I was just twenty when this story took place, I was in Military, and I was doing just great, I was in better shape than I had ever been in, my body was one that I could be definitely be proud of, and of course my hormones were screaming as I lived my every day life.

I had known when I was younger that I had this thing for guys and especially a nice hard, thick, firm, cut or uncut cock,that part didn't matter, i just wanted cock.

I thought about them almost twenty 24/7 I would go into the barracks and almost swallow my tongue seeing those other guys, in just their underwear, I can't tell you how many nights I would lay in my bunk, listening to the heavy breathing, and hearing the sounds of guys beating their cocks, I was so fucking jealous of their own hands, and being in an all mens barracks it was just the way it was. A guy's got to do what a guy's got to do.

Well my older brother James, well lets just say he got all the straight desires, I got the gay ones in the family, he was as much a pussy hound as I was a cock hound, Truth was If I had the choice to have a nice hard cock, or a set of Double D boobs on a gal, the cock would win that toss up hands down.

James never knew it, but as younger boys, we had to sleep together, and I would wait untill he was asleep and I would fish his cock out of his boxers and suck his dick for him while he slept, Hummmmm!, I never told him either. I just know my brothers cock was almost like sucking my own, they were almost identical looking, both cut, nice and thick and vieny, I think he got what they call the 'birthright' his was about a half inch longer, and he was rather hairy chested and fairly hairy all over, me I was as clean as a Q-ball on a billiard table, except for a very thick hairy black pubic bush.

But one thing for sure, his cum tasted great.

Well it seems James had been dipping his 'stick' into the honey pot a little too much and not wearing the 'headache' protection and now he was going to make me an 'UNCLE' which I thought was neat but, He needed to be a proper Dad, and at least be married to the mother, so he was getting Married to his girlfriend Donna.

I of course, put in for a pass to go home for the wedding and since I was up for a leave anyway, they granted me a thirty day leave.

I had been talking to Mom about the sleeping arrangements. She asked me if I minded Jame's friend, a College buddy of his, sharing my bedroom, since we would be pressed for sleeping space.

It seems that I was going to be a groomsman at the wedding and this Danny Perez was going to be Jame's best man. And My cousin Pete, also a groomsman would be sleeping with James in his bedroom, I told Mom it would be alright with me, but of course the real thoughts in my mind was the possibility that it presesnted.

I had my car on the Army base with me and I was driving home because of the length of time I was to be on leave, I figured I would like to have my car at home to use while there. Also I had been given heads up that I would be shipping out to Camp Casey In Korea, when I returned to base after leave. And I didn,t want to leave my car there.

Well I had stopped at this rest stop in Arkansas, on my way home, and I walked in and there was this young blond kid, looked to be about sixteen or seventeen, but he was a doll, as I stood there at the urinal taking a leak, he came up beside me and smiled, I Almost swallowed my tongue as he whipped out this huge, thick uncut cock, Damn they grow them big in Arkansas was all I could think, as I watched him I noticed he wasn't pissing, he was just sorta playing with it just sliding that foreskin back and forth exposing that awesome pick head,as he smiled at me, he was a gorgeous little hunk too, short blond hair, no shirt, and bib overalls.

I felt the old twinge in my stomach and I began to harden up in the cock department, he just kept playing with his cock and watching mine, I was just standing there with my cock getting harder and harder and looking at his meat, I wanted to taste that slab, I said, 'Thats awesome man, would you like to have it taken care of?'

He smiled a big smile, and walked over to the wheel chair cubicle and nodded and motioned for me to come follow him, I went and with in two minutes I had this Arkansas breeding horses cock in my mouth trying to deep throat this kid, it was phenomenal, his nuts were like a bull and I was having the most fun trying to take this cock all in than I had had in friggin a long time.

I felt his hand behind me head and heard his groaning and moaning and as I sucked he grabbed my head, never speaking a word, he pulled my head as far onto his hard, throbbing, delicious, cock as he could get it down my throat, and started jerking and spasming in his body, I felt his hot bull sized balls pull up against his body and his cock started belching out a load that would make an elephant proud, god I almost choked at the size of this kids sweet, nectar, but I got it all down and swallowed it to his pleasure.

His name, I found out later was Timmy and he lived about a mile from the rest stop with his Dad, working on his farm.

I stood up with a rageing hardon and he smiled at me again and dropped to his knees, took my cock into his mouth, and sucked me like he had been doing it for a century, this fucking kid was awesome.

Timmy told me after we were done, that he was nineteen, and he loved getting sucked off and sucking on other guys too. I didn't feel so much like a cradle robber after that.

Well by the time I got home the next day It was almost five thirty in the morning, I still had my house key and I went in. Dad had left for work and Mom was still in bed, as was everyone else.

I went to my bedroom and I opened the door, I was astounded by what I saw.

There all splayed out on my bed was this gorgeous man, about twenty four, maybe twenty five, awesome looking bronze body, with a blush of dark hair across his bare chest, he had black beautiful hair, and dark eyelashes, he was laying there in just a pair of Acombie white briefs with the bulge of his cock showing that was nothing but pure beauty.

I just stood there taking all this gorgeous mans looks in and by the time I got undressed to my underwear my cock was like a brick, I wasn't sure this was a good Idea having Danny in my bed with me.

The more I stared at his gorgeous body, licking my lips and rubbing my own crotch while looking at the outline of a half hard, very hefty looking bulge, the more I was sure that I was going to do to him like I use to do to James, all I knew Is If he wakes up and beats the fuck out of me, at least I would have had the chance to suck his cock.

I walked over, gently lifted the elastic of his briefs out and freed that awesome uncut very gorgeous cock.

James had told me that Danny's parents were both of Latino descent,his mother Spanish, and his Father was Italian, and he was gorgeous.

I gently pulled the elastic down and hooked it under his very nice, oval, nuts and I took his cock, which by the feel was at least eight inches and very thick, and I leaned over and licked on the tip of his foreskin, tasting a little saltyness and then with my tongue I worked the foreskin back untill that beautiful bronze head was standing tight, shiny and hard and exposed, I took his cock to the hilt into my mouth and down my throat, and began to suck his cock like he was my boyfriend, I was loving it, when I felt him stir, my thoughts were, 'Oh fuck here it comes.' expecting to get punched, Danny raised up and said, 'What the Fuck, ummmmmmmm OH shit man, awe fuck, I dont' know who you are but Mother fucker that feels good.'

I took that as a good sign, and I just went for it. I had sucked his cock as he pulled a pillow over his face to cover it and make his sounds muffeled because I found out quickly, Danny was very very vocal, and didn't want to wake up anyone else in the house.

After about ten minutes of feeling him squirm and make lots of noises he reached over and pulled out my cock and began to work on it, the next thing I knew he had My cock in his mouth, I said, 'man, Im gonna cum soon if you don't get off,'

He stopped long enough to say , 'Hi I'm Danny you must be Ken,' I just said. 'Yeah, I'm very glad to meet you.' I responded, then he said, 'your brother told me you like to suck cock, and how when you were both younger you use to suck him off when you thought he was asleep, I was hopeing you would do it to me. This is fucking awesome man I could fucking fall in love with this.'

I was totally astounded that James had never said anything to me about knowing that I had been sucking his cock.

I felt Danny raise up on his knees and pull me around and said, 'Now I want that cute ass, I felt his tongue go between my ass cheeks and start working on my asshole, I thought I would come up off that bed when he started rimming me, God, I could tell this wasn't his first time with a guy.

After making me almost crazy with lust for him, Danny got up on his knees and said, 'Now for my favorite thing,' and he layed his cock against my turd hole and sunk it to his balls, I let out a little yell and began to fucking back at Danny, I just leaned my head back on Danny's chest as he ramrodded me with his awesome cock, and I could feel it rubbing against my prostate as he fucked me weak, he was fucking awesome.

I whispered as he kissed my neck, 'Danny, you truely are the 'BEST MAN' your the best I have had, thats for sure.

He laughed and kept on hammering my asshole untill I heard him growl and felt his cock jerking inside my intestines as he unloaded a massive load of cum into my bowls. I milked his cock with my anal muscles as best I could. We both collapsed and went to sleep, woke up and showered together, loving every minute of our time together.

Well the wedding was of course beautiful, Danny made a beautiful Best Man, and of course I couldn't keep my eyes off him, nor he me, every time I would look up and see him he was looking at me and smiling and he would wink at me.

James and Donna went off to Florida to go on a honeymoon cruise, and Danny stayed an extra week with me, and believe me, I can't tell you how many loads of his cum I took up the ass, or swallowed, Lets just say, my jaws were sore and tired, and my asshole needed to be vulcanized like a rebuilt tire, Hehe, it was a truly Beautiful week with Danny, And He was in my estimation 'The Best Man.' Actually after the wedding took I think We became closer friends than James and Danny were, or at least it seemed that way.



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