I had finished my basic training at Fort Leonard Wood in Central Missouri, gotten transferred to Ft. Benning Georgia, and started my advanced infantry training.

I had met several guys that I had connected with but nothing special, Untill I noticed a new guy named Trey.

Trey was a different sort of young man, about twenty, nicely built, but sort of a nurd. Very much a reader, and very intelligent, almost a mastermind in mathematics, and quite a scholar.

He for some reason had gotten placed in the infantry and I was doing what I could to help him out with his training, actually he was not doing that great, It seemes like the drill Sargent had taken a like for the taste of Trey's ass, because he was always on it or chewing it out. I felt sorry for Trey.

One thing that I had to say about Trey was that he never lost his composure and dignity. I was beginning to admire and really respect him for his handling of all situations, he never got bewildered or bent out of shape, no matter how much stress and pressure the Sargent put him under.

We had just gotten back from a ten mile march and our asses were all dragging and worn out, needing a hot shower and some sleep, we had marched all day long it seemed.

I grabbed my p/h bag and headed for the shower room, I stripped off layed my clothes on the bench and walked into the shower room, which consisted of an open room with urinals, open stalls and on the other side was about ten shower heads hanging out from the walls.

I was standing there letting that awesome hot water run down over my body and I heard Trey's voice, I opened my eye and I saw this guy, standing beside me, I looked down and I had not at that time ever seen Treys package, but Holy Mother of God, His cock looked like a small elephants trunk, uncut, hangind down over these two balls that looked like a sac of two potatos, Jeezus, he was hung like a mule.

I shrunk back as he smiled and noticed me looking at his cock hanging there, I was afraid he would notice my half hard seven and a half inches.

He just smiled as I stared. Up to that time I had felt quite well endowed.

We showered up and headed back for the bed area of the barracks.

I was in awe at the size of Trey's cock, I had to say something to him about its enormous size, He told me that back in school,in Jr. High school, He was made fun of alot, because guys would see it in the locker room and make fun of how big it was, they had nick-named him Donkey Dick. He said it really made a difference in how he related to girls and other guys.

I listened to his sad story and I really felt for him.

We had bunked next to each other and I had witnessed him beating his meat, or should I say slamming his Ham, a couple times after lights out, and for some reason I kept visualizing that huge cock of his, hard, and angry looking, shooting a wad of cum that size of a breeding horse. And for some reason I would get aroused at the thought of it.

Now mind you I had never had a gay thought in my life, I had always thought of myself as a ladies man,although I had admired guys asses and crotches and especially the cocks and balls, during swimming sessions at the pool back home and during gym classes in School.

So here I was thinking about Trey's cock under those blankets being stroked and I felt my cock w getting hard, thickening up and wanting the same attention, which I gladly gave it.

It was about six weeks into my further training when we were taken out to a deserted area and dropped of with all our marching geer and paraphanilia.

We were given sleeping tents and told to Pick out a place and set up our tent, and choose a tent mate, well of course Trey picked me, I agreed.

We played wargames that day, worked on hand to hand combat and as evening fell a light rain started falling over the entire area, it looked like it had settled in for the night so we all went to our tents, pulled out ration packs and had a wonderful cardboard gormet meal, I figured I would be shitting envelopes from that meal, But according to the Army manual it is suppose to be as nutritionally perfect as a meal can be.

We set there and shot the bull listening to the rain as it hit the tent.

Trey smiled and said, 'Hey Dylan, do you ever get horny and want to feel someone elses touch on your body and your cock?'

'Hell yeah, sometimes I get so fucking hot and horny that I would fuck a snake if it would hold still,' Trey started laughing.

Trey started looking right into my eyes, and he said, 'Dylan, what would you say if I told you I would love to suck you off?'

I just set there trying to figure out in my mind if I had heard him correctly, 'Would you say that again?

'What would you say if I told you I want to suck your cock.?'

'I,I,I, Im not sure,' but the thought of getting my cock sucked was rather tempting,'

'Well Dylan, Im gay, and I love to suck cock, and of course I love getting sucked off too, but I have been wanting to suck your cock for a long time, actually ever since I saw you in that shower that first day.'

'Well you think it over and let me know what you think, O.K. But please if you decide not to, please don't tell the other guys, I would get kicked out for sure.'

'Oh hell no man, why would I do that, I may not want to get a blowjob now, but I might change my mind anytime.'

'Well Dylan, think it over and let me know.'

I really had something to think about, would I be gay if I got a blowjob,which I would really love right now, would I want to take it farther, maybe I would like it so much I would become gay myself, Hell man there are a lot of options to draw from.

I layed down there on my back pack and the blanket. It was so hot and sweaty there that hot steamy August night, Trey and I stripped off to our underwear, boxers at that. I layed down and propped the flap of the tent open to let some fresh cooler air in, and layed there feeling almost awesome as the fresh air blew across my almost naked body. I was feeling no pain, but also a different kind of sexual arousal, I had never quite felt like this before, thinking about Trey's proposition.

I was noticing Trey's almost naked body as we layed there the rain had stopped and the clouds had disappeared and I could see Trey's body in the moonlight as he snoozed, I couldn't resist it, He was not muscular built,not an adonis, but he had a sexual magnatism that drew me to him.

I was noticing his body naked from the waist up and I guess it was his skin that attracted me, I had not touched another person's skin for a long time. I wanted to touch him and rub his nakedness, I felt this fire growing inside my body, I was getting so turned on, my cock had stiffened up and was tenting my boxers. I finally could take no more, it was like a compulsion.

I layed up on my left side looking over at Trey's body laying there on his blanket, and I reached over with my right hand and layed it on top of his heavy, thick cock, and as I felt it under my hand, I found myself rubbing and squeezing it with my thumb and forefinger.

I was breathing like a man getting ready to fuck for the first time, my heart was beating like a set of Kettle Drums in a Concert orchestra, I could feel it, and hear it in my ears as it pounded.

I don't remember being this excited in my life, This was totally new to me.

And then I felt it happening, Trey's cock started hardening up inside his boxers, I opened the piss slit in the front which was already standing open and fished out his cock, Jesus Fucking Christ it was the biggest cock I had ever seen, in real life or in a magazine, it was absolutely unreal.

I Later found out when we measured it it was thirteen inches long, and almost seven inches around.

I stroked its foreskin back and forth as I started jacking Trey off in his sleep.

I was really setting a good rythm when I felt Trey move and lean up on his elbows.

'What The Fuc--,Ah Shit man, that feels so fucking good.'

'Sorry man, I just had to try to see what it felt like to touch another guy,'

'Hey man Don't appologize, I'm loving the shit out of it and Please don't stop.'

I leaned over and really started working Trey's ock over, and then it hit me like a bolt of Lightning, I wanted to taste it and see what that was like.

I Leaned over and licked the head of his cock with my tongue, I thought Trey would fly off the ground, I guess he was really sorta taken back by all this, me being 'supposed Straight and all,'

But he just layed there and really seemed to enjoy it.

He finally stopped me and said,'Hey we need to make this two sided instead of you doing me.'

we traded ends and slipped off our boxers and he just took my cock and slid his lips to the pubic hair with the first suck, I thought I would stop breathing, it felt so fenominal, damn I hadn't felt any thing like this or even close to this in a very long time, I had almost forgotten that it was guy doing the sucking but all I knew I had never felt a blowjob like this before either.

I went back to sucking on Trey's cock and we got into a rythm or mutual cocksucking and got lost in it, I was in a totally new realm in my new world with this.

Trey was one fantastic cocksucker and I was one happy camper by having him suck me.

I was feeling sensations that were totally knew to me, and I was tasting tastes totally new to me too. I was loving it all, and I wanted more.

I loved the feeling of his throbbing, hard, pre-cum leaking cock in my mouth.

I was beginning to really desire the taste of this empending cum shot.

Thats when I felt that feeling deep down in my loin area that signaled the cum boiling up in my groin area. I could feel the tightness of my nuts as the sack tightened up against the base of my cock and I knew it was just about there, and fuck I wanted it bad, Trey's warm, moist mouth was working it's magic on my seven and a half inches and I was almost there, I shoved my cock forward and I felt that sensation in the head and lower shaft of my cock as it unloaded into Trey's mouth.

Trey just held his ground and swallowed my cum like it was his dessert for the evening, and about the time I had finished, I felt his huge thick slab of cock shoot his load into my throat, I almost started gagging as I quelled it and swallowed.

His body jerked and made little strange movements as I sucked and squeezed the last little morsel of cum from his cock, I was in love with this thing called giving head.

We both held each other and Trey said, hey man this is just the icing on the cake in this thing called man to man sex.

Trey just smiled and we slept like babies that night.

The next morning we both woke up and felt fantastic, Trey said, there was more to learn if I was interested, I can't wait to see what my next lesson will be, but I am enjoying the benefits of what I have learned. I guess time will tell.



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