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Chapter 1

Planning a successful kidnapping took a lot more work than I anticipated. Strong chains, locks, fuel, mapping, duct tape, several doses of sedatives, I’d spent thousands preparing, double checking, and planning all for him.

The cabin was set up just the way I knew he’d like it. Satin sheets, old school rock music with memorabilia from the likes of the Beatles and Nirvana lined the shelves. The cabinets were stocked with bottles of liquor, brown, not clear. He hated clear. The fridge was stocked with meats, artisan cheeses, and so many snacks so I wouldn’t have to drive out of my way to the store. I had everything…except for him.

*Tap *tap *tap

I nervously knocked on the door. I heard shuffling inside followed by a deep voice roar out “JUST A MINUTE.”

Finally, he answered the door. To put it mildly, he was gorgeous. He had the body of a laborer hidden behind an ill fitted Nirvana shirt and baggy cargo pants. His salt and pepper beard was short but not maintained like the curly mop on his head and his eyes were green in a way that made me crazy. To put it mildly, Mr. Crawford was an absolute DILF.

“Hi Mr. Crawford. Is Denver home?”

“Hey Ben, no Denver’s at a track meet I think.”

“Oh,” I muttered trying my best to look dejected.

“Is something wrong?” Mr. Crawford furrowed his thick brow, concerned.

“Uh, no. It’s fine. I guess I forgot that he was going to be gone for so long,” I sniffled and looked down at his old loafers.

“Ya know what why don’t you come in anyway?”

“No, I couldn’t ask that-.”

“Really It’s ok. You know you’re like family,” His crooked white smile flashed, and I melted stepping into the house.

The Crawford Family’s home was a two-bedroom apartment on the bad side of town. Denver and I spent a good majority of our time there when his dad was at work or passed out on random park benches, drunk, high, or both at the same time. Like usual, the house was in disarray, only worse because Denver wasn’t there to pick up all the shit.

“You can just go to the table…Uh I’ll get you something to drink…We have water and I think one can of sprite,” He fumbled around the living room trying to pick clothes and trash up while kicking empty liquor bottles under the sofa.

I walked slowly into the living room and took a spot on the dilapidated couch me and Denver routinely made out on. Mr. Crawford walked back into the room with a can of Sierra Mist, that looked like it’d been fished out of the bottom of the sink and a cold beer for himself.

“Sorry that’s really all we have ya know, pay day isn’t until tomorrow.”

I looked down at my shoes, trying not to look Mr. Crawford in the eyes. I was so nervous. Even though it was fall outside and the A/C was on, I was sweating bullets.

“Ben you can talk to me. What’s on your mind? You seem upset.” Mr. Crawford cracked open the can and took a swig.

Damn, I must’ve made it to his house early. He wasn’t a drunk mess yet.

“I did something bad, and I don’t know how it’s going to affect my relationship with Denver.”

“Oh,” he responded. “How bad is it?”

“Really bad,” I admitted. “I don’t think he’d ever talk to me again if he finds out.”

“Listen, I see the way you two look at each other, and I highly doubt that he wouldn’t forgive you no matter what-”

“I cheated on him Mr. Crawford,” I managed to squeeze a few tears out as I said it. Damn, wonder when they’d send over my Oscar?

“Ben, no how could you…Ben you didn’t.” He grasped my shoulder in a comforting manner. I hate to admit it, but my cock got hard just at his touch. Fuck.

“H-H-He took advantage of me Mr. Crawford. I was out at a club, and I know I shouldn’t have been but this older guy took my hand and then, the next thing I knew…he’s never going to forgive me,” I placed my head in between my hands, hoping that my acting was convincing.

“So you haven’t told him,” he rubbed and patted my back. “Kid you’ve placed yourself in a bad position.”

“D-D-Do you have some tissue,” I sat up blurry eyed with my nose running.

“Of course, uh I’ll be right back.” Mr. Crawford got up and went into the back room to get some tissue. That’s when I slipped the pill into the beer. I could hear the fizzle as it dissolved quickly.

“I ran out of tissue so this napkin from Wendy’s is going to have to do,” He said entering the room again.

“No problem Mr. C,” I smiled. I was anxious. How long would it take him to take another sip? How long until he passed out? Would my plan go off without a hitch?

“I don’t know what to do,” I admitted.

“You have to be honest Ben and if it’s meant to be, then not only will Denver forgive you, he’ll trust you all the more for being honest. Hell, he’s forgiven me a lot more times than I deserved.”

“Didn’t you tell him you were done with that?” I motioned to the beer on the table.

“Technically I told him I’d limit myself to only one drink a day,” He chuckled nervously.

“So those bottles you pushed under the sofa aren’t all from today?” I asked coyly.

“Hey, I thought we were focused on you and your wrong doing!”

“We are, but I just think that in the same way that I need to be honest with Denver, you should too.”

Mr. Crawford stopped and thought for a moment.

“Can I finish off this beer first?” He finally said smoothing his salt and pepper hair out.

I shrugged my shoulders and put up one finger. “Only one more.”

Mr. Crawford smiled and downed the beer in one gulp. “Don’t tell him about that will you?”

“Scouts honor,” I said smiling. I had him.

“So, what do you plan on doing Ben? He’ll be back in a couple of hours, so I don’t mind you wait-”

“I didn’t really have a plan Mr. C. Just thought I’d show up blubbering and he’d forgive me instantly, makeout with me, that kinda thing,” I narrowed my eyes looking for a sign that the drugs were working. Mr. Crawford was a big man, over 6’5, but lean and impossibly defined for someone with the diet of an overweight trucker. The drugs I’d put in his drink were meant to be fast acting and potent.

“Good plan,” he said. “In all honesty, Denver’s in love with you man, I-” He paused mid-sentence. I could see him struggling to find the words.

“Something wrong Mr. Crawford?” I said knowingly.

“No…uh…it’s nothing…I just…Damn I must’ve chugged that beer too fast.” He rubbed his eyes and scratched his head confusedly.

“Need to sleep it off again?”

“Possibly, I-I’m sorry Ben let me-” He attempted to stand up before getting wobbly and crashing back down on the couch.

“You know Mr. C. The guy in the club looked a lot like you. Tall, sexy, big thick cock. He took me into the backroom and railed me so hard I almost cried,” I taunted him, my excitement growing.

“Ben what? that’s disguten…God wht’s wng wit me,” He began to slur his words while sinking further into the sofa, his eyes fluttering. I got up and sat next to him

“And can I tell you a secret?” I leaned in and whispered into his ear. “When I felt his cock in my mouth, I could only think about how much I wish it was yours.” I squeezed his deliciously hairy thigh and rubbed up and down.

“Ben wht…no…gd…. He quickly swatted it away and attempted to get up before ultimately stumbling and falling to the floor, face first.

I stood over him, elated. “Oh Mr. Crawford, I can’t wait to have my fun with you.”


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