There I stood looking at myself in the bathroom Mirror. I must admit I have done a pretty good job of keeping myself fit over these last few years. I was admiring my nicely shaped chest muscles, sixpack abs, thick muscular arms, and very muscular legs, Having been a top football star in High School hadn't hurt either, it pushed me into building myself up. All in all I found myself to be a rather well built fairly nice looking chap.

I slipped down my briefs preparing to enter the shower, and stood there, pulling up my scrotum admiring my two fairly niced sized testilces, but I had always thought my greatest asset, although the rest of a nice body was a plus, was my almost eight inch long,fairly thick cock, which by the way began to rise and thicken out very nicely, I stroked it a few times and admired it in the mirror as is stood up almost touching my stomach without assistance, thick and proud like the Washington monument. I had always thought it was quite nice looking, perfectly straight, with a very nice shaped head, bluish pick, then that light colored cock skin going down the shaft behind the head to that darker ring where the circumcision had been done as a baby, and then the darker skin of the shaft, gentle lightly bulging veins, yep it was a good looking cock alright.

From all that I could see, I had a lot to be proud of, not arrogantly so in respect, but in appreciation, yet there had been something missing, I had not as yet had the awesome pleasure of having sex with another person, My right hand and a bottle of lube having been my only sexual outlet up to this point.

I heard a knock on my motel room door, 'Hey Ken, Hurry up and get yourself ready, we have to be at the rehearsal in one hour,' My mother yelled from outside my room door. 'Be there in a second.' I yelled back to her.

I got myself ready and we headed off to the rehearsal.

I'ts here that I need to tell you that my older brother James was getting married, and his fiance, Sherry Hollingsworth was a good looking chick, at least I thought she was, and I was pleased that my brother James was as happy as a kid with a new bike over her.

Being nineteen and pretty much set, my having a good job, my own finances, I could pretty much do what I wanted.

We had driven almost four hundred miles to Sherry's hometown to be present at James wedding, I wasn't going to be in my brother's wedding because I had not been sure when he chose his groomsman that I would be able to attend, although I wanted too. But finally I got it worked out that I could attend.

We were staying in a Best Western Motel at the edge of town.

I had gotten my own room a couple doors down from my Parents room because I wanted my privacy, I got a singel with one a queen sized bed and that was fine with me.

Well we got to the rehearsal and there was the Wedding party, My Brother was beaming, as was Sherry.

But before we got started with the rehearsal, James brought this awesome looking young man, about my own age over and said, 'Ken, I want you to meet Percy, Sherry's younger brother, I thought you two might be able to get to know each other, He's the same age as you, maybe you will have something in common.

I shook Percy's hand and at first he seemed a little withdrawn and shy, God he was a little doll. His hair was light brunette, he had deep dark brown eyes, mysterious and desireous, He had the smile of a saint, pleasant, facially he was beautiful, just like his sister.

Well I asked Percy to join me where I was setting, he took me up on it, and we sat there and watched the rehearsal, and afterward he sat with me at the same table at the rehearsal dinner. We were beginning to hit it off really well.

The evening was almost over, awesome dinner and we were setting there in the private dining room of this hotel banquet center, when Percy asked me where I was staying, I told him at the motel six, He said, 'I have my own car, would you like to get out of here and see the town?' I of course said 'Yes.'

We got into the car and took off, looking at the sights, and stopping for a soda at a local drive in eatery.

It was almost midnight when I said, 'Well guess I better be gettin back Percy.'

Percy looked rather disappointed when I said that. Noticing the looks on his face, I just thought of something, 'Hey Percy, how about you come with me and spend the night at the motel with me tonight? you know, keep me company.'

His face lit up like a 300 watt bulb went of inside his head.

'Really man, that would be fantastsic.'

We went to the motel, Percy just sorta smiled at me, and said, 'I sleep in my underwear most of the time,I guess thats alright isn't it?'

'Hell yeah, the truth is,at home most of the time I sleep naked.' I said, knowing that if we slept naked I would get the chance of showing my body off, which I kinda liked to do anyway.

We started stripping and I noticed that Percy was watching every move I made, when he saw me get down to my briefs His eyes lit up, but I heard him gasp for breath when I decided to strip off my boxerbriefs, and go naked.

I turned to Percy, standing there in his white briefs, Me naked, and his eyes got big, and he smiled,'Holy Shit man, your built, really built.' 'Yeah that comes with a lot of working out with weights and playing and working out with the football team.'

'Shit man, I can tell, but I have one question man, what did you do to get that so big', and he motioned to my cock, I felt so proud that I thought I would explode, Well to be honest I give it a lot of workouts too, I hand exercise it, ALOT!' I started laughing.

He was evidently mesmerized, he just kept staring at it, and I noticed Percy standing there in front of me and the thin cotton of his white briefs was doing very little to hide the fact of his cock which looked to be a fairly thick, good seven or so inches was getting very hard and about to poke a hole in his briefs.

'Holy Shit Percy, did seeing me do that.'

'Well man, I can't help it, I guess I must tell you the truth Ken, I'm gay, and truthfully man, your gorgeous, and that cock, what I wouldn't give to work on it a while.' He said.

Now you must realize I was a virgin, if you exclude watching porn, looking at magazines and jerking off untill my cock was raw, hehe.

I just smiled at Percy and said, 'Hey man, lets get into bed, go ahead and take those off,' I pointed to his briefs.

Percy acted a little embarrassed but he slid off his white briefs and let his raging boner loose. We crawled into the bed and Percy just smiled and said, 'Now What,Man?'

I smiled at him and said, 'Hey man, go ahead and relieve the pressure on it, Im planning on joining you.'

I began to stroke my cock and as Percy began to work on his boner, I was beginning to feel an attraction to him and his cock, I wanted to touch it, and more I guess, I wanted to help him with it, to see what it felt like to touch someone else.

I just turned over toward Percy and said, 'Hey man, what is it that gay guys do with each other anyway? I had a good idea but hearing him tell me was getting me so hot.

He was watching me as I stroked my cock, his eyes were glued to it.

I finally just said, 'Percy, would you like to do that to me, I have never had a guy touch my cock before but I would like to try it.

His face really lit up, smiled and said, 'Oh hell Yeah.'

I said, 'How do you want me?'

Percy pulled me to the edge of the bed and had me set up with my feet on the floor, he piled pillows up behind me and then the had me spread my legs, I was on my elbows when I felt the most awesome feeling of my life up to this point.

Percy leaned into my crotch and started licking the tip of my cock, I felt a little pre-cum began to ooze from my hardon, Percy licked it like a delicious cone of ice cream.

'Holy Fuck Percy, that feels so fucking good,' I said.

'Just wait, it gets better,' he said. I leaned back and relaxed as Percy began to engulf the total length of my cock, god this fucking kid was awesome, I had never had anything feel so good. He was massagging my nuts and sightly fingering my asshole which was sending me over the moon with sensations.

Percy stopped sucking my cock, which was a little disappointing, that is until I felt his hands go under my knees and raise them up and he told me to hold my legs up, exposing my manhole.

Now I want to tell you here that when his wet, warm, senuous tongue started licking and swirling itself around the area of my asshole, I almost flew off the bed, it was the most awesome sensation of my life with the exception of his sucking my cock, this kid knew his shit.

He dove into my asshole like it was a gourmet meal or something, and I was enjoying it immensly.

I was almost to the point of blowing a wad when I felt his tongue stop and he released my asscheeks and took my nuts again into his mouth, I wasn't sure whether this was a dream or whether it was real, I was out there somewhere, and for all I cared, I didn't want to return. All I know I was in love with this feeling that was coursing thru my body.

Percy stopped sucking on my nuts and went back up to the head of my cock, took it into his mouth and swirled his tongue around and around the head and I almost came there, and I knew I was very close. I was gasping for breath, my stomach was doing that dance just before you blow the nut and my toes had curled to the point of almost cramping.

Percy was taking me to the balls into his mouth, god I was in Heaven, I wanted to cum in his mouth, but I wasn't sure he'd want that.

'Fuck man, I'm about to blow, Oh fuck, if you don't get off I'm gonna cum in your mouth, AWHHHHM-----OH HOLY FUCK MAN!' was the last words I remember as I gritted my teeth, moaned and I felt my cock start shooting out volly after volly of hot thick, milky cum, I was amazed at Percy, he just kept up the sucking and deep throating untill I had totally emptied out, this dude never lost one single drop of my cum.

I Layed back totally wasted as Percy wiped his mouth, I looked at him and said,'Fuck Percy, that was amazing, I never felt anything like that before. And you swallowed all my cum.'

He just smiled as he stroked his own cock, 'Hey Ken, swallowing the load is what it's all about, but that's just the beginning.

I was just too wasted to move. Percy said, 'If your up for another round in a few minutes, I'll show you some more.' I smiled and said, 'You fucking better believe it,' I had been able to blow at least three nuts in one day, just needed a little time to recharge and reload in between.

Well we got up and Percy took a cold wet washrag and washed my cock and balls off.

We lay back down and we drank a soda, then as we layed there, Percy began to play with my cock again, he was like a kid with a new plaything.

'Hey man, I'm so glad you came to the wedding, I love your body and I especially love your cock.'

It took Percy about five minutes to get my cock up to full staff again, I was enjoying his sucking it again and he stopped and said, 'Now for the rest of the story.'

He got up went to his bag of goodies and got out some lube, looked at me,laughed and said, 'I always come prepared, just in case.'

He got back up on the bed, with me laying on my back, he slathered some lube on my cock and then slid some on his asshole and up inside his rectum.

I wasn't really sure just what was about to happen, 'Ken, your pretty good sized, so be kinda easy with me at first.' Percy said.

Percy got up straddle of me, reached around and took hold of my rock hard cock, slid the head of it around his asshole and then placed the tip on the opening, and began to set down on it,Damn his ass was hot. It took a second or so, but I felt his sphincter muscle give way and my cock slid about four inches into his intestinal opening.

I heard him let out a little grunt, stop and just set there for a second, His eyes were closed and he was just lightly stroking his boner as he finally began to let his body sink down onto my cock, The heat of his insides was phenomenal, and I was feeling nothing but pure pleasure flowing from his hot intestines to my cock and thru the rest of my body.

In about three minutes he began to fuck me with his body, this kid was awesome.

I just layed there just gently pumping my ass upward with each downward stroke his ass hole was milking my cock, squeezing it with each thrust.

I could feel his every body movement as he just senuously fucked me for the first time of my life, it was fantastic.

I realized his body was picking up speed and I could feel his rectum muscles as they milked me with each thrust.

I looked at Percy's face as It became almost distorted with his pleasure, and I heard him say 'Yes, Yes, Oh Fuck Yeah!' His cock started belching out a stream of cum that didn't look like it was going to end.

Seeing his passion and enjoyment took me over the edge and with in a few seconds my cock was pumping my own semen into his bowels and he just layed over and kissed me like we were the newly weds.

We fell asleeep with my cock still lodged inside his asshole,and I woke up the next morning with Percy still laying over me.

Shit man, was this a dream, did this really happen.

Then Percy gradually come to and said, 'Ken, you were amazing last night, we need to get a shower and get the smell of semen and sex off us, we showered off together, I felt in love for the first time in my life.

We got ready and went to the wedding and after the reception, Mom and Dad and Percy's parents went out for the evening, James and Sherry took off for their Honymoon, and Me and Percy headed to a movie and then back to the Motel.

I stayed a few extra days before heading back home, Percy and I stayed in bed almost all weekend long, and we were totally exhausted by the time we parted company.

We have made plans to get together on several occasions. As a matter of fact I have to run to the airport and pick him up now, Ya'll have a great week now, I certainly plan too. Ciao!



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