Hey guys, My Name is Layton, Im now thirty three and I am living a most wonderful life, I am successful in my job, have my own two bedroom ranch style house with pool in the back, hot tub, wonderful patio,and a really great life.

But looking back at my youth and the one that helped me out of my situation was the most awesome memory of my life.

I have a lover, who is stable, very good looking and we love each other very much and we are committed to each other, and he is a fantastic guy.

I walked out onto the pation just about dark, my boy friend just got home from his job and he was tired, having worked two full shifts in a row, and he crashed after a hot shower and some supper.

So I was alone, I had a glass of a cold beverage in one hand and was wearing some flip flop shower sandles, shorts and a tank top undershirt.

I sat down in the lounge chair there on the patio and just began to think about things, life in general, where I am, and where I came from, I was totally happy with life now, but I realized it wasn't always that way.

I started smiling as I layed back and looked up at the beautiful stars, god it was a beautiful, clear sky night and the stars sparkled like diamond in the sky, like God had spread them in array just for me.

I smiled and my thought began to carry me back to my youth.

I was a fairly nice looking young man, I was good looking enough, and nicely built, always working out with weights, quite athletic and had a really nice body, or at least I thought so, many times I got sexually aroused just looking at me naked body in the mirror after showering in the bathroom, and would end up stroking my nice, thick cock to a nerve shattering orgasm, and for some reason I loved watching my cock as I slowly, and sensously slid my foreskin back and forth watching my cock head get tight and hard and shiney and begin to leak that pre-cum which I loved to swipe and taste, god Im getting hard just telling about it.

Well I begin to notice that I was really into the guys, and could care less about the girls at school, I began to feel really down and introverted realizing that I was what everyone called a homo, fucking faggot, dick smoker and such as that, I would hear guys in the locker rooms talk about this one that one begin fucking faggot homo, and I would withdraw tighter into my shell, not wanting to be around other guys or girls.

Yet I could not help getting aroused in the boys locker rooms and at the health spa dressing area, shit one time I even got turned on at this old geezer that looked like moses, that old fart had the biggest cock I ever saw and he was sprouting wood there in the dressing area of the spa.

I thought I was loosing it, I finally decided to just go to the High School Guidance Counselor, Mr. Mason he was the counselor for the boys and men, and Mrs. Leola Brunson was the counselor for Girls and women.

I made the appointment for counseling, and was given an after school appointment at four fifteen on a thursday afternoon, everyone or at least most everyone had left except office personel and Mr. Mason's office was apart from the regular offices in the Administration office.

Well Mr. Mason was a young man, he looked like he was really just out of college, he taught wood shop, and science class as well as being the counselor for the boys.

I had seen him in the halls, though I didn't have a class with him. He was a very handsome, very aristocratic looking man, always well dressed in slacks and dress shirt, tie, impecably well dressed. and facially he really looked like he was a model or something he was very handsome, well built too.

Well, It was finally time to see Mr, Mason, I went into his office, he stood up and shook my hand like a perfect gentleman, 'have a seat.' he said.

I sat down and he said, now Ken, what can I help you with, and remember if you really want help with a problem you need to tell the truth and be open and honest with me, what is told in this office, stays in this office, I keep no notes. so don't be shy, there isn't anything you will tell me that will upset me or shock me, unless your some sort of child molester or murderer or something horrible like that, but I'm almost sure that isn't the case with you.'

'Now son, what's on your mind?'

I at first 'hummed and hawed around,' 'Well I don't know how to tell you this, but,' I said.

'Layton, you can tell me anything you would like, Its alright, I'm here for you.' he said.

I looked at this very young man, in the position of a counselor, and decided I would just tell him, 'He was leaning back in his chair with his hands behind his head smiling as I talked, I was in a chair beside the end of his desk and he was turned sideway to the desk where I ot a good look at Mr. Mason's full body he had his legs spread and I noticed a nice sized bulge there between his legs.

I looked at his face and noticed he was staring at my eyes, and probably noticed where I was looking as I spoke.

'Well Mr. Mason, the truth is, I think I'm homosexual, you know gay.'

He came forward as he smiled at me, and said, 'Really Layton, and what on earth makes you think your gay?' he asked,

I told him about my desires and jerking off to vivid mental pics of guys cocks, and how I react in the shower room and locker rooms there at school with other guys naked in front of me.

Hell Sir, I have even lusted after you a time or two, seeing you in the halls.' I said.

'Wow No shit Man, that's flattering,........ Oh I'm very sorry,' he said. ' I shouldn't have said it like that.'

'Well Layton, so you think your gay, you do know what that intales, Have you actually ever done anything sexually with another guy before?'

'No Sir, but I have always wanted too.' I said.

'Just like you right now, setting there, I'm looking at that big bulge,' which by now had started swelling, and was pressing outward in his slacks, I could see the outline of his nice sized cock, and it's lovely head, what a gay man calles a vpl, 'Visable Penis line.' I said.

I watched as Mr. Tyler Mason, The Guidance Counselor, got up, locked his office door, and sat back down, 'Well Layton, would you like to try sex with another guy and see what you think,' as he spoke I watched his hand as he began to slide it along that very visible cock, swollen and tight in his trousers, and I could tell he had a hefty boner and he was interested in me.

Truth was I was just as interested in Mr. Mason, He got up and set on the edge of the desk and pulled me up to his face and we began to kiss, it was awesome, I fell in love with that odor of his after shave, or cologne, that he was wearing, My head was spinning, as Mr. Mason began to passionatly and gently lift me to the moon with his sexual advances.

I felt his hand reach down and rub my now hard occk thru the material of my Levi's, and it felt so damned good, I had never felt someones elses touch on my cock, covered or uncovered.

I just wilted and let Mr. Mason do his thing, I leaned my head back adn I saw his knnneel to the floor and begin to undo my trousers.

'I had my eyes closed enjoying this first moment of my young life, when I felt the most phenomenal feeling on the shaft and end of my hard swolled cock.

Mr. Mason had pulled my Levi's to the floor, and had my hard cock into his mouth and he had a hand wrapped around it jerking it up and down and swirling, as he sucked on the exposed head of my uncut cock, It was without a doubt the best thing I had ever felt, My cock was tingling and so alive with feelings, as his hot mouth slid up and down and he took my cock to the balls and just held it there as his throat muscles massaged the head of my cock, Holy shit man, that was awesome.

I realized that I was building up to a climax, and as much as I wanted one, I wanted to have a taste of Mr. Mason's cock too.

'Holy shit sir, hold on,' I said.

Mr. Mason stopped and looked up bewildered and said, 'What's wrong don't you like it?' he asked.

'Oh Fuck no sir, I love it, it's the best thing I ever had done to me, but I want to taste your occk too.' I said.

I saw a smile come over his face, 'alright then' he said as he stood up and leaned his ass against the desk, I got up into his chair and sat crotch to face against him, and started undoing his slacks, as I massaged his hefty fat cock with my hand thru his slacks.

I heard him moaning as I unzipped his slacks and let his trousers fall to the floor.

I looked up into his face as he watched me in anticipation, and slipped his white briefs, wet spot and all to the floor with his trousers and I stared eye to piss slit with a beautiful veiny cock, wet from pre-cum and wanting my mouth, I slowly, making sure I savored each moment of my first time, slid my mouth over a cock, Mr. Mason's cock, and I felt his body jerk as I went as deep on it as I could, it was only seven inches but it was all mine for the time being.

I felt his hips push his cock forward as I almost gagged, but I loved it, this is what i was born to do.

I was in my own zone, finally I got to do something I had only dreamed about doing all my life.

Mr. Mason was totally enjoying it, making sure I didn't scrape with my mouth.

Having never done it beore I was learning, Mr. Mason began to shudder a little as I slid his cock in and out of my mouth, then he got very vocal almost loud with his moans and groaning, 'Oh Shit Layton, Oh Fuck man, OH yes its almost home baby,' and I felt his body start to jerk slightly and his cock jumped around in my mouth a little as that awesome cock of his unloaded his nut sauce in my mouth, It was different tasting than anything I had ever tasted but I liked it and was sure it was something I would learn to love.

He held my head and said, 'Holy fuck kid, Oh shit, fuck!!! I don't believe I just let a student suck my cock,' he said.

I said, 'Well Mr. Mason, I don't believe that I just sucked off a teacher either but I did, and My cock is still waiting for that teacher to finish what he started.'

Mr. Mason looked a little silly for a second and then just smiled and said, 'Your right.' he said.

He dropped to his knees and took my hard aching cock into his mouth and finished off what he started, I blasted enough sum to have blwon his head off, it felt like and he just sucked it all down like a malt from a soda shop, got up and smiled, 'Now how did you like sex with another man. by the was Ken how old are you?'

'I'm eighteen sir, I'm of legal age.' I said.

Mr. Mason, just looked a little bewildered and said, I shouldn't have let you do that Ken, I just came back at him, 'well sir, you couldn't have done it without my willingness to do it either.'

'Would you like to see me in a sexual way again Mr. Mason, I would love to learn more, I already know I'm gay, and this has only made it more real to me,'

My outlook changed after that day, I felt better about myself and I knew what it was I wanted in life sexually,

It was almost two weeks later when Mr. Mason sent me a note to see him after school in his office, I went and he asked me out on a date that Friday night, I of course accepted, I had always thought he was married but not.

He picked me up and for some strange I took a bag of clean clothes and told my mom I was spending the night with a friend.

We went out in a more relaxed atmosphere to a ball game, and then to a mall and just walked around chatting.

Mr. Mason looked over at me and said, 'Ken, would you like to come back to my apartment and have sex, the full meal deal,' he said.

I looked over at Mr. Mason and smiled a big almost blushing smile, and said,'I was afraid you werent' going to ask me, I have wanted to have sex again with you since that first time.' I said.

'Well Ken truthfully It is rather unethical to hve sex with a student, being a teacher and all.'

'I don't give a shit what others think, I like you Sir and want to feel you in Me.'

Mr. Mason smiled as we pulled into his driveway.

We walked and the anticipation was making me feeling wild.

We walked up to the door of his apartment and then went in, He and I were both like wild men, grabbing and tearing at each other, squeezing each others crotches, god I wanted him bad. and unless I'm sadly mistaken he wanted me.

WE were finally naked and He was on his back and I was on top of his body, kissing and making out like two wild school kids on their first time, thats when I felt something different but so exciting, I felt his hard throbbing cock wet with pre-cum sliding into the crack of my ass, and rubbing against my asshole, I wanted to die, the feeling was out of this world, I slicked up my hand and I reached back and got his hard cock more slick with salive and pre-cum and it was very slick, and I got back into position.

I reached around and held his cock in my hand and positioned it against my asshole, and sunk myself onto his hard cock. IT HURT LIKE HELL, burning, aching, throbbing and I wanted more, soon I got adjusted to this thick cock and He began to hammer me wildly and and before I knew it something began to happen, I felt like I was going to cum, something up inside me was making me feel wonderful, I had not even touched my cock and I was getting ready to cum, Mr. Mason began to get more intense and wild as he held my hips and shoved his cock balls deep into my asshole, I was feeling fantastic and right on the edge of cumming, when He let out a loud noise, 'Holy fuck man, Im cumming, and he began to fill me with his seed. I went over the edge and began to loose my load, it was fantastic. I had never done that before. there was cum all over the place, and we were both totally exhausted, we fell asleep still connected and woke up about four a.m and got a shower together.

Well I guess the just of all this is saying that Mr. Mason made me realize that I am gay, yes, but I'm a human being with my own set of limitations and permaiters, and I should be happy with what I am.

Well Mr. Mason did just that. and by the way My lover thats asleep is named Tyler, Tyler Mason, High School Guidance Counselor.





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