I was in my third year at State, I am gay and considered a nice looking guy by most standards. I am on the swim team, I play baseball, and do track and field, and In College competition we have really done great this year.

I am really proud of how I have kept my grades up, preparing for a job out in the public eye. I guess I was unprepared for what I had seen that afternoon.

I had gone to the college book store and they have a food section, snack bar etc. I was setting at one of the tables drinking a coke, when outside the store window I noticed Carlton and Sherie Dalton, a hot looking, sexy blonde Cheerleader, with huge boobs.

Now Carlton Tilman, has been my lover on campus for about the last two years. I had met him when I first tried out for the swim team, God he was gorgeous.

I had gone to the swimming pool locker room area, and there stood Carton, bent over naked getting ready to put on his speedo, I just stood over at his side staring and ogling his awesome body. His ass was fenominal,his cock was awesome looking,thick and beautifully cut,his body was clear of all hair except his pubic bush which was closly trimmed to prevent drag when swimming, yet it still looked manly.

I was in awe of his physique. My sexual feeling were stirring in my stomach and my cock started to react, I quickly got my speedo's on and tried to get away from the situation.

Now you must realize wearing a speedo doesn't do much to hide a seven and a half inch boner, it was sticking upright to the side like an awning pole on a porch. I was rather self conscious and embarrassed. I realized Carlton had noticed it, he just smiled, looked down at my boner sticking outright and winked at me.

Man I was really excited about his reaction to my cock being stiff, sticking out like that, Maybe there was something there that I could hope for.

I quickly jumped in the cool water and started doing a lap, I could tell it had finally shrank down to normal soft size, I could breath easy now.

After practice I was in the showers and in walked Carlton, as gorgeous as he could be, he smiled at me winked, leaned over and whispered in my ear, 'Your cock looks awesome man, can it be had?'

I stammered a little and said, 'Oh Yeah, to the right person,'

'What about me, am I in that catagory?'

'Oh yeah, I would love to sometime.'

We took our shower and went out and started drying, we were the last ones in the locker room, thats when Carlton came up behind me while I was bent over and just pressed his almost hard cock against the crack of my ass, I wanted him to take me right there.

'Carlton just placed his hands on my hips and pushed into me and said,'want to come up to my room with me now?' I smiled and turned around to see Carltons thick cock standing outright before my face. 'Oh yeah, that would be awesome.'

We finished up in the locker room, went up to Carlton's room.

We opend the door and got inside, Carlton grabbed me and turned me around and started kissing me like a wild man, 'Sorry man, but I need this so fucking bad, My nuts have been aching for release for a month now,'

I started undressing Carlton, He started undressing me. We were fumbling around like two kids in a candy store. I finally got his trousers off when I noticed his rock hard cock, it was even bigger than I had remembered.

I slid his tighty whites off his feet and reached up and took his nutsack into my hands, and started licking on his nutbag as I slowly gently stroked his cock back and forth, I was in Zombie Land.

Carlton was making these little wimpering, lightly grunting sounds as I started working on his cock and balls.

Finally I took his cock into my mouth and was massaging his nuts which felt like eggs in my hands, they were awesome.

I had sucked on his cock for about five or six minutes when he said,'Ken,get up on the bed, I want to fuck you,' I quickly complied with his request, my raging hardon flopping around like a loose sail rigging.

We got up on the bed and Carlton took my cock into his hand and started sliding his hand back and forth, the pre-cum made it easy for me it was like he was sucking it, slick and slippery.

I was getting so turned and the feeling was building up, when he got up to my body, I was on my back, and he pulled my legs up over his shoulders, I watched him as he slicked his cock with salive, and salive and pre-cum makes an awesome lube, pure and natural, His cockhead was glistening from the wetness, making it look very hard and large, veiny, god it was amazing to see.

I felt so awesome as he raised my legs upward, lifting my ass up to meet his cock head, and I felt his massive cock start its journey into my inner being, god I had never felt anything so fucking good in my life.

finally I was folded over like a closed pocket knife. I had Carltons glassy, sex crazed eyes glistening right in front of my own, I felt his hot, wet lips as he started kissing me and his tongue was darting into my waiting, wanting mouth, God was I ever feeling awesome. But what excited me the most was the realization that I had Carltons long,thick, hard, throbbing cock in my asshole to the hilt, I was in dreamland, each thrust brought a new sensation an almost electric wave of pulsing sensations. I was on fire inside, If Carlton's cock was twelve inches long and nine inches around I would have still wanted all of him inside my manhole.

Carlton was hammering, and jamming me like I was his love doll, and I was loving every move he made, I was hunching back up at him with each thrust and I was giving back as good as I was receiving.

I was watching Carlton's face to see for the signs, and there they were, his face started getting red, he was hammering more profusely, His breathing was really laboured and his cock felt like it was getting harder and bigger.

I felt like a bride on her wedding night, I was so happy to make Carlton feel like he was feeling at that moment.

I could feel the rim of his cockhead as it slid over the prostate, making me shiver with pangs of pleasure, I knew if he could last just a little while longer I would be reaching my climax soon, I felt his hard flared cock head as it went into my rectum opening,it felt like a peice of stone, and my prostate started doing its little pleasure dance, I started blowing my load, god it was amazing, I shot cum on the wall over my head, Carlton seemed to be in slowmotion as he hammered that last time, His steel hard cock sunk into the hilt as It fired off filling me with so much of his cum that it leaked out around his cock while it was still buried to the hilt in my asshole.

I was totally exhausted when Carlton, just said, 'Holy Fuck Man,' and he flopped down ontop of me.

We layed there, spent, exhausted, drained of every ounce of energy.

From that moment on Carlton just looked happy, fulfilled and totally different to me. Maybe I was in love, I wasn't sure if that is what it was or not. I just knew I wanted to be with him all the time, and I couldn't wait to have his manhood back inside me again.

This was one of the most incredible memories I have had of me a Carlton.

My heart was broken, He had just told me he was thru with the guy thing and wanted to be with Sherie, I was devestated. I cryed about two weeks, I missed classes and just plain felt like my world had ended.

Second semester was coming up and we were getting our second semester schedules.

I had noticed that my dorm room mate was leaving, transferring to a different college. I really cant say it was a big loss he was a egotistical, self centered, bigotted asshole and I was glad to see him go, he was a homophobic jerk too, I hadn't ever let him know about my personal life at all.

I was setting on the chair in the study area of our rooms and the door opened and In walked a very nice looking black guy with a suitcase, some boxes and a backpack full of all sorts of books and things.

'Hey there I'm Mitchell,I guess I am going to be your new roommate.'

'Hey man, hows it going?'

'I hope you don't mind haveing a black roommate.'

'Hell no man, not at all, my best buddy back in High School was a black dude.'

'Thats awesome man, we are going to be great friends.'

I helped Mitchell get his stuff into the room, showed him the dressers for his clothes and the closet.

'Oh by the way my name is Ken,'

'I'm very glad to meet you Ken.'

We got settled in and then he said,'Where is the shower man?' Ive been on the road for four days getting here, I need to wash the crud from my limbs.'

I just smiled and said,'Hey I am needing to get a shower to, I'll go with you.'

We tookd our gear and headed for the Dorm shower room, which is just a tiled shower room with several heads sticking out from teh walls.

we got naked, and walked into the shower room, I glanced out of my perifferal vision scan and noticed just how awesome looking a guy Mitchell really was, he was built even better built than Carlton was, his body was that dark bronze man, very handsomely defined, his legs looked like he was a miler or at least a good runner. I just finally looked over and smiled at Mitchell as he soaped up his body, I was at the point of going bonkers as he soaped up his gorgeous smooth dark skinned chest muscles, he let his fingers linger on his nipples and sorta squeezed them as he washed, his smooth, rippled abs were like they belonged the statue of Michaelangelo's David.

My mouth was watering as my mind played the dreaming and longing game, I could just feel his hot thick lips kissing my mouth, I wanted to fall on my knees and worship that long, thick, uncut cock. Mitchell was a god, with an awesome personality, He noticed me ogling and just said,'Ken, put your tongue back into your mouth,' I just smiled and said,'You Wish,' and started laughing, we both got a good laugh out of that statement.

Back in the room I was doing some work on a paper when Mitchell came up behind me and started rubbing my neck, and shoulder muscles like giving a good rubdown, It felt fenominal to feel his long thick, strong fingers on my shoulder muscles, and I was beginning to feel the effects of his having his hands on me in my trousers too.

My cock was starting to wake up from a sound sleep and was wanting to check things out for itself.

Mitchell finally said, 'Sorry man, but I need some sleep,I hope you don't mind but I need to crash right about now.' I just smiled and said, 'Help yourself man, the bedroom is in the other room.' Mitchell Disappeared and I sat there studying my books for a while longer, I listened as he started lightly snoring. My mind was wondering as I thought about all the days events.

Mitchell was an awesome looking man, I wondered if he might be at least 'Bi' or if he would be interested in me if he was, I only knew that I would love the chance to try.

I finally got done with my paper, stood up and yawned, stretched, and took my self to the bathroom, took a leak.

I got Into the bedroom and thats when I noticed something that made me almost swallow my tongue.

Mithcell was laying on top of the blankets on his bed, buck naked. I swallowed really hard as my eyes scanned over his gorgeous, smooth black skin, I wanted to jump his bones so bad I could taste it. I knew I might get killed or at best told to go to hell and get away but I had to touch that beautiful skin, my heart was racing like mad, I was so excited.

I gently took off all my clothes, naked like Mitchell, and gently sat down on the edge of his bed. I reached out and touched his arms, his sking felt like velvet, god he was awesome, his muscles were tight, hard and heavy. I rubbed gently down his back, I noticed he didn't even stir, I thought he was sleeping so sound an earthquake wouldn't wake him.

I rubbed my hand down his back untill I came to his ass, Jesus it was the most beautiful ass I had ever seen or felt, tight, rounded, beautiful with these tiny black curly hairs all over, I slid my hand between his ass cheeks slightly spreading them apart, I wanted to stick my tongue in that crack so fucking bad I was about to explode. I gently rubbed my hands down on his legs and let my hand fall between his legs at the but crack, I felt the underside of his nutsack, I was in heaven by then, I felt him stir a little and he just raised on of his legs up a little and gave me a much better enterance place, I could see his whole bag then and I started to rub up inside his crotch area as far as my hands could get, at first I felt his soft cock just laying to the side, and then I felt it as it began to swell up, I was so fucking excited, I leaned over and began to kiss his lovely smoothe hard as cheeks and then I spread his ass cheeks to lick that little starfish opening, I heard him say something under his breath undiscernable, I just kept it up, as I liked his asshole gently with my hot wet tongue, I felt his cock start to flex and before I knew it, it was like a rock under my left hand.

I wrapped my hand around his awesome, thick hunk of meat, as I licked the back of his nutsack and licked his anal opening.

What happened next almost floored, I heard 'awe fuck man,Muther fucker that feels fantastic,' I got into the program then. I started jamming my tongue into his asshole like crazy and he reached around and pulled my shoulders up against his ass.

Mitchell then turned over and his nine and a half inche cock stuck straight up in the air, thick and heavey the foreskin was already pulled back exposing that lovely head and I dove into it like a starving man after a meal.

'Oh Fuck Ken,' Mitchell grabbed my head and sunk his huge black cock all the way into my throat, I almost gagged but I held my own.

Mitchell said,'Can I fuck you Ken?' I got up on teh bed took a tube of lube I had and slicked up his huge cock, then I got up over Mitchell as he looked at me with lust filled eyes and just set down on his cock, I thought he would scream with the pleasure of haveing his cock sunk to the balls in my hot ass.

My thought went back to Carlton, but even those memories paled in comparison to the feeling this was bringing. I was feeling my self as though I was in Nirvana.

Mitchell, just smiled at me, and said.'Ken I had no Idea your would like this, It has been so long since I did anything like this. God it feels so awesome.'

Mitchell rolled me over, never becoming disconnected as he did, we started a lovers rythm as he started stuffing me time and again with that awesome black meat of his, It didn't take very long with his fucking like this with my legs up on his shoulders and his huge cock stuffed all the way in and pullling out completely before repeating that action. I was in love again.

Mithcell just started hitting it like a jack hammer which I love that feeling I was almost screaming as he brought me to a hard, hard climax with just his cock up my ass, and as I blasted cum all over us both, He began jerking and filling my body with his seed. God it was the most intense climax I have ever had, I didn't want Mitchell to remove his cock, even after we layed there for a half hour or more.

Mitchell just said, 'Ken we need to get cleaned up, Thank you so much, I was wanting to tell you I was gay but afraid you would not like me,'

'Not like you, fuck man, I fell in love with you tonight.' Mitchell smiled and grabbed some tissues and started cleaning us both up.

So far this year, things have been awesome with Mitch and me, I don't even think about old whats his name anymore, I just wish him the best, but I think I got the best.



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