Mountain Men

Chapter 4

By Everett

Mark was bustling around the kitchen preparing breakfast for Cal, Jr. and me when we made our way out of bed and into the kitchen.

"Did you sleep well," Mark asked Cal more than me.

"Yes," Cal answered. "I slept fine." He looked at me as if for approval.

I smiled at Cal. "I'm glad," Mark and I said at the same time.

After breakfast I settled on my favorite chair with the magazine I was reading the night before. Cal took up his place near the kitchen counter and started his chatter with Mark.

"Mr. Jerry did things to me last night," Cal said in a near-whisper.

"Things?" Mark asked.

"Yeah. Things," Cal said. After a pause he added, "He licked my asshole."

"Did he, now?"

"Yeah. Kissed it, too. Kissed it and licked it. He said I have a beautiful hole," Cal said. "You know. He was talkin' about my asshole."

"Yes, Little Master, I figured. And I'm sure you do."

"I never thought about an asshole as being beautiful," Cal said.

"Well, I suspect you're beautiful all over," Mark said.

"He called my asshole a 'boy pussy'.

"'Boy pussy'," he repeated when Mark didn't say anything. "He fucked me, you know?"

"I thought he might," Mark said.

"I was wonderin' what you thought about that."

"What should I think about it?" Mark asked.

"Well, you're his boyfriend and all. I was just wonderin' if you minded."

"I'm not his boyfriend," Mark said. "I'm his sex slave. That's a whole different thing. That means that I am ready for him any time he wants me for sex. If he want's to fuck somebody else, I don't have anything to say about that. It's just not my place to comment one way or another."

"Huh," Cal grunted. "Then you're OK with that?"

"I have to be," Mark said. "You understand that, don't you?"

"Not really," Cal admitted. "I was just wonderin'. That's all."

"Well, you know my philosophy. Fucking should be fun. I hope you liked it when Master Jerry was fucking you."

"Not so much at first," Cal said, "but it got better as it went along."

"Then you had a nice time?"

"Yeah. I did."

"I'm glad for you," Mark said. "I'm glad you had a nice time.

"Are you ready to eat?" Mark asked.

"Sure," Cal said. "I'm mostly always ready to eat, especially in the morning."

"Well, go tell Master Jerry that breakfast is ready."

"I heard," I called and headed to the kitchen, "and I'm ready, too.

"What are your plans for today," I asked Cal. "Today's a school day. Are you going to go?"

"Of course," Cal answered.

"There's no bus for you up here," I told Cal. "I'll play bus driver when you're ready."

As I drove Cal down the mountain toward our little town I asked, "Do you think you'll be going home today after school? Or will you need a little more time away, just to be on the safe side?"

"Well," Cal pondered, but didn't say anything more.

"If you want," I said, "You can stay with Mark and me - until things get back to normal at home. You're welcome, you know."

"That would be real nice, Mr. Jerry," Cal said, but without his usual enthusiasm. "When Dad gets off his bender and Mom comes back, he won't smack me around - until the next time. You know."

"It's gotta be hard for you," I said.

"It won't be long," Cal said. "I'm eighteen now. I'm gonna graduate in June. I won't be stickin' around after that."

"Well, here we are," I said as I pulled up to the school's big glass front doors. "You want me to pick you up after school?"

"Thanks, Mr. Jerry, but I'll probably hang with some of the guys for a while. Maybe I'll go by the house and see if the coast is clear."

"Well, good luck," I said as he got out of the car.

"Thanks, Mr. Jerry."

Cal turned back before closing the door. "Thanks for everything," he said.

* * *

Cal pushed the front door open shortly after 5:30. I figured he didn't want to be late for supper. "Hi, Mr. Jerry," he said as he dropped his backpack on a chair. He headed to the kitchen where Mark was preparing our meal.

"How was school today?" Mark asked.

"OK, I guess," Cal answered unconvincingly.

"You ready to eat?" Mark asked.

"Yeah," Cal said. "I'm real hungry."

"Growing boys are always hungry," Mark observed.

"That may be partly it," Cal said, "but I'm pretty much grown."

"I guess you are at that," Mark said. "What's the other part?"

"Well," Cal said, "I skipped lunch today."

"You didn't eat lunch?" Mark was surprised.

"I ate some fries off Greg's plate until he punched me on the arm and told me to stop."

"Why didn't you get your own lunch?"

"I didn't have any money."

"You should have told me. I'd have made a lunch for you, or Master Jerry could have given you lunch money. You don't have to go without eating."

"That's all right. I stopped at the house and got a few things. I had money there, so I'm good now.

"Mom left me a message on my cell phone. Said I should call her. She asked if Dad was still on his bender."

"And is he?"

"Yeah. He was asleep on the sofa so I just got my things real quiet and left."

There was a long pause in the conversation. When Cal spoke again it was halting and low.

"I was thinking," he said. "Maybe tonight I could sleep on the sofa or something and you could sleep with Mr. Jerry."

"We'll see," Mark said.

"I mean," Cal went on, "I don't know if I want Mr. Jerry to fuck me again."

"I thought you said you liked having sex with Master Jerry."

"Yeah, I did. I said that, 'cause I did like it. I just don't know if I wanna do it again. You know? Get fucked, I mean. If I like it too much it might mean I'm gay, and I don't wanna be gay."

"Well, Little Master, I don't know if it's a matter of wanting or not wanting. More likely it's a matter of what is; of what's true for you."

"I've had these feelings all along," Cal confessed, "since I was a little kid. I remember being at a fair with Mom and Dad when I was about six. I saw a soldier with his girlfriend on the midway. I thought he was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. I just stared and stared at him. Dad laughed at me 'cause he thought I was gawking at the girl. When I said, 'No, I was looking at the soldier,' he laughed and said, 'Sure. Right.' He wouldn't believe me. Somehow I knew I had done something wrong. And that wasn't the only time I ever stared at a guy I thought was beautiful. It was just the first.

"When I got bigger I thought if I ignored the feelings sexy guys stirred in me - if I didn't ever do anything - they'd go away."

"And did they?" Mark asked.

"Nah. I had a girl friend for a while last year," Cal went on. "We'd hang with the other kids, but when they went off - you know, sneaked away together - and Carole and I were alone, we'd kiss and all, but I never felt like doing anything more than that. In fact, I didn't even wanna kiss her, so I backed off some. After a while, she stopped talking to me, so I just stopped hanging around with them.

"And when the guys laugh and talk about what they do with their girlfriends, it grosses me out. I just don't wanna eat pussy."

"I know exactly what you mean," Mark said emphatically.

"You're the first person I've ever talked to about this stuff."

"We can talk more later if you feel like it, but now you'd better wash up. Dinner's about ready."

* * *

Cal helped Mark clean up after dinner. While he was doing his homework, Mark told me Cal had concerns about me having sex with him.

"That's all right," I said. "He's a nice boy, and he's the second best fuck I've had in years."

"You say the sweetest things," Mark said.

"Why don't you put clean sheets on your bed and he can bunk in there tonight," I suggested.

"Yes, Sir," Mark said. "That's what I was thinking."

When Cal was finished with his homework he came into the living room. "Where's Mark?" he asked.

"Out on the porch," I said, "enjoying the evening air."

Cal pushed the screen door opened and spoke softly to Mark. "You said we could talk some more," he said. "Is this a good time?"

I could hear Mark clearly through the open window. "For you," he said, "any time's a good time."

The old rocker squeaked as Cal settled in and said, "I've been thinking about what you said."

"I've been saying a lot of things to you," Mark replied.

"You know," Cal went on, "about being gay. You said that it's probably a matter of what's true or not true, whether I want it to be true or not."

"I believe that," Mark said.

"I think I believe it, too," said Cal.

"Do you think that that will ever be all right with you?" Mark asked.

"I'm eighteen," Cal said. "I've had a long time to think about this stuff. I've known what's true for me for a long time. You know; deep down, I knew. I just didn't want it to be truly true. You know what I mean?"

"Yes, Little Master. I know."

"But now I think that it doesn't really matter.

"There are these two guys in my school," Cal went on. "They're always together and everyone knows they're gay. I guess they're a couple. Everyone else seems to think that, too. Sometimes they get teased. Mostly it's just joking around, but sometimes it's mean. You can tell the difference. But Rick and Larry don't seem to let it bother them all that much. They just go on being what they are."

"That sounds healthy to me," Mark said.

"Yeah," Cal concurred. "Healthy. That's what they are."

"Well, Little Master," Mark said. "I think you're coming around to a healthy point of view for yourself. I'm glad about that."

"There's only one thing," Cal went on. "I like all the sex I've ever had. That's not been much, you know. I've only ever had sex with you and Mr. Jerry. And between fucking and being fucked, I like fucking better.

"I mean, I liked what Mr. Jerry did to me, and I'm glad he did it. If he wants to do it again, that'd be OK with me. But fucking you was the best, and I'd really like to do that again."

"To tell you the truth, I'd like that, too. But, I already told you, Little Master: That's up to Mr. Jerry."

"Yeah. I know. And I'd never do anything Mr. Jerry didn't know about and agree to."

A chill wind came out of the north and a gentle rain began to fall.

"Well, Little Master, we'll have to sort this all out another time. It's about time for me to turn in. I put clean sheets on my bed for you. Master Jerry thinks maybe you'd like to sleep in there tonight."

"I guess," Cal said resignedly.

All was quiet on the porch. I got up from my chair, stood in the doorway and stretched my sleepy body. I stood and listened to the rain rattle through the forest's dense canopy on its earthward fall.

"It's going to be a good night for sleeping," I observed. "I think I'm ready for bed, you two. Anybody want to join me?"

Mark looked at me quizzically.

"Come on, Mark," I said.

Mark stood and stepped toward me. "How about you, Cal?" I asked. "I think three's just the right number for a night that's going to turn chilly. Want to join Mark and me for the night? We might find out how much fun three horny mountain men can have together."

"You sure, Mr. Jerry?"

"Absolutely," I assured him. "Don't you agree, Mark?"

"Sounds like a nice idea," Mark said turning to where Cal still sat.

"Come on, Little Master," he said and he held out his hand to Cal.

Cal stood and Mark draped his arm over the younger man's shoulders and escorted him to the bedroom we all would share.

Mark and I smiled at each other, amused that young Cal still shielded his "private parts" from view as he undressed for bed.

I engineered it so that Cal was between Mark and me once we were under the covers. I turned to Cal, cupped his balls in my hand and kissed his mouth. "Nice," I said as I moved my hand from his balls to his growing cock.

Mark put his hand on Cal's cheek and turned his head so he could kiss his lips. "If you play your cards right, Master Jerry might let you fuck me tonight," he said.

"Is there a conspiracy brewing?" I asked.

"Could be," Mark answered. "Cal has designs on my man cunt," Mark said. "Don't you, Little Master?"

"Aw, geez," was all the comment Cal could manage.

"I do too," I confessed.

I scooted to the space between Cal's shapely thighs and lowered my face to his crotch. His cock was completely hard and bobbed lightly with the beating of his heart. I took it in my mouth and Cal sighed softly. I grasped Mark's growing member and jacked it as I sucked Cal.

When Cal began to move toward Mark, I lifted off his cock to give him freedom of movement. Cal repositioned himself to kneel between Mark's legs. He held Mark's cock by the base and began to suck it. I moved behind Cal and spread his ass cheeks with my hands. When I kissed his asshole, he lifted his head, sighed deeply, and attacked Mark's cock with renewed passion.

"Quite a good little cock sucker," I observed.

"Mmmm," Mark concurred.

I licked all around Cal's pucker before inserting my tongue. I lapped like a dog trying to get the last drop of water from his dish. I spit in his slit and pushed the spittle around before beginning to fuck him with my middle finger. "You like having my finger in your ass, don't you, Boy?"

"Yes, Sir," Cal managed to say.

"Careful, Little Master," Mark said. "I don't want to come yet."

I rolled away from Mark and Cal and lay on my back. I ran my fingers over the jar of lube and started to jack my hard piston. "Let's show Cal a little trick, Mark."

"What do you want me to do, Master?" Mark asked.

"Sit on my pole," I said. "It's all greased up and ready."

Mark began to squat over my pelvis facing my feet. "Like this?" he asked.

"That'll do fine," I said.

Mark settled firmly on me and began to move up and down on my cock.

"Real nice," I said. "See?" I said to Cal. "He likes to ride my pole, just like I told you he does, don't you, Boy?"

"Better than a pony at the county fair," Mark said.

"You wanna get in on the action, Cal, Jr.?" I asked.

"I dunno, Mr. Jerry. How would I do that?"

"Well, Mark'll lean back and rest himself on my chest. Then he'll spread his legs wide and you can crawl between them and stuff your big boy cock up his chute."

"You mean - while you're still in him, Mr. Jerry?"

"Yup. That's exactly what I mean. It makes for a real tight fuck and I guarantee you'll love it. You ready for this, Mark?"

Mark answered by resting his weight on me and spreading his legs. "You'll need to smear some lube on your cock, Little Master," he suggested.

"Well, OK." Cal betrayed a little uncertainty in his voice, but he took a glob of lube and jacked his cock until it was well greased.

He positioned himself between Mark's outspread legs and pressed his glans against Mark's hole.

"Go ahead, Little Master," Mark encouraged. "Push it in."

Cal moved his knees closer to Mark's ass and leaned in for the fuck. With persistence and youthful enthusiasm, Cal pushed hard. I could feel his cock slide along the underside of my cock as he slowly entered Mark's ass. "Wow," he enthused. "It's tight, all right," he said.

He pulled out a little and pushed in again. I was only able raise and lower my hips minutely, but Cal was fucking faster and deeper. The sensation against my cock was fantastic. "You're doing fine," I told Cal. "Keep it up. This is so fuckin' hot," I gasped. "I'm ready to come."

With that, I gave my hips as much of an upward thrust as I could manage and started to pulse my load against Cal's big boy cock in Mark's hole. Five more jets followed in quick order.

"Wild," Cal muttered. "This is fuckin' wild."

Cal's fucking of Mark became more frantic. With one movement his cock slipped out of Mark and my softening cock was quick to follow. Mark rolled off me and lay on his back.

I took a tissue from the box on my bedside table and wiped my cum from my cock. "Well, fellas," I said. "I'm done for the night. I'm just gonna go down the hall and crawl into Mark's bed. You two young'ens stay here and finished up what you started."

Cal nestled beside Mark's outstretched body and rested his head in the crook of his arm.

"Night," I said briefly and headed toward the door.

"Good night, Master," Mark said.

"Night, Mr. Jerry," Cal added softly.

I turned and looked back as I left the room. Mark had raised his head and was kissing Cal on his lips.

As I made my way down the hall I heard Cal ask, "Now, can I fuck you?"

"I hope you do," Mark answered. "I want you to fuck me hard and fast until you come deep inside me."

"Yeah," Cal enthused. "That's what I want, too."

I got under the covers and stretched out on my back, my head cupped in my hands. The rain was still falling gently. The sounds coming from the other bedroom were wondrous: Cal's grunting and groaning and Mark's rhythmic soft sighing punctuated with an occasional "Fuck me." After a while their commingled exclamations, groans and sighs diminished until they stopped altogether. I smiled to myself. Apparently they both got their wishes.



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