Looking back and thinking about the past few years, I think back with fond memories, when I was about seventeen or so, maybe sixteen but I was young, dumb, and definately full of cum, I was rather mature for my age, I had at least a seven inch, quite thick cock, it was bigger than an older cousins, and he was twenty two years old, and I was covered with a nice light covering of hair, and I was about the biggest, cock wise, in my gym class at school, I had seen other guys in the shower and I was bigger than most of them.

It was not an unusual thing for My older brother Wayne's best buddy Daryl, who both were the same age about three years older than me, to come home after school and stay for supper, he didn't have a very stable home life, His mom had left, and his Dad worked night shift at the Factory down town and he didn't get home untill about one in the morning. Mom just kinda took him in as one of her kids.

Well we weren't really well off financially, but Mom and Dad were good people and were giveing and caring, It seemed she kinda felt for and took to looking out for Daryl.

My Dad was needing some help fixing something in the garage and Wayne and Daryl were helping him do the lifting the lumber and such, and it was about nine thirty at night and Dad just said, Daryl you might as well spend the night you can sleep up stairs with Wayne and Ken. I knew that meant that I would be sleeping on the floor on a pallet made up of folded comforters and quilts which wasn't that bad, and Daryl and Wayne would get the double bed that I usually slept with Wayne in. We went upstairs and stripped down to our tidie whities, that was the preferred P/J's of our generations, Now mind you I had felt my older Brother Wayne, who by the way was nicely hung too, but I had been sleeping with him all my life and I had reached over and played with his cock while he was asleep quite a few times, I loved getting his cock hard while he slept, but I noticed how really good looking Daryl was in just his briefs. Man I could see the outline of a really nice sized cock in his briefs. My mouth watered and I crawled down to my pallet and they layed on the bed and giggled and talked, I was really getting excited just wondering about Daryls cock in those briefs, I just layed there with my mind racing, just planning my next move, I really wanted to touch his dick in his shorts.

I had layed there for about a half hour, maybe forty five minutes just thinking and staring out the bedroom window looking at the stars. I heard Wayne start to lightly snore and I thought they were neither moving and they must be asleep, I got up and crawled over a little, right beside the big bed and I noticed that it was warm enough that they were sleeping on top of the sheets, man I saw Daryls crotch laying right before my eyes, I was so friggen excited, my heart was racing like a freight train going down a mountain side. I was almost shaking like a maniac, the anticipation, the excitement, damn and my cock was sticking out straight, I could feel my foreskin slipping back and the tip of my cock was rubbing my underwear material and kinds tickling. Damn man was I hot. I was breathing hard and fast and I reached over and looking at that fat bulge in his shorts just laying over to the side, the moonlight was bright enough that I could see the rim of his cock head thru the brief material, I put my hand over on top of his cock and sorta gently pinched it between my thumb and fingers, I just held my hand there and kinda rubbed his cock back and forth then it happened It started to thicken up and swell, Damn I really got excited, I could feel his heartbeat in his cock, awesome and it was definately hardening and getting bigger in about two minutes it was sticking up straight like a porch post, damn it was big, it was so fucking big that it was pulling up his leg openings and I could see his nutsack inside the leg opening, I was so excited and I was stroking his cock up and down with my other hand, I stuck a couple fingers in his shorts and could feel his nuts, damn they were huge feeling, I really didn't know where I was going from this point, but that was decided for me.

Daryl quickly reached down and grabbed my hand, I like to pissed on myself, He just said Ken, Be quiet and get down and we quietly got down and layed on my pallet, He said you like to feel guys dicks? I was caught, I said yea, He said so do I, and he reached down and felt mine in my shorts, He said be real quiet, we don't want to wake up Wayne, I said yea, I reached down and He said here man, and he pulled off his briefs and he said take yours off too, I did and he said have you ever jacked off with someone else, I said no.

He said man your in for a good time, I layed back and started stroking my cock and It was really harder that ever I was so excited, damn man Here was My Brothers best Buddy and he was jacking off with me. He said man wanna trade cocks?, I said yea, He said me too, and I took his cock into my hand, and he took mine in his hand and I must tell you It felt out of this world, I was so excited I was jerking and breathing like I was having a fit, It was awesome, the greatest thing I had ever done.

We stroked each others dick about five minutes and I was having that feeling that I would squirt my juice soon, He stopped and just looked at me and said Ken, Kiss me, I said what? he said kiss me, and I said O.K., and I kissed him on the mouth, damn it was so exciting, I could feel my cock bouncing with my heartbeats. Daryl just gently kissed me back and I noticed he was breathing heavy too. He stopped kissing me and just looked down at me, He was leaning up over me on his elbows, and then he leaned down and took my cock into his mouth, slid my foreskin back and I thought I would just die, that feeling of his mouth, was out of this world, I had never felt that feeling before, I had to slap my hand over my mouth to keep from yelling out, And Daryl started sliding his very hot feeling mouth over and around and up and down my cock and I was rigid as a board and almost grunting, I could tell something was taking place and my cock was feeling and intensity, and sensativity and awesome feeling like nothing I had ever experienced and I whispered Daryl, oh shit, I'm gonna squirt the stuff, oh shit, oh shit, and out it came like a roman candle on the fourth of July, one shot after another about ten shot in all, Holy Shit was it and awesome sensation,jacking off neve felt like this, Shit man Daryl just sucked the cum right out of my cock, I was like a dead man, I just layed there, and Daryl just said Ken, I said huh, he said Did you like that? I just said Wow Daryl, man I loved it, he said you think you can do it to me? I said I want to try, man I owe you that.

I kinda set up and leaned over while Daryl was re-adjusting his body on the Pallet under me, I took his big cock in my hand slid his foreskin back and put just the head in my mouth to get aquainted with the feeling of a cock in my mouth, I noticed everything about his cock, how thick it was, just able to get it in my mouth, the taste, kinda salty, its awesome length, I could tell he was leaking this clear liquid from it's tip, and I like that, I loved his hairy balls and I noticed a manly almost soapy mixed with sweaty odor that I wanted to lick off his body, man I loved that manly odor on Daryl, I wanted to engulf his whole cock and balls into my mouth, I started to really sucking and going up and down and Daryl moaned ugn, ugn, ugm, and I knew that he was enjoying it, He was rubbing my head and saying thats it, oh yea Ken, thats it, suck it, man oh yea suck it, I kept up my sucking and taking as much of it as I could, and then I hear him start to growl and I felt it for the first time in my life, I felt a cock explode into my mouth and I started swallowing his cum, It was different tasting but all I knew was that I loved it, I had tasted my own cum, but Daryls was sweeter and more acidy tasting but I loved it He shot at least eight or ten vollies of thick ropey awesome tasting cum into my mouth. He just layed back like a dead man, and didn't say anything for a while.

I just layed back and kissed his arm and then he leaned over and kissed me like a lover, and thanked me.

I felt like a totally different man, I was grown up and so sexually fullfilled and I dont' know the word, but really manly, and so proud, I knew after tonight that I had feelings for Daryl, He smiled and said I am going to sleep down here with you, O.k? I smiled and said yea, I'd love that.

We were both up at the crack of dawn, got up and went down to breakfast. Mom gave us breakfast and said wheres Wayne, I said I guess still in bed.

Well Daryl came back over that weekend and stayed over again, Wayne had gone to another friends and spent the night.

Daryl and I were getting closer, and he just kept smiling at me earlier that evening, Mom had said you two get along as well as Daryl and Wayne do, we just smiled and said why not mom, we can be friends too, Daryl said yes mam, I like Ken too.

WEll we went up to bed about ten o'clock, and as soon as we got into the bedroom Daryl grabbed me and started kissing me, he said man I have wanted to to this all week, and I was hotter that a winter stove poker, and I said I have thought of nothing else. We kissed around for a while untill we were about to explode, and I was rubbing that hot hard cock of Daryls and He said want to do something different, I said sure, and we pulled off our briefs and He had some lube with him and he lubed up his rectum and my cock and slid his hand back and forth up and down my hard cock, I said what we gonna do, he said I want you to fuck me, I said O.k. whats that? He said do what I tell you, well It took about five minutes to get my cock into his ass and he was saying how good it felt and I started doing what nature said do, I just started fucking his ass, I was enjoying it no end and he seemed to be too, I was hammering like a breeding bull and he was grunting say yea man thats it, fuck that ass, Man Daryl was getting so vocal I had to say man, be quiet, Mom and Dad will hear us, He just said I'm sorry, man I can't help it, if feels so awesome. Fianlly I felt the shot comming on, and I said man I can't hold on any longer, I started to jam into his ass like a piledriver and he started grunting and saying fuck me man, give it to me, and he started shooting a load onto his stomach shoving his ass up against my balls, and I shot into his hot ass and He just giggled and said awesome man, we just layed there untill I went soft and we seperated and we got a towel and cleaned up and went to sleep.

AT breakfast the next morning Dad said boys you got a little roudy scuffeling around up there last night, I know you were just having a good time but try to be a little quieter next time, we just looked at each other, smiled, and said yes sir.

Well Daryl and I turned out to be better friends than Wayne and Daryl, as a matter of fact we sorta dated a few times and we had awesome sex after those days. I still am good friends with Daryl and we still have a wonderful time with each other. But never in my wildest dreams Did I ever think I would end up my Older Brothers best Friends Lover, Aint life strange?



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