Ted was your average 18 year old boy, after finishing high school he decided it would be best to spend some extra time at home before rushing into his job. His father died when he was young, and the only father figure he really had was his neighbour Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson was also very lucrative to Ted. Ted did chores around his house and made a good supply of income from it. Ted lived alone with his mom who was always there for him and very respectful of his privacy. Ted never realized he was gay till three days after his eighteenth birthday.

Three days after his eighteen birthday Ted received a call to help Mr. Johnson with his yard. Cutting and trimming the grass. It was a hot day so naturally Ted took off his shirt and began mowing the lawn. Ted had a charming body, a nice six-pack, black hair and very little hair on his chest that suited him well. He did not shave his arm-pits but on a regular basis would shave his face, not enjoying the idea of stubble. His face was rugged and well boned; he got most of his looks from his mother who was born in the Balkans. As he trimmed the grass sweat began to fall all over his hot leaned body. Dripping down everyone of his abs, on the boys astounding body. It was obvious he worked out but not to the point where he was totally built, his body was slim and despite his muscles it looks as though the boy could be broken at any minute. While mowing the grass he realized that Mr. Johnson had been watching him for a seemingly long time.

Mr. Johnson was thirty-nine years old, and a man who had done extremely well for himself. At the age of twenty-one he created a venture that gave him enough money to own two establishments. He was rugged and well built. He was tall but not large in the sense of body-builders. He wore glasses everyday which made him look like a professor at a university. He had stubble on his face and looked like a very intelligent man. He was extremely handsome, with lips that you could fall in love with and pitch black hair that you simply wanted to play with continuously. He looked at Max with increase interest and waited patiently for him to finishing trimming the grass. By the time he finished it was 4:00, lucky for Ted his mom had a trust system and did not mind if he came home late, especially knowing he was under the watchful eyes of Mr. Johnson.

Once Ted was done Mr. Johnson told him to collect his money from the coffee table in his house, and then to join him in the basement for his belated birthday gift. Ted ran into the house to collect his money. Along with the money he noticed a note. It was a birthday card he opened it up and read the well printed words of Mr. Johnson. The letter went as followed: 'Dear Ted, I've known you since you were a boy, and you have been an amazing helper around my house for the past ten years. I have watched you grow from a young man to the man you have become today. Now that you are eighteen it is time for you to make some important decisions in your life. As you are fully aware of, I own well known establishments around this city and would be honoured if you could help me with something I know you are well capable of. If you want a chance to feel good about a job and want to make some good money come in the basement. You are free to leave if you don't find the job satisfactory, but I believe you would love it as much as I love you.'

Ted was happy with the letter, not having to look for a job would be a huge asset to him. He ran down to the basement with a smile on his face. As he entered the basement he noticed M. Johnson standing in front of him fully nude. Ted was confused but he knows Mr. Johnson well and figured there must be some rational explanation for his actions. Looking at Mr. Johnson's naked body made him swell with ecstasy. Mr. Johnson's body was outstanding. No body hair what so ever but a bit of arm pit hair. His body was well muscled with a six-pack. His arms were also filled with muscle but not in the sense of a body builder. He wasn't slim but at the same time he wasn't large. He was about average. The only way to describe him would be a model that you cannot take your eyes off of. He looked at Ted with his cyan eyes that made it even more difficult to stop a man from looking. Ted attempted to only look at those beautiful eyes but his attention was turn to the magical stick below his waste. Without being hard it seemed as if his dick was seven inches. He had well kept pubic hair surrounding his balls. He was the most beautiful man Ted ever saw.

Ted finally stopped glancing to say the words that were on his mind. 'Mr. Johnson, what is this job opportunity you mentioned in the letter, and more importantly why are you naked?'

Mr. Johnson looked at him with a smile. 'For years I've always viewed myself as some what of a father figure to you. I have always had much respect, love and lust for you but I am a rational individual. I waited for you to turn eighteen, I have struggled to resist your body for many years, and know that you are legal age I hope to feel you the way I long to. Your occupation whether you want to or not would be this.' Mr. Johnson began rubbing his body showing Johnson what his new job would be. 'The money would be good and you know you can trust me. I've been there for you most of your life.'

Ted looked at him in shock of what he had heard. 'Aren't you worried that my mom will find out what you are attempting to get me into?'

Mr. Johnson looked at him with kind eyes. 'As I said you can say no, I've done a lot for your mom loan her money for the house you live in, and still giving you money for your part-time but I won't stop you if you say no. I want you to know I still love you but I think you would be perfect for this job.'

Ted didn't know what to say on the one hand he knew it was true Mr. Johnson did help his family a lot, but on the second hand he would be forced to do sexual favours. He pondered for a while but realized the words that Mr. Johnson had stated he didn't have to say yes, and he gave him an option to get out of it. Ted realized how much he's done for his mother but he also realized how much of a friend Mr. Johnson had been for him. In fact some might even say without Mr. Johnson he wouldn't be the person he is today.

Ted looked directly at him and while taking in a breath said 'yes.'

Mr. Johnson smiled once more looking directly at Ted. 'Choose your answer wisely because once you start this job you cannot quit.'

'I agree, I will do whatever job you ask of me.'

'Good now begin by taking of all your clothes and open the closet you see on you right. There you will find a series of uniforms that you must wear depending on the day. Seeing today is Friday I guess that means you will be wearing a G-String. Put it on and then come to me.'

Ted did as he was told. As soon as he came to Mr. Johnson he was pulled by his G-String toward Mr. Johnson. The force gave Ted a wedgey and slightly hurt him. Mr. Johnson gave Ted his first kiss. Forcing his tongue in his mouth, swallowing and playing with Ted's tongue. Ted resisted a bit but after a while enjoyed the feel of Johnson's stubbly beard. Ted's cock began to grow hard his cock was around six inches an average size. Mr. Johnson grabbed his cock, making Ted squirm a bit. Mr. Johnson looked at him showing him his now eleven inch hard dick and said start sucking.

Ted knew what he got himself into; he bent down and began to suck on Mr. Johnsons cock. Sucking in and out only able to get up to half of his dick. Mr. Johnson then stated 'start from the ball and then go to the dick.' Ted began to suck on Johnson's hairy balls. He kept sucking on it his balls putting one testicle in his mouth at a time. Ted then began to feel a sharp pain. Mr. Johnson was jamming a large dildo up his ass. The dildo was at least eight inches and Mr. Johnson had no discretion inserting it up Ted's ass. Johnson forced it all the way in. All the while the string on Ted's G-String forced the dildo more into the back of his ass. Ted squirmed with the pain crying a bit. Mr. Johnson looked at him sternly 'its part of the job, the pain will go away. Know keep sucking, my balls are getting dry. Ted continued sucking his balls but then the dildo began to vibrate, his eyes started tearing. Mr. Johnson got annoyed and stuck his entire penis in Ted's mouth. The tears streamed down his face as Johnson forced in his dick. Ted felt Mr. Johnson's long dick reach the back of his throat. He came close to chocking, trying to get used to both the sensation in his ass and the monster in his mouth. He began to speed the force in his sucking, he felt a bit of pre-cum entering his mouth. It tasted salty but never the less Ted was enjoying the juice of Mr. Johnson.

Mr. Johnson continued forcing Ted mouth on his penis, putting both hand on his head as he pushed Ted's mouth further down his cock. Mr. Johnson began to moan and Ted knew from experience that it was a sign that he was close to cumming. Mr. Johnson moaned once more while looking down at Ted saying 'I'm going to cum soon make sure you take it all in.' Ted realized from that one statement that he was in this for good, and felt a sense of determination. He kept the speed of his mouth movement on Johnson's cock. Mr. Johnson made a loud moan and came into Ted's mouth. It was like a sprinkler, it did not seem to stop. Ted was determined to take it all in and even when close to chocking he forced his mouth to take in all the delicious cum Mr. Johnson had to offer.

Once he finished sucking all of Mr. Johnson's juice he began licking clean any remnants of cum left on his cock. When Mr. Johnson finally released his hands from Ted's head he told him to wait in the basement as he went upstairs. While Ted was alone in the room he could feel the vibration of the dildo still imbedded in his ass. He pulled the string of his G-String away from his ass and took out the dildo. He looked at the dildo know vibrating in his right hand, and was so amazed at the fact that suck a large piece of equipment fit so snugly up his ass. He heard footsteps coming down the stair. Mr. Johnson came down to the basement and facing the floor. He stated still looking at the 'I've called your mother and arranged for you to stay the night.' He then looked up and noticed Ted with the dildo out of his ass.

Outraged Mr. Johnson yelled 'did I give you permission to take that dildo out of your ass. I was hoping you would open up with that thing up in your ass for a while longer but know it looks like you really want my penis up there.'

To be continued....



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