'Shit!' I mumbled when I waltzed into the hall several minutes late. The opening speeches had already begun and my somewhat loud entrance gained the attention of the people seated in the back rows.

My little brother was graduating high school today and I was immensely proud of him; he was only a year younger than me so we were the closest siblings could possibly get. My parents had come earlier and were seated somewhere at the front so to avoid anymore unnecessary attention, I opted for a seat at the very backrow on the edge.

It turns out there was pretty much no other space for me as the hall was jampacked full of people which was very unfortunate as it was extremely hot and the air conditioning in the room was not helping the slightest.

I folded my arms so not to bug the man next to me and looked around excitedly for my brother at the front but to no avail.

The opening speech was still continuing 5 minutes later and I was bored to tears already. I counted how many bricks there were on the side of me at least twice and contemplated falling asleep right there and then.

'A bit boring, hey?' the man said next to me.

I turned to look at him and nearly choked on my own saliva. I didn't know how I hadn't noticed before but this man was strikingly handsome; he was clearly a muscular man without it being over the top, he had shaved brown hair and his beard suggested he had shaved two days ago which looked extremely sexy next to his big, white-toothed smile. Despite it being completely sultry, he was dressed to the nine in a black button-up shirt that wasn't buttoned too high to reveal his nicely sculpted chest and the sleeves were rolled up showing a pair of nicely formed forearms, and a pair of black slacks that accentuated his thighs and his bulge.

I must've stared at him for too long because he repeated what he said as if I didn't understand him with a slight grin afterwards.

'Completely,' I said unanimatedly.

He grinned and turned back to face the front, his sexy grin putting me in a trance once again. I continued to stare at him afterwards and willed myself to look away from this fine specimen sitting next to me.

The heat continued to beat down on me and soon I found myself sweating. The man next to me felt the same and he had unbuttoned one of the buttons to reveal more of his tanned, sculpted chest. It was lightly covered in dark hair which I found extremely attractive. He began to fan himself with the program he had in his hand when I realised I didn't have one.

'Hey,' I whispered to him, glad to have an excuse to talk to this man, 'where'd you get one of those?'

'They were handing them out before. I guess you lucked out,' he said with an amused look on his face. 'Do you want to look at mine?'

I fabricated another idea of what he was talking about and smiled but then felt a wave of disappointment when he handed me his program with which I accepted. I skimmed through it and saw the picture of my brother and smiled.

'Who are you here for?' he asked me.

I pointed to the picture of my brother and the man next to me smiled.

'Your Alex's brother? That's cool, I'm Stacy's brother Evan. Nice to meet you.' Stacy was Alex's girlfriend so I was surprised at the irony of this conversation. He extended his hand out and I shook it introducing myself as Cassidy.

Evan turned to face the front and the heat of this conversation left and the heat of the weather struck again. The assembly was still dragging out and I wanted to leave already. I pulled the fabric of my shorts up in an attempt to air out my crotch to cool off. I looked over and noticed Evan looking down at my bare leg and smiled to myself.

I slowly began to spread my legs and my leg brushed against his subtly. I began to use my hand to fan myself and began pulling at my shirt to cool off my chest. Evan was still watching me out of the corner of his eye and a slight smile spread across his face. Evan kind of shifted his body weight closer to me and soon our bare forearms were touching, the heat and sweat between us immediately turning me on.

I noticed Evan had taken his program back and placed it between his legs which were also spread and I began to envy that booklet so much. Meanwhile, our legs and our forearms continued to rub against each other in a silent yet seductive turn on.

'Can I borrow that program for a second?' I asked him.

Evan nodded and I reached down to his crotch to retrieve it; my hand lightly brushed against his hard bulge and I let it linger there before picking up the program. I looked over at Evan and smiled and I saw and felt how tense Evan was in his forearms as this happened.

I subtly shifted over on my seat to be closer to Evan and he soon did the same. The chemistry between us was electric and the sexual tension was so high and thick, you could cut a slice of it for breakfast with a butter knife.

Our legs and our forearms rubbing wasn't enough for me so I slowly and discreetly moved my hand over casually until it rested against his; Evan stopped breathing for a second and looked down at our hands touching. I kept my eyes at the frotn as if nothing was going on as my hand lightly brushed his as if it was a casual movement.

Evan responded to this positively and left his hand there as mine was lightly caressing it. The bulge in his pants grew and so did mine. I looked down at his and he caught me staring at it before I turned away with a smile on my face. The clear outline of this cock cock was evident in his black pants and I knew he was very happy to see and feel me.

'It's hot in here,' whispered Evan.

'It certainly is,' I responded.

I slowly moved my arm up so the back of my hand casually caressed Evan's bare forearm, bringing the hairs on it to a stand. Despite it being boiling hot, I still managed to give him goosebumps in his arms as the back of my hand teased a reaction from him.

After watching Alex get his graduation portfolio, Evan and I continued our silent play as arms, legs and hands continued to discreetly rub against each other, bringing my heart rate up even further and further.

'Program?' I dared to go for it again.

I reached over between his crotch and let my hand rest there, the back of it brushing against his erect bulge. Evan looked down at our contact and froze; I pretended to fumble around with the booklet before slowly picking it up and flipping through it to see how long we had left.

'And that brings us to the end of the graduation ceremony. We would ask you to please stand up as the graduating class of 2011 makes their final exit.'

Evan and I stood up and started to clap along with the others as the class made their way through the hall and out into the grounds bringing our sexual groping to an unfortunate end. After most of the crowd had disappeared, Evan and I followed them to watch the number of students cry, hug and take pictures with each other.

Evan stood a few feet away from me even though I knew he was watching me out of the corner of his eye. A few moments later, Alex ran up to me with a big grin on his sweaty face and he held his arms up for me to hug him.

'I'm so proud of you, brother,' I said, wrapping my arms around him tightly.

'Thank you,' he whispered, 'I have someone I'd like you to meet.'

Alex let go of me and brought me over to Evan and Stacy which brought an amused grin on Evan's handsome face.

'Evan, this is my brother Cassidy. Cassidy, this is Stacy's brother Evan.'

'Nice to meet you, Cassidy,' Evan said, extending his hand out for a second handshake.

'Pleasure's all mine,' I replied with a smile.





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