Mr. Johnson got his cock ready applying lube all over his long penis. He looked at Ted like an artist about to paint a canvass. He brought Ted up and took the dildo from his hand and placed it on the floor. He then pushing each string on Ted's G-String to the side forcing it off his body. He threw the G-String and commenced rubbing his penis. Ted's ass was small and bubbled it didn't look like it would be able to handle Mr. Johnson's mighty cock whatsoever. As Mr. Johnson applied the lube he slowly began to jerk his cock moving his right hand from the head of his penis to the base, ensuring that his cock was as stiff as possible. Ted bent over and looked at Mr. Johnson with both fear and anticipation. He always admired Mr. Johnson but the force of his body language and words frightened him. In order to keep his mind off the new mindset of Mr. Johnson; Ted quickly and thoroughly examined Mr. Jonson's body. Stunning was the only words to describe him, amazing abs, tight chest, big dick and a smile that could captivate any man or women. His face had that stubble that suited him so well and he looked like a dirty college professor about to teach Ted the biggest lesson in his life.

Mr. Johnson began to insert his penis into Ted's ass. His penis was ever larger than the dildo he had previously used in Ted's hole. Mr. Johnson wasn't slow in his entry causing Ted a great deal of pain. His penis struck quickly taking only a few seconds to reach the back of Ted's hole. Ted yelled excessively and cried as Mr. Johnson continued forcing his cock down his ass. Ted was confused in the actions of Mr. Johnson, the sexual acts he was committing were slightly dangerous and it seemed that Mr. Johnson had no remorse for the pain that Ted was feeling. Without discretion Mr. Johnson increases the movement of his waist forcing his cock in faster and faster as Ted continued to scream.

Mr. Johnson held onto Ted's shoulders pushing further up his ass. He began to reassure Ted saying 'the pain you feel will eventually turn into pleasure, by then you will be filled with my juice.

Ted bit his lips trying to hold back the tears, he nodded hoping that Mr. Johnson was right and this pain that he was feeling would eventually turn to pleasure.

Mr. Johnson continued up Ted's ass, he started in the doggy style position continuing to hold onto Ted's shoulder to ensure that he forced his cock in deep. Mr. Johnson felt a sensation like no other, he was surprised how tight Ted's ass was even after he inserted the dildo. His dick was feeling welcomed to the tightness and his body tingled with the sensation of hair along the sides of Ted's buttocks. He continued his fast pace as his cock went in and out of his ass. After a while the pain Ted was feeling began to diminish and pure ecstasy took over his body. Mr. Johnson then realised it was time for full penetration. He lifted one of Ted's legs in the air with his right hand and began fucking Ted from the side. Ted's began to moan in enjoyment. The pain he felt turned into lust as he began pushing his buttocks closer to Mr. Johnson's cock. While being fucked Ted's cock grew exponentially. He realized that the motion he was feeling in his rear was turning him on to the point of cumming. Ted although new to this experience had a general idea of what was happening and tried with all his might to cum only until Mr. Johnson left his juices deep into his ass. The rhythm was amazing and Mr. Johnson was able to withstand cumming for some time. It reached the point where the sweat from Mr. Johnson's motion acted like its own lubricant around Ted's ass, giving faster and easier access to Ted's whole. Ted loved it and began to force his buttocks in, making his ass tighter and making Mr. Johnson moan in the pleasure of the greatest sex he has ever had. The tightness of Ted's ass was too much and Mr. Johnson yelled I'm cumming repetitively. As he came into Ted's ass he forced his cock in deep to ensure that Ted felt the complete sensation. The cum entered Ted's as and for a complete moment Ted felt something he never felt in his entire life. He was in ecstasy and as Mr. Johnson began to blast loads of cum into his ass he began to blast loads of cum from his penis all over the floor. Both Mr. Johnson and Ted screamed at the same time in total enjoyment. Mr. Johnson removed his dick from Ted's ass and grabbed the G-String he had thrown on the floor. Using the G-String he wiped his cock of sperm and then used the G-string once more to remove any cum dripping from the crease of Ted's ass.

'You did a pretty good Ted, now you know the consequences of disobeying me.' Mr. Johnson threw him the G-String and then picked up the dildo stopping the vibration. 'Put the G-String back on and keep the dildo in your ass, it does not have to be on vibrate. We will be sleeping in the same bed so I will know if you take it off or not. Your mother does not expect you till tomorrow afternoon so don't think of leaving early.'

Ted was beginning to see Mr. Johnson in a new light; he was no longer the kind man he used to know but someone who was eager for sex. Ted began to put the G-string back on feeling the line between his ass and wet reminisce of cum from Mr. Johnsons penis still imbedded in the fabric. He felt sticky and dirty still having the cum on his g-string and in his ass. He then reached for the dildo and slowly shoved it up his ass he enjoyed the sensation. What used to hurt know gave him the most pleasure. He began to pull it out and thinking of Mr. Johnson's cock. He was confused of why he would be thinking of Mr. Johnson the man who forced himself through money on the boy he said he loved. He wondered if whether or not his relationship with Mr. Johnson had always been lustful or was it the mere glimpse of his naked body that created his desire. Either was he continued fooling with the dildo until he went to bed.

He went to the bed and saw Mr. Johnson sitting there waiting for him naked on the bed. He got on the bed as Mr. Johnson excepted that he had the dildo in his ass. He then began to play with the dildo putting it in and out of his ass. Ted cried in pleasure and began pushing his ass further down the dildo. He screams 'give it to me Mr. Johnson.' Mr. Johnson smiled and laughed joyfully and began pushing the dildo in further. He then but the vibration on. Ted screamed and yelled 'uhh give it to me Mr. Johnson put it in deeper.' Mr. Johnson continued to force it in. Ted's ass was in heaven and he began to kiss Mr. Johnson not by force but through instinct. He kissed him playing tag with his tongue. Mr. Johnson was ecstatic and watched as both his cock and Ted's were rock hard.

He looked at Ted and said 'your doing a really good job, time for you bonus.' While the dildo was vibrating, Mr. Johnson stretched Ted's g-string so his cock was clearly visible. He bent down and began sucking Ted's cock. Ted moaned. Mr. Johnson continued going up and down on Ted's cock. His cock was average size and not trimmed of pubic hair. Put it was not puffy it was decent amount that gave Mr. Johnson the sweaty taste he desired. His cock was average size, but Ted watched in amazement as Mr. Johnson swallowed the entire thing. Pr-cum began to dispose, and to make Ted more horny, Mr. Johnson left his dick and began to suck his hairy balls. He tasted not only the sweat but his own cum which still remained on the g-string. Mr. Johnson realized he was getting dry and put himself in 69, both Ted and Mr. Johnson were sucking each other's cocks. Ted attempted to mimic Mr. Johnson trying to swallow his cock whole. He chocked and tried again. After the third try he was able to accomplish the task. Tear left his eyes but not of pain, these were tears of joy. He then felt a sensation in his ass, while sucking his cock Mr. Johnson actually pushed his dildo deeper into his ass. This triggered his penis and he began to cum. Wild amount of loads entered Mr. Johnsons body, Ted was in shock he was able to take all the cum in. Mr. Johnson swallowed all not a single drop leaving his mouth. He enjoyed the taste and when he was finished there was not a single drop of cum left. Mr. Johnson still hadn't cum and waited until the right moment. Ted continued sucking and when Mr. Johnson was finally ready he noticed his head being forced back. Mr. Johnson removed his dick from Ted's mouth and began to cum all over his face and body. He yelled and moaned. When all the cum left him he began to rub the cum all over his chest and face.

Mr. Johnson began to gasp and smile. He looked at Ted smiling 'you did a really good job, remember you can't clean or remove the dildo until I say you can. So you will be sleeping with that dildo in your ass and with all that cum on your face. Feel free to hold me when we sleep I know I'll be doing the same to you.'

Ted nodded in response and slept with the dildo in his ass, cum on his face and Mr. Johnson arm around his chest. He was stick but he never felt more at home. Ted was woken by an alarm clock it was about 9:00 A.M. To his surprise Mr. Johnson was not in bed. Ted looked on the bed were Mr. Johnson was sitting as saw a note. It said 'Ted I had to go to work but that does not mean your work is finished, your next job will be downstairs in the living-room. You are not to wear a uniform for this; the uniforms I give you are only for me. You will do this job naked make sure you remove the dildo. The alarm was set for 9:00 A.M and your task starts at 9:10 A.M. This was done so you only have time to brush your teeth; you are still not permitted to take a shower. Once you brush you teethe continue to the basement.'

He did as he was told taking out the dildo which he almost forgot was still in his ass, rushed to the bathroom to brush his teeth. Mr. Johnson already had a new toothbrush with his name on it for him. He finished in six minute and rushed down to the living room. He made it right on time perfectly at 9:10 A.M. Ted thought it was incredible how fast he was. He entered the living room examine everything. There was a sofa set which comprised a two seater, a three seater and a once seater. He noticed a nice fireplace and a carpeted rug. There was no coffee table. His attention was then drawn to the single seater. Which was not vacant and had a man sitting on it, he recognized the man.

He looked in shocked at the man who he saw before him. It was Mr. Grove his high-school gym teacher who was sitting in the living room naked. Ted could fill in the blanks obviously Mr. Johnson wanted him to have sex with his old gym teacher. That feeling of being used kicked in once again but then he realized Mr. Johnson did say this was a job. He looked at Mr. Grove patiently waiting for him to say something. He looked at Mr. Grove's body it was not shocking how physically fit he was. Mr. Grove was not too old he was about twenty-eight of age. When he first taught Ted he was about twenty-four. Mr. Grove had a very muscular body, he was not big but he was hairy. His chest was full with hair and suited him very well. His face was clean though and he had a full set of hair on his head. Despite his hairy chess his six-pack was clearly visible. His nipples were also visible through the chest hair making him look extremely sexy. Ted's attention was then taken to Mr. Grove's cock which was at least six-inches long soft, he imagine the length it would grow with a hard on. He doubt if it could compare to the size of Mr. Johnson but Ted did admire his body. He always looked up to Mr. Grove who like Mr. Johnson always seemed very kind and caring. Ted looked at Mr. Grove still feeling extremely sticky and dirty from last night.

'Hello Ted,' Mr. Grove said with a serious look. 'You're probably wondering what is going on. Well for while Johnson has known that I am gay and like Johnson I've had a lust for your body. Many times in Gym I would watch you work out looking at your glamorous body. Now that you're 18 it seems like a perfect time to truly see your body. He told me a week ago that he was proposing this job opportunity to you and he said that he was certain you would accept. This is where I come in I asked him whether or not I could join in on this opportunity he said only if you consented to it. So know your probably wondering why I'm naked in front of you if you haven't consented to it yet. I found it funny too but I got a call early in the morning from Mr. Johnson who said you had to have sex with me. So I'm under the impression you want me to fuck you am I right?'

Ted thought to himself he could say no, but this is part of his job and Mr. Johnson did say I had to do it. Although he felt used he knew it was part of his job and he to Mr. Johnson that he will stand-by this job. Ted looked at Mr. Grove and realizing how sexy he was blurted the words out 'yes that's right I agreed to have sex with you.'

Mr. Grove smiled and looked at Ted. The smile was almost devious Mr. Grove then stated 'Mr. Johnson also told me not to hold back I hope you ready for this.'

Ted always admired his gym teacher's body. He almost felt eiger to have sex with Mr. Grove not only cause of his body but mainly because Mr. Johnson asked him too. Mr. Grove's muscular body was too much to resist and Ted decide to pop the question that had been on his mind since high school. He looked at Mr. Grove and in a very polite manner asked 'can you flex for me?'

'What?' Mr. Johnson said in surprise.

Ted became eager and yet he was very polite in his speech, he asked once more. 'Before we have sex can you flex for me.'

'Sure.' Mr. Grove felt proud that his body had such an influence on Ted, and could not wait to show off his tight chest and abs. He got up off the chair and began to flex his arms. The muscles on his arms popped up as he kissed his right arm and then his left. He then began to move his waist from left to right. While showing off his arm muscles he began to move his chest up and down. Ted looked at him like a piece of mean but not in love. Ted lusted for him and the motion of his body increased the lust factor. While his waist was still in motion he began to push his dick forward. Ted watched his arm muscles, his chest, his waist, his dick and finally his ass that moved in every time he pushed forward.

It became too much to resist and Ted moved in to kiss Mr. Grove on the lips. He played with Mr. Groves tongue for a good for minutes. The two tongues attacked each other swallowing saliva and licking each other's lips. Ted began to kiss Mr. Grove on the neck. Sucking on his neck ensuring that by the time he was done Mr. Grove would have a nice hickie to remember him by. He then moved down to Mr. Grove amazing arm muscles, licking them pationitly. He licked each arm ensuring that his saliva engulfed all of his muscles. Moving down to his chest he began to suck each of his nipples. The hair on his nipple giving Ted a new and interesting taste. Mr. Grove began to moan with the feelings of delight. Ted then moved down to his glorious abs. taking his time with each pack, rubbing his face against them and envying the chance he wished he had while he was in high-school. He then went to Mr. Groves dick which by know was as hard as ever. He started from the balls, watching as Mr. Grove's dick pounced up after he sucked each testicle. Starting from the head of the cock and going down Ted was able to fit Mr. Grove's entire cock in his mouth. Mr. Grove's cock was at least nine inches but after sucking Mr. Johnson Mr. Grove felt like childsplay. Mr. Grove's penis went to the back of his neck but he was still able to manage. He enjoys licking the stick and began spitting on it adding more saliva. This gave Mr. Grove an amazing sensation as he began to force Ted's head further onto his cock. Shockingly Ted did not choke, meaning that he obviously had good training from Mr. Johnson. Mr. Grove increased his pushing and Ted increased his speed. The sensation from Teds tongue and the speed of Mr. Grove's waist resulted in pre-cum escaping from his mouth. He yelled out saying he was about to cum. Ted got ready to suck him dry. When he finally came Ted drank him dry. The delicious salty taste made him lick Mr. Gove's cock dry. He continued to licking his cock till the only thing left on the penis was his saliva.

Mr. Grove moved towards the back of Ted and began to rub his dick along the crease of his ass. He put lube onto his cock and then fingered Ted with the remaining lube on his middle finger. Ted enjoyed it but showed no sign of enjoyment. All he could imagine was how much he longed for Mr. Johnson, he pretended that the amazing sensation he was feeling was not from Mr. Grove but from Mr. Johnson. Mr. Grove stopped fingering Ted and began to slowly insert his cock. Ted was not use to someone entering him so slowly. In great enthusiasm Ted yelled 'force it in.' Mr. Grove looked shocked and began to enter his ass with extreme force. Ted loved the feeling of Mr. Grove in his ass. Mr. Grove began to move his dick in faster. There was still pain even having Mr. Johnson's huge sword up his ass, he still felt pain. The pain slowly demised into enjoyment, resulting in Ted moving his ass in towards Mr. Grove. Mr. Grove continued to force his dick in. Faster keeping the pase. He realized he was about to cum and then pulled out quickly. He then went towards Ted's face and gave him an amazing facial. Ted licked some of the cum off of his lips. Mr. Grove then slapped his dick on his face a few time before he sat on the sofa. They looked at each other gasping for breath. Then Ted asked a question.

'Why didn't you cum in my ass.'

Mr. Grove laughed while putting on his clothes to leave the house. 'Come back at 3:00 P.M and you will find out why I did not cum in your ass.'




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