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My Best Friend and I... The Conclusion

*In Ryan's Mind*

Ryan awoke to in the forest and he found two people nearby. One of them was his cousin Evan, but as soon as he turned around and saw Ryan he disappeared. He was sure it was him. He could see the physique that ran through his family, a strong, natural, Adonis build that could make anybody hard when one more inch of their skin was revealed. And the other person looked similar to James, a little more of a square chin and a little more muscle, like that of a football player. He remembered that was Evan's boyfriend Elliot. He, however, did not disappear.

"Ryan, do you remember me?" Elliot said putting his hands on Ryan's shoulders.

"Yeah, Elli... I do," Ryan said sadly.

"Why the frown, bud?" He asked in a deep, cooing voice.

"If you're here, I'm dead, aren't I? I'm fucking dead! I... I..." Ryan outraged as he pulled away from Elliot.

"No, you're not," Elliot said as he teleported in front of Ryan.

"Then, am I going to live?" he asked again.

"That, I don't know. It is possible," Elliot said with a smile.

"Really! Please, do you know how I can wake up?" Ryan asked.

And with that, Elliot kissed Ryan flat on the lips, trying to pry his tongue into Ryan's mouth, but he was unsuccessful.

"What are you doing?" Ryan asked with disgust.

"Testing your love," Elliot said seductively.

"Well, there's nothing to test. I love James. More than the entire fucking world. He knows who I really am. He sees through my faults and makes me feel alive," Ryan said confidently.

"Then you have done what is needed. You know what love is. There is one thing you should know... Evan, has been with him once. It was a rough encounter," Elliot said as he pulled up James and Evan having sex.

"I still don't care. It sucks, yeah, but I was on the brink of death. Evan lost you and James almost lost me. They probably needed each other. I still love him," Ryan said again with more confidence.

"Then... awake, my deeds are done here. I have one more person to save," Elliot said as he too disappeared.

*Back in Evan's Apartment*

As Evan awoke, he looked into Jame's face, but realized something was different. Elliot was instead there holding him tightly.

"Elli... That's not you," he said quietly.

"It is, for the last time, Evi..."

"You know I hate that name..."

Elliot leaned in and kissed Evan deeply on the lips.

"The same fire runs in your cousin's eyes too. And that is the last thing I will do on this Earth," Elliot said.

"He's awake?" Evan asked.

"Yes. And Evan, I'm sorry for what I did. It was cowardice, and it will never be your fault. Please, move on... There is one more who needs your help. It is your turn to save someone," Elliot said seriously.

"I miss you so much, Elliot. Please, come back to me," he said as he pulled him in as close as possible.

"I'm always here. In your heart," he said as Evan closed his eyes.

As he opened them, he felt his tears, but James was once again in his arms. He went and took a hot shower and the steamy water rolled off his luscious skin. Every muscle relaxed under the hot water except for his huge cock. He heard Jame's phone ring and him almost yelling and him open the apartment door.


"What! The fuck! I'll open the door!"

"Leon! They found Grant... I'm so scared. There's a bunch of people," Tracy cried.

"It'll be okay. We'll save him," James said.

"Evan, we need to go now. They found Grant," I said as he put on some clothes.

"Already on my way," Evan said as he threw on the nearest outfit, a tight purple dress shirt and white corduroy pants.

They got into Evan's car and sped back towards Maple Heights.

"Where did they find him, Tracy?" Evan asked frantically.

"In the hospital, trying to talk to Ryan, asking for his forgiveness. But one of the doctors told somebody and now there's people rushing towards the hospital, wanting to hurt him," Tracy said as she sobbed uncontrollably.

"Will we get there in time?" I asked.

"There's no way in hell we won't.

When we arrived at the hospital, there was a crowd of people with anti-gay signs everywhere. There were a few people from the police trying to keep the crowd under control, but that wasn't going as well as planned.

"Tracy... put your hood up; so they don't know it's you."

"Okay," Tracy said quietly.

We walked past the whole incident briskly and made our way up to the elevator.

I thought about what to say to Tracy. Whether or not I should tell her the truth. But, as this whole incident is happening, I have begun to realize that I know less and less what the truth of the matter is. I've now had passionate sex with two different guys, same family, same basic, very attractive appearance. And I have also had a threesome with a friend and my boyfriend. I guess... maybe a label is in order. I guess I'm bisexual, even I would never trade Ryan in for the world. He means the entire world to me. No matter how I think about things. But, does Tracy deserve to know what truly happened? The way she broke his heart, the way she made me cheat on him, even though she didn't know we were together. That her "boyfriend" is gay or bisexual like me... and that we had sex with her ex-boyfriend. Maybe... all the details are not needed. But, as my friend, she deserves to know a little bit of what really is going on.

"Tracy... I have something to tell you," I said as the elevator opened.

"What is it?" she asked as she put the hood down.

"I'm... I'm..." I said as I started to cry.

What the hell? Tears. Please. Put yourself together James. Be cool about this. If you get all upset about this, when she freaks out and calls you a fag you at least won't look like your stereotype.

"James... please, tell me what it is. You can tell me anything," Tracy said as she hugged me.

"I'm dating Ryan. We have been together for a couple of months now," I said quickly, waiting for her to yell at me or something.

"Really? You two... are dating?" Tracy asked with a curious look on her face.

"Yes, and I love him to pieces. Please tell me you don't hate me," I said bawling again, Evan coming over to rub my shoulder as I cried.

"I would never hate either of you two silly. You two... as much as I like both of you, because you both are really nice and attractive guys, I could see that you two were meant to be together. When you are together, you see a certain spark that never seems to be there with other best friends. You truly are soul mates. That's one of the reasons why I broke up with him when I did. In his sleep, he would always say your name and ask where you are. There were plenty of signs on his end of things. I told him that too, he just didn't want to hear it at the time.

"Thank you..." I said so relieved, knowing that I finally came out to someone who wasn't gay too.

We finally made it to the room where Ryan was. I could hear crying from outside the room. I'm assuming it was Grant. But, then there was a loud nice coming back where we were from. The cops are now up here too.

"I'm so sorry, Ryan... I'm so sorry..." I heard Grant scream from the room.

"Oh my god... Ryan! Nurse!" I heard him yell in a different tone.

Evan burst into the room and saw the situation coming.

"Grant! Get the fuck out of here now! There are people here after you. Go to this place. I'll meet you there," Evan screamed.

Grant heard all of the commotion and looked straight at Evan and ran after grabbing the slip of paper that was in his hand. One guy, early twenties broke out of the police barricade and started running after Grant. He went to turn the corner and Evan tackled him.

"Get the fuck out of my way faggot! You should have died just like your faggot boyfriend. How'd you like staring at his body in that tree? Liking dick must run in your fucking family" the man said as he spat in Evan's face.

"Troy... you mother fucker! You killed him! And left me to die too!" Evan screamed as he slammed him against the wall.

"Hahaha, it's what you fucking deserve!" He will get what's coming to him. Just like you and just like Ryan."

"Burn in Hell!" Evan yelled back at him as he held him by the shirt.

Troy then took a pocket knife out and plunged it into Evan's pectoral muscle. Evan screamed, but didn't relent. Instead, he let out a beastly scream and slammed Troy's head against the wall four times and then threw him to the floor. Troy was bleeding and unconcious. Evan then found a nearby nurse and went to the Emergency Room.

"Go... go seem him," he said to me as I stood back in horror. The rioters were getting close to me and I went into the room with Tracy.

I looked at Ryan once more, surprised at what medicine and time can do. All of the bandages that were latched onto him before were gone. He looked like he was just sleeping. I grabbed his hand, and I felt a squeeze and saw him open up his eyes.

"James... Tracy... Is that really you guys?" he said groggily.

"Oh, my God, you're back! You're really back!" I jumped for joy as I hugged him and Tracy jumped in shortly after.

"Ow...Ow... Ow... Still a little sore there buddy..." Ryan said with that same award winning smile.

"I thought you would never come back, that I would never see you again, hold you again, feel your touch, I thought I would be forever alone," I said as I cried into him.

"I'm back, I'm still here. I'm sorry that you had to deal with this, but I'm back. Tracy... do you hate me for what's happened?" Ryan said as he hugged me.

"I know the whole thing now, and don't worry, Ryan, I still love you both," she said with tears in her eyes too.

"Good to have my two favorite people back then..." Ryan said with a calming smile.

"What is that noise, sounds like a riot?" Ryan asked as he finally noticed all of the commotion.

"It is, the news spread out everything that happened. Grant said he was the only one who had sex with you..." I said.

"Oh... help me up, please... James. I want to say something," he said tiredly.

"Tracy, help him and no Ryan... I need to say this," I said.

I knew what needed to be done. I didn't want a soul to bother Ryan. They will deal with me. I will say my piece. These people will understand. I walked out, the crowd of people a couple rooms away. I was scared to death, but I would never leave Ryan. I would be the martyr for him if that's what it takes. I'm thinking about what Elliot did for Evan. In a way, it was the same. If they didn't break him, rape him, make him their slave, cut him open, and destroy his humanity, he would have said something. He would be in my place. I'm doing this for him, for Evan, for Grant, for Tracy, for Ryan, and for me...

"Hey! You people are looking for a faggot, aren't you?"

Everyone turns their attention to me and shuts up.

"Well, I have some news for you. Grant's gone again, and one of you ignorant bastards are unconscious. Some of you know me, you've seen me play sports at Maple, you've held me on high as a community hero. Well, I'm James Knoll, for those who don't recognize my face. Ryan Gallagher is now awake from his coma." A couple boos from the crowd shudder in the room. "That is right, he is awake, he is alive. He did a heroic deed a couple weeks ago. He saved a friend of mine's life, Grant. He had sex with Ryan and could not deal with the pain of being gay, so he tried to kill himself and Ryan saved him, but was hit by the speeding car that Grant tried to end himself with. Well, I'm here to tell you all, that I am dating Ryan as well." a loud audible gasp from everyone. "That's right, I am his boyfriend. And I know that around this area, it's not something to be. Gay is blasphemy. Gay means Hell. We might as well be lynched, it's happened before. Can you say though, that after all of the love and support that you have given me, while I hid from myself, that you instantly turn your back on me as soon as I tell you the truth. Is that right? You all claim that the Bible is the reason why you hate us? But, yet, I still went to church with you. I heard the words of God too. I heard that hate is wrong. You should love everyone. And if what I do is a sin, you sin as well hating people without seeing their nature. Your love that our faith teaches to have is poisoned by your ignorance. If we preach hate outside of service, the holy water we soak in is just as poisoned as your hearts. Is that what you want? I am not asking you all to be gay or bisexual too. It is not what I want. I'm not even asking for your handouts or everyone to congratulate me. All I am asking for, is you to open your hearts up to an idea. Learn who we are, that we are pretty much the same as you. That we could stand by side and know who we are. That's all I want. And if you still want to protest fine, you can get arrested as much as you want. Or, you can let go of your hate and walk away. You saw what happened when Karma bites someone in the ass. Troy killed Evan Miller when he learned he was gay. This is what hatred causes. Death and pain. Love does so much more. Now please let us go..." I said at the end of my speech. I got an applause... wait what? Most of the people are now clapping. One person tried to protest my speech, but the police reprimanded him. The crowd, after minutes of applauding, left.

"That was beautiful," Ryan said as he kissed me on the lips. God, what a soft, gentle kiss.

"He can go home today, his vitals seem to be better than what most healthy people's are," the one nurse told me.

"Really?" I said with a wry smile that Ryan caught on to.

"I need to tell you something..." I said to Ryan. I need to tell him about the one night with Evan and I..

"About you and Elli? It's fine," Ryan said with a smile.

"Wait.. what?" I asked.

"A little birdie told me..." he said as he looked out the window. What the fuck... How could he know?

"Will you be okay to go back home, Tracy?" I asked.

"I will now, I'm sure your speech has changed some minds. You two have fun now, but not too much!" she said as she kissed both of us on the forehead as she turned and walked away happily.

"Where are Grant and Evan?" Ryan asked.

"No clue, now where were we?" I said as I grabbed Ryan's hand. It felt so great again.

We made it back down to the lobby and the nurse from earlier was waiting for us.

"Hey again! You said I'm good to go right?" Ryan asked.

"Yes. Sure did! But here I have a present for you two," she asked with a smile.

She handed us a card that had a free VIP pass for the presidential suite for the biggest hotel in the entire area. It must be worth five hundred dollars for a one night stay. It was for three days, all inclusive. Why?

"I can tell from your faces that you have no clue why I'm giving you that. You see my rings?" a huge diamond ring on the right and a gold wedding band on the left.

"My wife gave those to me ten years ago and we have been happy since. When I saw you two, I had to make a call at the hotel, which she runs and told her the situation and I told her you two looked like the happiest couple I have ever seen and she said to give you this. Now go, have your fun and be happy together!" she said with the biggest grin I have ever seen.

"I... I...

"I don't know how to thank you," we both managed to stumble out.

"You don't have to. Just stay in love," she said.

"Come on, Ryan, you're too weak to walk," I said as a limo was waiting for us too, courtesy of the nurse, as I carried him out to the car. There was champagne waiting for us and we opened it up quickly and had a brilliant toast.

"To love," I said

"To our dicks in our asses" Ryan said with a laugh.

"And you have never been subtle," I said as we clanked our glasses.

We got to the hotel, showed off our pass and we escorted to our room.

"May we get your measurements, sirs?" the hotel worker asked.

"What for?" I asked.

"Well, with this suite comes some perks, we were told that you two would need suits for your professional lives and we are giving them to you as a courtesy, black or white?"

"White," we both said in unison, almost giggling.

"They will be ready in the morning, then," she said as she measured us.

"Great, thank you so much!" I said as she left.

"Ok, I have waited way to long for this. Clothes off," Ryan said as he pushed me on the bed and started to strip.

He climbed on top of me, kissing me ever so softly, ever so lovingly, gently taking off my shirt, and it seemed like our lips never parted. He undid my shorts ever so gracefully and laid on top of me as we made out, tongues deep inside each others' mouths, hands sliding all over each others' bodies, as if we would never feel each other this way again. I felt every inch of his body, including a scar on his back that his body shuddered when I rubbed it. His skin was still like silk while his muscle was like diamond. I rubbed my hand through his silky blonde hair, which was getting sweaty from our contact. As we made out, I grabbed onto his nice bubble butt and massaged his cheeks as he moaned loudly. His touch to me was magnetizing. He was so gentle, not something I was used to with him, he traced his fingers along my chest and abs, almost like a feather, then massaged me with his hand. We started to grind on each other, and we were both incredibly hard, his ten inch cock hard as steel and I was ready to blow already. I then broke our kiss and sucked deeply into his neck. I then traced my tongue down to his pink nipples and licked each one in circles and then kissed my way down to his dick. I kissed the head and then licked slowly around the shaft. How I fucking missed this huge cock. He moaned so so gently with each one of my motions, a moan that screamed fuck me, fuck me hard, and I love you at the same time. I then bobbed my head up and down on his cock, gently swishing my tongue with the motion and he screamed for me to fuck him. I first licked his asshole, and it loosened up so I could bury my tongue in there as I licked around the hairless, toned ass that I have grown to love so much. And then, I reared my thick cock in the hole and put it in his tight pink hole. He screamed with ecstasy as I put it in and then I laid on top of him to make out while I fucked him. I stared into those deep blue eyes, feeling nothing but love. This feeling now, couldn't top any other. I fucked him so passionately, touching his body, jerking his cock with my abs as I fucked, thrusting in and out, slow, and then jack hammering him to the point of tears of joy and then I heard the words I have been waiting so long to here.

"I'm cumming James!" he screamed.

And that's all it took for me. I screamed in pleasure "AGH!! Me too!" and then I poured load after load into him and fell on top of him. He came right as I was and there was so much cum between us. I then switched around into a spooning position and fell asleep with him, back in my arms.

"I love you," I said as I fell asleep.

"I love you too," he said as he snuggled into my chest.

~~~Outside of Evan's Apartment~~~

"Hey, I've been waiting for you," Grant said outside of the door.

"I had to, tend to a wound," Evan said with a smile.

"I wanted to thank you, I didn't have a chance for that," Grant said looking at the floor.

"I actually didn't expect for you to come here," Evan said with a laugh.

"Why?" Grant said.

"Well, you know James and Ryan will be living here right until college?"

"I do now," Grant said with a laugh.

"And my apartment only has two bedrooms..." Evan said slyly.

"I can have the couch..." Grant said with a frown.

"I didn't...

"Or we can have your room," Grant said as he kissed Evan on the lips and they started making out passionately.

Three months pass by. Ryan and I are dating once again, as are Evan and Grant. Tracy hangs out with all four of us and is waiting until college until another guy comes along. Evan decides to go to college as well and is able to pay for it after the work he has done over the years. Grant moves out of his house and moves in with us. I come out as bisexual, but I don't plan on leaving the love of my life anytime soon. And I wouldn't have it any other way... The sex with Ryan never gets old. That body, that blonde hair, that cock with thick cum for ages, that spirit that makes me whole, that is what love is. I am in love with my best friend and this is the end of the tale for that best friend and I. College is now waiting for us.


James Knoll

[email protected]


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