Kyle looked desperately into Alex's eyes searching for some rhyme or reason to what was happening. And, legalistically in his head as he tried to rationalize what had happened, the stirring that was raging within him for Alex...his baser instincts didn't care. He wanted Alex in a way that was strange and foreign to him but yet so familiar...and, the drive, the passion, the wave, ebb and flow of his primal urge to have him was louder than ever before.

As he looked into the perfect shade of blue eyes, Alex returned the loving gaze and knew that it would be the most defining night of his life as he submitted to his desires that he had carried secretly for Kyle. After a moment spent gazing into each other's eyes, the two shattered souls returned to the passionate kiss that mended them in every possible way, completing the other with something they both had needed for a lifetime but had never dared for.

Kyle held Alex's head in his hand, and pulled him to the right exposing his neck. And, as he lowered his head to place gentle kisses upon his tanned skin, Alex began to tremble and shudder at Kyle's advances. The gentle kisses couldn't hold for long, however, as Kyle began to bury his stubble covered face in Alex's neck and shoulder, growling and grunting as he feasted on Alex's flesh. Alex's soft whimpers had now become audible moans as he submitted to Kyle's strong hands and arms.

Alex began to unbutton Kyle's shirt exposing such a broad and developed chest, lightly dusted with hair to accentuate the curves of his muscles and the dip between his pecs, all the way down his abs to the unknown beneath his belt. Alex pulled on his hard nipples making Kyle grunt and groan even more before engulfing them with his mouth.

Kyle, so drunk in sexual arousal, groaned as if a lion was roaring, staking his claim and territory. He rested his hand on the back of Alex's head, pulling him closer, and running his fingers down the length of his muscled back. Alex also explored with his hands, rubbing the defined abs and crotch of this demigod. He began to loosen Kyle's belt.

Kyle began shrugging off the dress shirt and let it crumple on this summer-baked grass and cast his head back as Alex explored him further. Once the belt was undone, in one successful swoop, the pants fell to the ground exposing Kyle for all that he was.

Alex, not surprised at all that Kyle never wore underwear, knelt before Kyle and studied his cock. Many times he had seen Kyle naked, but never at this level and never to please him in such a way. He moved his hands, rubbing the straining cock that was at full attention, pulling back the foreskin exposing the glistening helmet head that was ready for action. He lifted the heavy balls, rolling them around in his hand and enjoyed the sounds of Kyle's growls signifying that he was ready for more.

Kyle looked down at Alex lovingly, stroking his beautiful blonde hair as he watched Alex begin licking the length of his shaft. The sensation took control of his body as he bucked his hips. And then, in a moment that could have stopped his heart from beating, those beautiful blue eyes looked up at him as Alex took the head of his cock in his mouth...never breaking a gaze that satiated Kyle, but nurtured him in a familiar way that he had almost forgotten.

Alex began gliding up and down the length of Kyle, allowing Kyle to impale his throat with his cock. Kyle grabbed the back of his head and began thrusting himself into Alex's waiting mouth forcing a mixture of muffled gagging and moaning sounds. He could see that Alex had pulled out his own cock and was stroking it furiously. He did so enjoy pleasing Kyle.

Kyle, moaning and grunting like a true alpha-male, continued to use Alex's throat-amazed at how he'd take the entire length of his cock without batting an eye...those beautiful eyes. He began to withdraw himself from Alex's mouth and stood in wonderment at those eyes.

He pulled Alex to his feet and kissed him furiously, again and again, occasionally pulling away to admire Alex in every detail. He pulled at Alex's shorts causing them to fall to the ground. And, in a swift motion, Kyle lifted Alex off of the ground and rested him on the hammock. Once on his back, Kyle sank to his knees and began nuzzling Alex's exposed pink hole...a virgin hole without a doubt.

Kyle took his time, enjoying the fragrant smell of Alex's body in every way. He began kissing his inner thighs, working his way down to Alex's hard cock, embellishing it with gentle licks and kisses. Once underneath Alex's ball sack, he began to lick and kiss until he came to the perfect unspoiled orifice. Pulling Alex's ample buttocks apart, he began to lick and kiss at the hole, pulling as he advanced. Alex moaned and writhed as Kyle worked his tongue into him. Kyle savored the taste and began lapping his wide tongue against the glorious hole.

Moaning loudly, Alex reached for Kyle's head, pulling him tighter. And, with that incentive, Kyle furiously starting lapping up Alex's hole, pulling his cheeks further apart and working in a finger. As the digit probed him, Alex bucked wildly with ecstasy.

" you want it? Do you want me?" Kyle whispered in between licks as he furiously jerked himself.

"You know I do..." Alex groaned and sighed.

Kyle began to lick and spit in his hand and work his cock which mixed perfectly with the copious amount of pre-cum he was dribbling. Alex shifted back in the hammock, still on his back, and Kyle joined him, lying in between Alex's legs as his cock strained for the hole that was so close. The two kissed, lovingly, passionately, giving and receiving what each of them had needed for so long.

"I love you, Alex," Kyle whispered.

In an abated breath, Alex softly replied, "I love you, too."

Kyle began to press forward, the tip of his cock surging against the tight, wet hole as he held Alex tightly in his arms. The pressure continued on as Alex's tight sphincter submitted to Kyle's helmet head. The pain was unbelievable...but, somehow, it was so least with Kyle it was in Alex's mind.

Kyle continued to bear down, progressing further into his lover...the sensation was so intense. The hole was so warm, so wet, so tight. It was as if he'd never known pleasure until this very moment. He lovingly continued to gauge Alex's responses, stopping or holding as need be, but yet relentlessly pressing on. Alex's fingers that dug into his thigh and butt and shoulder and back were the inspiration to his conquest. He felt so wanted, so needed, so liberated, so free...but, yet, all of it still seemed so familiar.

Finally, Kyle came to rest deep inside Alex as his balls rested heavily on Alex. As he began to withdraw, again the sensation for both was intense on so many different levels, but pain was no longer a factor. And as his thrusts became more regular, Alex began nursing his raging hard as he relished in the stimulation of his prostate by this master of a man. Kyle's pace was relentless as he slammed his meat into Alex, forcing his full nuts to slap against Alex's ass.

The grunting, the groaning, the moaning could have been heard for miles, surely as Kyle continued to roar like a lion claiming his prize. The experience, the sensations were almost too great and he felt his impending orgasm rushing up quickly. Alex, too, was close to climax.

"Kyle, I'm gonna come. You're gonna make me come." Alex warned.

"Not yet, baby. No, not yet." Kyle furiously fucked Alex, getting closer to the point of no return. "Not yet," he growled as he continued to pound. "Not yet," he roared again. "Alex, c'mon baby. Shoot that load for me," he ordered.

And with that, Alex's moans turned into almost a painful scream as he began to explode his load, jet after jet shooting onto his own face, his neck, his chest and abdomen. Yet almost simultaneously, Kyle withdrew his member leaving nothing but a gaping hole and furiously stroked his cock and choked his balls as he too erupted all over his lover, spouting cum past Alex's head, onto his chin, slathering his nipple and pouring copious amounts over Alex's still rigid cock.

Both, amazed and bewildered, having never experienced such a life-changing orgasm before, looked at each other, breathless and exhausted, fulfilled and satiated. Both of their chests heaved in fatigue and relief. As Kyle looked on, Alex wiped some of the warm jizz that had graced his chin and lapped it up, tasting Kyle's sweet load. Kyle leaned forward, and looked into those blue eyes, kissed him and rested beside Alex in a lover's haze.


Kyle continued to furiously jerk himself as relived that night, bringing himself to a raging climax that he dispelled with a grunting roar all over the shower stall wall, rope after rope of glistening cum that splattered and ran down. He was breathless, heaving as he pulled his finger from himself and allowed the water to cool him down from the brink of exhaustion simply from reliving that night. What a night it was!

After that passionate tryst on the hammock, Kyle and Alex realized that they had indeed found something between them...a romance that was born from the ashes of grief. And, as if the universe had pre-ordained such a common bond, giving one to the other in the most beautiful moments ever known, it was obvious-at least to them-what it meant to be his brother's keeper.



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