He counted silently in his head as he continued on with his repetitions. "...twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three..." His mind was focused as he bore down on the leg press as his sinewy quadriceps rippled. "Not now, Kyle. You can't think about it now," he thought. "...twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twenty-nine..." Another flash invaded his mind as he winced the vision away. "Damn it, Kyle. Pull yourself together," he began to scold himself. And, with that last repetition, he was spent, his body covered in sweat, and his cock hard as he drifted back again to what he would have never dared before.

Kyle had met Alex years before...years before. At the tender age of eighteen, Kyle had been introduced to the family as he began dating what would become his future wife, Vanessa. They were the new power couple of the school. Everyone knew them...and, they should...it was to be expected out of the star quarterback and his cheerleader girlfriend. And, it helped that they were in love. Everyone saw it...even if they didn't quite yet. They were the perfect match made to order: one petite, tanned, beautiful blonde and one strong, tall, muscular, cunningly handsome young man with olive skin, green eyes and the darkest of black hair. At 6'2" tall, and 194 pounds, he towered and engulfed her in his arms. From the broad shoulders to his narrow waist, round buttocks, pillar-like thighs, tight abs and developed pecs...there was nothing to critique.

And, on that cold, winter's night, Kyle had been invited to her family's home for dinner...for the proper introduction of the boyfriend to all those that she loved...her father, a cop for the city...her mother, a nurse at the hospital...and, her little brother, Alex. And so began a courtship that rivaled all others. Her parents loved him, her little brother looked up to him, and they worshiped each other.

It was a fairytale romance by all definitions. As their senior year came to an end, they both received prestigious scholarships and both were accepted into the same university. And, life went on as it had. The football star that adored his cheerleader; the cheerleader that worshiped her football god. In every moment, it seemed-from the late night study sessions to the boisterous sex on every surface of the campus at the University of Tennessee-they had been made for each other. So, it came to no surprise that two months after graduating college and both beginning promising careers-him a junior partner in a distinguished law firm and her a teacher-that he would get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage.

So, at the young age of twenty-five, he was married...and, under any other circumstances, that would be the part where any one of their friends or family members could have said, "And, they lived happily ever after." As Kyle stood in the stall shower at the gym after his work out, that's all he could think about. "Happily ever after," he thought.

As the water cascaded over is taunt muscles, there he stood, at almost 30 years old in a mindset that lead to madness. As his mind had ventured back to tell his love story, it also reminded him of its bitter end. It was almost four years ago that Vanessa had been killed by a drunk driver. His heart ached every day for his long lost love. But, along with the grief and sorrow, his mind kept venturing back to what he was fighting against with everything in him.

The water continued to rain down upon him. And, as he lathered his body, his hands glided over his arms, his erect nipples protruding from his powerfully muscled chest, his tight abs and down to his groin. His hand slid to his inner thigh, coming up to cup his full ball sack and caress his needing, uncut cock...and, it began to grow.

With a quick look around at the empty shower room, he tilted his head back allowing the water to stream from his long, black hair, down his strong neck, though the muscular divot that stretched from his shoulders to his full rump. And, his hand began to stroke his aching cock, bringing to its full attention and glory at 9". As he continued to nurse his needing member, his right hand wandered from nipple to nipple, tweaking and pulling gently causing him to release a much needed moan.

With his eyes closed, he enjoyed the moment of his self-sustaining pleasure of his left hand and the exploration of his right as he began working the middle finger down below his heavy balls into the virgin hole he boasted. And, as he surrendered to his own advances, furiously jerking his cock and sinking his finger to the second knuckle inside his hole, the thought flashed again...Alex, Vanessa's little brother, the strapping 22 year old. But, this time, Kyle didn't rush away the memory that was burned into his mind just three days before...the memory of the amazing night the two of them had in each other's arms...




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