night. I was so thrill along with my parents who were finally getting the house all to themselves for once.

We check into the Hotel around 3 blocks were the arena was shortly after 3 pm, The room was like on the 15 floor over looking the city of Boston. The time was just after 5 pm before we head on out the door  looking for a pub to have some dinner. The game was wild and loud as Boston beat the team from Toronto once again. Along with a few good fights and hard hits.

My watch was showing close to midnight before we made it back to our Hotel room. The washroom door was slightly open as I watch Sam change into pyjamas bottoms before he hits the bed. My cock became real hard as I can see the out line of his cock coming from his pyjamas as he slowly made it over to me.

He pull the covers off our kingsize bed as he got on top of me and began to kiss me deeply as I felt his tongue slid into my mouth. I was so scared when he ask me if he could make love to me before I told him that I was still a virgin. " I understand Marc " Came from his deep voice. Sam then got up and head into the bathroom to get some KY lube for my Virgin ass.

I was flat on the bed as he started to pour some of the lube over his nice 7 inch dick. He slowly pull my legs over his hairy shoulders and began to enter me real slow, I gasp a few times until he wall all the way inside me. It took a good 10 minutes of pounding me as his Great White Blue eyes roll back into his head. " OH FUCK MARC " As he moan much louder with sexual pleasure and tension as his whole hairy body was sweating like rain buckets. I hung onto his neck very tight when he was about to shoot his load off. " FUCK MARC HE SCREAM  " as his whole body started shook and vibrate as my ass was filling up with his hot juicy load of cum.

We were both totally exhausted by the fuck, And I was so proud of not being a Virgin anymore at the age of 21.I look down a notice that his cock had lots of cum and ass juice still left on it.This really turn me on so much that I decided to go down on him to lick the rest of his cum all up. " FUCK MARC WANT ARE YOU DOING DUDE " He shouted as he felt my lips rap around his semi hard cock. It only took a short time until his cock was sliding in and out of my throat as his pre cum started to pour out of him. He once again hit a massive orgasm this time right in my mouth were he shot 2 loads off just seconds apart.

It was well after 2 am now we finally got up from the bed as I headed over to the table over by the window to grab some Coke so I can wash all of Sam sweet,salty load of his cum down. The rest of the weekend turn out to be a real fuck fest for both of us on which we both fuck and suck each other off several times.

I finally made it back home around  supper time on Monday evening , Mom and Dad were waiting and dying to hear all about the long weekend with Sam. It was around 2 days that Sam and John went out for lunch and spoke about the weekend that he spent with his son. John was so curious before he ask him if there was any sexual contact. Sam was shock by the comment and would avoid John for well over the next few weeks. It was at lunch one day that John came out to Sam that he was Bi curious and would like have a sexual experiment with him.

 The waiter just brought over the Bill to Sam before they both head on back to work finished of their day.  Sam was pretty straight forward by telling John that he was not ready to have sex with him anytime soon while he meant with  Sam along for a meeting next day.





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