Today of all days, why did this happen to me, I get a call to go into work on my days off, I had plans to do something in my yard, and I was really ticked off, My replacement worker had called in sick, and the truth was he got on a drunken stupor and made himself sick and I was pissed.

I got ready and called my supervisor and said I'll be there as quick as I can, and I started getting ready. I was to find out later that this worked out great for me, and I went to work and worked my usual shift, but I told my boss as soon as that shit head got sober he was gonna do my shift for me and I wanted some time off, Well to my suprise he was off for five days supposedly recooperating and I worked a straight 16 days without a day off.

I was a radiologist in the Radiology Lab at the Local Hospital and It was not that easy to replace replacement Radiologists.

Well the following Friday evening my boss came in and told me he had told Erick, My replacement, the little lush, that if that happened again we would get someone to replace him for good and that he would be working for two weeks so I could get my time off, He speedily agreed.

I went home with the thought of much needed rest coming down the pike for me and my Cell phone rings, I answered it and said Hello Nate, his name had come up on the front of the phone when it rang and I said Hey Man what's up; Now for your info Nate and I had grown up together and had been pretty good buds for almost as long as I could remember, Hell we even had a few sleepovers and did the mutual jack off sessions, but that was a few years back, And the truth is I had had the hots for Nate for about as long as I could remember, but He never knew that or maybe he did, but he never let on that he knew if he did. Nate and I had gone to Medical school together and He also became a Radiologist and after he got married he and his wife, My sister Angela, moved and took up residence in Kansas city, and he also works for a Radiology Lab there in KC.

Nate said Hey Ken, Angela Has to go to Denver for some sort of Seminar for her Job and I thought I would give you a ring and see what you were doing for the next few days, I will be alone for almost a week and I thought we could get together and do a little fishing and maybe some camping. I said hey man that sounds just great. I said when do you want to meet I have about sixteen days off work and I would love to. Nate said great! and said I'll get her off, and then he paused and laughed and said I mean to the airport, and he started to giggle and then said anyhow I'll be there about 5 this evening, I said can't wait, Then he said something in joking and I sorta giggled and said yea, He said I know you want to get your hands on my body, and laughed, I said YEA RIGHT!. But the truth was I did want to.

I was doing the last bit of my laundry, throwing it into the dryer when I heard Nates Bronco pull up into my driveway, I hurried up stairs from my basement and Said Hey Dude, It's so good to see you, and I Looked at Nate and I started to drool, He had grown a goatee sort of looking beard and a light mustach, Now theres something about Nate you should know, He had flaming red hair, and its gorgeous and Nate is about one of he best looking dudes on the planet, I just stood mesmerized at him, Nate said Hey man Great to see you, and he came around the Bronco and grabbed me and gave me a huge Hug and liked to crushed me, Nate was built like a bear, and I smelled his sorta sweaty body odor and I got a boner just from the odor. Nate said, sorry Im a little sweaty, I need a shower the AC is not working in the Bronce and I sorta sweated all the way here, I said you smell alright to me. Nate looked at me and just smiled.\

Well we loaded up my medium sized SUV and got on the road to a Large fishing Lake in southern Mo. and We got to talking and Nate just nonchalontly brought up the subject of us having jerked off together when we were kids and remenissing the old days and I started getting a hardon again.

we chatted and brought up some of our childhood memories and just had a nice conversation as we drove.

I was having a hard time keeping my eyes on the road because of the large bulge in Nates crotch and my mouth was watering and I was thinking thoughts I should not have, fuck man, this was my sisters Husband, But my mind then said so fucking what, he was my friend first and a Cock is a Cock.

We got to the resort motel I had reserved for us and I had planned ahead to suite my fancy, I had gotten a single with just one bed and I told Nate I could only get a singel and I hoped he didn't mind, He said why should I dude, were still best buds, aren't we? I said yea, and then Nate said jokingly, I just won't be responsible for what I do, see it's been about three weeks since Angela and I have had sex, I looked at Nate and said with a grin, that's more information than I needed to know, But the truth was It was an incentive for me to pursue me desires.

We got settled in and Nate said Ken, Lets go see about renting a movie for tonight, since we won't be fishing untill the morning. I said sounds good to me. We drove about five miles to the nearest town and they had a Blockbuster Movie and I had a card but they had a small store next door that had adult movies and while I was getting a couple movies for us to watch I noticed Nate was gone and then I looked out the window and he was comming out of the Adult Movie store with a brown bag in his hand, I said oh fuck, Nates not gonn make this easy for me, SHIT!.

We got back to the Motel and had stopped and picked up some KFC and supper.

After supper we watched X Men the final Movie.

Well after we watched the time was about 10:30 and Nate said want to watch and adult movie with me and we both had stripped down to the underwear and were just setting on the bed and watching the movie and Nate said Ken, turn off the lights and I did, Nate was really getting to the movie and He said Man this is the part I love, the cock sucking, Man I wish Angela would do that, but she won't, I was really watching Nate as he watched the movie and while a girl started sucking this guy off on the film, I looked down and by the light of the movie on the TV I could see Nates cock start to rise, and he sorta reached down and rubbed while the movie was on, He looked up and said getting to you is it because I wear briefs and they were about to split from the excitement, not on the screen but next to me on the bed.

I said Nate why don't you take it out and stroke it off, we did when we were kids, He said Na, thats old hat, I said yea I know gets old after a while, and he just turned off the Movie and we layed back on the bed.

The light from the bathroom had been left on in the motel room and I could see Nates face clearly and Nate layed back rolled over and faced me and reached over and started rubbing my chest and gently massaging my midsection and I sorta wimpered a little, I was laying on my back, and Nate started rubbing my nipples and talking like He knew all along that I was gay, He said, Ken you really like the touch of another man don't you. I was getting hotter by the second and my cock was leaking pre-cum and my briefs were wet like I had pissed them or somthing and he was rubbing lightly around my nipples and saying I have known since we were young that you wanter to have sex with me, and I was wondering, Why didn't you say it or try it or something, we could have had some great times together, I said Oh Fuck man I thought you were completely straight, He said I am for the most part, but, I don't have a problem with you giving me a blow Job, I have always wanted that from you and then we would see where it goes from there, I noticed my left was laying down at my side and Nate was leaning over against me and I could feel His rather large circumcized cockhead throbbing against my hand, hard as a peice of concrete, I said really, would you like one now? Nate said Fuck Man, I thought you would never ask.

I said, Nate My sister can never, ever know about this, Nate said what happenes here stays here. I wouldn't want her to know either, and as long as we keep this to ourselves, It's only our business.

I leaned up and took off my briefs and Nate said fuck Man you've grown since I saw you last time, and He lifted his ass up off the bed and slid his boxers off and I said Muther fucker, Nate, where did you get that, thats not the dick I saw you with beore, when we were kids, He said yea, It wouldn't stop growing, Angela sometimes has a poblem with it, I said Please don't bring up Angela while were getting ready to have sex it sort puts icewater on it, He said Oops! I'm sorry, and giggled.

I then reached over and wrapped my hand almost around his very thick cock and I said Damn Man how big is it now, He said It's been a while but the last time I measured It was 9.5 inches and I just observed how beautifully hairy his big luscious nuts were and his gorgeous muscular legs and His whole body was just almost adonis like, I was totally excited to finally get the chance to do this, and I started rubbing his cock with one hand and rubbing his nutsack with the other and I leaned over and started licking on his nipples and Fuck me he starts this groaning and sorta wimpering and saying Fuck man, what a feeling I have wanted you to do this since we were teenagers, He then he said Oh!yea Ken, do you take the cum in your mouth? I have always wanted to do that, I said Yes I love that part so when it startes let it go and enjoy it, Nate says fucking awesome, and started kinda pushing up with his ass as I went down and I felt his hands on the back of my head and I said Just don't push too hard your very large, at least till I can relax my throat, that soon happened and I was working his cock over and I felt his hand reach down and start rubbing my cock and saying man It wet as if you'd lubed it up or something, I said yes I know It's called pre-cum and it feels just fantastic don't stop and He wrapped his hand around my cock and started slowly with my sucking movements stroking my cock up, down around the head was feeling his artwork on it and it was responding, I started really deep throating his cock and licking with my tongue on his cock and I started feeling My climax coming closer and then I heard Nates getting closer and I felt his nutsack getting tighter and tighter and Heard him going Ughn, ughn, Fuck man, Ugnhmm and His cock started eurupting into my mouth and Nate was sorta grunting and pushing up with his hips deep into my mouth and blowing a load I almost couldn't keep in my mouth, but I did, and I just kept up the sucking and I felt my own cock start to blowing and spasming and jerking and shooting a load into Nates hand and all over his legs and ballsack and Nate just layed back exhausted and said in a heavy breathing voice, that was fucking fantatic Ken, fuck men we should have been doing this all along, I said I wish I had known. WE layed back and fell asleep and I woke up with Nate laying with his nude body layed across mine and i could feel Nates moring wood throbbing against my thigh. I leaned over and kissed him on his lips and He said good morning Ken, I feel like a fuck, and I said want one now and He said damn straight I reached over in my bag and pulled some lube, Nate said man did you come prepared I said I'm always prepared and I lubed up My asshole and Nate did something unexpected he started Kissing me on my lips and sticking his tongue in my mouth, I raised my ass up and layed my legs back with my knees under my shoulders and said Nate be easy man, Your kinda big, He was so fucking gentle and easy He started gently pushing his cock and broke thru with the first jab and just held it there untill I became acustomed to it's thickness and then I said go ahead and he gently slid some more into my ass and I said go for it stud and he just gently started stroking in and out and in and out with his hips untill he was slapping my ass with his nutsack, then he started picking up the pace, and I started feeling the good stuff, My body was on fire and My nuts were drawn up and Nate was starting to huff and puff and hammer with his ass and I was feeling his cockhead rubbing upon my prostate and I was about to shoot off and I noticed Nates cock was getting stiff and harder and I could feel his cockhead swell and start hat erupting spasm, spasimg into my intestines the fluid of his love and desire, It felt like boiling hot water blastine into my inard parts and I started shooting when My rectum felt that jerking of his climax I started blasting a load all over my chest and upper body, and Nated just layed over on top of me and said Oh Fuck I don't know who's the best Fuck Ken, you or I said Nate Don't say it and spoil the moment. He started laughing and finally we had a wonderful, wonderful sex filled time at the lake and we did get to fish some. I really love my Brother in Law Nate



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