It was well after 3 pm on a Thursday when Matt was heading down the hall to the gym locker room to change into his Baseball gear,Matt was well into his third year of college baseball hoping to get some pro scout attention for the coming Pro Baseball draft. The lock door began to open slowly has Matt started to unbutton his Wrangle cowboy shirt. It was not very long after he started to changed he heard his Coach yell at him to get out onto the field.

It was the 9 inning Matt Hit a Grand Slam home room to win the game for his team that won them the State Championship. Matt just got finished putting on his clothes when the Scout for a major league team approach him. The two of them had a great conversation before Matt join Carl for dinner that night at the Holiday Inn Hotel in downtown Atlanta.

Carl was a great looking man, Around 6 feet tall and was in very good shape along with the Salt & Pepper hair and moustache. As for Matt he was just average around 5'10,160 plus along with short brown hair and a nicely trim goatee. The Girls in his college always called him Cubby or Chubs. 

The time was well after 11 pm as both of them were back in Carl room having some more drinks to finished of the great day. Carl made the first move on Matt as both of them were feeling know pain at all. They both started to wrestle each other in their underwear that they were wearing that day.Matt had on Red Hanes sports briefs as for Carl in was wearing his Black Spandex Under Armour sports briefs. 

Matt was really enjoying working on Carl nice 7 plus semi cut cock as his lips and mouth were getting full of Carl Pre cum that he was spurting out of his hard cock. " FUCK YOU GOOD DUDE " Carl shouted as he was real close in shooting his load off, Matt just took his hot pre cum mouth off the soaking wet dick when he then told Carl that it was his turn now to suck.  

You can now see Carl eyes lighten up before he started to work on Matt small 6 inch cut cock. Matt began to moan real loud now as he was just about to explode his load all down Carl throat,Fuck I am going to shoot now scream Matt as his cock was about to spurt out his load of white cum all over Carl Salt & Pepper moustache. Carl then began to get up slowly from the bed has he started to walk over to the table to grab his beer so he can wash down Matt huge load that he just shot off. The cum was still dripping down Carl moustache and chin before he went into the bathroom to wipe it all off.

The time was getting late by now as Carl walk over to the bed and bend down to pick up his briefs that was laying on the floor. Matt really enjoy watching Carl pull them up to his waist as he was just laying there on  his stomach with his nice hairy bubble showing. Carl decided to walk over to Matt  were he was laying on the bed and started to lick and eat out Matt Hairy Virgin Hole. 

" More Carl , More Carl " Matt started to scream out with pleasure ! Carl look down and watch Matt ass juice pour out like a river of passion. He began slowly pulling Matt ass against his hard cock as he was about to fuck his Virgin hole. " Time to make a man out of you now Matt " As Carl spoke as his dick was very close going inside him. 

Matt started to yell out very loud as Carl cock started to enter him, It took a good 3 minutes or more before Carl was in full motion screwing Matt tight hole. Carl then pull out of Matt ass as he bend over and put his briefs back on. He then slowly pull his dick through his hole and told Matt he going to fuck him a different way now. Carl began to pull Matt legs over his should as he  enter his wet juicy hole once again. Carl wet dick was full of his pre cum and Matt's juice as the fuck was well into 20 minutes now.

It was not long after that Carl shot off 2 loads at once all over Matt face and hairy chest, They were both worn out by now as the lay there for a good 10 minutes before Matt got up to get clean up. He then began to walk into the washroom and grab a towel to wipe the rest of Carl cum off his chest and face. The both of them decided to take a nice hot shower together before Matt had to head on back to the dorm for the night. 

The time was well after 1 am as Matt watch Carl put on a new fresh pair of underwear before he open up the door. They brace each other once again as Carl watch Matt walk out of his room and down the long hallway to the elevators. They wave at each other as Matt go into the elevator. Matt was drafted into the second round 3 weeks later to the Ball team from Kansas City. 




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