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Chapter 2

It was the next morning. I hadn’t bothered cleaning up, that would’ve been more suspicious than just leaving it alone. I’d dragged his unconscious body down to his car, and even ran into the next-door neighbor while I was carrying him. Fortunately, Mr. Crawford was so often drunk that they gave me an all knowing, familiar glance and that was that, he was buckled in. Two hours later, we had arrived.

The cottage wasn’t huge, but it was extravagant. Two floors, state of the art kitchen, and most importantly a panic room in the basement. The room was lined with sound proof material, cameras in every corner, and a steel enforced door, only unlockable with a fingerprint scanner.

Now, I sat on a large California king bed staring at a blissfully asleep Mr. Crawford.  After we’d arrived, I’d wasted no time in stripping him completely naked, but without taking too many pleasures in touching him. I wanted him to be awake during our first time.

After that I’d gotten to work setting up the bed for his containment. The bed had a steel frame and was bolted to the ground on every side. Shackles aligned the bed on the four corners with longer chains to give Mr. C more mobility after our play sessions, and metal straps sprang from the headboard when his arms needed to be more tightly restrained. I took each hand and strapped him into the headboard straps. I then placed his feet squarely apart and spread and latched the remaining metal straps, before locking them. He wouldn’t be so pleased during our first time so unfortunately, he’d have to be restrained during. He’d learn to love his new home though, eventually.

After he’d been completely strapped in, all the work had been completed. Mr. Crawford was finally home.

God the short glances I’d gotten from seeing him walking around Denver’s house with a worn shirt, wasn’t nearly enough. Mr. Crawford was fucking stacked. Despite near constant alcohol and drug abuse, he had the body of an ex athlete and rightly so after been a D1 quarterback back in the day.

Not even the daily beer runs had ruined his slender body with the slight reminiscence of abs. Hiss tanned Sicilian skin highlighted where his abs would’ve been if he bothered working out. I finally indulged myself, taking my hand and running it through the matted, black hair covering his chest, rubbing his delicious brown nipples in between my fingers. My hand traveled down his chest, approaching the place I dared not look for fear of being overcome with premature lust.

Suddenly, he began to rouse. His green eyes staring at me perplexed.

“Ben?” He said groggily.

“Ben what are you-?” He looked at his nude body and immediately blushed.

“Ben where the hell are my clothes?”

“Don’t worry about that, here you won’t really need them,” I placed my hands to my side, realizing I hadn’t stopped fingering his nipple.

“Ben what is this?!? GET ME OUT OF THESE NOW.” His face grew bright red with rage. It would’ve been scary if it didn’t immediately turn me on.

“Shhhh calm down Mr. C. The chains are only a precaution until I know I can trust you.”

“TRUST ME? BEN GET ME OUT OF THESE NOW IM SERIOUS!” He thrashed against the chains wildly pulling every which way to be freed. I hopped off the bed and got back into the chair.

“That’s not going to do you any good. Chains are made from titanium steel. Room is made from sound proof insulation, and we’re hours away from any real civilization. Longer on foot. Only way you’re getting out of those is if I let you out, and I won’t be doing that. At least…not for a little while.”

“Ben if this is some kind of prank it ceased being funny five minutes ago. Unchain me now before I call your parents or better yet the cops.”

“My crack whore of a mother would offer to suck your dick for $10 and a pack of cigs and good luck trying to phone my dad. He wouldn’t care if I fell off a roof tomorrow.”

“Ben, I know your family. PLEASE explain why I’m butt ass naked tied to a bed????”

I paused. Suddenly, my mouth was dry. Fuck. My heart began to beat quietly. I was so nervous I couldn’t breathe. Here this beautiful man was screaming at me and I couldn’t muster up a single word.

“What’s your end game here then Ben? HUH?” His voice was rising again. “WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU STANDING THERE WHILE IM NAKED ON A GODDAMN BED.


“What?” He genuinely seemed shocked.

“You, your my end goal,” I tried to say it confidently but I’m sure it was nothing more than a squeak.

“Are you joking?” He laughed heartily.

That pissed me off. “Why do you think I have you chained to a bed butt ass naked, fuck tard?. “Let me spell it out for you, junior never did it for me Mr. Crawford. I’ve wanted you and only you since the day I started fucking your faggot son.”

“THIS IS INSANE. I’M NOT GAY AND IM ALMOST TWICE YOUR AGE.” His face grew red with rage.

I got up, my confidence renewing. “And yet, that’s the best thing about you Mr. Crawford. You can’t tell me you didn’t notice. The accidental walk ins while you were in the bathroom about to shower. The missing pairs of stale briefs that went missing from your hamper after I stayed the night.

I sat down on the bed just far enough away that he wouldn’t be able to reach me.

“Ben, I knew you had a small crush, but nothing like this. This is inappropriate let me out of these now and we can forget about it.”

He lifted the chains in resignation trying to appeal to me rationally. I didn’t bite.

“No Mr. Crawford you nurtured my obsession. You winked at me when your cock “slipped” out of your underwear during your many drunken nights. You walked around your home preening around in tightie whities while chugging beer can after beer can, just knowing I’d have dropped Denver in a heart beat just for a minute of touching you,” I said it matter of factly. I t was the truth.

“Ben you know that’s insane. I love you like a son, and I’d never encourage that. I’ll only ask you one more time. Let. Me. Out. Now.”

He was trying to appeal to me on an emotional and adult level now. Adults were never good at manipulating me. I was the manipulator. I stuck my finger under my chin like I was pondering. “I could do that Mr. Crawford, but you must do one thing for me first.

“What do you want, Ben?”

“I’m glad you asked,” I said smiling coyly.

I stood up once again, facing away from the bed and sensually started taking off my shirt so he could get a peek at my body.

“Ben what are you doing?” Mr. Crawford said nervously.

“Giving you a show Mr. C. Free of charge.”

I stuck my fingers in the waistband of my athletic shorts and slunk them down slowly like a belly dancer about to entertain her guests. My cock sprang from my shorts, plump with a pink cock head, eager to finally find release.

“Jesus Ben what are you doing, please stop!”

I turned around, Mr. C was a deep shade of red and had turned away.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed Mr. Crawford. It’s just cock. Your son tells me I have quite a big one.” I smiled and adjusted myself, my cock becoming hard at the site of his barren well-worked abs and tan flawless skin.

“Ben please put some pants on for god’s sake and let me out of here now.”

“I want to suck your cock Mr. C. I won’t let you go until I’ve done it,” I said it teasingly.

“That isn’t going to happen Ben, you’re going to let me go and I’m going to take you home, you’re sick.”

“No, Mr. C, I’m horny and the thought of your dripping cock down my throat has driven me mad ever since I laid eyes upon you.

I climbed on the bed inching closer.

“Ben, don’t.”

I inched closer, making sure to get directly in between his legs so he couldn’t even attempt to grab at me despite still trying. I started feeling the warmth radiating from in between his legs by placing my hands on his legs, salivating as their warmth greeted my fingertips. I rubbed upwards aiming toward my goal post.

“Ben, I said stop!” Mr. Crawford had turned from embarrassment to pleading protests looking at me like a father scolding his son.

“Don’t fucking touch me Ben I swear to God!”

“I’m done talking Mr. C.”

“BEN why are yo-”

I grabbed his cock and squeezed hard.

“BEN! BEN STOP!” Mr. Crawford struggled against the binds, eager to make me stop. I didn’t care. His cock felt warm and heavy in my hand. I relished in stroking it slowly, savoring the moment.

 “Mhmmm well look at that Mr. Crawford, seems like your cock wanted me more than you cared to admit.”

He was looking away red faced and embarrassed. He was hard, almost painfully so. He didn’t know that I’d drugged him moments before he’d woken up, slipping the liquid Viagra down his beautiful lips. He didn’t know that the drugs had overridden his natural desires for a female touch, and he certainly didn’t know that I was never going to let him leave.

“Seems like your cock is willing to admit what you’ve been too afraid to.”

“I-I-I…no…I don’t..”

I finally allowed myself to look at his cock in all its glory. It was just as beautiful as I knew it would be, up close. The thick shaft was riddled with visible veins that traveled all the way up to the bulbous head. I squeezed the head and watched a healthy amount of precum drip out. If I could hazard a guess, I’d say it was 6 inches semi hard, two more once I was finished with him. I couldn’t resist it any more. My own cock was leaking precum like crazy.

I smiled continuing to stroke his throbbing meat in my hand and staring him in the eyes.

“You want me to suck it don’t you Mr. C?”

“Ben please…” Mr. Crawford looked like he wanted to puke. Oddly enough, that only emboldened me further.

I hovered over his cock, putting my mouth so close I could simply reach out my tongue and taste it. I licked the shaft upwards, relishing the moment.

“Ben no!” He gasped desperately struggling, knowing how futile it was. The veins in his arms tensing and expanding as he huffed and strained against the chains.

It was time to work. I grabbed the cock base firmly and began sucking the head. The salty precum filled my mouth as I licked the slit hungrily. I never thought this day would come, everything was perfect. I moved my hand up and down the base in a tunnel motion while I pressed my pouty lips downwards on his cock.

“Please Ben, just stop!”

I ignored him. Nothing was going to stop me now. I pulled on his walnut shaped balls while continuing to suck his meat, slurping and suckling the head before sliding the entire thing down my throat in a repeating pattern. His broad shoulders rose and fell as he closed his eyes and muttered protests.

“Ben…stop dammit no…I don’t want…no….”

His muscular body tensed up again. Toes slightly curling. Sweat dripping from his forehead. His cum was mine.

I deep throated him viciously. Pulling his balls while I rubbed my thumb on his sweet furry hole. I’d have to taste that next. Soon I was alternating in between sucking the sweet deliciousness of his cock and popping his almond shaped balls in and out of my mouth. I was in heaven.

“Bennnnn….nooo god please I’ll do anything just stop dammit.”

I came up for air and pinched his tanned nipples jutting out across his chest like a bitch in heat.

He yelped and I grinned, continuing my assault on his cock. Suddenly his back began to arch, with his butt coming off the bed slightly and his toes curling all the way.

It came dribbling out at first, then in a thick pool that I readily consumed straight from the tap.

“Nooo gah…”

I kept sucking, anxious to suck up every drop. It tasted bitterly, but I didn’t give a fuck. I’d have him on a steady diet of fruits and water, so he’d taste sweetly for next time. I finally pulled off his cock. I kissed up his perfect body, licking up the happy trail and his heaving manly chest.

“Ben why would you…,” His face was a mixture of emotions, confusion, betrayal, rage.

I continued kissing drinking him in.

“Ben that was wrong.” He spat. “Sick and fucking wrong. You raped me.”

“Ah don’t be dramatic babe. In time you’ll come to love it.”

I grabbed him by the back of his head and forced him into a kiss, pushing my tongue past his lips and probing his teeth. He resisted, refusing to give me access to the feeling of his tongue mingling with mine. He’d give in eventually.

I stopped and leapt off him, satisfied.

“So, what now huh? What’s your plan you sick bastard? YOU GONNA KEEP ME LOCKED UP HERE? HUH?”

He shouted at the top of his lungs. I’d reached the point of no return.

 “Don’t worry Mr. Crawford. I’m going to take great care of you I promise.”

“I swear to God Ben, let me-”

His protests cut as the sliding door slide shut.

“Night Mr. Crawford”, I whispered to no one.


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