Mountain Men

Chapter 2 - "Meet Cal Davis"

By Everett

It was real sweet waking up with a warm body beside me in my bed. Mark was already awake and looking at me as I stretched and yawned.

"Would you like me to make some coffee?" he asked.

"Sure," I said. "That would be great."

"You take it with half and half as I remember from last night," he said.

"Right. There's a box on the door of the fridge."

"Yes, Sir," Mark said. He turned and walked toward the kitchen.

"You are one lucky dude," I thought as I watched Mark's melon-like ass mounds lift and fall as he walked away, "and no mistake."

When Mark returned with the mugs of steaming coffee, we propped ourselves up in the bed and took the first sips.

"It's good to have you here," I told Mark,

"Thank you, Sir," he said. "It's nice to be here."

"I'll get my stuff out of the second bedroom for you," I said. "A man ought to have his own space, but you'll be sleeping most every night in my bed."

"Yes, Sir."

"We'll get you some clothes, too. You won't need much, but some might come in handy now and then."

"Yes, Sir," Mark said again.

"I think tonight I'd like to go back to the Triangle," I said.

"Yes, Sir," said Mark.

"You will go with me, of course."

"Yes, Sir," Mark said again. "Will I be naked, Sir?"

"Not to start," I said. "'Course, you never know how things'll turn out."

"That's very true," Mark said. I think he may have meant his remark to be significant, but I didn't ask.

* * *

We didn't pass more than a few words going down the mountain to our little town. It was a balmy early May evening. The rising moon was just past full and shining brightly.

"Hey, Jerry," I was greeted with a small chorus on entering the bar. Some would have remembered Mark from the night before, but it would be a while before he became "one of us." We joined a small group of my friends and looked over the bigger than usual crowd.

"Why all the people?" I asked. "What's going on?"

"Nothing I know of," Jarrod answered. If Jarrod didn't know, nobody knew. I figured it was just one of those things.

Mark and I ordered drafts and settled in. The conversation was unremarkable. Every once in a while we'd see a couple of dudes get close, and sometimes they left the bar with their arms draped over each others' shoulders - at least until they hit the sidewalk.

Mark and I went to the back room to see if the pool table was free. It wasn't. Four guys had a game going so I looked around the room. I noticed Cal Davis standing in a group at the back bar.

Now, Cal Davis is a hard guy to miss. He's six four and tops two hundred pounds by a considerable amount. His light brown beard is full and his voice booming.

Cal is one of those straight guys who likes a little variety in his life. He often chooses me to provide that variety. Not that I mind.

Cal sports the biggest cock I ever saw. I mean, it may not be something like you see in those porn movies with the word "Monster" in the title, and I never got out my tape measure to note its size in my record book, but he fills me up.

Another thing is that his cock has a downward curve when it's hard. It slides real easily down my throat. Really comfortable, at least until I need to breathe.

And the last thing about Cal: He's not gentle. I mean, he's a big burly bear of a man, and "gentle" just isn't in his vocabulary. If we had been classmates in high school, he probably would have beaten the shit out of me - the queer guy in class - on a regular basis; but now I serve a purpose in his life and we're best buds. Almost.

"Jerry," I heard him boom across the room. "Just the man I've been looking for."

"Hey, Cal," I called back.

Cal put his beer on the bar and ambled over to Mark and me. He threw a massive arm over my shoulder. "How's the world treatin' ya?"

"Real good, Cal. This is my new boy, Mark."

"Yeah, Man! I heard about him."

"News travels fast in this backwater," I said.

"Guess so," Cal said. "He's real pretty, Jerry. How'd an ugly goon like you ever get someone as pretty as he is?"

"It's gotta be my karma, Cal."

Cal shrugged uncomprehendingly. "Whatever," he said.

"Say Jerry, d'jou think you can break away from this fella for a little while tonight?"

I looked at Mark. I hadn't told him about Cal, but he knew the score in an instant. "You two guys go ahead," he said. "I'll hang out here for a while. Maybe get to know some of your friends."

"Be good," I said.

"Yes, Sir," Mark said, but his tone let me know that he wasn't real happy with me.

Cal steered me through the back door and across the parking lot to his van. He had it fixed up inside for just the kind of thing he had in mind for tonight. Carrie, his wife, made jokes about her man and his van; jokes that let everyone know that she was clueless about what it was really used for.

We weren't long in the van before Cal was opening his pants front and tugging at his long pole. "I wanna fuck you doggie style," he said. "We never done it that way yet."

"Good thing I'm not in this for romance," I said.

"Huh?" Cal grunted.

"Never mind," I said. "You got that thing hard yet?"

"I might need some help with that," Cal said.

"Sit down," I instructed.

By this time, Cal's pants and shorts were down around his ankles and he was tugging hard at his cock. He sat in an easy chair that was too small for his big frame and spread his legs. I knelt between them and opened my mouth. He laid his cock on my tongue. Cal likes it when I don't close my lips around his shaft until I'm well along in the business of sucking his cock.

He slid his cock over my tongue. It was getting hard and he probed the back of my throat with his glans. I opened my throat to make it easier for both of us. He began to seep his pungent precum. To avoid its too strong flavor but still to benefit from the slipperiness it afforded, I mixed it with the saliva that had pooled on my tongue.

Cal started to thrust up with his hips, forcing his cock deeper into my throat with each push. My mouth was still wide open. "Take it," he said. "Take all of my cock down your pussy throat."

He was apparently unhappy with the limited movement of his sitting position. He stood, took my head in his meaty hands and fucked my face. While the curve of his cock made it easy to go down my throat, the rapid stabbing of his fucking made me gag. He stopped long enough for me to swallow. Then he resumed his fucking of my throat.

"Suck it," Cal said. "Suck my cock good."

I closed my lips around his shaft and deep-throated him. I tried to suck him as he directed, but he was eager to get off and resumed his fucking motion.

"When Cal was ready for the main attraction, he pulled out of my mouth and stepped back. "Get over on the couch," he said. The couch had been opened up into a bed.

I got onto my hands and knees and presented Cal with my sizable rear end. Hoping against hope, I wanted him to attack my man cunt with his tongue, but that didn't happen. I can't say I was surprised. Instead, he lubed up my hole with a gob of Vaseline and prodded me with his hard cock. "Shove it in me, Big Guy," I said, and that's just what he did - in one forceful push.

"You got a sweet ass, Jerry: One sweet ass."

"Make the most of it, Man," I said, and he began his rough fucking of my hole. He lurched and bucked, forcing his long pole deeply into me. He put his hands on my hips and rode me for all I was worth. His cock filled me and brushed against my prostate with every push and tug. I braced myself against the big bolster at the head of the bed to free my right hand for jacking. I swiped my fingers across the top of the Vaseline jar and started to fist my cock. The harder he fucked the harder I jacked.

Cal increased the speed of his fucking. I could feel his already bloated cock head swell in my ass. "You ready for my load?" he asked.

"Fuck me, Man," I said. I jacked my cock and began to feel it tingle. "Harder," I said. I tried to hold my load back but the sensation continued to build.

"Fuck me," I shouted. "God damn! I'm gonna come!"

"Here I come," Cal grunted, and he forced his pelvis against my ass until he started to shoot. He pulled out almost the whole way, shot a second blast and rammed his cock into me again. Over and over, he shot and forced himself roughly into me. It was like he was forcing my own cum to fly out of the tip of my cock. With each of his thrusts I shot a stream of jizz onto his mattress cover.

"Well, that's done," Cal said and he unceremoniously pulled his cock from my hole and flopped his ass onto the mattress.

"I wonder if my brewsky is still on the bar where I left it," he mused.

I was wiping the cum off my cock. "I doubt it," I said, "but you might be lucky."

Cal and I both stuffed ourselves back into out pants. "Thanks, Jerry," he said. "I owe you one."

"You owe me more than one, Cal baby, but you never seem to pay up."

Cal guffawed at my little joke and opened the rear door of the van.

The night was still warm and by the sounds of things, the crowd in the Triangle was still going strong.

As I closed the back door of Cal's van, I heard a muffled banging coming from my pickup. I walked over and there were Mark and one of the roughnecks who sometimes dropped in to the Triangle. There was apparently a struggle going on. The roughneck was a thirty-something wanna-be named Wayne. He was bigger than Mark but Mark was holding his own. "Get off me," he was shouting as he flailed his arms.

I grabbed Wayne's belt and pulled to get him off Mark. The next thing I knew, Wayne's jeans were down around his thighs and his white ass was shining in the light of the moon. "Whaa the . . .," he started to say.

I felt a strong hand grab my wrist and pull. It was Cal. "What's goin' on over here," he wanted to know.

"Nothing that Mark and I can't handle," I said.

But Cal was having none of that. "Wayne Matthews," he roared. "Get the fuck outta this truck."

Wayne got out as quickly as he could and teetered uncertainly on the gravel. My guess was that he'd had more to drink than good judgment would suggest was prudent. As he struggled to pull up his jeans, Cal pushed him hard against the side of my truck.

"That fells in there's a friend of mine," Cal said menacingly. "He'll go where he likes around here and shit punks like you ain't gonna molest 'im." Cal took Wayne by the arm and turned his body a quarter turn. He kicked Wayne's bare ass with his booted foot and sent him sprawling across the gravel.

"Owww! Fuck!" Wayne groaned and half crawled, half staggered to his own pickup. He pulled himself up and turned.

"You had your fun, Cal Davis," he shouted. "All I was doin' was tryin' to have some of my own."

"Git, Shit Head," Cal retorted. Wayne didn't wait around for a second warning.

By this time Mark was standing beside the truck. His left eye was turning yellow and blue and his cheek had a minor abrasion. "You OK?" I asked.

"Fine. Fine," Mark said.

"Let's get you home," I said, "and let me look at your eye."

"I'm fine," Mark reiterated. "Really, I am."

"Thanks, Cal," I said, grabbing Cal's hand and shaking it.

"Hey," Cal said, and he headed back into the bar for his abandoned beer.

"You don't know about Cal Davis and me," I began as I drove up the mountain to our cabin."

"I can guess," Mark said.

"Some of it, sure," I said, "but not all. Cal's one of those guys you've heard about who'll fuck anything with a hole. It wasn't always that way, but once he got a taste of for man fucking, it's something he pursues on a regular basis.

"Now, when you get two horny tops together, something gotta give, and I was the one who did the giving. That first time, Cal took me like an enraged bull. It started out kinda like a rape, but I soon discovered that it wasn't all that bad. He had me on my back and was jacking me while he fucked. I was hard and seeping and I soon took over the jackin' part. When I came it was in torrents, and Christ, did it feel good. Since then, he's nailed me like once a month. Maybe twice."

"You bottom for others roughnecks around here?" Mark asked.

"Naw," I said. "Not yet, anyway."

"Would you, if you had the chance?"

"Dunno," I said. "Like they say, 'Never say never.'"

"I don't think I like him very much," Mark mused.

"He's takin' a shinin' to you," I observed. "And in a pinch, you couldn't ask for a fiercer ally. Take tonight, for instance."

As soon as we got into the house, Mark stripped off his clothes and stood naked in front of me. I led him to the bathroom and took his head in my hands, turning it this way and that to see his injuries. Just as he had said, they were minor. I wanted to demonstrate my concern so I washed his face gently and kissed away whatever pain there may have been from his abraded cheek.

"You're very sweet," he said.

"Don't tell anyone," I answered. "I have a reputation to uphold.

"It's a little early for bed," I said. "Care to join me on the porch for a nightcap?"

"What would you like, Sir? I'll get it."

"Gin and tonic," I said. "For two."

"Yes, Sir," said Mark.

The night was warm with just a hint of a breeze. The woods were fragrant with the smells of early spring.

"I'd like for you to wear a slave collar," I said. "I've been thinking of getting one for you; maybe wide black leather with an iron ring on it."

"That would be very nice, Sir."

"Did your last master have you wear a collar?" I asked.

"Yes, Sir. I was never without it."

"Slave collar or dog collar?"

"I was my master's dog, Sir. He kept me in a kennel behind his garage."

"I don't have much use for dogs," I said. "More trouble than they're worth."

"Yes, Sir. Just as you say, Sir."

"Wait for me here," I said and went into the house for my restraining bar and a few other things.

"Ever seen one of these?" I asked when I returned to the porch.

"No, Sir," Mark said.

"You're going to be properly introduced to it tonight," I said. "These two outer cuffs will go around your ankles to hold your feet apart, and the inner two will go around your wrists. Feel them. They're padded and won't chafe your wrists or ankles."

"Yes, Sir," Mark said after feeling the cuffs. "They seem perfectly comfortable."

"OK." I said. "Stand up to the railing and face the woods. Spread your feet a little," I said, then added, "A little wider."

I put the outer cuffs around Mark's ankles and fastened them securely.

"Bend over the rail and put your hands through the uprights near the inner cuffs," I instructed.

When his wrists were in the cuffs, I closed them. My boy was now shackled, bent over the porch handrail, his asshole opened and vulnerable.

I rubbed his perfect furry ass with both hands and ran my fingers through his crack, grazing his warm pucker with each pass.

"You trust me, don't you, Boy?"

"I trust you completely, Sir."

"Good boy," I said, and I bent forward and kissed his lips lightly.

I stripped naked and leaned over Mark's form; my chest and abdomen against his warm back, my pelvis against his furry ass and my cock, hard and erect, probing his crack. I lifted off him and moved my hand down the middle of his back to his ass. I probed his hole with my middle finger.

Mark wriggled his ass to help me push my finger through his tight opening, but I pulled my finger out and knelt behind him, leaning in to kiss and lick his hole.

"Ahh," Mark sighed.

"You want me to eat your hole, Boy?" I asked softly.

Mark's response was guttural. "Oh, yes, Sir. Eat my ass," he said.

I parted Mark's furry ass cheeks with my palms and forced my tongue inside him.

"Ahhh," he cried again.

I breathed deeply of Mark's aroma and licked the flesh of his ass that immediately surrounded his hole.

I spat onto his hole and pushed the first two fingers of each hand into him and pulled his ass lips far apart. I licked and sucked and nibbled making Mark writhe and moan.

I pressed my forehead against his ass and moved my face upward, grazing his hole with my nose and lips and chin. I licked and spat again before leaning back on my heels and reaching for my vibrating dildo. I smeared some jack-off cream over the dildo and around Mark's asshole. I forced some up into him with two fingers of my right hand. When I twisted its base, the dildo hummed in the night.

"Push out a little, like you're trying to shit," I said, and as he did, the vibrator entered Mark easily. I pushed it in deep. "Like that?" I asked.

"Yes, Sir," Mark answered, but without much enthusiasm.

I fucked Mark with the dildo for several minutes, but we both wanted something different, something more intimate and satisfying.

I freed Mark's wrists so he could stand upright and stood close behind him. I rubbed his furry ass mounds and pushed the middle finger of my right hand back into him. After a minute of fucking him with my finger, I reached around and gripped his cock. It was long and hard and seeping. "You seem to like what I'm doing," I observed.

"Oh, yes," Mark said.

I jacked his hard cock as I placed my glans at Mark's sweet tender spot. "You like?" I asked.

"I love," Mark said. "This is what I've been waiting for."

I pulled out of Mark and entered him again. Then I started fucking him as I jacked his cock. While fucking and jacking, I leaned into Mark, establishing as much body contact as I could. Mark moaned, uttering a little "Huh," each time I passed over his prostate. I increased the tempo of both jacking and fucking. Mark wriggled his ass and his moans became louder. "Huh. Huh. Huh," he cried into the night.

Mark's cock grew in my hand. I twisted my fist over his swelling glans and squeezed out more precum, spreading its slipperiness over glans and shaft. "Oh, Sir. Oh, yes," he said more loudly. "I'm going to come."

"Do it," I said, and I fucked faster and squeezed my hand harder as I jacked.

"Huh! Achh!" he cried, and an arching jet of white shot from the tip of his cock. Again. Another jet. And another.

I jacked and fucked. His ejaculation became less forceful until his cum ran down his shaft wetting my palm as it went. I reduced my jacking to soft caresses of his manhood. His legs twitched involuntarily each time my hand passed over the ridge of his still distended glans.

I cupped his balls in both hands and humped over him as I continued to fuck. "I'm going to come," I said.

"I want you to come," Mark said. "I want you to pump your cum deep into me.

I pulled my cock nearly the whole way out of Mark and jammed in back in, over and over. My climax was growing with each thrust. I slowed, hoping to hold my my climax back. Mark pushed his ass back. "Do it," he said. "Fill me up."

One more forceful push and my juice shot into him, deep, just as he wanted. "Aghh," I cried.

"Yes! Oh, God, yes!" Mark sighed.

I leaned over my boy, trying in vain to pump even more cum into him. "I wish I could do this all night," I said.

I hugged him, holding him against me. I kissed the nape of his neck and licked the rim of his ear. "You make me very happy," I said.

I slowly pulled my cock out of him and squeezed him once again before stooping to loosen the cuffs around his ankles.

I stood and Mark turned to face me. I draped my arms loosely over his shoulders. "Ready for bed?" I asked.

"Shower first?" Mark asked.

"Sure thing," I answered, and we headed toward the bathroom to shower together; soaping and rubbing and caressing. Then on to bed to snuggle between the sheets until we fell asleep in each others' arms.

And so began a ritual we would practice nearly every night from then on.



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