A real relationship was new territory for both Mike and Wade. Neither one of them had been in a real relationship so sometimes they didn't know how to react in certain situations. Both of them had very busy careers that they enjoyed. But at the end of the day it was spending time with each other that they cherished. They had a good balance of work and home life. Neither one of them were ones to have a huge social network although they had friends. Since their relationship was new they just wanted to enjoy it and get to know each other.

Today was an usually tough day for both of us and we decided to relax in bed before going to sleep. Hey Mike I said. When was the last time you took a vacation? Wow its been a long time, with starting my business and having the house built. Probably about 5 or 6 years, Why? Yea its been about that long for me too. How do you feel about us taking a vacation this winter together? You know that sounds like a great idea. When were you thinking Mike asked. Well the shop is slow in February and March so really anytime during those months are good for me. How about you? Hmmm I don't see any reason I couldn't take off then. How long were you thinking? Well a week isn't long enough, how about two weeks? Man a two week vacation would be awesome Mike replied. Think you can handle me 24/7 Mike joked. I live with you remember? I replied. Yes I can handle you 24/7. Geez you aren't that bad Mike. Your actually very easy to get along with. And I love being with you I said as I pulled Mike next me.

Any idea where we might go Mike asked. Yea I replied. There is a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico that I was reading about a few months ago. I can't remember the name of it. Let me see if I can look it up on my iPad. I searched for a few minutes. Ahh there it is. Isla Culebra. Its really cool because its not a big tourist trap and the beaches are beautiful and never crowded. Thats my kind of place. Take a look and let me know what you think. Mike scrolled thru the information and really liked it. What do you think of maybe spending a few days in San Juan before going to Culebra? Yea that sounds like a great idea. You really think so? Well yea Mike said, it would be great to getaway with you for a couple of weeks. And NO work!!

Hey I just remembered. My friend Jack is a travel consultant and I know he would be glad to help us plan out the trip. I'll give him a call in the morning. Cool I replied. It will be great to get away for a couple of weeks and out of the cold and snow. We snuggled and relaxed as the ceiling fan cooled our bodies as we fell asleep.

Ugh why does morning come so quickly I said as the alarm buzzed. Hey Mike, its time to get up bud. I got up and took my shower and shaved. Mike stumbled into the bath room. Tire I said? Not really, I just need to wake up. Hey I'll make breakfast while you take a shower I said. Mike looked at me. Umm you are going to make breakfast he asked with a concerned look. Look bucko I know how to make breakfast. Yea ok Mike replied, just don't burn anything again he said with a smile. Ok smart ass I replied as I grabbed his butt.

Mike took his shower and I made breakfast for us. Mmm smells good Mike said. Yea and I didn't burn anything. Mike laughed. I was just kidding with you. No you weren't, I know I burned a couple of things but I was careful this time.

Actually its really good Wade, I'm impressed. Thanks, but don't get used to it. I hate to cook. I'd rather help you and you tell me what to do. Mike winked at me.

Ok Mikey, I gotta get to the shop, I hugged Mike and kissed him. I'll give you a call I said as I ran out the door. Oh and call your friend Jack about the trip I said. You got it. See ya. Ok Mike replied. Ugh I hate leaving Mike in the morning I thought as I drove to the shop. He's all alone all day except when his clients are there. I worry about him. You never know when a kook may try something. At least I know he can handle himself..but just the thought worries me anyway.

Before my first appointment arrives in 45 minutes I'll give Jack a call about the trip. Hey Jack its Mike, how have you been? Mike he replied. I've been fine. I've missed you. We need to catch up our lives. Yea, things sure have taken a turn for the better I replied. Really Mike? Yea I replied. I finally met an awesome guy. Omg Mike that is just awesome. Its about time. How about you Jack, how have you been? Well just like you I met a great guy as well. We chatted about our love life and how we met.

Listen Jack, Wade and I would like to take a vacation this winter and I want you to plan it for us. We are thinking the last two weeks of February. Wade thought about a few days in San Juan and then the remainder in Isla Culebra. Culebra? Jack said. Wow there is nothing there but gorgeous beaches and very few people. There is a really nice W resort there. I've never been there but it is a nice resort. Listen, Jack, why don't you and Mark come for the weekend on Friday and hang out with us. Then we can catch up and we can meet each others boyfriends. You know what Mike? That would be great and we don't have anything planned. I'll check with Mark just to make sure. But pencil us in. Ok Jack just send me a text and let me know for sure. Ok bye.

A few minutes later Jack sent me a text that they would be there Friday afternoon around 4. Perfect I thought.

I called Wade to let him know that Jack and Wade were spending the weekend with us and we would discuss and plan our vacation this weekend. Thats great he said I can't wait to meet your friends. I just hope they like me. Why wouldn't they like you I questioned. I don't know, you know how I am. I'll see you later Wade. Oh btw Mike, how about we take a walk along the river tonight. Just you and me I asked. You got a date Wade. See ya handsome. Ok Bye.

The week was very busy and flew by so fast, We were looking forward to Jack and Mark spending the weekend with us. They will be our first guests since Wade and I got together. It will be fun having them here I thought. Its been too long since I've seen Jack and he seems really happy. I know he's had a rough time the last few years. But he seems different.

Wade pulled up the driveway. Honey I'm home he yelled. Wow your home early I replied. Yea John let me go early since Jack and Mark were coming this afternoon. Yea they should be here in about 2 hours. How about you take a shower and change, then you can help me get everything ready. You got it boss. Wade was in the shower and singing as usual. Even though he can't hold a tune I loved hearing him sing.

Meanwhile I was preparing the London broil and some of the other dishes. Wade walked into the kitchen and wrapped his arms around me, wearing only a towel. Mmmm he said, it smells so good Mikey. You think its ok I said. Geez its a feast I replied. Ooops I said my towel fell off me I said playing with Mike. Yea like it just fell off all by itself he replied. Yep all by itself. Hey hurry up, Jack and Mark will be here any minute and I need your help. I know, I'll hurry. Hmm I like how Wades hair has grown out. Its naturally wavy and its a neat mess, he sure is a cutie I smiled to myself.

A few minutes later, I returned to the kitchen to help Mike with dinner. Omg I can't take it I said. The aroma from the food is killing me and I'm starved. There is some bread on the bar I said, that will hold you over. Ummm I was thinking of something else I replied as I kissed Mike's neck. Hey Jack and Mark are here, I just heard a car pull up. I looked out the window....um there is a really tall guy. Yep thats Mark...and a handsome shorter guy. Yea thats Jack. Nice looking couple I remarked. Yea Jack is handsome, but I've never met Mark. He might be handsome but not as handsome and hot as you I replied with a wink.

We opened the door and greeted Jack and Mark. Omg Jack its so good to see you I said as I hugged him. Its been way to long Jack replied. Mike and Wade this is Mark. And I returned this is Wade. We all shook hands and hugged. Come in guys and have a seat. Anyone for a beer I suggested. Yea that would be great Jack and Mark replied. I went to get the beers. Hey you need any help I asked Mike. Nah, I'm fine, why don't you entertain the guys and I'll have everything ready in a few minutes. Ok boss I replied.

Jack, Mark and I chatted for a few minutes till Mike announced that dinner was ready. I hope you all are hungry because Mike has a feast for us. Oh yea I'm starved said Mark, Jack laughed. My boy is always starving. Mark hooked his arm around Jack as they walked into the kitchen.

Wow Jack said you really did make a feast. Are you feeding an army? Yea 4 hungry guys...thats my army tonight. We had a great time at dinner and yes Mike out did himself and everything was delicious. Anyone up for dessert Mike asked. Ugh not me I replied I'm stuffed, maybe later. Same here Mark and Jack said.

So guys lets talk about this vacation you would like to take. We discussed our plans and the dates as Jack made some notes. I'll have everything for you in the morning he replied. Thats great we said.

Wade would you help me in the kitchen I asked. Sure I said as I excused myself. Whats up I asked. So I was thinking that we should invite Mark and Jack on vacation with us. I know you said it would just be the two of us. But I thought it would be nice to invite them. Hmmm I replied, I was thinking the same thing, I really like them and it would be fun. Are you sure Mike replied. Yea I'm fine with that.

We brought in the coffee and sat down. Umm Mike started. Wade and I would like to know if you two would like to join us on vacation this winter? Are you serious Jack asked? Yes we are serious, It would be great to spend time with you two. Thats really funny Mark said. We were just talking about a vacation again this winter but we couldn't decide where to go. Looks like we are all going to Puerto Rico Jack said. Wow this is gonna be a lot of fun we all agreed. I know exactly the hotel in San Juan and also the W hotel in Culebra. I'll have everything reserved and ready in the morning. Jack you can wait till you get back to work on Monday. Enjoy your weekend here. Its no problem. I can't wait to have everything in place by the time you all get up in the morning. Mark looked at Jack, Your gonna get up early on a Saturday to work? You? Mr Cranky? Some things never change Mike said. Yea Jack you always were a bit cranky in the morning. Jack gave us the finger and Mark hugged him.

Hey, would you guys like to go for a swim? The water in the pool is cool and will feel good. Mark and Jack looked at each other, Umm we didn't bring anything to swim in. Well as you can see there is no one around here and its completely private. So we can skinny dip Mark asked delighted? Oh yea I replied. We all went out on the deck and stripped off our clothes. I lit all the tiki torches to keep the bugs and mosquitoes away and then slid in the pool beside Mike. Jack and Mark told us about their trip to Tahiti. Sounds like you two had an awesome vacation. We sure did they replied. We all swam and relaxed in the pool for a while. I got out and spread a couple of blankets on the grass so we could dry off in the warm evening air. We all got out of the pool and laid down on our blankets. Mike pulled me down on top of him and we began to make out. Soon we heard Jack and Mark going at it as well.

Ok guys I said, before we get carried away out here I think we need to take this inside for some privacy. Mark and Jack smiled and agreed. We showed them their room. We could hear them having some fun in the shower.

Mike and I went to bed. Hey Jack and Mark area really nice I said to Mike. Yea they are Mike replied. Damn Mark is huge we commented. I bet Jack screams when Mark screws him with his big cock. We laughed as we started making out and made love.

The next morning Mike and I were in the kitchen when Mark and Jack got up and walked in wearing their boxers. Good morning boys we said. Morning they replied. Sounds like you two had a good time last night and this morning Mike laughed. Yea, you too were making a lot of noise I added. Mark and Jack looked embarrassed, Yea we heard you guys as well last night they replied. We all laughed. Guess we all had some fun I said.

Hey Jack, Mark said. I thought you were gonna get up real early and make those reservations for us Mark said. Yea I had every intention but I was distracted by someone he said as he winked a Mark. Someone or Something, Wade joked. You all are so bad Jack said. Yea I heard you hollering Mike joked. Jack just shook his head. Awww Jack I'm just messing with you. I'm so happy you and Mark found each other. I know you are he replied.

So how about if we get ready and go out for breakfast Mike said. I don't feel like cooking and there is a great farm house that serves up a great breakfast. Then we can come back and hang out at the pool all day. Yea and I'll make those reservations when we get back Jack said. We all got showered quickly and too off in Jack's new car and headed to the farm house. Mike and Jack were in the front and Wade and I were in the back.

Breakfast was awesome and we all loved the food and how fresh it was. Ugh its ungodly hot out here Mike commented. Yea its like the day we met remember I said. Yea that was a hot day wasn't it? Mmm in more ways than one Mike replied.

We went home and we all decided to just hang out at the pool and everyone was comfortable being naked around each other. We sat in the shade as Jack worked and made all the reservations for our vacation and took care of everything. Ok guys I have us all booked at the hotel in San Juan for 4 nights and the rest of our vacation at the W resort on Culebra. I was able to get us suites next door to each other on the beach. Oh and Business class air as well. We looked over the trip details and agreed it looked great...ok lets book it we said. Sitting by the pool we talked about our trip and how excited were all were. Umm Mike and Wade, Thank you for inviting us. We are really looking forward to this trip with you. Ahh, Thank you for taking care of the details for us.

Mark got out of the pool and was showing off his hard cock to everyone. Damn Jack, you can take that big thing in you Mike asked. Yea he can take it real good Mark bragged. I'm proud of you I replied. Mark laid down next to Jack and started playing with Jacks balls. Umm would you two like to get a room I said. Nahh we are fine right here if you don't mind. Your such a pervert Jack said, Yea and you love this pervert Mark shot back. I can tell this vacation is gonna be interesting Wade commented.

The weekend went by quickly and soon Jack and Mark had to leave. We made plans to visit them at their home. The holidays came and we spent New Year's eve together at a great Bed and Breakfast in the mountains. We all enjoyed spending time together and did so every chance we could.

Soon after the holidays were over it was just a few weeks until our vacation. We were all getting excited and couldn't wait to get out of the crazy weather and sub zero temperatures. Mike and I had bought new clothes for the trip and other things we needed.

Since Mark and Jack lived closer to JFK, we spent the night with them before the our flight the next day. Jack kept getting some text messages and we could tell Mark was getting annoyed with him. Hey who keeps texting you Mark asked. Ehhh just a customer I replied. Seems like a lot of texts Mark replied. Yea they are having some issues while they are traveling. We could tell Mark was a bit suspicious. Jack kept his phone in his pocket so Mark couldn't see who was texting and that made Mark even more suspicious but Jack just ignored him. Do you think you can turn that thing off Mark asked, its really annoying. Jack just looked at Mark. I can't, If a client is having issues I have to take care of it. Yea I know but still. Your on vacation too ya know? Relax babe Jack replied. They are fine now. But Mark was still suspicious.

Hey Mike can you help me in the kitchen Jack asked. Yea sure I replied. Ok whats up Jack? I asked. Omg Mark is driving me crazy because of those texts. Umm does he have any reason to be suspicious I asked. No not that way Jack replied. Listen, I'll tell you what is going on. You know the two guys we told you about that we met in Tahiti? Urs and Franco? Well I invited them to meet us in San Juan. I hope you don't mind. No I don't mind and think its great. Anyway Urs was just texting me and letting me know when they were arriving. Look Mark has no clue they are coming and I want to keep it that way. Don't even tell Wade....Yea those two are getting real chatty aren't they we laughed. Yea they get a long great. Mark is going to be so surprised because he keeps commenting how it would be great to see them again. Awww I said, you always were full of surprises Jack. Jack smiled, but it makes Mark crazy. But isn't that the fun of it I replied. Yea but this time he's getting annoyed and I hope he doesn't get upset with me. Come on Jack, Mark loves you. I can't imagine him getting upset with you. Yea he has but there was a good reason for it. Was that when you were in Tahiti? Yea, that was awful. Like you said Jack, he had a good reason and he loves you. Yes he does, and I'm so lucky. He's lucky to have you too buddy. So you are ok that Urs and Franco are joining us? Omg yes I'm fine and I can't wait to meet them. You will like them a lot and we will all have a good time. Ok we better get back out there.

So does anyone need to run into town to pick up any last minute items for the trip? Nah we are good we said. Ok Jack and I are gonna hit the sack because we are exhausted and the car will be picking us up at 7am, so its an early day for all of us. You guys feel free to stay up and do what ever he said. Night night guys Mark said as he guided Jack into their room. Mike and I looked at each other because it was kind of early even for an early morning.

Ok Mark, whats up Jack asked. Mark just looked at Jack, would you mind telling me the truth about all those texts? I know very well that your clients don't text you or call you on your cell. So whats up with that? Mark I told you. A client is having some difficulty while traveling and I gave them my cell because I wanted to make sure they were ok. Mark just gave me a look like he didn't believe me. Well I said to myself, Its partially true. Urs and Franco were my customers technically but they weren't have any issues. I justified it that way in my mind. Geez I replied, why are you so suspicious? I know you are up to something Jack, you always are. Hey, I replied. Don't get all crazy on me tonight. I've got a lot on my mind and you know how I get before a trip. Alright bud, but I'm keeping an eye on you. Jack laughed. You do that. Come on lets take a nice long relaxing bath, we haven't done that in weeks and I miss that. Mark just smiled and shook his head, Now I know you are up to something. I filled the massive tub and made an awesome bubble bath and Mark and I relaxed in the tub for an hour, before we went to bed.

Are you still upset with me I asked Mark. Omg I was never upset with you he said. Just annoyed at the texts. I still say you are up to something. I love to keep him guessing once in a while. We got out of the tub and got into bed and I gave Mark and nice long, hot blow job to make him forget about everything. It worked like a charm!!! Before he went to sleep he whispered he'd take care of me in the morning. Just like he promised...I woke up to Mark, rimming my ass and and sliding his big hard cock into me. Mmm what a great way to wake up, a big hard cock exploding in me and my handsome boyfriend swallowing my morning spunk.

We heard Mike and Wade getting ready and taking showers. Hey we need to get ready, Jack said. Come on bud, lets get showered. I'll help you with breakfast. We showered and started to make breakfast and then Wade and Mike came into the kitchen naked. Looks like we all had the same idea this morning Jack said. We all sat at the table eating a quick breakfast in the nude. And like usual Mark stood up and scratched his big hairy balls in front of everyone before heading to their bedroom to get dressed. Yo, Jack we need to get dressed he yelled. And you all are perverts he yelled. I see you all staring at my ass!!!! See, every morning he puts on a show Jack laughed as he followed Mark into their room.

Yea we need to get dressed to Mike said. Wade finished his coffee. Hey come here Mikey. Just come here for a minute I said as I pulled Mike to me. You know something Michael? I'm so in love with you. Ahhh Wade can get to me at the craziest times and I just melt. I hope we can spend a lot of time a lone on vacation. Don't worry we will, we will. Ok Wade said, I guess we need to get dressed as well. Wade just wanted to make sure that Mike wanted to spend some a lone time with him, cuz he had a surprise for Mike, something he wasn't expecting.

Ok, is everyone ready to go Jack asked. Yea, we are all ready everyone answered. The car should be here any minute. Mark was making sure all the windows and doors were locked and had set the alarm. He called his parents to let them know that we were all leaving.

The car pulled up and we put all the suit cases in the trunk and off we went to JFK for our flight to San Juan. Everything went smoothly thru security and Mark made a comment about Jack taking a huge dildo when they went to Tahiti. Dude did you really Mike asked. Mark was shaking his head, he thought he was gonna use it on me. Jack you are so bad Wade joked. So did you use it on him like you planned? Nooo he found it in my bag before I had a chance. There was no way he was gonna get that big thing in me Mark said. I can hardly take Jack, and there was no way that huge dildo was gonna go in me, Mark joked. I bet you didn't know how much of a pervert Jack really was I said to Mike. We all had a good laugh.

We boarded the plane for the 3 hours flight to San Juan and took off. We watched a couple of movies and had a snack and before long we were landing at the San Juan airport.

We claimed our bags and waited a few minutes in the warm humid air for the shuttle to the hotel. My phone rang, hold on I gotta take this call Jack said as he walked away from us. Mark looked at him suspiciously and then over at me. Relax Mark I said, he's just taking care of business. If it was just business he wouldn't have walked away. He's up to something he replied. And why do I have a feeling you know what it is Mark questioned. I shook my head and brushed him off.

There's the shuttle Wade said. We piled into the shuttle and headed to the hotel. Ahhh finally we are on vacation Mike said. Its been so long since I've been away. Wade you had a great idea about taking this vacation.

Soon we arrived at the hotel and checked in. Hey this resort is beautiful Mike and Wade commented. You like it Jack asked. Yea its great. Mark wasn't saying much because he was annoyed at Jack and those texts. But Jack acted like it wasn't bothering him and winked at Mike. Wade caught the wink and looked at both of them.

Both couples went into there rooms to unpack and check out their suites. Ok Wade said. Fess up! What do ya mean fess up? About what? You know exactly what I mean Wade said. Ok I'm not supposed to tell you because I was sworn to secrecy. Trust me its nothing bad. Jack just has a surprise for Mark and its making him crazy. Wade laughed. Jack sure can handle Mark, you would think he would be afraid of him because of his size. I laughed, I know. But Mark loves him and he would never hurt or doing anything to Jack. Yea I know. Jack has that big mush wrapped around his finger, Miked commented. He sure does.

Mark wasn't saying much in the room. Jack busied himself unpacking and checking out the suite. So do you like the suite? Jack asked Mark. Yea Mark replied. Jack smiled and didn't press him. Damn another text from Urs....Seriously Mark said. Can't you turn that thing off? We are on vacation!! I checked the text quickly....cool they are on their way to their room and will be here shortly. Ok Ok I just shut off my phone. Now can you please lighten up a bit? You know I hate those texts when its on our time he said. I don't mind when you are working but this our time. I'm sorry your right, I should have been more considerate.

Hey I'm gonna clean up a bit I said to Mark. Ok babe he replied. I know Jack is up to something I said under my breath and I know Mike is in on it as well.

I ran the water and splashed some cold water on my face and dried it off. The water was still running and I heard the knock on our door. Mark can you get the door? Its probably the room steward. Yea I got it he said. I waited with a smile. Just wait till he sees its Franco and Urs I giggled.

Mark opened the door. OMG he yelled, What the hell are you two doing here he laughed. Urs and Franco grabbed Mark and hugged and kissed him. We hear you were a little annoyed about some texts the last couple of days Urs asked. Was that you? Yes that was me Urs confessed.

I came out of the bathroom, Come here you two I said as I kissed and hugged them. Man it is so good to see you too. So you all had this planned all a long Mark quizzed? Umm yea we did I admitted. I knew you were up to something, I knew it. Oh man I'm so sorry I gave you a hard time Jack. I was laughing, ahh you don't need to apologize at all. It was fun keeping you in suspense. Just then Mike and Wade walked in and we introduced them to Franco and Urs. You didn't tell us how good looking Urs and Franco were they said. Likewise they replied. So Mike asked, were you surprised Mark? Surprised doesn't describe it. And YOU, you knew all about this has well Mike? Mark asked as he put his arm around Mike. Well yea, but only since yesterday, Mike replied. Yea I knew you were in on it. See I told you I said to Wade. We gotta watch these two. Mark, Wade said....for a big guy you sure are a big baby he jokingly said. Your boyfriend loves you so much and he just wanted to surprise you. Yea I know he did and I love him so much I replied as I put wrapped my arms around Jack.

So how about we head down to the bar and get a drink? Mark asked. Great idea we all said. You all go on, Jack and I will catch up. The others went ahead a bit. Hey you, I'm sorry I gave you a hard time. That was really cool inviting Urs and Franco. You really did surprise me and I love you for it. Jack grinned, I knew you weren't upset with me. I had so much fun planning this. So how long has this been going on? Umm since the day after Mike and Wade asked us to go with them? Damn you are good. Yea, I'm real good Jack replied with a naughty look in his eyes.

Hey we better catch up. We jogged to the bar and caught up with the other guys and had a drink. We headed out to the pool and relaxed and took a swim. We admired each others bikinis and of course Mark was showing off his bulge as usual.

Is anyone getting hungry Mike asked. Yea, we all chimed in. I'll get some suggestions from the concierge and we can head out soon. How about you all meet in our room in about an hour. Sounds good.

Wade and I talked to the concierge for suggestions for a great Puerto Rican meal. He suggested a restaurant on the other side of town and arranged for a taxi. We hurried back to our room and showered and got ready to dinner. Urs and Franco were the first to arrive at our room. Where are Mark and Jack they asked. Knowing those two they are fucking the hell out of each other Wade joked.

A few minutes later Jack and Mark showed up. Yep they were Wade said, can't you tell? He said to Urs and Franco. What? Jack and Mark asked. Jack, Mike began, I love you dearly, but have you ever noticed that you two are always late? We all know what you were doing? Ummm we took showers and got ready you smart asses Mark said. That must have been some shower Urs replied. Mark looked at all of us.....Its always an adventure and you all are just jealous, I replied and laughed.

We got a taxi and headed to the restaurant and had a great authentic Puerto Rican meal. Ahhh I'm full said Urs, we all agreed. How about we got back to the hotel and take a walk along the beach? Its a beautiful night. So we got another taxi and he dropped us off at the hotel and we walked a long the beach. Hey Jack, remember that awesome day we had on the Motu, our last day in Tahiti? Oh yea how could I ever forget that day, Jack replied. Maybe you should tell us all about it everyone asked. Well it was our last day in Tahiti and Mark had planned a day for us at a Motu, which is a private island. We had the entire place to ourselves for the day. It was an awesome day. Yea we played like Castaways all day I chimed in. So what all did you do on the Motu everyone asked. Well we relaxed in the cabana, had lunch, swam in the lagoon and had a great day Jack said. Hmmm Wade said. Why do I have a feeling you are leaving out the best part?

Umm thats because he is I said...the very best part. Well? Everyone asked. Come on, Jack tell us the whole story. No way am I telling everything Jack said. Oh come on Jack, Mike begged. We are all friends and we have nothing to hide. Yea tell us the other too begged. Nahhhh somethings are too special to share. Well lets say we had an incredible mind blowing experience on the beach I said. How mind blowing Mike asked. Mind blowing to the point of passing out I said...and lets just leave it at that!!! I'm sure all of you have had your own incredible experiences with each other that made your toes curl. We all laughed and agreed. Seems like we are all a bunch of horny guys. Always Mark laughed. Always.

Why don't we all hang out in our room for while, Jack said. Sure everyone agreed. We all went back to Jack and Mark's room and hung out. Urs, Franco, Mark and Jack immediately stripped off their clothes and got comfortable. Whoa Mike said. When you mean hang out you mean hang out don't you? We sure do bud, come on you two get comfortable as well. There we were, all in one room, completely neked. Everyone started making out with their respective partners and there was plenty of moaning and groaning. Eventually Urs and Franco went to their room across from ours and we could hear them making plenty of noise. Wade and Mike left and went to their room next door to us. Damn those two are really going at it Mark said. How about we out do them all and get this bed rockin' he said. Now your talkin' Jack agreed with that naughty grin on his face. I thought you'd never ask.

Holy cow Jack must have been really horny. He pushed me down on the bed and jumped on top of me and drove me crazy. He sure knows how to get me wild. He knows every inch of my body and I know his. Omg Jack I yelled, as he licked my sweaty armpit. Ugh he is going crazy, licking me there. Mmmgrrr I love it when he pinches my nipples, omg Jack whats gotten into tonight I screamed. Nothing yet he said loudly. Jacks face was buried in my hairy chest and working his way down south and he wasn't letting up. Damn he meant business tonight. Ugh I groaned as he drove his tongue into my navel which is a strange but hot sensation. He knows to spend some time in that area to make me crazy, plus he loves it when I squirm. Oh damn he's going down to my cock as he looked up in my eyes with that naughty grin of his. His nose was planted in my thick pubes as he licked the base of my cock which was dripping with pre cum down my shaft. I was moaning and groaning with pleasure as he took my big hairy balls in his mouth. That alone can almost make me cum. Soon he was licking up and down my veiny shaft and around the head of my dick. Teasing me relentlessly. I grabbed my cock and forced it in his mouth which is what he was waiting for. You little fucker you want my cock I yelled as his head bobbed up and down. My hands were entwined in his hair as I forced him down on my cock. Holy fuuuu I screamed as he took my cock down his throat, trying to milk my cock. I was was pumping is throat and making him take it. Take it Jack, take all of it which he had no problem doing.

I couldn't take it anymore, that boy is gonna get a good screwing tonight I thought. I pushed him off my cock and picked him up and threw him down on the bed and plunged my tongue deep in his ass as he screamed for mercy. The scruff on my face was rubbing his ass as I ate his hole like I was starving to death. My tongue was deep into him that he was out of his mind with pleasure. I had to come up for air and spread his perfect small butt and dove back in, making him wilder than ever. I slapped his firm ass while I ate him out. Hmmm he seems to really like a good slap, as I did it again. Oh yea he does like that. My cock was throbbing as I wanted him badly and all I could think about was penetrating him and giving him what he wanted. A deep insanely had screw. I haven't felt this crazy since we were in Tahiti on the beach.

Omg Mark, take my ass he begged. You know its all yours, gimme that big cock of yours he continued to beg. Flipping him over on his back and gave him my full weight as his legs instinctively wrapped around my body pulling me into him. My wet cock head found his hole immediately. He was expecting me to ram it into him, but I just slowly and gently, teasingly entered him. My face was next to his ear. You want me Jack? You know I do he said. Tell me how much you want me in you..tell me. Fucking give it to me he screamed....yeah I know you want it you little fucker I yelled. I teased him some more until he was begging for it. I gave him what he wanted as I forcefully took his ass balls deep with one hard thrust. Ahhhh fuck he screamed as his head was pushing against the head board. Damn I thougt we had split the head board as we hit it so hard. We had that bed and head board rockin' for quite awhile. We purposely were loud to the others could hear us.

Railing him mercilessly is what I knew Jack wanted. He had been waiting for this for quite a while. Don't just make love to me Jack, yelled, what do you want babe I screamed. Just fuck me, fuck as hard as you can Mark. Just fucking do it. The head board was banging the wall with constant thuds as my cock was ramming into him. Jack was screaming. Not sure if he was in pain, pleasure or both. But he and I were loving it. Fuck me like a whore he yelled as I plunged into him, Fuck me like a dirty French whore......Whoa I've never heard him scream that one before. I did as I was told. Ugh my balls were tight and filled with loads of cum and I could feel it coming on strong. The sweat was pouring off me on to Jack's body. My growl had started low and grew into a roar which set Jack off. He was over the edge of no return as I thrust me final thrust into him before I shot my load in his gut. Jack went off like a bomb and showered me with his thick ropes of cum all over me. Come on Jack shoot your load up into my mouth I begged which he did....his last rope of cum landed right into my mouth.

I collapsed on Jack and we began laughing through our sweating bodies. We couldn't stop laughing. So your a French whore now I laughed. Jack cracked up....I have no idea where that came from he said. It just came flying out of my mouth. And a dirty French whore? Did I really say that he asked. Not only did you say it you screamed it I laughed. Omg he said, are you serious. I'm dead serious bud. Do you remember telling me not to make love to you and just fuck you? Did I really he asked again? Oh yea you did, so I did. I gave you exactly what you wanted. Jack, you are a dirty man in bed I joked. We just laid there and laughed for a while. Think we should get up and clean this mess up I asked. Hell no he said. We didn't bother cleaning up...I'm sure the maid won't appreciate our cum stained sheets every day I said. Oh well Jack said. Soon we fell asleep, but we still giggled at our crazy romp and Jack's dirty mouth. Good night ya dirty French whore I said as Jack slapped my ass. Mmmm I like that I said.

The next morning we got up and took a shower and finally cleaned up from last night's debacle. When we got out of the shower there was a message on our phone to meet the other four guys out by the pool for breakfast. We put our shorts with no shirts and went out to meet the others. Hey guys we said, how's everyone this morning we asked. Mike, Wade, Urs and Franco just stared at us shaking their heads. What happened in your room last night Mike asked. What do you mean Jack replied. You know exactly what I mean Mike replied. Fuck me like a dirty French whore Urs said? Fuck me like a whore, Wade continued. Geez it sounded like you two smashed the head board. I'm surprised your bed didn't collapse. Jack and I started laughing, which turned into an all out fit of laughter. Omg we said, all we wanted to do was out do you in how loud all of you were. But we just got crazy. Crazy? Urs said. Damn we could hear you two screwing and screaming across the hall. Yea Franco interrupted....I almost pounded on your door but I knew it was no use...you would have never heard me. What the hell Jack, I'm surprised you can even walk this morning after taking that monster dick in you for as long as you did Mike said.

Come on guys we weren't that loud were we. Loud isn't the word Franco said. It was terrifying Franco continued. I would have been split in two if I were you. Thats the difference between you and Jack....he can take it and he takes it real good Mark bragged. You muther fuckers are just jealous I said as we all laughed. Sorry if we kept you awake last night. Like hell you are Mike said. Yea agreed Urs. You aren't really sorry and you know it. And you better not be either. Thank you I said.

We all spent the day relaxing on the beach and working on our tans. We all took a cab into town to check out some of the restaurants and found a great place for dinner that evening and did some shopping. After we came back we hung out in Mike and Wades room. So is everyone having a good time Jack asked. Omg yes Mike jumped in. Wade and I are really having a good time with all of you. Same here Urs and Franco chimed in. You all are a lot of fun and its great to have new friends as well.

Hey Urs said. How about tonight at dinner we all tell how we all met our partners? Now that will be a very long dinner Mark replied. You guys had to hear how Wade and Mike met. I've know Mike for a long time and I've seen him so happy. I've only heard the short version but it will make you cry. Awwww they all crooned. Wait up there Jack, Mark said. What about how we met. Yea Jack, you told me a little bit, but I know you and Mark have a great story as well. And Urs and Franco you never told us about how you met either Jack insisted. I have a feeling Urs and Franco will reduce us to tears with their story. Thats right Franco said proudly. We are the most romantic!!!! Franco you are so crazy Urs laughed. Yea Mr Italian here is a hopeless romantic. Ok I guess we have a topic of conversation tonight for dinner.

Listen guys, Wade and I are gonna take a nap before dinner, sounds like a long night a head of us. And YES we are gonna take a nap. Oh btw Mike said. Would you all be offended if Wade and I had a date night this week and when we are in Culebra? Wade so appreciated Mike asking everyone. No of course not the other four replied. We understand you need some alone time. Hey thanks guys Wade said. We really appreciate that. Mikey and I just need to spend some time alone thats all. Hey guys, this is your vacation and you need to enjoy it as you wish. We know you two haven't been together very long and we can appreciate that. So you aren't offended Mike asked. NO, you two make your plans ok? We love you the others chorused. Mike and Wade went back to their room to take a nap and get ready for dinner.

Hey, Mike and Wade are really nice Urs said. Yea they are Mark replied. They are like two peas in a pod. They are just a bit more private than the rest of us. This is the first real relationship for both of them so they are still trying to figure it all out, Jack added. They are so much a like in a lot of ways but completely different. And they are inseparable Mark stated. Normally that can suffocate a relationship, but they both work really hard all day and they just appreciate being together when they have some free time. Seems like all of us are lucky to have our partners Mark said as he looked a Jack. I know me and Jack can get a little crazy sometimes, but I can barely remember what life was like without him. You know for a big guy Mark, you sure are a big mush Franco said. Yea he sure is Jack replied. Mark pulled Jack into him and hugged him.

Ok guys Urs and I need to relax and get ready for dinner. Try to behave yourselves Franco laughed. We will Mark assured.

Hey, Jack. I know you and I can barely keep our hands off each other. But you know what I'd really like to do right now? Whats that Jack asked. I'd just love to relax and take a nap with you. Remember like we used to? Are you getting all romantic on me Jack teased. Yea I guess I am. Mike and Wade made me realize that maybe I'm too pushy about sex and I haven't spent time just holding and talking with you. Jack smiled, yea I remember we used to lay in bed and talk for hours and then fall asleep. Come on Jack, I think its time we get back to that....I really miss it.

Soon it was time for dinner and we all gathered in Urs and Franco's room. Wow you all look great tonight Franco exclaimed. Not too shabby for Americans he joked. Watch it Mark snarled. There are four Americans and one Italian. Bring it on big boy Franco dared. Mark and Franco love to mess with each other all the time and its never serious. No wrestling match tonight Mark said to Franco. I'll take a rain check. Prepare to lose Franco laughed. Hey is everyone ready for dinner? Jack asked. We all went out and grabbed a taxi and went into town for dinner.

We were seated at a table far enough away from the other guests so we wouldn't disturb then and so we could stay as long as we wanted. The waitress took our drink order and brought some appetizers which we devoured in seconds.

So Urs and Franco how about you two start with your story Mark said. Ahhh Franco said, The greatest of all love stories. Let me tell it Urs said, If you tell it we will be here till tomorrow morning. Ok Urs Franco said. Omg I have to tell that Franco and I worked on the ship for a couple of years and we didn't get a long at all. Omg I could not stand this man. Everywhere I went he was there smiling at me and always trying to talk to me. He was, umm how do you say in English oh, a stalker? He was so crazy, Ugh I just couldn't stand him. Don't get me wrong he was always really nice to me and everyone on the ship new he liked me. So why didn't you like him we asked. Because he was so crazy. Those Italians are just crazy and think that they can get anyone they want. We all laughed at Urs and Franco. He wouldn't leave me alone. This went on for months and months Urs laughed. And he was always giving me these little gifts and note in my cabin. I thought he was a complete fool. Yep I was a complete fool for you. But you were always thinking about me Franco added. Yes I was Urs said. Thinking how I could get away from you Urs laughed.

So what changed your mind about Franco. Well Italians have this knack for knowing when to get to you at the right moment. Its like they are born with it. We were docked in Moorea and I was sitting on the sea wall one night all alone. Just enjoying the beautiful night, minding my own business. Omg I knew Franco would show up eventually and he did. But this time it was different. Anyway, oh my I can hardly tell the story without getting choked up. Awww Urs we all said. Well this crazy Franco was about 10 meters from me and he started singing to me. And you know Italians love to sing and I have to admit Franco has a beautiful voice. What was he singing we all wanted to know. Urs looked down and then at Franco. He um was singing, Everytime I Look At You.....oh my what do you do when someone is singing that beautiful song. He was singing it just for me. Urs wiped away a couple of tears. I love that song so much. So um Franco came and sat next to me and we watched the stars together for a long time. Can I finish the story Franco asked. I was sitting there with Urs and he took my hand and kissed it and held my hand. I knew for a long time that Urs really liked me but I had to find a way to let him know how much I cared for him. When I learned the song, I practiced it for weeks until it was perfect, just for Urs. When Urs took my hand I was so happy and then all of a sudden I got really scared. I don't know why I was scared but I was because he wasn't saying anything. So I turned Urs's face towards me and I just kissed him. I have no other choice and to my surprise..he kissed me back. Oh my I was in heaven when Urs kissed me Franco said. Finally my love had kissed me. It was the most beautiful night of my life.

Everynight Franco sings that song to me before we go to sleep. Even when he is so tired from working. I couldn't help but fall in love with him even though he was so crazy. Yes I was crazy for you Urs Franco smiled. Oh man Mark said, we better eat, because we will all be in tears. That was such a beautiful story Wade said and very romantic. Yes it was Franco replied. We Italians know how to be romantic better than anyone he said proudly.

The waitress brought out the next course for us. Wow there is so much food I don't know where to start Mark laughed. So Urs said, How did you and Wade meet he said to Mike. Omg Jack said, wait till you hear their story. I've only heard part of it, but it was so romantic as well, just in a different way. Btw this is the first real relationship for both of them so please don't embarrass them Jack warned.

Mike and Wade looked at each other and Wade began to tell their story. Well guys, I lived about and hour or two from Mike and I was working on a Friday delivering for the shop I worked part time for. Omg remember how hot it was that day he said to Mike. It was ungodly hot and humid that day and the heat and humidity were wearing me out and Friday's are always the busiest days. Mike's delivery as the largest of the day and the last and I couldn't wait to get finished and go back to my motel for the weekend. I was actually working the following week there as well.

But anyway, I knocked on Mike's door and when he opened the door it was Mike, and let me tell you I almost didn't know what to say to him. He was the most handsome man I had ever seen I thought to myself. He asked me to come in and showed me where he wanted the equipment so I brought everything in and started assembling everything but I was just miserable. I was tired, hot, hungry and I had a wicked headache. And I guess I had been grumbling because Mike came in and asked if I was ok which I really wasn't I hate to admit.

Yea I could tell he was having hard time and was feeling to good Mike added. Wade continued. I couldn't believe it. Mike made me stop working and asked me to have lunch with him and even let me take a shower while he was making lunch. I mean know one had ever treated me to nice on the job like that. I guess I wasn't smelling to good either because he even washed my clothes I was wearing.

Umm Mike what did you think when you first saw Wade, Mark asked. Umm I thought he was a very good lookn' guy but I have to admit he wasn't smelling to attractive Mike said as he laughed. But there was just something about him. Wade was so nervous around me and so was I. Oh and before I forget Wade added. After lunch, Mike gave me and incredible massage. At first I thought he was some kind of pervert and trying to pick me up but he wasn't. Mikey here has magical hands and my headache was gone. So how was lunch Jack asked. Oh man we had a great lunch Wade said and we talked and had a great time. He was such a great guy and I really wanted to get to know him. And then, when I was all finished with setting up his equipment, I was getting ready to leave and Mike asked me if I wanted to stay at his house instead of the ratty old motel. Franco piped up, this is getting juicy he giggled as Jack shot him a look. No no Wade said, it wasn't like that at all. He was just being really nice to me. But I made him agree that if I was to stay with him for the weekend that he had to let me take him out for dinner. Mike smiled, that was our first date. Yea but you were surprised when I said it was a date Wade added. Well yea I hadn't expected that at all. Well how was your date Urs asked. It was perfect Wade said. And after dinner we took a walk along the river Mike replied. Mike and Wade laughed as they remembered how nervous they were.

So what happened when you went back to Mikes. Well Wade continued, it was late and we were both tired so we both took separate showers and Mike started to show me where I would be sleeping but I stopped him. Yes he sure did Mike interrupted. Wade just said he wanted to sleep with me. And I meant sleep just in case you all are wondering. You forgot one part Mike reminded. Oh yea, Mike had his towel around his waist and I made it fall to the floor and I thought Mike was gonna lose it. Ha I knew this was getting juicy. Nah hold up Franco, Wade said. Nothing happened. We went to bed and fell asleep together, that was it. Omg Jack said you mean you two were sleeping naked and nothing happened. You didn't even kiss him Mike? Jack asked. Umm no I didn't, but I sure wanted to he admitted. Unbelievable Mark commented. Hey give them a break, there is something really sweet about that, let them be Urs said. Later that weekend Mike asked me to stay there rest of the week with him, and I was so glad he did. I didn't want to be in that smelly motel and knowing he was at his house. Well did ANYTHING happen during the week Mark asked. No nothing, we were both working and we just hung out in the evenings and really started to get to know each other. But then that Friday I had to go back home to my full time job and we wouldn't see each other for 4 weeks.

I was so miserable at my full time job and all I could think about was Mike and I missed him so much. Did you miss Wade we asked. Oh man I missed him more than I thought I would Mike replied. Anyway a couple of weeks later is when John called and gave me the full time job that I wanted. I was so happy that I quit that horrible job I on the spot....all I wanted to do was get to Mike and tell him. So I drove as fast as I could to Mike's and told him everything. Did you kiss him Jack asked? Mike laughed no he didn't and I didn't kiss him either. Yea but I really wanted to Wade said, I really wanted to but we knew it wasn't the right time yet. Omg Jack sighed. So that evening Mike and I went out and celebrated at the same place we had our first date. Ok then what happened. Well, umm we went home and we were in the pool and umm Wade and I were looking at each other and Wade took me in his arms and told me how much he loved me....yea and, Wade smiled, I couldn't resist anymore and I just had to kiss him. FINALLY WE ALL LAUGHED FINALLY!!! So how was it Mike? Geez you guys are so nosy. Come on how was your first kiss with Wade? It was incredible Mike said. Man you two are exhausting Jack complained. I wanted to scream KISS THE MAN!!! Yea I bet your bed was rockin' that night Mark laughed. Mike and Wade just grinned at each other after that comment. Ahh Haaaa Mark said, I knew it. Awww you two are so cute Urs said. I love your story and I'm glad you two are happy. Btw you two are a good lookn' couple. Thanks Urs, Mike replied.

Soon it was time for dessert and the waitress brought over all kinds of awesome desserts for us and some coffee. Ok Mike said. Its your turn Mark and Jack. Ok ok Mark said, just an FYI its not what you think it would have been cuz I know you are thinkn' we banged the minute we saw each other. Nah we would never think that Mike joked. Well Jack started I think Mark should start our crazy story since it all began with him. Mark smiled, my friend Jim was always trying to fix me up with all these strange guys and even though he meant well I never followed thru with any of them. I had been in a relationship a few years ago and it ended to badly that I swore never again. But then Jim mentioned Jack and he really like Jack and was always telling me how great a guy he was. He never said as much about all the other guys he tried to fix me up with. And the funny thing was Jack mentioned is that I knew Jim as well because I had worked on Long Island for a while. Wow thats cool Wade said. Yea. So anyway After a few months I finally got up the nerve to give Jack a call. I thought what could it hurt? If anything at least Jack and I could be friends. Jack continued. So there I was working at home and clearing my desk because I wanted to take a long weekend. I got another call but I didn't recognize the number and I almost didn't answer it but I did and it was Mark. I really thought it was a sales call and I played along for a couple of minutes when I realized Mark wasn't a sales call. Omg Urs giggled. So we talked for about 15-20 minutes and Jack had agreed to hang out with me at my place for the weekend and I would pick him up at the train station the next day. Yep that was the plan Jack added. Well at least thats what we had agreed on. Well you know I just went back to work and was actually kinda excited about meeting Mark, not expecting anything just a nice weekend with hopefully a cool guy.

Mark continued the story. So after I had called Jack and made plans, I called Jim and told him that Jack was coming to Long Island for the weekend and Jim was thrilled. But Jim warned me that Jack has been known to get cold feet and might back out at the last minute. Omg Jack you have done that Franco asked, Umm yea Jack replied, I've been know to do that I'm sorry to say. How rude Franco said. So Mark continued I really wanted to meet Jack and I didn't want to give him a chance to back out and not give me a chance. So what did you do everyone asked. Well I did what I had to do. I drove down to Pa to Jack's place and just showed up on his doorstep a couple of hours later. Are you serious? You just showed up that afternoon Mike asked surprised. Yes he did Jack said. And no one was more shocked than me. There I was at home on a hot summer day, I hadn't showered or shaved and I'm sure I didn't smell to good either. Yep you were a hot mess Mark laughed. Omg I couldn't believe it, he just showed up at my door. When I answered the door I thought it was UPS dropping off a package. But when I opened the door there was this really talk good lookn guy. Can you imagine that Jack smiled. When I realized it was Mark I was stunned. Wow that took some guts I had thought. You mean balls Mark cracked. Ok balls Jack replied and smiled. Hey Mark what did you think of Jack when you first saw him Urs asked. Oh man even though he was a MESS, I knew right away that this was a guy I wanted to get to know. How bout you Jack? Jack smiled, me too. And the funny thing was neither one of us had a clue what the other looked liked. Are you serious? Yep Mark said, we agreed not to exchange pictures. How cool was that Jack laughed. Wow you two were brave the others laughed.

So how did the weekend go? Omg it was incredible Mark said and NO we didn't screw each other either. Yea we actually took our time and got to know each other just like you guys did. Both of us had been badly hurt with our last relationships and we didn't want to go thru that again. It was like we unbroke each others hearts Mark said as he put his arm around Jack. Jack shook his head in agreement, thats the perfect way to describe it. We sure did fall hard for each other Mark said....and we have been so happy together. I can't imagine life without Mark, Jack said teary eyed. Awww we all said as Mark pulled Jack into him.

Oh man Franco said, we better go before we all ending up bawling our eyes out. I loved all your stories Urs said. They were all so different and romantic. We are all so lucky to have found our partners Mark replied.

We decided we would walk back to the hotel and enjoy the evening. When we arrived at the hotel Wade said that he and Mike were gonna take off and do their own thing tomorrow and they would catch up with everyone after dinner. You guys have a great day the other 4 said. And don't do anything we wouldn't do Mark joked. Good night guys Mike said.

Hey Mikey, Wade said. I'm glad you and I are spending the day alone tomorrow. Yea me too Mike replied. Its not often we get to spend a whole day alone together. Mike and Wade are having a great time with the other guys. But they are more of a private couple and really like spending time alone. Tomorrow they are renting a car and driving to different areas in Puerto Rico and then out for a dinner date later on.

I woke up around 7am and Mike was still sound asleep. He's such a sound sleeper and I love laying in bed with him, watching him sleep and running my fingers thur his hair. Mike has to wake up slowly and gently otherwise he can be a bit ornery in the morning. He likes when I lightly run my hand over his back and down to his cute little butt, its almost like a tickle. And every time, I can see a cute smile starting across his face. Even though he is waking up he just lays there and enjoys what I'm doing to him. Its those little things that mean a lot to Mike. And to me too.

Hey sleepy head, I hate to wake you up cuz you look so peaceful laying there. Mike was laying on his belly and opened one I and looked at me with that cute little smile. He reached his arm out to me and pulled close to him and whispered. How about we stay in bed all day he said with a grin. Your so cute I replied. But I know you wanted to see Puerto Rico today. Mike pulled himself closer to me and kissed me. Mmm I love when he kisses me, especially in the morning. He is so cute and sexy, especially in the morning and I can't resist him, ever. Mike gave me that look telling me that he wanted me now and I so wanted him. Mmm I can't resist him as I sat on top of him lubing up my cock and poured some lube at the top of his crevice and let it run down his crack. Mike likes when I lay on top of him and let my cock find his tight hole and slowly but firmly penetrate him.

Mikey whispered in his ear, I love you so much as I began to slowly thrust into him, making love to him and he to me. Ahhh he makes me feel so good when he tightens himself around me as I slide deeper into him. Mike was moaning quietly, enjoying me loving him, slowly and tenderly. Wade I want you he said, I want all of you as I thrust harder and deeper into him as our orgasms began to rise in both our bodies. We were cheek to cheek as we made love, body to body and no space between us.

Turning Mike over, his legs wrapped tightly around my hips as I thrust my throbbing cock deep into him, causing him to cry out in pleasure as he took me deep inside is warm canal. Mike' body was alive in ecstasy as we made love. uhh uhh Mike I can't hold out any longer as my orgasm surged thru my body and poured into him and his orgasm exploded over both our bodies. It was if my body didn't want to stop pumping out my milk into his body. Rope after rope shot deep into my lovers body and drained me completely. My body was tightly wrapped around Mike's sweating body and I couldn't let go, I didn't want to let go. We were as close as two men can be as we lay in each others arms as our breathing returned to normal. Lifting my body off of his, I loved seeing his love cum all over his body as I ran my tongue thru the pools. Kissing him, I shared his cum with him and he with me. Mercy, I love the taste of Mike. We laid there body to body as we relaxed. This is when I feel the closest to Mike and he to me.

I laid on my side playing with Mike's cum on his belly and chest. Hey you ready to take a shower I asked. Lets get out of here before the others start knocking on our door. Yea I want this to be just our day Mike said.

After we showered and started dressing we could hear Mark and Jack going at it. Damn those to are really loud Mike said. Yea listen I said. Thats not Jack screaming, its Mark. Mike laughed, sounds like Jack is nailing Mark this morning. Geez I said, I'm so glad we aren't that loud. Yea me too Mike replied. Thats more like monkey sex than makin' love. Monkey Sex, Mike laughed. Never heard that one before. We both laughed, don't you ever tell them I said that. I won't Mike said. So you wanna have Monkey Sex some time Mike asked. Hmmm I replied now there's a thought I replied. You want it wild and crazy? Yea, but not Monkey Sex, thats a bit too much, plus I don't want to BANG you baby, I'd rather make crazy love to you I replied. So you don't have any complaints about our sex life Mike asked. Omg I replied, What? Complaints? Are you kidding me Mike? No I don't have any complaints at all. Ok, just one, but its not a complaint. Mike, looked at me, so what is it? You sure you want to know I? Well yea tell me. Okay bud, I can't get enough of you, like right now as I tackled Mike onto the bed and wrestled him. Listen to me Mikey. You mean the world to me, your the love of my life. Please don't ask me a question like that again ok? Mike grinned from ear to ear. I don't know what I'd do without you I continued. Guess your stuck with me till your old and wrinkly. Mike giggled, likewise pal.

Now, come and lets get out of here and the monkeys do there thing. I took Mike by the hand and we took off for our day in Puerto Rico. We headed to El Yunque rain forest about an hour away and spent a few hours there amazed by the flora, birds and the beauty of the forest. Then to Luquillo beach for a swim.

You know something Wade? This is the first time that we have spent a whole day together other than at home. Yea its fun isn't it I replied. Your a lot of fun to be with Mike said. Really? I replied. You think I'm fun, boring ole me? Your not boring, Mike replied. Your a lot of fun to be with too I said to Mike. Btw Mike, Do you know just how handsome you are? And how incredibly sexy? What have you been smokin', Mike replied blushing. Absolutely nothing, You should see what I see everyday I replied. Stop Wade, I'm just a normal guy. Well to me you are more than just a normal guy. Your my guy, handsome, smart, sexy and I'm head over heals in love with you. Give yourself some credit babe. Well I can say the same to you Wade. Oh really? You think I'm handsome, smart and sexy too? Wow we must be one hell of couple then I said. We walked along the beautiful beach and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Hey we need to sneak back to the hotel and get ready for our dinner date Mike said. Yep we gotta go, Btw I made reservations for us tonight I said. Your gonna love it Mikey. Oh yea you made reservations for dinner? Wow you sure are getting more and more romantic recently. I'm always romantic I replied. Yea but even more the last few weeks. I just winked at Mike.

We got back to the hotel and sneaked in without the others spotting us and got ready for our date. Man, Mike sure is looking handsome tonight. Even more than usual I thought to myself. Hey you ready to go? Mike asked. Yea I'm all ready. Mmmm my boyfriend sure is lookin' goooood tonight I said.

Sneaking out again we got in the car and I drove to the restaurant which was about 20 minutes from the hotel. I hope Mike likes this place. A few minutes later we arrived up on a mountain that over looked the Caribbean. Wow look at the view Mike said as we walked into the restaurant. The hostess greated us and took us to our table which was up on the roof top. Mike looked around. Are we the only ones up here he asked. I just smiled, Yes Mike, its just you and me up here. After the waiter took our drink order we walked over to the rail and looked out over the beautiful scenery. How did you find this place Mike asked. Oh I just did a little bit of research I replied. We took a few pictures and then sat at our table and enjoyed our drinks before the waiter took our order.

Dinner was excellent and we were enjoying the evening when the waiter brought out our dessert and after dinner drinks. There was a man playing the violin in the corner of the roof top and it was incredibly romantic. I stood up and did something I never thought I would ever do and asked Mike to dance with me. Yea, come on dance with me Mike, its such a beautiful evening and the music is so romantic, its just you and me. Mike and I dance to the music as the old man serenaded us.

Mike, umm there is something I need to ask you. Sure, Mike replied. You know I'm not so good expressing how I feel with words, but I love you so much and I hope you know that. Yea I know you do and I love you too, he replied. Sooooo I was wondering if, ummm could we make this official tonight I asked as I pulled two rings out of my pocket and held them in my shaking hand. Omg Mike said, Would you be my partner I asked Mike. Yes, Wade I would love to be your partner if you will be mine. I slipped Mike's ring on his finger and he slipped my ring on mine and we just danced to the music of the night. Mikey I whispered, you make me so happy I feel like I could fly.......

Wow what a wonderful evening we had tonight, I commented on the way back to the hotel. Mike, put is arm on my shoulder as I drove. The night isn't over yet Wade, he said with a wink. Hmmm is someone feeling a little bit crazy I teased. I could tell Mike had some plans of his own tonight.

As we walked to our room we ran into the other four guys. Hey you two they called out to us, how was your day? Why don't you come over and hang out with us for a while....Ummm sorry guys Mike said, We will see you at breakfast, goooood night we said as we gave them a quick wave and Mike pulled me into our room.

Tonight you are all mine Mike grinned as he pushed me down on the bed. Yow someone is a little wild tonight I said, Honey you haven't seen anything yet as he pushed me back and kissed me like he never did before. Oh my I thought, as our tongues swirled in our mouths. Mike and I tore off our clothes and made out like crazy. I'm gonna make sweet crazy love to he said as he grabbed my cock and went down on me and turned us into a 69 position. Omg Mike edge me a few times but back off and turned me over on my belly and spread open my crevice and licked me up and down. Mmm I love your hairy crack Mike said as he drove his tongue in my pulsing hole. Omg Mike, I groaned as his tongue sent sensations all thru my body that I never felt before, I wanted more of him, more and more. Gimme all you got I begged as he continued pleasuring me with his tongue.

I could feel him pour some lube on my hole as he lubed up his throbbing 7 inch cock and teased me relentlessly before he took me. My face was in the pillow as I pushed myself back into him as he penetrated me. Mike felt amazing as he slid deep inside till I could feel his thick dark pubic hair brush against my ass. He stopped to let me adjust to him and feel him in me before he began to thrust in and out of my body. I wanted Mike so bad, as he thrust in me while his balls bounced of me sending me into a spasm of pleasure that only a man can know and only a man can give.

Suddenly Mike tightly wrapped his arms around my chest and pulled me up to him and kissed me as he groaned deeply as he gave me all his love, all the while telling me he loved me. I could feel him shooting thru my body like never before, powerful and intimate, deep and passionate as my own exploded up on my body.

The love we shared tonight brought us closer than we ever were I thought as tears of happiness flowed down my face as we embraced each other and fell asleep knowing that our love was more than an act. We fell asleep in each other arms as we drifted off to sleep without a care in the world.

We were glad that we were allowed to sleep in later and met the others for breakfast. We knew everyone wanted to know about our day together as we sat down. Mark was the first to notice the rings on our fingers. So tell us all about your day the all asked. As we ate breakfast we told them all about our special day and the dinner that I had planned for us and showed them pictures. Mark out of everyone was the one who was the most sappy and had to wipe his eyes a few times. Mark, the big guy!!! Who knew?

Did you both choose the rings Jack asked Mike, No actually Wade picked them out all by himself I replied. I was completely surprised by the whole evening. It was a very special evening for both of us, Mike replied.

Well I guess we need to get packed up for our flight to Culebra in a couple of hours Urs said. Yea, I can't wait to get there Wade said. I've been wanting to see Culebra for a few years and I'm glad you are all going with us.

We all went back to our rooms and packed up and left for the airport. This afternoon. ISLA CULEBRA!!!!!

Watch for Part 3!



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