Young Gay couple save up to have a romantic holiday together in Morocco. The plan is to look at the sights and the country. As a loyal couple, little do they know the delights that await when some of the local Arabs introduce them to things they like to do to Western sandy-haired young men.

Craig Richards and Mark Williams were the perfect gay couple. They had been together 5 years and had stayed together for 3 years. At 25, Mark was the elder of the two. Standing 6 feet tall, he was slim with a dirty blonde hair and a slim, if not athletic body. More like the sort of guy that would model Levis. Craig was 21 and slightly smaller. His blonde-red hair was sandy and his build, was also slim. Neither were effeminate and could have been mistaken for brothers rather than lovers.

They didn't meet in a romantic location. A Gents toilet in Surrey is hardly romantic but from their first quick and urgent wank together, they had been in love. Craig was on his way home from school when he had stopped in to check the toilet his friends had said was 'notorious' and the rest was history. Being 16 against Mark's 20, they had kept their meetings to once a week at Mark's flat on a Saturday and Mark had slowly shared his limited sexual knowledge until they knew what needed to be done to give them total enjoyment.

When the couple hit the gay scene, heads turned. Many tried to score with each and even both of them but they were all rebuffed. After a drunken party when Craig was 18 and Mark 22, they shared a taxi with another couple who invited them from drinks to their flat. They ended up in some mild sex fun but the pair of them were uncomfortable and it didn't get too far. The other couple were ecstatic just to have had the privilege of getting a grip at both erections the only ones in the scene to do so. They wasted no time in telling the tale in the bars.

Craig had a job with the local council in the Housing Department and Mark had a better paid job in Marketing which meant travelling up to London each day. It was worth it as the flat they now shared had increased seriously in value and they now had a pleasant if not over wealthy existence. They had been to Spain a couple of times and always enjoyed visiting the gay bars. The had discussed the possibility of sharing a partner or two while on holiday but it remained part of their sexual fantasy when Mark was fucking Craig, telling him about some imaginary Spaniard fucking him instead. It always brought them to a great climax.

So it was holiday planning time again. Mark had some friends at work that had been to Marrakech and said it was another world. The food and scenery were wonderful and the people, friendly. Though a Muslim country, there had not been a single bad word said to them the entire holiday. Language was a slight problem but Mark spoke a little French so figured this could be their dream holiday.

The plan was to fly Heathrow Casablanca Marrakech with Royal Air Maroc and stay at a nice luxury hotel (they picked the Sheraton). After 4 days, they would hire a car and drive up the Atlas mountains, taking the scenic route to the beach resort of Agadir renting a small apartment. They would have few days soaking up the sun and back to Marrakech for a few days before flying home. They did, of course, check the gay guides to see if there were any bars/coffee shops but the guides were a little inconclusive. It looked as though there was little structured gay scene so they would be having a romantic two weeks enjoying each other's company.

Marrakech was the stuff dreams are made of. It was like stepping back in time. The people were surprisingly friendly and the men extremely warm to two, tall, blonde young Europeans on their first visit. In fact the warmth was a little overpowering with guys fighting to be their guide. They sought refuge in the hotel and after catching some late afternoon sunbathing decided to dine in the hotel and perhaps take a walk afterwards to take in the sunset.

They walked down towards the centre of Marrakech and into the Jemma el Fna, the busy square in the town which hosts street traders by day and food stalls and entertainers by nights. The atmosphere was hypnotic. The sounds the smells and the people made them feel like complete aliens in this environment. They were accosted time and time again by those wishing to sell, to guide and judging by the times Craig's bottom was touched and rubbed, some had other intentions.

The guys had a great time, took in a coffee at one of the little cafes overlooking the square and noticed many young Arab boys watching them. Craig couldn't help but be slightly excited by the attention he was receiving. They started the walk home in the semi dark with only the street lights for company. It was still quite early, around 9.30 pm and the streets still had many people on them. The walk back to the hotel was about 25 minutes and was very pleasant in the balmy night air. As they passed a footpath, a young Arab boy, cycled up close and as he passed, he smiled at them. He was a stunningly attractive boy of undeterminable age. He could have been 18 or 19 as he was well built and dark. As they walked on, the realised he had stopped at the side of the road at an area with bushes off to the right. They were not deep bushes but the area was slightly quieter. Again, as they passed, he smiled. He gently rubbed the front of his jeans in the crotch area as the walked beside him.

A few minutes after passing, he again cycled past them but this time, took his bike off into the bushes. As the two guys drew level again, he was standing just inside the bushes with his cock out pretending to pee. His cock was semi-erect and endowed. In the half light it looked to be over 7 inches long which on such a small frame looked obscene buy very sexy. Mark went to walk on but Craig was fascinated. His limited promiscuity has made this scenario highly erotic and he grabbed Mark's arms asking him to wait and see what happened.

The young lad turned to face them, and gently pulled the front of his jeans down, pulling out his large balls. His cut dick sprung straight up at a 45 degree angle and he beckoned them over. Mark was reluctant but Craig was hot for this big Arab cock and went over. The boy grabbed the back of Craig's head and forcibly pushed him down on his meat and rammed his cock in Craig's mouth not that he resisted much. Mark came over nervously. This was a main road into town and they were just at the side, visible to any passers-by. Craig was too far gone, slurping on the boy's meat. His cock was solid with a faint taste of urine. Craig came up for air and noticed that Mark has his cock out gently stroking it. The boy was fascinated by their uncut cocks and dropped down to take both cocks in his mouth, one at a time. He then stood up abruptly and turned Craig round making an attempt to fuck him. That broke the spell. There was no way they were having unprotected sex in semi-public in a North African country. He refused.

The lad shrugged his shoulders, pushed Craig back down as Mark looked on, and started face fucking him again. He suddenly gripped his cock, pulled it slightly out and fired a strong jet of warm cum partly in Craig's mouth, partly on his face and partly on the street. The cum shot out time and time again, probably about 8 or 9 jets hit him forcefully. Mark shot his load just watching. He handed Craig a tissue and took Craig's cock in his hand to bring him to a swift climax. As he turned round, the young lad had dressed and was standing with a great smile and his hand out.

'I think he wants his hands crossed with gold,' said Craig.

Mark fumbled and handed the lad some notes which didn't seem enough as he pointed at a few more, took them and fled. The guys continued home slightly wobbly after that and had a stiff drink back at the hotel. Mark felt very guilty but Craig assured him saying it was just one of those little one off holiday things that are a bit of fun.

The next day was fully occupied with a horse and carriage trip around the town walls, a visit to the Jardin Majorelle, beautiful city centre gardens restored by Yves Saint Laurent and the Dar Si Said museum to look at the beautiful treasures within. An evening meal was booked at La Rotunda restaurant where they were taken and returned by car, thus avoiding any public contact.

They spent some time next day at the Menara gardens where many Moroccans go and young men swim in their little trunks trying to impress each other. Craig, once more noticed a lot of flashing smiles and large bulges on some very young lads. Mark was a little possessive and slightly jealous of the attention Craig was getting and their visit was cut short as they made their way down to the square and the souk to buy some gifts. Once more they were bombarded with the offer of guides and, just for the peace accepted one offer from a stunning young clean shaven late teenager dressed in traditional Arab white gown. The young man spoke excellent English and introduced himself as Nasir. He quickly had them absorbed into the souk and was very good value for money finding them some great souvenirs and throwing in some history as he went. Mark wanted some leather goods and after the initial introduction to a stall holder, he started the long bartering process while Craig stood outside with Nasir. Craig felt Nasir's hand brush lightly against the tight material of his cotton trousers. When he turned, he was met with a broad smile.

'You have a nice friend,' he said, 'Very handsome.'

Craig smiled the affirmative.

Nasir's eyes travelled down to the front of his white robe to a point which stuck out where his erect cock was. He smiled again at Craig.

'You are both very handsome,' he said.

'Thank you,' stuttered Craig.

'I would like to fuck you,' Nasir said without the slightest embarrassment.

At that Mark concluded the deal and innocently walked back to join them and the tour continued. Craig was slightly perturbed but also aroused. He had never had anyone inside him but Mark, however, the thought of a teenage Arab cock thrusting deep inside him made him very randy. They went to the square for coffee but Craig was too uncomfortable to tell Craig what had happened in case he was angry. When Nasir joined them again after talking to the coffee bar owners, they started discussing a trip up to the Atlas mountains in a hire car the following day with Nasir as guide.

'I will come to your hotel later today before dinner to make arrangements,' he said. 'Please tell reception who I am so that I will be allowed inside the complex.'

They were back in the hotel in time for some late afternoon sunbathing and so lay by the pool having a cocktail or two. Mark was soon asleep in the sun and Craig decided to go back to the room to relax on the bed with the air conditioning on and perhaps an opportunity to relieve his building sexual tension. He draped himself with a towel and told Mark where he was going. As he entered their room, he heard his name called and turned to see Nasir walking towards him, still dressed in his white Arabic clothes.

'I have come to discuss tomorrow,' he said.

'Craig heard the words,' You had better come in then,' come from somewhere and realised he had said it.

They walked into the cool room and Craig went to have a quick shower while Nasir sat on a chair and waited. Craig pulled a pair of tight boxers on and came through. Nasir looked at him and had obviously been playing with himself as his erection was pushing straight up under his robe. He called Craig over and stood up. He was tall at least 6 feet 3 inches. As Craig reached him he took his palm and placed it on Craig's head, pushing him down to his knees. Just as Craig knelt in front of him he lifted his white gown and covered Craig completely.

Craig found himself confronted by the biggest cut cock he had ever seen (not that he had seen many). This brute was around 9 inches long standing outwards and upwards above a pair of tight balls which looked obscenely small against it. The area was covered in dark hair. The cock was pushed quickly into his mouth and Craig automatically started sucking. Nasir grabbed his head through the cloth and rammed his dick forcefully in and out leaving Craig fighting for air. Hardly a word was said and all that could be heard was Craig's slurping and Nasir's heavy breathing.

Without any waning, Nasir, pulled back and blasted a load of cum in Craig's mouth and over his face. Craig had never seen so much cum. The volume was equal to two or even three men and his face was awash with it and it dripped down on to the tiled floor.

'Good,' he said, 'Next time I fuck you, now where is your friend.'

'I need to shower again,' Craig mumbled and pointed outside. Nasir went out. Craig licked the cum and rubbed some over his cock and balls gently wanking to bring himself to a cataclysmic climax with the flavour of Arabic cum trickling down his throat.

Nothing more was said, and an arrangement was made for the following day.

That night, Craig felt guilty and when Mark started to make love to him he began to fantasise out loud about Nasir. Mark was turned on and when they were near climax, Craig told him the story about the quick session in the afternoon. Mark blasted a thin stream of cum high in the air and, instead of being annoyed, seemed really turned on by the situation.

'Think I can watch,' he asked Craig?

Craig was horrified, upset, excited and highly aroused.

'We can't- can we,' he asked?

'Let's go prepared tomorrow, just in case,' said Mark.

Well tomorrow came and Nasir was there at 9.00 am as arranged. However, much to the disappointment of the boys, he had company.

'This is Thaqib,' said Nasir. He is a friend of my brother and knows the mountains well so he will come with us.' 'His name means shooting star.'

The apparition standing beside Nasir was about 16, stunningly good looking with dazzling white teeth and well built but slim. He wore a white polo shirt and clean faded jeans which showed a well proportioned adolescent bulge in the front. His eyes were fixed on the boys as he smiled.

'Pleased to meet you,' he said in slightly stunted English.

'And you,' both answered in unison. They climbed into the Suzuki 4 x 4 and headed out of Marrakech.

The trip was fun with Mark driving and Nasir alongside and Craig in the back with Thaqib. The roads were an adventure on their own. As they climbed into the mountains some areas were washed away with the rains and they had to mount the embankments to get passed. Young children stood at the side of the road trying to sell something that looked like limp lettuce but which was supposedly some kind of raw drug. The guides didn't volunteer the information so neither boy asked.

By 1.30 pm they were well into the mountains and turned up a rather desolate road to stop for the picnic lunch prepared by the hotel. Thankfully there was plenty for four and the boys quickly lay down a rug and opened the hamper. Flasks were filled with cold and hot drinks and there were sandwiches as well as some salad, cold roasted vegetables and some spicy cous cous, cold chicken and other unexplained delicacies.

After lunch, Nasir stood up and went over to some nearby bushes to piss. He made no attempt to cover himself as he lifted his white robes and just stood with his large member exposed to all. When he finished he turned to face them and smiled before shaking and dropping the robes.

He walked back over, looked straight at Craig and said, 'You like?'

Craig looked at Mark, swallowed and nodded.

'Your friend is sexy,' he said to Mark. 'I like to fuck him.'

Mark was embarrassed and turned to look at the boy Thaqib but to his surprise, he was nodding enthusiastically. Nasir lifted Craig by the arms to an upright position and unclipped his shorts which dropped immediately to expose his white briefs. He pulled Craig's t-shirt over his head and left him standing near naked. Then he pulled his briefs down to expose Craig's pale naked body. Thaqib scampered across and sat beside Craig to caress his skin and put his hand up to his balls. Craig's cock leapt to erection.

Nasir pulled his robes over his head and stood in small white shorts which were quickly discarded to expose his monster cock. Mark gasped and started to pull his own clothes off. The boy pulled down his jeans and quickly was in a simlar state. Though a small young lad he still had nearly 7 inches which looked almost obscene against his slight frame. A small patch of dark hair above his balls marked the only sign of manhood apart from his cock.

Both teens started on Craig with one fingering his bum while the other sucked his cock. They were fascinated by his foreskin and pulled it back and forth to reveal the pink head inside before licking. Mark moved across to stand beside his friend and was rewarded by the mouth of Thaqib wrapped round his erect cock. He lifted the boy up and dropped to return the favour, taking the slightly salty tasting cock into his mouth. The boy had certainly done this before but Marks feeling was that he was the first foreigner. Mark was able to consume the whole shaft but on looking to Craig noticed that his attempts to do the same to Nasir were almost impossible due to its length and girth. The monstrous cock was actually able to stand outwards and upwards, seemingly defying gravity.

Nasir turned to Mark and said, 'Thaqib is new and has not been with man before. I want his to enter your friend first, then you, and I will finish him.'

Mark grabbed their holdall and took out the preparatory aids they had brought for sex. Some fresh wipes, condoms and lube. Craig had made sure he was squeaky clean before leaving that morning just in the hope. Here he was, only having been fucked by one person in his life, and about to get three cocks one after the other. His heart was thumping in anticipation.

Thaquib stretched the rubber over his cock and Craig lubed himself. The young lad was very eager and his steel-stiff cock proved it. He didn't invite Craig to lie down but just stood behind him sticking his eager young cock into Craig's arse in one swoop. He grabbed Craig's hips by the hip bones and, using them as handles, started to pump. Mark dropped to take Nasir's cock in his mouth. He sucked the head and felt the giant organ pump as blood flowed through it. Craig gripped the side of a small tree for balance as Thaqib hammered his hole enthusiastically. When he came, the world knew. He screamed loudly and fucked in great big sweeps into Craig, hammering his arse with the final thrusts and he emptied his balls into him. When he pulled out, the quantity of cum trailing into the sac of the condom surprised even Mark. There was enough for two men.

'Now you,' said Nasir to Mark as he pulled his cock from his mouth.

Mark didn't need a condom so just slipped his cock home into the already widened hole. Craig's hole had never felt finer and he was struggling not to cum immediately. He had never fucked Craig in front of anyone let alone two naked strangers. He fucked as he looked at the naked Arab teens standing with cock in hand stroking themselves and was surprised to see that Thaqib was again erect.

When he saw Nasir stretch a condom over his cock, he new Craig's time for the monster was nigh. He withdrew. Nasir walked forward and stooped slightly to push his cock into Craig. At first there was a problem and they had to add more lube but soon the head of his cock had pushed its way in and a look of ecstasy swept over Craig's face. They boys were wrapped up in the enthusiasm of the fuck and Mark seized the opportunity to grab his tiny digital camera to snap the scene for posterity (and some wanking over the Winter nights). Thaqib was in front sucking Craig's hard dick while Nasir was fucking. The long member would pull all the way out and then thrust all the way in, forcing Craig to gasp.

Mark downed the camera and walked over to Thaqib. He pulled a condom on and lubed him. He had expected resistance from the boy at the possibility of losing his virginity but didn't. In fact the boy willingly helped Mark to lube and then bent over to allow his access. Mark gently pushed the head of his cock to the opening and Thaqib turned to look at him before backing swiftly on to it. Mark was surprised as his cock sunk straight into the boy's hole and was quickly fucking away. The lad loved it. He then gently walked over to Craig to bend facing Craig's cock as he was being fucked and took it in his mouth, gripping with his other hand.

Mark looked up as this orgy went on apace and was horrified to see a little boy and girl watching them. The little girl looked about 8 or 9 and the little about 10. They were obviously Berbers living in tented accommodation locally. Mark was just about to call a halt to the proceedings when he noticed the little boy's cock sticking out the front of his baggy trousers and his hand wrapped round it wanking. The sordidness of the whole scene was enough for Mark and he screamed as his load pumped into Thaqib. Craig came simultaneously and his blast hit Thaqib on the face. Mark had never seen Craig come in these quantities and the thin jet coated the boy's face and mouth.

Nasir, ever in control just steadied his pace and with one grunt, hammered his big cock one more time as he disgorged into the latex sac in Craig's arse. Thaqib lost no time in once more setting the cum volume record as his jet shot some 3 or 4 feet straight out in front of him. All collapsed. Mark then remembered the children and was about to cover himself up when he saw they had gone. Dressing in typical unromantic Arab style, was quick and when they all clambered into the 4 X 4 the whole scene seemed as though it had been a surreal dream.

There wasn't much said on the road back to Marrakech! The guys were tipped and the next day both boys were due to pick up a hire car and head for Agadir. They had again decided on a small 4 x 4 but figured they had enough confidence for Mark to do the driving. The main route to Agadir was on a pretty good motorway but on the map, there was also a route through the Atlas Mountains which would take the full day. It retraced some of the previous day's drive but the second half looked really interesting.

So the next morning after an early breakfast they paid their bill and headed out of town with the majesty of that Atlas Mountains sweeping up before them from the flat valley floor.

They had a packed lunch with them rather than risk cafes or roadside vendors. The first few hours were fabulous. The roads were in a pretty bad state in some part where landslides had washes part away but it was more of an adventure than something to be scared about. All along the way, small groups of children, shabbily dressed, and again they were trying to sell them some kind of weed at the side of the road. The guys figured it was 'grass' in its raw state. Frightening to think of little kids as drug dealers!

They stopped and had a picnic with some fabulous views. The weather was warm but not too hot and they were dressed as tourists with light t-shirts and loose cotton shorts. After lunch, as they came round a bend, they found a small Fiat car at the side of the road with two guys beside it. They looked like a comedy double act! One guys looked to be about 30 40, was thin and short and wearing a dark but shabby suit and open neck shirt. The other was about 6 feet 6 inches tall and dressed in traditional Berber attire of a brown robe to his feet, open sandals and a hood which was off his head and hanging down his back. He looked to be anywhere in age from 28 40. They flagged the boys down.

They had no reason to be frightened. Moroccans are and had been throughout the trip, very friendly. They stopped and in a mixture of French and pigeon English managed to discover that they had run out of fuel and could the boys run the smaller guy into the next town about 7 miles away. While they talked, Craig looked at the tall guy who, in turn was staring intently at him and his red hair, Craig smiled and he grinned back. His teeth weren't that off a television commercial for toothpaste but there was something wildly attractive about him. Mark had agreed to drive the older man to the next town and he clambered in the back leaving his friend with the car.

On the short journey, and in stilted English/French, they managed to work out that the smaller man was married with three children, lived in the next town and the other guy was his cousin who was staying with him as there was a big market the next day and he had come from their Berber village on the edge of the Sahara to sell hand made jewellery. They reached the small filling station but instead of getting out, the little man arranged to send a can of fuel up to his cousin and invited the boys to have mint tea at his home. Vaguely remembering his Arab etiquette, Mark remembered that it would be bad manners to refuse so they accepted.

The house was not at all as they thought it might be. They entered a barren, dry field and drove across it. Some children played by the only tree and there was a small stream. In the middle, what appeared at first to be a mound of earth, turned out to be his home. Made of red mud, it formed circle with a wooden door cut in it. On entering, they removed their shoes and found an open courtyard with small mud-type huts forming rooms inside. A woman was busy cleaning with a switch and the kitchen was a sink sitting on a mud platform and a bucket underneath to catch the waste and another bucket with fresh water. They were ushered into a room with a rug on the dry floor and sat cross-legged as their host arranged for water to be boiled on a small paraffin stove. There was a complete ceremony of crushing fresh mint leaves into a pewter tea pot and pouring on hot water. The smell of mint was overpowering. Raw sugar rocks were then added in large quantities to sweeten the tea and the boys were then offered a cup. In the background, his wife continued to sweep and clean and the children ran in and out.

Suddenly a shape filled the door and his cousin appeared smiling. Obviously the car had been filled and driven back. He too sat down on the floor facing the boys and accepted a cup of mint tea. The small talk in 'AngloFrenchArabic' continued and the boys were getting a bit bored. The cousin attempted to sell them some of his wares and the boys bought a small piece at an overpriced rate.

Suddenly the cousin looked a Craig and said 'Pretty boy!'

Craig blushed.

The older man left for a short while and the cousin, whom they could hardly understand, continued to smile. He adjusted his position on the floor and his robe, rode up slightly, giving Craig a view of a large pair of balls thickly covered with hair. He tried to avert his eyes but the site was so erotic, he could feel his cock stir. The scene was really odd, wife sweeping, kids playing and this guy exposing himself. Mark saw what was happening and looked at Craig's crotch seeing the bulge appearing.

'I don't think even we are going to get sex out of this situation,' He whispered to Craig, 'Let's get going.'

The boys stood to leave and Craig was immediately aware his erection was sticking out. The Arab noticed immediately and as he stood, he gripped the front of his robe to adjust his cock. They started to leave but just as the passed one of the doors in the courtyard, the tall Arab took Craig's hand and led him inside. Mark followed and he shut the door.

In the cool dark, the Arab pulled Craig's top off and pulled down his shorts then briefs. In one minute he stood naked with Mark watching. The Arab, still fully dressed, kissed his nipples. Mark stepped forward and raised the Arab's robe exposing a completely naked and hairy arse that a athlete would die for. He put his hand round and met with 10 inches of thick hard flesh standing straight out, He gasped. He pulled the robes completely off the Arab, knelt in front and took the head in his mouth. The circumcised cock was surprisingly sweet tasting and the Arab lay his head back and groaned. His finger was pushed into Craig's arse quite roughly and Craig had a feeling where this guy wanted to go. Thank goodness he had spent some time cleaning and nursing his tender arse that morning. The door opened and the smaller cousin came into the room. Through the gap, Mark could see his wife glance into the room then continue with her work. The wiry little man stripped completely naked and his thin, circumcised cock stuck out to 5 inches and so hard it could have hammered nails. In his hand was a small jar of cream. He knelt before Mark and took his cock gently into his hand. He pulled the foreskin back slowly, fascinated by the skin and the exposed head, then took all of Mark's cock straight into his mouth.

The ensuing blow job was amongst the best Mark had ever had. This man was having a feeding frenzy. Craig was on his knees slurping happily on the tall Arab. Mark then twisted round to take the big monster into his mouth and share it with Craig. The Arab loved the double service. As he did do, he felt a hard sharp object against his hole and knew the little man wanted to fuck him. Not known for being passive, Mark decided that this little cock might be fun, so he took two condoms out of his wallet and handed one to each man. The little man tore his open and had in on in seconds but his friend had real difficulty and it only cover about two thirds of the monster. Both boys were lubricated and Mark got it first. The little guy didn't waste time on ceremony and pushed his cock in with one thrust, fucking in and out immediately. He watched as Craig kneeled doggy fashion on the floor and the Arab started the process of entering him. Mark was fascinated as he watched it enter inch my inch. Craig took the entire cock up to the Arab's balls. Then he fucked.

He gripped Craig's thighs and started a frenzied fucking attack. Craig was howling with pleasure. Behind him, Mark felt the little man pick up speed too. He suddenly stopped, held Mark's hips, and the throb of cum pumping inside could clearly be felt. He pulled out and the sac plopped out with a quantity of cum that suggested his wife had not been supplying the goods for some time. The little man quietly dressed and left without waiting to help Mark finish. Mark moved over to the big Arab and put his hand to Craig's bum to feel the cock thrust in and out. He stood up and stretching over Craig's head, stuck his cock straight in the face of the Arab. At first he just looked at it, then his mouth opened and he took the cock in. The suck was amateurish but was serving a purpose. Craig groaned and his completely erect and untouched cock sprayed a load of cum without anyone touching it. The Arab was pushed near the edge and thrusting got more frenzied. Just as he was about to cum, Mark felt the end was near and tried to pull his cock out, not wanting to frighten the guy but he was too late and his seed came with a force that frightened even him. It shot into the open mouth, on his cheeks, over his shoulder and started to trickle down through his unshaven face. The Arab came is short forceful thrusts accompanied by matching grunts. He too had filled the condom with a load that could have fathered a whole street.

The Arab took the cum off his face with a finger and licked it with a smile.

The 'goodbyes' were short and sweet and the boys got the feeling that the wife didn't look too pleased. Even the kids seemed to know what had gone on with their winks. Mark wondered if they had been on the receiving end of it at some time.

The rest of the drive was uneventful and they arrived in Agadir in the late afternoon.

As they rested in their apartment, Mark realise something had happened. From having a close and personal love affair and being jealous if someone else even caught a glimpse of Craig's body, he was suddenly filled with an animal lust to have Craig abused in front of him. The idea of Craig being multi-fucked of being exposed to strangers, of being abused by other guys, suddenly overwhelmed him. He was slightly frightened by the thought but realised he still loved Craig deeply. Anyway, here they were in Agadir and, they had no idea of any gay structure here. They were going to rest!

The first day was spent exploring the town and even looking round the bazaars and shops. This place was slightly more European than Marrakech. Day two they headed for the beach. It was surprisingly quiet. The boys had packed one small bag with towels, swim trunks, sun cream and yes, they had packed condoms and lube just in case.

After sunbathing until about 2.30, they had a snack lunch and then decided to explore the beach which rambled away from the town more miles into the distance. The police patrolled by horse and in 4X4 trucks. The boys presumed the police were looking out for tourist safety. As they walked up the beach, the wind-whipped sand started to annoy them as it stung their faces and Mark suggested that they cut into the dunes and walk back that way. The area was very quiet with just a few Arab men sunbathing or just walking. It didn't feel cruisy as it was too quiet.

As they turned round a dune, they saw a naked Arab man stand up with his cock on full display. He stretched and smiled. They walked on and saw another on top of the next dune. The boys decided to 'set up camp' in a sheltered are at the base of a dune and close to some bushes. Within ten to fifteen minutes, two or three older but attractively slim Arabs had moved closer or were standing on top of the dune looking down. Two younger teenage boys walked past and smiled. The boys smiled back and the lads stopped. In 'pigeon' English the asked for a cigarette. As neither of them smoked, they couldn't help.

'Money for cigarettes,' one asked?

'No' said Mark.

'I show you the best places to go,' he said. 'I and my friends know where English boys can find good fun with women.'

'We're not looking for women,' Mark said.

'Ah, then you want men and boys,' they said in a 'matter of fact' way?

The lack of an answer seemed to say it all.

'Come with us and we will show you.'

The boys followed blindly back into the scrubland followed by at least three other guys from the beach. Everyone seemed to know where they were going except Craig and Mark who were glad they hadn't brought much in the way of valuables. After about 15 minutes they saw a large desolate wooded area. The bushes seemed impenetrable but still they headed there. The young Arabs pushed at some of the bushes and they parted. Behind was a slim pathway heading deep into the scrub. As they all entered, the bushes could be heard parting behind them. This didn't seem to deter the Arab boys at all. Soon, they were in an open area, cleared at ground level but still covered from above. As the British boys took stock, suddenly aware that they were vulnerable, four Arab men appeared, having followed them into the area. They recognised them as some of the naked men from earlier so knew the intentions were sexual and not violent.

Again, Craig's red hair was the centre of attraction as the men shed what little garb they had and four tall 30-40 year olds stood wanking very healthy meat. Mark assumed that the young lads were the bait and that they would go, but was pleasantly surprised to see them take their shirts and shorts off too. All headed towards Craig in a feeding frenzy. They caressed his hair, licked his body and one of the young Arab's actually started sucking his cock. Mark stripped himself and dived into the mace. Soon his balls and cock were being handled too. Movement behind announced another visitor who was obviously further behind the group as they headed here. This stocky, dark skinned Arab exuded money but his smile suggested they should keep at it. They all did. Fingers were at Craig's arse and it was obvious they all wanted a piece of it.

'Are you going to be able,' gasped Mark.

'Try me,' said Craig.

'I might just do that,' he said.

Mark opened his bag and pushed everyone back to spectator level. He lubricated Craig carefully and generously and made a point of putting on a condom, more as a visual warning than a necessity. They all stood and watched as he put a rug over a fallen tree stump, his legs either side, and his pink rosebud surrounded by red hair, pointing skyward. The gasps were audible. He entered steadily as the audience gathered round to wank and watch. He fucked steadily, enjoying the attention from the masturbating men. They seemed resigned to be spectators only but Mark knew better. Well before the point of orgasm, he slowly withdrew and pointed to the boys to take turns. They grabbed the offered condoms and stood one behind the other. The older boy of about 18, stuck a sweet little 5 inch cock into Craig and humped with the enthusiasm only a hungry teenager can. Craig was groaning in ecstasy and the boy didn't take long to blow his load. He withdrew quickly, discarding a full condom and his pal was in without any preamble. He fucked Craig like an object, a hole, just there for his pleasure. Mark was struggling not to cum too early as he choreographed the event.

One tall 30 year old Arab stood alongside Mark, stroking his own cock with one hand and gently pushing a finger into him while he stood. Mark would normally object but found it quite exotic. The older, wealthy looking Arab arrived behind him and took the lube from Mark's hand, spreading it on his cheeks. Mark tried to stop him, pointing at Craig. He wanted all of them to fuck Craig.

The older man nodded and said in broken English, 'Him too.'

The second boy had emptied his balls and the tall Arab next to Mark moved forward and grabbed a condom. Mark bent forward to get it for him as he felt the cock behind him enter. The older man was not big but his cock was wide and the entry was smooth but quite painful. It was only the sight of the large 9 inch Arab cock entering Craig that eased the pain. The older man grunted slightly as he shagged at a stooping Mark, and Craig watched as the fourth cock in succession entered. Now the other two men had donned condoms and stood in a queue behind Craig's fucker, stroking their own cocks while they watched and waited. The tall Arab grunted as his staccato body movement suggested he was disgorging his seed into Craig. Number five, took Craig off the log and lay him and the blanket on the ground to lift Craig's legs and enter from the front. His 7 inches entered easily with Craig's legs forming a large 'Y' above his head.

The two young lads hadn't run away and were actually standing over the scene, their young cocks fully erect again as they masturbated. Mark's hole was getting quite sore from his fucker so he eased himself gently off. The man understood and moved over to queue the final guy who was waiting to fuck Craig. The final guy was having none of it and made sure as his predecessor was exploding into the condom up Craig's arse, he was the next to enter. The older man shrugged and waited patiently. Mark looked up to find the younger Arab boy lubricating himself before offering his arse to him. Mark didn't need a second telling and pulled on a condom before easing his cock into the young guy. He was now alongside Craig facing him on the ground, his hand around the boy wanking his cut cock.

The man who fought so hard to be next to fuck Craig, came within 2 minutes of entry, probably his warm up had brought his too close to the edge. The older man eased his thick cock in almost immediately and the additional width was noticeable on Craig's face. The older man pulled him close to him, his legs still in the air as he started a slow and steady fuck. He knew what he was doing and the look on Craig's face told him so. As Craig lay wanking his own cock, a stream of cum erupted over his head and face as the older of the two young Aran boys exploded for a second time. Craig lapped what he could and the sight was too much for Mark, he came in the young guy and, without touching the lad's cock, his stiff member exploded too, sending another spray of cum over Craig. Craig couldn't hold out and shot over his own chest. The quantity was enormous, jetting straight over Craig's head in the first instance and then dolloping on his belly. The older man, pulling his cock out, pulled off his condom and added to the mess on Craig.

The other men had all gone just leaving the two young guys, who they figured were waiting for some payment, and the older guy. They all mopped up and the older guy promised to see them safely off the beach. He handed some notes to the younger boys who disappeared immediately and kindly escorted Mark and Craig out of the bushes and then in another direction to join a road behind where they had been. Conveniently parked was a large Jeep into which they bundled to be taken to their apartment.

On they way, they realised that he was a wealthy local businessman and that he had a craving for Western young men and much more importantly, red-haired Western young men. He thanked them for the privilege of being able to fuck them. He asked what their fantasies were and Mark confessed they had almost fulfilled all of them in 10 days.

He looked at Mark and said, 'You want to see your lover seduced no ravaged by young Arabs, is that it?'

'Well I did,' said Mark.

He ignored Mark's answer and said that his fantasy had been fulfilled that afternoon. Young Arab men are an easy commodity for me but red-haired Westerners are not. He asked them to dinner two nights later and said he would send a car. As it was their final night, they agreed.

Mark was amazed that Craig's hole wasn't ripped to shreds but the lube had done its job and some careful cream rubbing soon reduced any inflammation from the shagging. Though he had had seven cocks in him, including Mark, the fuckings had been very short and the whole event had taken no longer than about 30 minutes so thankfully no damage had been done. Mark's first entry had eased open Craig's hole gently and made the subsequent ones easier to take.

They relaxed over the next two days and realising that their host might want another stab at them, they prepared for the possibility of sex on the final evening. The Jeep arrived, driven by a young attractive Arab lad in smart black trousers and white t-shirt and they were taken to an attractive villa in its own grounds just outside Agadir. The meal was taken quite early, around 7.00pm and was delicious lamb, crumbly and tender, served with fabulous couscous rich with vegetables. They were offered sticky sweet cakes to follow and some wine to drink. They noticed that their Arab friend joined them in drinking the wine!

Very politely the Arab gentleman, who had introduced himself as Hafiz, explained that he was a well know businessman and though surrounded by beautiful Arab boys, had a craving for pale skinned blonde and particularly, red-haired, European boys. He could not believe his luck when he had stumbled upon Craig and Mark in the beach area. He asked if the boys would be offended if he asked them to strip again so he could view their beauty. Now Hafiz was not unattractive but neither was be beautiful. He looked to be around his mid-forties, was slightly plump and was not too tall. He was well groomed, exceedingly polite and he did have a thick cock. The boys adopted a 'what the heck' attitude and stripped.

Hafiz did nothing much really. He laid both boys together on a couch and caressed their cocks until they were both hard. He licked both in turn sucking their cocks' then balls, meanwhile stroking his own cock. Craig was prepared to take this man's cock into him again but he seemed just content to stroke them and fondle them.

Suddenly he stood up. 'You young men have been extremely kind to an old man and I appreciate you allowing me to indulge my fantasy. I am aware that just as I fantasise over European cocks, you have an interest in Arab cocks. I also realise that you enjoy the attention of many at once. Well I enjoy seeing this and as a treat for you, I have invited some of my young friends here tonight to attend to you.'

With that, he clapped his hands and the doors opened. Mark looked amazed as ten young Arab boys from late teenagers to early twenties, came in. All wore white briefs and all were stunning. He noted the driver was amongst them. Hafiz stripped and sat on a chair to watch the proceedings and Mark and Craig were surrounded by the young men. Within minutes the room was awash with twelve naked men, all erect. Craig was again the centre of attraction. They really DID like red hair! They lay back as cocks were thrust into their mouths and young men sucked on their cocks. Mark was as hard as he could ever remember. Hafiz was videoing.

He shouted across to Mark, 'A copy for you before you go to remind you of Morocco.' Mark nodded.

Soon Mark was on his knees sucking cock after cock. Everywhere he looked another hard circumcised cock hit his face or filled his mouth. He delved into this, as did Craig, for around 15 minutes.

Hafiz spoke to Mark in a loud voice. 'Young man, you have a real fantasy don't you. It concerned your friend and many other young men.'

At first Mark was puzzled and then realised this shrewd man had worked out what he really wanted to see. Craig being gang-banged!

Hafiz came across and the boys stepped back. He handed the camera to one of the boys and started to lubricate Craig. Craig groaned as his fingers gently entered him opening him softly. When Craig was ready, he suggested Mark enter him first. Mark eased his cock into Craig who knelt on all fours, and started to fuck as all around wanked and watched. Mark only fucked for a short while and when he withdrew, Hafiz said something to all the boys in Arabic and then said to Mark, 'They will not cum until all have finished with him.'

Mark sat on the couch with Hafiz, watching the spectacle as young man after young man took position behind Craig. The line of condom-clad cocks stood straight behind Craig's eager arse and they all took it in turns to enter him, thrust their dicks in and fuck him. Each boy took around 5-10 minutes before pulling out, taking off the condom and standing to watch. Once lad of about 20 had almost 9 inches and Mark noticed Hafiz had kept him until last. Craig took the big cock in one thrust and rolled to take him on his back with his legs open. The site was spectacular and more than once Mark had to stop wanking to prevent himself cumming.

When the final lad pulled out, Hafiz asked Mark and Craig to lie alongside each other on the tiled floor. The cool tiles were pleasing against their backs. All 10 boys and Hafiz then took position over them and started to wank. Mark and Craig knew what was going to happen and tried to time their own orgasm. When the first jet of teen Arab cum hit their neck and face, they hardly had time to enjoy the pleasure before a wave of cum plastered over them. Ten loads of hot young sperm jetted full loads over their bodies and Hafiz wasted no time in handing over the camera and adding his to both boys faces. Mark and Craig fired streams of thin cum high in the air to land with the thick, rich semen already coating their bodies. Thirteen cum loads in total gave the air a rich smell of ammonia and Hafiz lowered himself to them and kissed both boys in return, the cum mixing with his kiss and he moved from Mark to Craig.

He whispered, 'A present from Agadir!'

The boys left for Marrakech the following day, and onwards to London, clutching a DVD recording of the event for posterity. Their relationship took on a new meaning after that. They were closer than they had ever been and to all their friends, they still rarely parted when they visited the local gay bars but then, few of their local friends ever went on holiday with them!!

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