My name is James and I am a senior in high school. I live in a small town, where if you found out that a person was gay, you soon found that they were shunned by the entire area. I am six feet tall, with a tan, toned, body, and bright green eyes. I have short brown hair that I keep spiked up in the front. I had a boyish face and people said I looked like Taylor Lautner. People tell me all the time that I am the best dressed guy in the school, but I am not feminine in any sense of the word. I play tennis and am an avid football watcher.

This is where I met my best friend, Ryan. We met in our freshman year, and we immediately hit it off. We played together on the doubles team and we got along better than brothers did.

He was the first person I have ever met that I cared about so deeply that I would do anything for them. Most people say that about their families, but I did not get along with them. Being intelligent and raised in a community where stupidity was the norm, I often did not bond well with people who were ignorant. My parents are a great example of this. So, I practically have taken care of every aspect of my life since the age of ten.

Ryan was known around the school as the best kid around. He was a god. He had blonde hair, perfectly tanned skin, beautiful blue eyes, and a smile that could kill. He was charming, could make anybody laugh, and was ready to help anybody who needed it. I found women attractive and still did, but there was something about Ryan that I just resented, but wanted at the same time.I have never found a girl who was ready for a fun, but serious relationship, so I ended my relationships before they got too bad. Ryan, however, was more than lucky. He was currently dating the hottest girl in the school, Tracy, and they had been dating for over a year. We three had always done our school projects together and we were known throughout the school for our awesome friendship.

One day though, his happiness went away...

It was a spring Friday afternoon, right after school, when I went up to Tracy's locker, because we were all going to go to the mall to hang out and see a movie, and I said, "Hey! We still going out today?"

She said coldly, "I don't think so," and quickly walked away.

I wanted to go after her, but I decided to check my phone to see if Ryan would know what happened.

I had a text that said, "I'm having the worst day of my life."

I felt a surge of pain within me, because I felt terrible if Ryan was ever upset. I felt guilty, even if it wasn't my fault.I knew he was going to be leaving the school in his car, so I thought I could get to his car first. I walked quickly through the school and got strange looks from everybody in the school. I figured the worst had happened between those two, but I had no clue why everybody was staring at me. I saw him getting into his car when I caught up to him.

Exasperated, I said, "Hey... What happened to you two?"

With tears in his eyes, he said, "She broke up with me. She said I had too many issues and I could never be what she wanted."

I replied, "I'm sorry dude. If I can help in any way..."

He cut me off, "You're just going to hurt me like everyone else has. I have nobody and nothing to live for. Leave me alone!!!" He drove away faster than I have ever seen anybody drive in my life.

"That's not true. You have me..." was the only thought I had in my mind.

I stood there, and I just felt so bad about this whole situation. I went to tennis practice and worked out afterwords to not think about it. I sweated and loved it when I flexed. I was starting to get real muscle. Even the football players, the people you would expect to be the heroes of the gym, admired my body. I was slender, but had muscle everywhere. I could not count the amount of times guys and girls would feel my six pack and toned body. Sometimes I would trade massages with the guys and I could feel their boners touching my side when they massaged me. I assumed it was kind of an envy, but I loved the feeling of somebody rubbing my hot, sweaty, and sore body right after a work out. One time after a massage, I had gotten a blowjob from one of Tracy's best friends in the coach's office. He and I were close and I often used some special equipment in there for working out, so I had all of the keys. She was amazing at sucking dick, she licked the head a lot passionately before moving up to my belly button and kissing my nipples and abs. God I loved that so much. After cumming once, I turned her on her stomach and bent her on the coach's desk and began fucking her in the ass. I thought anal was the greatest thing in my life. I was fucking her so hard that I moved the coach's metal desk about three feet and she was moaning so hard and was screaming for me to cum in her ass. I did once and let her swallow the rest of my load. She swallowed and we only now talk occasionally. My first thought after that first session of anal sex was what it would be like to fuck a guy with a nice tone ass. Then, I wanted to know what it would be However, during this whole work out, I just felt bad for Ryan, so I called it quits and went out to my car. There were dark looming clouds outside and the sounds of thunder were lighting up my ears. I saw a note on the front windshield and it read and it read,

"James, I went to our spot. I hate feeling this pain. I didn't mean what I said earlier, but now, I have nobody but you, and I hate to be a burden, so I won't. My parents hate me, everyone in school has been spreading rumors about me, and now Tracy hates me. Leave me go. Sorry, Ryan Garrisson"

Ever since Ryan's parents got a divorce, he had never been the same. He went from having a perfect home life to dealing with two parents hating each other. He sometimes would just get really depressed and before, he always had Tracy to rely on. I had grown strong from my parent's separation and taught him ways to avoid getting involved in their arguments. I knew that he was in a frenzy so I hurried to him.

Our spot was a mountain peak overlooking a beautiful valley. Tracy, Ryan, and I would often go there and just talk about life. And now, I was worried he might end his own up there. The drive was about twenty minutes and it was starting to get extremely chilly outside. Less than halfway through the drive, intense amounts of rain and balls of hail about the size of bouncy balls starting hitting my windshield. I could barely see when I was driving, but I continued on. I heard on the radio that nobody should be out in this weather and that all people were supposed to be indoors. I drove all the faster. I got to the spot where we park and I saw Ryan's car there.

I ran to the spot where we all hung out. It was over a mile long up a steep hill and it was one of the most exhausting things I have ever done. The sound from the rain and hail was almost deafening and I saw him sitting down with his head between his knees. I walked up to him and looked deeply into his eyes. Even though the rain and hail were so loud, I could still hear his uncontrollable sobbing. It made me want to as well. He looked terrible at this moment. His entire face was red from crying, he had a cut on his face from falling down while hiking up, and his hair was dripping wet. He wore a cut off shirt stuck to his body, defining his beautiful abs and gym shorts which nicely outlined his nicely sized cock. I stared at him and his beauty for a moment, seeing myself getting drenched as well, and saw he was shivering profusely.

"Ryan. We have to go. Please, you're going to get hypothermia."

"I don't care," he yelled as thunder roared in the sky.

"I want to die. I have no reason to live. Everything is gone. I hsve nothing, unlike you."

"Shut. up. I'll just leave you then. See you on Monday," I was so pissed off at that moment. I had no money, no support in my family and even though he was my best friend, I still wanted to punch him in the face. I was going to walk away and then come back. I knew he would be sorry. I thought it was just a relationship. They don't last in high school. I walked away and I heard him yelling, but in a softer tone, "Jason, please... wait."

He was still crying, but he was trying to walk after me. I saw him stubble and start to fall. I ran up to him and stopped him from falling. I caught him and realized he was unconscious. I felt bad for even thinking about leaving him there. I switched positions and held him by his back and the back of his knees. I slouched over while carrying him over the one mile expanse, so he didn't get more wet. I held him close to me and I could feel his warm breath against my chest. I felt so complete, even though I was now shivering. Holding him close to me, feeling his breath against my body, felt better than any sensation a women has ever given to me. I thought about this while I was carrying him. Did I love him like that? I have never like a guy before, but I knew I loved Ryan more than anybody in my life. I was so confused. I just held him even more closely to me the closer we got to my car. We got down to my car and as I was laying him down to put some towels on my backseat, I heard him mutter, "I love you."

The way his calm voice say that made me feel so gull of joy on the inside. I felt loved by him, just as I loved him. I dried him off and then wrapped him in a blanket I had in my car for hangouts with friends. I was so glad my parents had left for the week to go the race. I would have a hard time explaining complex emotion to their dense heads.

I drove home and parked in my driveway and carried Ryan out of my car into the house. He smiled and even though he said he would be okay, I didn't trust him to walk. I put him down on my be and started my in bath tub for two people. I saw he was still shivering, but now he was asleep. I took off his shirt revealing his wet and sexy, hairless abdomen. I took off my shirt as well and decided he needed to take his shorts off. I realized how gay I felt, but it needed to be done. Plus, somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I wanted to see his dick. To have it in my mouth and suck on it for hours. I wanted to swallow his gallons of cum. I wanted everything there was to him. His beautiful lips, his perfect body. I just wanted him. I have never felt so strongly about anyone before in my life. I took his flip flops off and then his shorts and underwear at the same time. He had a huge cock. It was six inches soft, circumcised, and not too veiny. Even though cocks were not attractive to me, I thought he had a beautiful one. Ryan's ass was nice and firm and even tighter because of the cold. I drooled at his body. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I took of my clothes and immediately I knew I was getting hard. I'm about 8 inches long when I'm hard and now I was so horny, even though I was freezing to death. I saw him wake up and led him to the bath tub shivering. Neither of us said a word, while we soaked in the nice hot water. He came and sat right in front of me and I began rubbing his shoulders and he leaned his back against my chest. My dick was hard the entire time and I knew it was riding near his ass. He turned around and said to me finally, "I'm sorry for everything I said, and for what I'm making you do right now. You saved my life dude, and I have no clue how to pay for it."

I said," Don't worry about it bro. You know how much I care about you. I would do anything for you. Here let me clean that cut on your face."

I gently rubbed the cut on his face to get rid of the dirt and the color was finally returned to him. We got out of the tub, not discussing our awkward closeness and dried off. I couldn't help but stare at him. He was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't get the picture of me feeling his breath on my chest out of my head. He sat on my bed and started looking at the ground.

"What happened between you two?" I asked.

"She was sick of me being sad about my parents. And how I always wanted to hang out with you too. I disagreed and said you were just as and maybe more important to me as she wasSo she ended it," he said again in tears.

"Hey hey hey... No more tears, I'm here with you now. And I always will be," I said as I hugged him. I didn't care that we were naked. And neither did he. I felt his warm tears slide down my shoulder. I gave him some of my clothes to put on. Damn, he looked even sexier in my clothing. I went downstairs and ordered a pizza. The storm had went away, but it was still cold outside. We turned on the TV and began watching a movie. He finally seemed to be coming back to normal. We ate like pigs and finished a whole pizza in ten minutes. In the middle of the movie I saw Ryan getting depressed so I asked him what was the matter.

"James, have you ever thought about being with a guy?"

"What do you mean? I'm with you right now. I'm pretty sure you have a dick," I replied jokingly.

"I meant like having sex you asshole, just like being intimate and sharing that bond with a guy," he said laughing.

I just wanted to pour out my entire soul on him then but all I said was, "I think everyone has, especially in your situation."

"I guess you're right... Umm... Can I say something about what I said when you were getting close to putting me in the car?"

"Yeah..." My heart was skipping a thousand beats a minute.

"I meant what I said. I love you, Jason," he said almost to tears again.

"I love you too bro," I said hugging Ryan, figuring this was about friendship, but then I felt the unexpected. He began to kiss my neck. I quickly pulled away.

"What are you doing?"

"I wanted to show you what I meant," he was crying again.

I felt so bad for him.

" I felt this way about you for so long. I just didn't know for sure what I felt."

I leaned in and kissed him on the lips and said in the most passionate tone I could muster, "All I need is you to make me feel whole."

We kissed again, this time locking lips completely. It was the greatest kiss I ever felt. It was warm, passionate, and loving. We played with tongues and made out without any inhibition. I carried him up to my bedroom from the living room once again feeling his warm breath against my body. Why did I hide my feelings for so long? We started stripping each other's clothing off and rubbing each other down, not yet touching each other's cocks.

"Do you want to do that? I mean, we can act like this never happened."

"I don't care. I love you," I said ready to move on to the next level.

We started jacking each other off. Just making out almost made me cum already, but this was to over the top. I want to show him how much I cared for him so I sucked on his neck, and gave him hickies all the way down to his nipples. I spent time on each one, and he would moan so loudly at times that I could just come. I licked and kissed all the way down his sexy midsection and whenI was about the suck on his cock, I moved my head back and realized he was about 10 inches long. It was the biggest cock I had ever seen in life, and I have seen pretty many cocks in the showers. Without wanting to frighten him, I teased him with his nipples again and he said, "If you don't want to do this, you don't have to."

I was so scared. I wanted to please him in the worst way. I wanted to make him the best feeling person in the world. I was scared. I knew I loved a man, something I never would have that of. But, I knew I loved Ryan. So I opened my mouth wide and began bobbing up and down on his dick with my mouth. It was warm and utterly delicious. I was only able to take about three inches in my mouth, but I licked his cock head liked I worshiped it. I tried getting it all in, and I started to choke.

He said,"Do you like that huge cock, James?"

"I love it... it's the greatest thing I've had in my mouth,"

"Then I'm tasting yours now then," he said happily.

I got up and he pushed me on my bed and began sucking on my dick. I was already hard and my head was oozing with precum,

"I've always wanted to do this," He said with that killer smile.

He was able to stuff my wider, but slightly smaller dick in his mouth. He made chocking sounds, and that made me crazy. He seemed to know what I like and kept making noise, which made me feel confident. I was about to cum when I told him to bring his ass to my face. I started eating his ass out. I stuffed my tongue in there and he began to moan louder than before. It was beautiful and he just let me do that. It was over the top for him and I almost came without even touch my cock. He did the same thing to me. I felt a jolt of nerves hit me immediately. It was strange at first but then it felt like paradise. I never felt anything so good in my life. He then shoved one finger in my ass and began moving it around. I loved every part of this and when I finally said," Can I have you?" I screamed yes. He began to put on a condom, but I swatted it away and said, "You can have the best time of your life. I trust you"

He put a little of my lube on his dick and pressed it against my hole.

"Let loose, it'll go in then."

I did, but as soon as I did I felt the worst pain of my life. I began weeping. I knew I was bleeding, but I heard it felt better after a while.

"You're so huge, Ryan!!! Go slow, now!" I cried like a little girl.

He had slow passionate thrusts and it was starting to feel amazing as I felt my best friend inside me.

"Oh my god!! This feels so good now, get all of it in me and fuck me as hard as you can. Get all of your pain in me. Release it all!!!" I screamed in ecstasy.

"I love you so much, James! You take my cock! You be my bitch! I'll fuck you so hard you can't walk. You're so tight, Tracy never was this good!" He said as he was plowing my fresh tight hole.

It hurt so bad again as he fucked, but like before, it got better, but this time is was five times more pleasureable. He fucked me so hard and fast that my eyes were rolling in the back of my head. The whole time I was moaning like a little girl, but the pleasure was the greatest thing I could possibly have ever felt. He slowed down for a second and said so loudly," I'm gonna cum dude."

I thought he was going to pull out, but I yelled, "Harder and cum inside me you pussy!!" He pounded harder than ever before the seat pouring on to me. His body was just as attractive as mine apparently was, but even more. His body was laying on top of mine and we kissed until we had to gasp for air. All of a sudden I felt this force inside my ass and I came so hard that it landed on my face. He collapsed on top of me with his dick still inside me and we layed there with my cum in between us. The joy I felt was greater than anything I felt before. My ass hurt so much though. His dick fell out of me with a slurping sound and grew soft.

The only thing he said next was, "I'm ready."

I was still hard and I ate out his ass some more and grinded against his sweaty body, licking his shoulder muscles and sucking on the back of his neck. I grabbed his perfect ass muscles and rubbed them. Oh MY GOD!! Were they tight! I lubed up by dick and drilled it all into to him the first time. He yelped and screamed even louder than before,"Make this crying pussy your little bitch!! Stuff that huge wide cock of yours inside me!!!!! YES YES YES FUCK ME HARD! FUCK ME HARDER!!! THAT'S THE SPOT! AH AH AH!!!!" I never even heard a girl moan like he did. It was so exhilarating. I loved every second of fucking him. I would fuck him fast like that and then slow down to slow powerful thrusts that would take his breath away. I loved having my dick stretching out his warm, moist insides. It was better than any pussy that I have ever felt. "Yeah You're my bitch, Ryan! Wait till we tell Tracy, who really made you cum!!"I felt by balls go into my body and knew I was going to come again.

"Dude, where do you want it?" I almost screamed.

"This bitch wants it in his mouth," he said. I loved his voice getting fucked. my huge throbbing dick made a pop sound coming out of his ass and he threw me up on my bed and sucked my dick again, bobbing up and down so fast that my body twisted in so many ways from the massive amounts of pleasure I was feeling. I flooded his mouth completely with my cum and brought myself down to make out with him. My mouth was full of my cum and his saliva. The thick man juice in our mouths were so sensual as we made out with the complete feeling of passion. We were so close to each other that it was hard to breath. We held each so close to one another that we never wanted to let go. We rubbed each other in every area of our bodies swapping that delicious cum between us until we swallowed it all.

We stared into each other's eyes and at the same time, said, "I love you," and held each other in our arms.

He said to me then, "Thank you for helping me. You are my best friend."

I said completely truthfully back to him,"And you are my everything," and passionately kissed his lips one more time before falling asleep in each other's harms.


James Knoll

[email protected]


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