The year was 1976 it was my first full year of College trying to get a degree in Political Science and Art's , Mr Booth was my school councillor were I can go to him and ask him for some advice on just about everything. His office is on the top floor stuck way in the back of the school campus where there is a huge Maple tree in front of his window.

I was a little down on myself as I got my first semester marks, The secretary gave me his last appointment of the week to go and see Mr Booth. He was very like by all the students at the College and most lady's thought that he was very well built. He was only 5'9 weight about 165 and has huge biceps from his college wrestling day's . He also competed in the 1976 Olympics game in Montreal and got a Bronze Metal for his weight class.

The time was like 4 30 pm when I knock on his door at his office, It seem strange that evan his secretary must have gone home for the weekend. It took around 4 knocks before he open it up.

" Hi Colter please come in and sit down "

I approach the chair and got a huge semi on in my blue jeans as I sat down.

" How can I help you "

" I am not happy with my semester grades sir "

" They don't look to bad "

" Did you study enough Colt "

" Yes sir I study real hard "

He then got up from his leather desk chair and came over a started to lean against his wooden desk. He stood only about 3 feet from were my legs were place, I also notice that his zipper was pull half way down in front of his tight Black slacks that he likes wearing, You can also see clearly that he had on a pair of  light green Bikini Briefs. My cock grew once again as I imagine myself sucking his big penis. 

" Shit its real hot in here Colter "

" You got that right Mr Booth "

"Do mind if I take my shirt and tie off "

" No Sir "

I then watch him stand right in front of me with his huge bugle showing as he began to take of his Red Silk tie along with his white dress shirt. I love looking at his Biceps and hard nibbles that were perking through his FOTL t-shirt that he had on. 

"That much better "

" Can I ask you something sir "

" Yes what is it "

" You turn me on a lot sir "

" I would  love to suck your dick sir "

 That would be great but not today Colter I have to get home real soon and pack my bags for a trip up to my parents cottage this weekend. How about we meet sometimes next week over at my new Condo that I have move into. Let's make Wednesday night around 7 or so. That will be great Mr Booth ! Here is my address and number and please keep this between the two of us.

It was a good 20 minute walk to his Condo where he buzz me up to let me in. His place was very nice and was decorated to a tee. I notice that he took off his wedding band that he always wears.

We began to undress one another before we lay down on his 80' style motionless water bed, I love when I felt his bearded wide mouth go down my hairy chest right to my small 6 inch cock that the Lord had given me. He was deeply enjoying sucking my cock before I shot off my load all over his mouth and throat. I must have give him a huge load of cum as he started to choke a bit. Fuck that was real good Colter !

I watch him stood up as he pull down his red underwear to his ankles before I began to blow him now. His nice 7 plus mushroom head dick felt great as he was pounding my throat good  and hard. It was a good 12 minutes plus before he shot off his load of pure white cum all over my beard and chest nibbles. 

The time was close to 9 now has the 2 of us got into his large glass stand up shower to get clean up, He really love me soaping down all of his hairy body before I spray ourselves offs with the shower hose. We then went back into the living room for one last drink before I had on back to my dorm room.

" How about next time you fuck my Virgin Hole Mr Booth "

" That will be good Colter, I enjoy fucking very much "

" Let plan it for 2 weeks from this Friday night at 7 pm again "

" Okay see you in 2 weeks Sir "

The rain started to pour real hard now as Colter left the his Condo, They smile at one another a few time when they saw each other at school. Colt began to laugh to himself when he spotted the wedding band on Mr Booth finger again, He knew very well that he was not married that he used it for keeping all the laddies away from his wrestling body.

Part 2 to Follow




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