My college days had come to an end, I was now officially a college graduate. What to do with my life was the next question, yet unanswered, I needed some time, time to get away for a while and get my thoughts together and make some plans. I layed in my bed back home again from college and just laying there looking out the window at the beautiful night sky filled with stars, like my thoughts and just as many. I was in a quandry and I thought I would just make my decision in the morning.

I slid my hand down into my boxers and started to slowly rub my hardening cock, some how this relaxed me, and at least got my mind to center on one thing, at least for the moment. I felt the hardening taking place in my cock and I raised up and slid down my boxers and started rubbing my rather ample testicles, and my nicely thick seven and a half inch uncut cock, and for some reason it felt extremely good tonight, I felt the pre-cum start leaking out of the opening of my cockhead and I just lightly and slowly took my thumb and forefinger retracted my foreskin and slathered it over the swelling and throbbing head, fuck man it was feeling just awesome, my mind went back to a week or so before and my thoughts were tuned into a young college professor that I had become intimate with and I remembered his hot mouth as it gently layed itself upon the head of my throbbing cock, the feeling was just awesome, Mr. Killion could win and award with his hot mouth because he could really suck a cock, I could still feel his hot breath as he breathed across the sensative head of my engorged member and I felt my heartbeat increase, Ughmm, I could still feel his hot lips and tongue and God what a sensation, and the rememberance was working its majic on my cock. I was leaking pre-cum like a fountain and I was giving my cock a real workover, thrusting my hips upward, as the thoughts came flooding back into my mind of that mouth and tongue that was licking my cock like an ice cream cone, Mr. Killion was grunting as he pumped my cock with his mouth and stroked his cock at the same time, I was about there, faster, more intense was the sucking and stroking, I was lifting myself up off the bed and slathering my cock like a fucking madman, God the feeling was so Intense, my cock was hard as a cylinder of granite and I felt that churning in my lower parts and the mental picture was there, Mr. Killion took my cock all the way to the hilt and massaged my nuts as I started jerking and moaning and flooding his mouth with my sweet love nectar, I came to back to my present position in bed and realized I had shot a load of cum all over my hand, my stomach and even had a stream upon my mouth and face, God it was awesome.

I cleaned up with some tissues and layed over on my side, pulled my boxers back on and covered with a sheet and gently and so relaxedly fell into a deep restfull dreamless sleep.

The morning sun comming thru the window woke me up as I smelled the coffee brewing downstairs in Moms kitchen, and I got up dressed in my trousers and tee shirt and went down to the kitchen and got a cup of coffee, Mom said Good morning Son, I said morning Mom, she said breakfast will be ready in a few minutes the biscuits are almost done, and I made your favorite Fried potatoes, eggs, and Milk Gravy, I said that sounds wonderful Mom, I haven't had your biscuits and gravy in god know when, she smiled and returned to the stove. I ate my wonderful breakfast and Mom ask me what I planned to do now that I had graduated, I said Im gonna go away for a while to get my thoughts together Mom, she said Oh! Well do what you must, Remember you always have a home to come to if you need it, I got up kissed Mom on the cheek and said, Thanks Mom I really love you.

I packed my back pack and took some camping gear and loaded it up into my little compact car and headed for the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, I had decided to go on a Hikeing adventure and get away for a few days.

I finally got way back up into the mountains and found a place to park the car and started my Hike up into the wilderness. I can't tell you how beautiful the scenic beauty of the place was and the wooded area had so many beautiful places, I took so many picutres and I finally got several miles into the wilderness and I found a perfect spot to set up my tent and make camp. I pitched the tent and made a circle of rocks for a campfire and yes I was in an area that allowed campfires. It was about dusk there when I got all my gear stowed away into the tent and I made me a pot of coffee on the campfire and then set off exploring and I walked upstream on this beautiful little running stream and I found a gorgeous water cascade of falls I noticed a clearwater pool at the base of the falls and thought that I was a great for a bath or waterfall shower and I walked over and being alone in the wilderness I stripped naked and sorta meandered into the stream and into the pool, the water was cool but not cold and I was standing at the base of the water falls and letting the water gently fall over my naked body and I felt so alive and just full of life and energy, I was fantastic and I started gently rubbing over my body, and feeling so sexy, I noticed my nuts were drawn up into my body and my cock was sticking up hard and ready for some action, and I started stroking it, and I felt so free and well you know that feeling. It didn't take very long to come to a fantastic climax and shot a huge load into the water and watched it slowly float on down the stream, I just stood there totally naked before nature and Yelled 'Fucking Awesome' I wanted to share that moment with the world, and then I got a strange feeling like someone was watching me and I looked around and didn't see anyone, and thought, oh well maybe it's being alone in these massive woods and mountains, my mind was playing tricks, but no matter how I tried I couldn't get the thought that someone was watching me out of my mind.

I went to the campsite and got ready for bed I crawled into my sleeping bag and I layed back and listened to the quiet night sounds they were awesome, about two in the morning I heard a sound like someone's footsteps outside my tent and I grabbed my hunting knife just in case and I looked out the flap of my tent, I saw a shadow of a man, and said whos there but no one answered, I once again thought It was my imagination.

I awoke with the morning sun to a gorgeous day, and decided to take a morning dip and I walked down to the pool and water fall and I say a naked man jump behind the falls and disappear into the waterfall. I, not thinking, jumped bareassed naked into the pool and swam (I was on the swim team in college too) and quickly made for the falls, I got there and jumped behind the falls and there next to rock kinda in a small cave was a very handsome young man about in his mid twenties and built like a brick shit house with his arms all folded up and sorta shaking from the coolness of the water. I said who are you and why are you hear, He was totally naked and he said I was just taking a wash off and I noticed his rather well endowed cock was hard as a rock and sorta jerking upward with each beat of his heart and I said man do you always get a hardon in this situation and he smiled and said sorta embarassed like, he said fuck man, you should talk, I had forgotten I was stark naked too and I didn't give thought to the fact of seeing him had given me an erection like stone. I just smiled and said sorry man that happenes when I see a good looking guy, He kinds looked startled and said when you see a good looking guy, I didn't realize it had slipped out like that, And I said yea, the truth is I'm gay and I love to see young good looking men naked and that ain't all I like to do either, He said Like what else, I said I like to suck cock, and fuck ,and be fucked and be sucked off by other guys, I thought what difference does it make if he knows, He don't know me, and I dont know Him, so who cares. He'll be gone in a few minutes anyway,

but my body wanted him bad, and then he said can we swim and wash off together for a while, do you mind If I join you? I said hell no, its a free country, why should I mind? He just smiled and said, thanks that would be great. We dove into the pool and he started getting friendlier and even began to get playful and I rather enjoyed his company. We played in the water for about a half hour and He said I have to go, and got out and walked into the forest naked and was gone.

That puzzeled me and I got up and layed back on my towel there on the pine needles and let the sun dry my naked body.

I hiked some mountain trails and explored some of the surrounding valleys and areas of interest and about dusk I went back to my little campsite. I built a fire and pulled out some provisions and had me some cheese and bread and some snack foods I had brought, And of course I had bottled water and the ever popular coffee. I got to getting sleepy and I went to bed, I fell asleep about 10 p.m and about 2 a.m I awoke having to piss and I got up and went outside of my tent and I thought I heard footsteps and I had a flashlight and I shined it toward the area of the sound and I saw a figure and I said Hey come on out where I can see you, and I noticed it was a Forest Ranger, I said what are you doing? He said, Don't be alarmed, Its my job to check out the campers in this area to make sure that while they are asleep their fires are kept under control and not get away with themselves, and I said Oh! I never thot of that! and then he said hey got any coffee made? and I said yea! I just have to warm it up on the campfire. He said great and I noticed it was my little naked friend from the pool, he was a Forest Ranger, I said I remember you, He said I remember you too!

He set down by the fire and we put a log on the fire we made small talk and I said look at me setting here in my underwear, I feel awkward, He said Hey man you look awesome to me. I said as I remembered his cock, and my mind started doing it's own thing. He said I'm Mark, a ranger in these hills and I keep an eye on campers, and their fires, and It gets kinda lonly up here in these mountains sometimes and it's nice to talk to someone every so often, I said I'll bet it does.

I said I'll bet it takes away from your love life or marriage, He just smiled, Not married, and no girlfriend he said, I just looked kinda surprised and said Your not married and don't have a girlfriend, he said Nope never had one, don't want one. tried it once and gave it up for something better, I said better, what do you mean?

He smiled and said, I think you know what I mean and he leaned over my way and Kissed me square on the mouth and took the back of my head and said this is what I mean, His tongue slipped into my mouth and started licking all over my inner mouth and tongue, And the shock, this gorgeous, hunk Ranger, fuck man. his eyes were penetrating,

his white teeth, everything about just screamed sex, I was hotter than hell at that moment and said yea! I really do know what you mean and I watched him stand up and start by removing his shirt and then his boots and then his trousers, sock and down to his white briefs bulging with masculine goodness and I was lost, I had been reduced to a blubbering fool and was muttering and blundering and studdering and I said oh fuck man, I want you bad just do what ever you want to me, and he removed his briefs and that eight inch really thick cock was standing at attention like a true soldier and I said onward march and I just jumped down and engulfed his cock to the hilt in one swift move, He jumped back a little and said Hold on there buckaroo! lets do this together and he started undressing me, there we stood before all god and nature naked both with rageing hard cocks and nuts about to explode and I said wanna come into my tent and lay with me, He said I thought you'd never ask and smiled and then he grabbed something from his shorts and came into the tent, and as soon as we hit the sleeping bag we were all over each like 'stink on dogshit' I wanted to swallow this guy whole and then we got into a sixtynine position and started sucking each other and I thought, fuck at this rate I won't last long, His cock tasted fantastick and mine felt that way. Mark was hilting my cock and taking his tongue while my cock was deep in his throat and licking my nutsack with his tongue. No one had ever done that to me not even Professor Killion.

well Mark was sucking and wimpering and grunting all at the same time and so was I, I wanted his cream so bad I was about to take a bite out of his cock. Mark was just steadily working my cock over and then I felt his cock jerking and shooting into my mouth and fuck man that did it, took me over the edge and I started shooting my load and It was fucking awesome, Mark was sucking like a starving baby after the milk in a bottle and I was giving it to him, He layed back with my cock still in his hand after licking it totally clean and said that was fucking marvelous and then he said You were the first uncut man I have ever sucked off, I said really, he said really man and I loved it, I had been told about them and seen a few but your my first, I leaned over and kissed him and said well man you can have access to mine anytime you want, He said can I sleep here with you, I said don't you have a superior to report to, he smiled and said, I am the superior Ranger at this post, I said fuck man I just blew a superior officer and giggled and he laughed and we layed back and he said can I sleep with you in my arms and I said It would be my pleasure.

We awoke with morning wood as usual and Mark reached over and said lets start the day out right and he grabbed my hard cock and said try this on for size and he jumped up and set down on my hard cock and started pumping my cock into his ass and fuck man it was so hot and it took about three minutes and I was shooting my load up his turd tunner and It was fucking fenominal and I said me now, he said can't got to get back to the ranger station for morning reports. I said will you come back He said every night while your here, if you want? and He did every night while I was there and we almost fucked and sucked ourselves raw. We are still, to this day best buds and guess what I decided what I wanted to do with my life since college, I am now a Forest Ranger in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and guess who is my Superior Officer, My friend and partner Mark.



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