Having a house built is a daunting task to say the least. I had been dreaming of having a home built exactly how I wanted it and now my dream has come true. Its not a big home but its a perfect size with plenty of space and its located in a wooded area for privacy. I was tired of living in the city and I didn't want any neighbors with in view or ear shot. I didn't want to see, hear or smell them. Privacy is very important to me and that is why I decided on a piece of property in the woods.

When I moved in there was hardly any furniture as I had sold most of the furniture I had and bought new furniture which arrived a few weeks ago. There were only a few pieces that hadn't arrived yet. I was expecting to have a BowFlex delivered today for my work out room that I had built in my home. Since I lived quite a ways from any gym it made sense to have a personal gym in my home. Along with the Bowflex I ordered a nice set of dumbells. I was excited about having my own work out room. Since this was my new home I splurged a bit and ordered the top line BowFlex. Why not?

During the day today I was working in my office. Thank god I had central air as the temperature outside was very hot an humid. Even in the woods the temperature was hot. Around 1pm the door bell rang and I figured it was the delivery I was expecting.

I answered the door and the delivery guy asked if I was Mike. Yes I'm Mike. Are you delivering the BowFlex? Yes sir I am. By the way I'm Wade as he shook my hand. Nice to meet you Wade. Come in and I'll show you were to set up the equipment.

Hot enough out there for you I asked Wade as we walked to the work out room. Yea man its terribly hot and humid today, Wade replied as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. Hey this is a really nice home you have here he commented. Thanks I replied. I just moved in about 3 months ago and its finally becoming a home, I replied.

Well here is the work out room and I'd like the BowFlex positioned on this side of the room. Then the dumb bells and rack can go across the room as I pointed. Wade looked around as he was thinking. You also ordered an inversion table, where would you like that set up Wade asked. Ugh I had forgotten about the inversion table. Hmm I'm not sure yet since I forgot about it I replied. Wade shrugged, it doesn't really matter you can move it around the room where ever you want. I'll just set it up and then see where you are comfortable with it.

Wade went out to start bringing everything in. I did feel bad for him because it was just ungodly hot and humid out there. Hmm he's a great lookin' guy I thought to myself.

Soon all the equipment was in the workout room and I went back to work as Wade began setting everything up.

About 15 minutes later I could hear Wade having trouble with the set up and was frustrated. As I walked into the room he was grumbling and having a hard time. Hey Wade everything ok, I asked? Ehhh he grumbled. This equipment is giving me a difficult time and my patience is growing thin. Plus I'm tired and have a wicked headache. My apologies for disturbing you he said.

I knelt down on the floor across from where he was kneeling. Hey have you had lunch I asked? Wade looked over at me. No I haven't had time for lunch. Do you have anymore deliveries today I asked? Nope you are the last one and the biggest order he laughed. Listen I haven't had lunch either and I'm starved. How about you take a break and have lunch with me I asked.

Wade dropped his head looking down at the carpet and then over at me. Man I would love to but I really need to get this done today, he replied. Hey if you are worried about your boss having a problem with it, don't worry about that. He's a friend of mine. Come on take a break and have some lunch. After lunch I'll get you up on my massage table and I guarantee I'll make that headache go away. Wade gave me a look like I was some kind of pervert. Don't worry I'm a licensed massage therapist and I do this for a living.

Are you serious Mike? Lunch and a massage? Yea why not? I asked. Come on, I'll show you to the bathroom so you can shower and relax while I make lunch. Hope you like turkey because I have alot of it. Mike I really appreciate this he said. Most customers treat me like a slave and nag me the whole time. Wade I'm not like most customers, I believe in treating people with respect. Wade nodded in agreement.

We went upstairs and I showed him the bathroom and gave him a towel and washcloth. Please, I said use anything you need, here is a new toothbrush as well. And if you want I can wash your sweaty clothes as well. I have some shorts and a T shirt you can use while they are being washed. Mike, thank you I really appreciate this Wade said. Ahh your welcome bud. Now go on and get in the shower and relax. I'll get lunch ready.

Wow I can't believe I'm taking a shower in a customers home Wade thought. This guy is really cool, but I hope he's not a pervert. Actually he's really cool and he's good looking too. Ahhh this shower feels so good I said to myself as the shower beat the tension from my neck. Hmm Mike is a really good looking guy, and he's built real nice I thought as I showered.

Wade seems like a really nice guy I thought to myself as I was preparing lunch. He's handsome and kind but not at all weird. Seems like a good man. But I have no intentions of starting anything. I just don't have time for anything other than work and getting my home up and running.

Soon Wade came down stairs and into the kitchen wearing a towel around his waist. Damn he has a great body. He's got that guy next door look. Hey Wade how was the shower? It felt so good. Ugh I forgot to get those shorts and T shirt for you. Hold on I'll get them for you. No problem he replied. I hurried to my bedroom and found a pair of shorts and a t shirt. Here you go I said. These should fit. Looks like we are the same size. Thanks Mike, mind if I just wear the shorts while I work? Sure be as comfortable as you want I replied.

Wade came back in and helped me finish making lunch. Turkey sandwiches with fresh tomatoes, lettuce and mayo. I also heated up some soup as well. We ate at the kitchen bar and got to know each other a bit. Wade worked for his friend at the shop delivering on the weekends and lived about an hour away but was hoping to move here soon. While he was here delivering he stayed at the motel on the highway he said. Normally I just work on the weekends but I'll be here till next Friday. We chatted for awhile and enjoyed our lunch and a beer. Wade seemed to relax a bit and was feeling better.

We finished our lunch and Wade headed for the work out room. Hey bud I promised you a massage before you finish setting up the equipment. Are you sure its ok he asked. Yea come on, You still have that headache I replied. Yea I do. Well you can't work with a headache. Like I said I'll get rid of that headache and you will feel much better.

Wade followed me into my massage room and I gave him a towel. Go ahead and undress while I warm up the oil and get set up. I warmed up the massage oil and the scent of the oil began to fill up the room. Wade got up on the massage table face down and I could hear him sign and relax. I began rubbing the oil into his neck and shoulders and his back. No wonder you have a headache I said. You have a lot of tension and knots I said as I began working out the knots. Ugh he whimpered. Relax and breath thru the pain and let me work my magic. Wade look at me and smiled.

I began massaging his shoulders and I could feel the tension leaving his body. His back had several big knots that I took my time releasing. While I was massaging his back I could hear his spine crack from the release of tension. Wade I said softly, I'm going to remove the towel if that is ok with you. Sure he replied. I removed the towel from his buttocks and admired his firm ass cheeks. I could see he had some dark hair in his ass crack which was very sexy I thought. Ok Mike I said to myself. Concentrate on what you are doing and don't let your mind wonder. Why did Wade have to be so nice and also handsome. Why?

So I began massaging his hips and buttocks and worked his muscles to relieve the tensions in that area. Wade groaned a bit while I massage his lower back down over his buttocks. I poured more warm oil on the backs of his legs and calves and worked down to his feet. His legs were slightly hairy and muscular. He twitched when I began massaging his feet until he got used to the feeling of me massaging his feet.

Ok Wade I need you to roll over onto your back. Wade rolled over and I could see that he was semi hard. His cock was a good 8 inches and a nice bush of neatly trimmed pubic hair surrounded his cock. I could tell he shaved his balls. His chest had a nice sprinkling of dark chest hair but not too thick. From his navel down to his cock was a thicker happy trail. Wade and I are the same height and build and a perfect fit. It was getting warm in the room so I took off my shirt and threw it on the desk. Wade noticed I had taken off my shirt and seemed to stare at me.

I began massaging his temples which relaxed him even more. Then I worked my way to his neck. Hmmm lots of tension there I whispered. Let me know if this is hurting you. Nah it feels really good Wade replied. Then I moved down to his chest and massaged his chest and stomach muscles. I was surprised he didn't flinch while I massaged his stomach muscles as its usually a tender area.

While I moved down his body to the sides of his hips my hands accidentally brushed his cock. Wade gasped. Wade I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that, I said. Its ok he said but his cock was getting harder. I spread his legs a bit so I could work his thighs and leg muscles more effectively. His balls dropped between his legs and laid on the table. As I worked his legs I could hear him sign and groan, I wasn't hurting him but I know it feels good. His eyes were closed as I ran my hands up his legs to his inner thigh area close to his crotch. I thought he might be bothered by that but he wasn't. In fact I could tell he rather enjoyed it.

After about an hour I was finished. So how is that headache I asked. Wade looked up at me and replied. I can't believe it, its gone. Completely gone he replied with a relaxed smile. I feel so much better. Wade squeezed my forearm. Thank you so much Mike. I really appreciate the massage and lunch. But I better get busy and get you all set up. Wade rolled off the table and got dressed. While he was getting dressed I turned around and smiled at him. To my surprise he was smiling right back at me.

Let me know if I can help you I said as he began working. He looked up at me with a smile. I should be ok he replied but thanks. I went back to do some work and finished washing and drying Wades clothes and folded them and laid them on my dresser.

About two hours later Wade found me in the den and said he was finished and wanted me to approve everything before he left. I followed him back into the work out room. Wow he had done a wonderful job of setting everything up. It was perfect. Is everything placed where you wanted he asked. Yea its great I replied. I can't wait to start using the equipment. Your gonna enjoy everything he replied. Its top of the line and you will get some great results. Not that you need any improving he said. I laughed, Thanks for the compliment I replied. Wade gave a slight wink. Your not so bad yourself I replied as I returned his wink.

So what are your plans for the rest of the weekend I asked. Umm I'll just go back to the motel and relax and watch some stupid movies he said. I thought for a moment. That sounds like a boring weekend to me bud. Yea well thats the way it is he replied. I thought for a moment. Listen Wade umm why don't you cancel your motel reservation and stay here. I've got plenty of room and besides I'd love the company. Wade looked at me for few seconds. Mike you have been very kind and gracious but I couldn't intrude on you like that. Seriously I'll be fine.

Ok suit yourself. But would you rather spend a weekend holed up in a dingy smelly old motel with a lumpy bed, all alone or stay here I said. Seriously Wade its ok and I really would like some company. And you are not intruding. Wade stared at me again. Well now that you put it that way I would rather stay here than that old motel. But are you sure its ok? Yes Wade its ok!!!

Wade thought for a moment and then smiled. Mike I'll stay here under one condition. Whats that I asked. I'm taking you out for dinner tonight and I'm not taking no for an answer. Really its not necessary Wade. Mike, I'm not taking no for an answer he said with a stern voice. Alright fine I agreed. Great its a date he said with a smile. A Date? Yea a Date he replied. Whats your favorite restaurant he asked. Umm the Riverview Inn out on the river I replied. Sounds good to me. I'm starving, how about you he asked. Yea I'm getting hungry. So after dinner lets go over to the motel so you can get your things ok? Ok he said with a smile. Damn he said, Umm I don't have clothes to go out to dinner as they are at the motel. Come on, you can wear my clothes, I'm sure I have something you would like to wear. Here, just pick out any of my pants, shirts, socks anything. Wade picked out a pair of Khakis pants and a blue shirt to wear. How's this asked. Perfect I replied as I started to leave so he could change. Hey, Wade said softly as he touched my hand. You don't have to leave just because I'm changing. I looked at Wade, I wanted to give you some privacy I replied. Nah he said, I'd like the company. Sooooo I stayed in the room with Wade as he changed clothes as we talked. Ok, do I looked presentable he asked. Wow, you really clean up well. Here just one thing, I said as I unbuttoned another button. Yea, now thats better.

We drove to the restaurant and had a great meal and had a good time talking and laughing. Wade had just turned 40 but he sure was in great shape. And he is a lot of fun as well. We talked and joked all thru dinner. After dinner we walked a long the path by the river. Wade hooked his arm around me neck. Hey Mike, Thanks for being a perfect date he said. Ahh your welcome I said. And thank for dinner as well bud I added. Wade laughed a bit as he said. I sure didn't expect any of this today. Lunch, an incredible massage, and a date, with a handsome guy. Ok ok I replied that must be the wine talking I joked. Nah its true Mike, he said. I mean it. You really are nice and very handsome. Its great to meet a nice guy for a change he said. I could tell I was embarrassed a bit. And thank you so much for opening your home to me for the weekend. That is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me and I really appreciate it. Ahh you are welcome I replied. And thank you for graciously accepting the offer. Hey we better get going and get your things from the motel and get home. These mosquitos are on the attack I said. Damn things are as big as birds out here and they seem to like me.

We drove to that old motel and Mike went into the office and cancelled out his reservation and then grabbed his things from the room. I glanced in the room. Hey I said. Aren't you glad you aren't staying here? Oh yea he replied, this place is a dump. Yea and it has a funky odor. We can throw your clothes in the washed when we get home. Wade shook his head, what I said. Nothing, come on tell me. You are way too kind to me. Are you trying to pick me up Wade asked. Geez what a question, No this room smells and so do those clothes. And NO I'm not trying to pick you up. Your a good man Mike.

Finally back home it was dark and the moon was out and shown thru the trees and the reflection bounced off the water in the pool. It was still quite hot and humid tonight. We walked out on the back deck. Wanna go for a swim I asked? Yea that would be great Wade replied. But I don't have any swim trunks. Don't need them I replied with a grin. No one will see us back here. I took off my shirt and tossed it on the lounge chair and began unzipping my pants. Wade was just standing there. So we are gonna go skinning dipping he asked? Ugh yea unless you are gonna jump in with all your clothes on I joked. I took off my pants and my briefs and jumped in the pool. I turned and looked at Wade who was still standing there with his clothes on. Hey bud come on in, the water is great. And please don't be embarrassed. Its just you and me and I've seen you naked remember? And by the way you have a great body. Nah he replied, I'm nothing special just a normal guy. Hey Wade, that was a compliment. You really do have a great body. Come on get in.

Wade took his clothes off and slipped in the pool and swam over to me. We stood in the moon light looking at each other, wondering what to do next. It was one of those moments that you didn't know if you should kiss each other or run like hell. It was an awkward moment for sure I thought. I ran my finger down the middle of his chest as he ran his fingers thru my wet hair. We gave each other one of those lingering looks. We each pulled the other against our bodies, holding each other there in the moon light. Hey I whispered, I think we better stop before we get carried away. Lets get in the hot tub for while I suggested. Yea Wade replied, I don't want anything to ruin this. Too much too soon ain't good he said.

So we climbed out of the pool and into the hot tub and had a beer as well to relax. Although the sexual tension was still there it was a least tolerable. We laughed, We drank, We teased and joked. Anything to break that tension between us. We relaxed for a while and enjoyed another beer before getting out of the hot tub. We took a quick shower and got ready for bed.

So where am I sleeping Wade asked. Well you can sleep in the guest bedroom...Wade interrupted, I'd rather sleep with you Mike he said. He smiled at me as I shook my head. Yea that, thats great if you want to sleep with me I stuttered. Wade could tell I was a bit nervous as I wasn't expecting that. He walked over to me. So are you gonna wear that towel all night he asked as he dropped my towel on the floor. Umm no I guess not I replied. He pulled me to his chest and put his arm around me. Look I'm not trying to get you in the sack to have sex with you. I really like you and just want to be close to you he said. Don't get me wrong, I am very attracted to you, by the way he said as he hugged me. Damn I thought to myself...what happened here today? What is happening now? I barely know this guy and he's sleeping in my bed. Its not just a sexual attraction, I really liked Wade as a person. I'd really like to get to know him.

We both got in bed and Wade laid his head on my chest and ran his hands over my chest and belly and down my legs. Not in a sexual way but it did get a rise out of me. Mike, he began. I never in my in my life imagined that this would have happened today. It was just a normal delivery day until I met you he softly said as he lightly rubbed my chest. This has been the best day I've had in a long time. I'm glad I met you Mike. My arms wrapped around him as I said. Im glad we met too Wade. Its been awesome getting to know you and spending time with you. Yea and I hope we can get to know each other more and spend a lot of time together. Me too I said as I hugged him. We got comfortable and Wade began to fall asleep on my chest. I could hear his breathing slow as he drifted to sleep. I lightly ran my fingers down his back and his butt. He smiled and said he liked when I did that and then fell asleep. What a day this turned out to be I thought as I also feel asleep.

The next morning I got up and walked into my bathroom and took my morning leak. I saw my clothes on the floor and shrugged and just left them there. It was so hot and I didn't feel like wearing any clothes. Not even briefs or shorts. Nothing. It was about 930am and Wade was still asleep although he had moved around a bit so I knew he was stirring awake. I went into the kitchen and started the coffee.

Dang I'm hungry I thought and I don't want cereal this morning. I opened up the fridge to see what I had to make. Lets see, eggs, cheddar cheese, green onions, tomatoes, bacon. Perfect I said to myself. Lets have some omelets and bacon and bagels. I put the bagels in the toaster oven and then began making the omelets. Wade must have smelled the coffee brewing and came into the kitchen.

Hey bud I said as I wrapped my arms around Mike and laid my head on his shoulder. Whatcha makin he asked, It sure smells good as he slid his hands down to Mike's balls and pressed himself against Mike.

Good morning Wade, how did you sleep last night. Mmmm I slept well can't you tell? he asked as he pressed his morning wood against Mike's ass cheeks and lightly massaged his balls. Someone's feeling mighty good this morning Mike commented. Oh yea bud I'm feeling real good and damn you are feeling real good too Wade joked. So what can I help you? Wade asked. Can you get the OJ out of the fridge and a couple of plates Mike asked. You got it bud. Mike looked over at Wade as he got the OJ out the fridge. Sure is great to have breakfast with a nice guy I thought to myself. Wade really is a great guy. I am glad we put the brakes on last night as that would have ruined everything before we had real chance at anything.

Seems like someone is feeling right at home Mike said to Wade. Why's that Wade replied. Its not everyday a good lookn guy walks into my kitchen naked, in fact its the first time Mike replied. Well you have made me feel so welcomed and so at home I didn't think you would mind Wade replied. Besides its just you and me and we did sleep naked together last night Wade reminded and winked.

I'm glad you are feeling comfortable and at home I said. I want you to feel at home. Now aren't you glad you didn't stay at the nasty motel? Yea and I'm glad you asked me to stay with you. Suddenly I felt something cold on my ass. Omg I exclaimed as Wade laughed....damn your hands are cold I loudly said. Guess that woke you up Wade continued to laugh. It sure did I replied. Geez that was a shock. Actually I just wanted to touch your butt...its so hot. Yea you are such a tease I replied as I grabbed Wade's ass. Come on lets eat I said I'm starved.

We ate breakfast and enjoyed getting to know each other more. Wade helped clean up the dishes and was playful and we were having a good time. So do you have any deliveries today I asked. Nope I'm free till Monday. Then its back to work for the week. By the way I said. Since you are here for the week why don't you just stay here all week and not just the weekend I said. Wade put his arm around me. I was hoping you would ask he said. I couldn't stand being at the motel knowing you were here. I like being with you he said. I like being with you too I replied. Ugh there was that tension again I thought. This is killing me.

Hey Mike is there anything I can do to help around here? Anything that needs to be done? Not really I replied. It's too hot out to do any yard work, plus I really don't feel like working this weekend. How about we just be lazy and hang by the pool all day and relax. I've got plenty of beer and food. Sounds good to me he replied. Maybe tonight we can see a movie if you like I said. So is this another date Wade asked. Well I guess it is I smiled. Wow two dates in two days Wade said. Hmmm he smiled.

We hung around the house all day and relaxed by the pool. By the early afternoon we fired up the grill and grilled some burgers and had a late lunch and drank a couple of beers. We dozed in the chaise lounges in the shade by the pool. I reached over and took Wade's hand and he squeezed mine. A couple of hours later we woke up from our nap and decided to see Wolverine that evening. We showered and dressed and headed out for the movies. During the movie I slipped my arm around Wade and he looked over at me and smiled. I didn't care what anyone thought about my arm around him. It was just natural for us. We liked the flick and both of us commented that Hugh Jackman was hot in the movie.

After the movie ended we decided to go home. It wasn't late when we got home, we went inside and Wade went out to the pool and just stood there thinking to himself. Man I really like this guy and I really want to kiss him but I don't want to seem pushy. I can't help it though, I really like him. I walked out to the pool, Hey bud whats up? You ok? Yea I'm ok I guess, no I'm not ok he corrected himself. I looked at him, so whats wrong I asked. Wade started playing with the button on my shirt and unbuttoned it. Mike you, umm you are an incredible guy, he said as he slowly unbuttoned my shirt. I can't take it anymore. Take what I asked as if I didn't know. He pushed my shirt off my shoulders and let it drop to the ground. He put his hands on my chest and then up around my neck and held my face in his hands, staring deeply into my eyes. Shaking his head, I don't know what to say he said. All I know is I have met an incredible guy and someone that I would love to get to know and hopefully and just maybe....Its ok I said, I understand I feel the same way, I said. We stood there looking into each others eyes, wanting to go further, wanting each other, but we both knew we couldn't. If we did it would ruin any future of our budding relationship. Ugh Wade said, this is really bad but good as we hugged and held onto each other.

Come on, lets just go to bed and get some sleep. We both need to get up early and go to work I said. Yea don't remind me, this has been an incredible weekend. It sure has I said as we walk into my bedroom.

The next morning the alarm went off early and we both got up and went to work. The week seemed to go by so fast and both of us were not looking forward to Friday because Wade had to go back home to his full time job.

Thursday evening was a bit tense and sad at the same time. Man I hate my full time job Wade said. I so wish I could find a good job here and move like I want to Wade said. Hopefully a job will become available soon I replied.

So what happens to us if I do move here Wade asked? Well I guess we take it one step at a time I replied. What do you want to happen I asked. Wade looked away, then back at me. You want the truth he replied? Yea of course I do. What do you really want Wade I asked with a serious look. Man thats a heavy question bud. I, um I would love to fall in love. I want it all. It would be awesome to settle down with a great guy and live our life. I'm sorry Wade said I'm not always good at expressing my feeling with words. But I hope you know how I feel about you Mike. Wade got on top of me and I could feel his body tensing up. Do you have any idea how much I like you he said. I guess I can ask you the same question. Mike I don't mean to be so forward but I ache for you, I want to kiss you and make love to so badly it hurts. Is that what you really want I asked. Yes, but no, not now. Its gotta be the right time and we both know it he replied. I'm just afraid that when I leave that will be it for us and you may not want anything to do with me in the future. Whoa hold up there Wade, thats not true, its not true at all. I'm willing to be patient and build our relationship to make it solid I said. Are you sure he replied. Yes I'm sure, very sure. You don't have anything to worry about I replied as I ran my hands lightly thru his hair to reassure him. I really like you Wade I whispered as he began to fall asleep. He smiled and closed his eyes and held my hand against his chest.

The next morning it was time for Wade to leave. So when will you be back I asked. Disgusted he said probably not for 3 or 4 weeks. Damn thats a long time I replied. Yea I know and I hate that. But there is nothing I can do about it and that sucks. Wade packed up his things and headed out to the truck. I followed after him. Well I guess this is it he said. I'm gonna miss you Wade I said, my voice cracking. Don't, don't say it he replied. This is hard enough. Ok I gotta go before I lose it he smiled. Wade got in the truck and pulled out of my driveway and I went back in the house and began working. Ugh I freaking miss him already, I guess I like him more than I thought. 4 weeks is a long time and I can't wait to see him again.

A couple of weeks passed since I left Mike. Its been a very long 2 weeks. I miss his so much it hurts. What am I gonna do he said to himself. I hate this job and so far no one has replied my applications. Sometimes I wish I had never met Mike, at least I wouldn't be going thru this and neither would he. Its not fair he thought as he rubbed his face. Just keep going, only two more weeks and we can be together again.

The next day was especially grueling at work. I literally hate this place I said out loud as I left to go home. Its just a job to pay the bills and thats it. There isn't one damn thing I like about this place.

When I got home there was a message from John who owns the shop where I work some weekends to call him back as soon as possible as it was urgent. Hmmm I wonder what's up with John.

I dialed his number and it rang. Hey John its Wade, I just got your message. Whats up? Hey Wade I'm glad you called. Listen, you have been working for me for almost two years on the weekend and you are an excellent employee. Thanks John I replied, I really appreciate hearing that. And I like working for you and I really like the business.

Wade thats what I want to talk to you about. As you know I've owned this business for 20 years and its doing very well. I"m at the place that I need to hire someone to help manage the company. I can't do it by myself anymore and I need help. But I need someone that I can trust and depend on and someone who has a passion for the business. Wade I'm offering you the position. Its full time with full benefits and 4 weeks vacation to start. I haven't offered the job to anyone else because you are the one that I'd like to fill the job. John are you serious I asked? I'm very serious Wade. So what do you say? Would you like to move here and work for me? John, I don't know what to say but YES I said and laughed. Yes I will take the job. Awesome John said relieved. I was hoping you would take the job. Any idea when you can start he asked? Gimme two weeks and I'll be there. I need to find an apartment and move. If you need any help with finding an apartment just let me know. I know a couple of realtors that can help you out. John you have no idea how much this means to me, its an answer to prayer. Thank you so much for the job. I can't wait to start. Well Wade I know you will be a great employee and I look forward to you starting full time. Thanks Wade and I'll see you in a couple of weeks. Thanks again John see you soon.

OMG, this is unreal. I've been wanting to work for John full time for quite a while and now I am. But first things first I thought. I hate that job and I'm not giving any two week notice. Screw it. I called the HR department and told them I was quitting and I wouldn't be reporting to work at all anymore. Just send me my last pay check and be done with it I said. The HR girl asked why I wasn't giving any noticed. Lady there is no law that says I have to give a notice and you and your company don't deserve my two weeks notice. She started to say something but I just hung up the phone. I just sat there and laughed. What an incredible relief.....Ha I just quit! I quit I laughed.

I sat there for a few minutes and looked around my apartment. A big smile came across my face. I grabbed my bag and threw some clothes in it and went out to my car and jumped in. OMG I quit and I have a new job and I can't wait to tell Mike.

Ugh I need some gas so I pulled into the gas station and quickly filled up the tank and bought a Coke. Yuck its so hot I cursed. Hell I hadn't even taken a shower. Screw it I don't care and Mike wont either. I just wanted to get to Mike's as fast as possible and tell him everything and I mean everything. The traffic is always bad this time of evening I pounded on my steering wheel..Come on I yelled like that would help. Then my cell phone vibrated. I can't believe it, its Mike!!! If I answer his call he will know something is up. I have to ignore the call. Hopefully this traffic will ease up and I'll be there in a half hour. Thoughts were swirling in my mind. What if Mike has changed his mind and doesn't want me now, what if he gets upset that I took the job..what if what if what if!

Finally the traffic eased up and I was once again traveling at the normal speed. Soon I pulled into Mike's driveway. Great he's home I said under my breath as I saw his car in the driveway. I pulled up beside his car and jumped out of my car and ran to the front door. Mike had given me a key and I forgot to give it back to him. I unlocked the door and went inside.

Mike I yelled as I ran into the kitchen. Michael where are you I yelled again. I raced up the stair and yelled again....Hey Mike where are you. Mike? Ugh where is he I said impatiently. I look outside, ahhh there he is trimming some bushes and the trimmer is loud. No wonder he didn't hear me.

I unplugged the trimmer and ran out to him. Mike, I yelled. Omg Wade he said surprised. What are you doing here? You weren't supposed to be here for another two weeks. Yea I know I replied excitedly. I hugged him with all I had. Oh man its so good to hold you again I said. I missed you so much. I've got so much to tell you.

Do you have any cold beer Wade asked. Yea in the fridge Mike replied. Come on lets grab a couple and I'll tell you everything. I took a couple of beers out of the fridge and sat down with Mike at the kitchen bar and explained everything. Well not everything. Just about the new job and how I just quit the old one. Mike laughed when I told him I quit. And he was really happy about the new job and that I was moving here.

This is cause for a celebration Mike said. Lets go out on the town tonight and celebrate. That sounds like a good idea I said. Ugh just one problem Mike....whats that he asked. Umm I was so excited and in a rush to get here that I only grabbed a pair of khakis and threw them in my bag. Damn you must have been in a hurry. You have no idea. I just wanted to see you and I couldn't wait any longer. By the smell of things you and I need showers before we go out bud. I laughed, yea I didn't even shower after work. Come on lets get showered and cleaned up. Is the Riverview Inn ok Mike asked. Perfect, thats where we had our first date I replied. Hey I forgot to bring any good clothes with me. Can I borrow yours? You know you can, Jack replied. Thanks Mikey. Geez I forgot everything I was so excited. Mike, laughed, you know where everything is. We can go shopping for some clothes if you want. Mmmm I love the way your clothes smell like you I said.

As we drove, Mike put his hand on mine which was a first. I looked over at him with a smile. Mike has no idea how much I love him, he has no clue and I can't wait to tell him tonight. I can't wait any longer. It has to be tonight. Yea I thought to my self, Yes I love Mike...I freakn love him.

We had dinner and enjoyed each others company and laughed like teenagers. When we got back to Mike's it was still hot and muggy out. I lit the Tiki torches around the pool as Mike got a couple glasses of wine. Mike came back out with the wine and we had a few sips. I put my wine glass on the table and stood in front of Mike and started to unbutton his shirt. Wanna take a swim with me I asked? As I continued to unbutton his shirt and tossed it on the chair. I began to unzip his pants and slid my hand down and lightly massaged his balls as his cock began to stiffen. I threw my shirt off and quickly took my pants off and threw them on top of Mikes. We got in the pool and swam to the middle of the warm water and stood facing each other.

I took Mike's face in my hands, god I could drink the moon light from his eyes I thought as I kissed him and held him tight against my body. omg his body feels so good against mine, I love the way he feels. Our bodies are a perfect fit. My hands slid down his back and I cupped my hands around his sweet ass and pulled him even closer and tighter. Our mouths were locked in such an incredible kiss. Mike's tongue was exploring my mouth and teasing my tongue.

Mike I whispered, I've loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you and I love you more now than ever. Me too Wade me too. We kissed and held onto each other for quite a while. Our bodies tingling with the touch of the other. Wade, Mike whispered, make love to me. You read my mind I replied. We climbed out of the pool and spread a blanket out on the grass. I gently laid Mike down on his back and laid on top of him and kissed him so passionately. I held him down and kissed him all over. Mike began to groan in pleasure as I licked his nipples, our bodies were grinding into each other.

Soon Mike's legs were wrapped around me and I raised my body up slightly while kissing him. I reached over and grabbed my bottle of lube in my pants pocket and lubed up my throbbing cock. I reached down and lubed Mike's wanting opening and teased him and made him groan even more. His legs wrapped tighter around me while kissing me and pulling me into him more.

Slowly I began to enter his body. I could feel my lovers body tighten around my throbbing head and then relax as he welcomed me and gave me his body. Our lips were still locked as I plunged deep inside of Mike, you feel incredible I whispered as he took all of me inside of him. The warmth of his body surrounding my cock was intense. Slowing thrusting deeper into him as our bodies became one. Mike's body arched as I thrust as far into him as I could, by aching balls were filling up quickly with my love. Mike's hands were on my hips pulling and begging me to thrust into him harder and deeper and I began to unleash my love for him and gave him everything I had. Mike squeezed and pinched my nipples which made me thrust even hard as his legs tightened around me waist.

Mike began stroking his throbbing cock as I plunged and thrust myself deeper and deeper, hitting the spot that made him cry out in pleasure. My orgasm was building and wanting him more and more. My balls began to tighten and I cold feel my orgasm reaching the point of no return. My entire body was engulfed in pleasurable sensations shooting thru me. Mike was groaning as his own orgasm was about to be released thru his incredible body.

I began my last few final thrusts as I could feel I was ready to explode my love into Mike, I could feel his pre cum all over my belly. OMG Mike, I'm gonna cum, I love you Mike I screamed as I plunged my penis deep inside of him as my love exploded. Mike came at the same time and groaned in ecstasy as we both climaxed, me inside of Mike and he all over my chest and belly. I loved feeling him shoot all over me. Mike I'm sure could feel my cum shooting inside of him as my cock pumped and spewed my love in him.

We began to relax in the glow of our orgasms, Mike legs relaxed down on the blanket and I laid on top of him with my full weight. We wrapped our arms around each other and loved each other and reveled in the thought that we had become one. The feeling of Mike beneath me was amazing, as we kissed and explored each others bodies. Soon our breathing had returned to normal and we headed for the shower.

We lathered each other and washed the sweat and cum off our bodies. Finally we had consummated our love for each other and expressed how much we loved each other. We were glad we hadn't rushed into anything and waited for that special time when it was right for both of us.

We got into bed and talked about my move. So when do you think you will be moving Mike asked. Hopefully with in two weeks. I need to find an apartment here I replied. Mike turned over onto his back and looked away. Hey whats wrong I asked. Nothing he said, come on Mike I know something is bothering you what is it? I don't know, I'm so glad you are moving here and we can be together but I just assumed you would be moving in with me. I guess I shouldn't have presume anything. Mike I said, I had thought about that but didn't want to push you or presume that you even wanted me to live with you or were ready for that. Wade I really want you to move in here, I wouldn't want you living somewhere else.

I rolled over on top of Mike. So does this mean you are are my boyfriend as I started kissing his neck, nibbling on his ears. Hmmm that depends if you are my boyfriend he replied. I'd love to be your boyfriend I said as I kissed his chest. Baby you know I love you so much and there is nothing I'd rather be is your boyfriend and live with you as your partner and you mine. I guess that settles it Mike replied as he wrapped his arms around Wades neck. Yea I guess it does I replied.

The next day we went back to my old apartment and packed up my things which wasn't much because it was a furnished apartment. It sure was good to leave this town and start a new job and a new life with Mike. Who knew that our lives would change because of a delivery.

We stopped at the shop and talked to John and settled on a start date. And we told John how we met. You know John laughed, normally I frown upon fraternizing with the customers but in this case I'll let it go. Just don't let it happen again he said. Thanks boss, but there won't be a next time....how's that John questioned. He's moving in with me Mike inserted. Your kidding me John replied? Thats awesome. I always wondered when someone was gonna snatch you up Mike and I'm glad it was Wade. You both are good for each other. By the way Mike. Since you are a massage therapist why don't you have some brochures made up and advertise here. I think you could pick up some more business with the clients that come in here. Wow thanks John, Mike replied. If you have any brochures I can pass them out to my clients as well. Hopefully that way both our businesses will increase.

While John and Mike discussed business I went into the back room to take a look at things. Its gonna be great working here full time. Man I can't believe how things have changed in the last few weeks I thought to myself.

I could hear John talking to Mike. I'm so glad that Wade accepted the job he said. He's an incredible guy and I trust him with my business. Just between you and me I'm going to retire in a few years and I'd like Wade to be the new owner. I'm also glad that you two found each other and you are happy. I can tell Wade is beaming and look at you Mike....you can't keep from smiling. You have no idea how happy I am Mike said. Wade isn't just my partner, he's my best friend. Well you make sure you tell him how much you love him everyday. Even when life gets tough and you will be just fine.

I guess I had been eavesdropping as I heard the two of them talking. My eyes started to well up with tears and I had to wait before I went back out front. Geez I've become a big cry baby lately I laughed. I took a deep breath and went back out front.

Mike and I went out to the car for the drive home. While we were driving I put my arm around Mike's shoulder. Hey, umm, I heard you and John talking in the shop and what you said. Which part did you hear? The part that you were so happy and that I was your best friend. Well its true Mike assured. I feel the same way about you Michael.

So do you want to go out for dinner tonight Mike asked. Nah I'd rather stay home with you and have you all to myself I replied. Got anything in mind Mike said with a smile. Oh yea I'm thinking the same thing you are bud. And you know what I mean as we both laughed.

We got home and unpacked Wades clothes and he settled in. Dinner consisted of sandwiches and beer. We were both tired so we showered and went to bed. Of course there was some hot love making before we went to sleep. It sure is good to have Wade back home again and its great that he will always be here. We both fell asleep in each others arms, dreaming of our future together.

The next day we got up and hung around the house all day. So Wade, I was thinking it would be great to have a pool party and introduce you to my friends and family who are dying to meet you. Would that be ok with you? Yea that would be great I said. I'd love to meet your family especially. I hope they like me. Don't you worry about that, they will all love you like I do. How about Saturday afternoon I asked. Sounds good to me. I'm not much of a party planner but I help with whatever needs to be done.

Mike made calls to his family and some friends and Saturday seemed to be good for everyone. Then he ordered the food for the party. He was keeping it simple, but this was a big deal to Mike.

The rest of the week was spent combining my things with Mikes and getting rid of things I really didn't need or want. I needed to go shopping for some new clothes and shoes for work and also for the party. I hate to shop but it was fun with Mike. I picked out a few pairs of pants and shirts for work, some shorts and shoes and a casual shirt for the party and oh yea and new pair of swim trunks since I didnt have any and Mike and I always swam nude. But since it was a party I needed a pair of trunks.

Saturday arrived and the food was delivered and everything was set up. By 2 Mike's family had arrived and Mike introduced me to his parents and bother and sister. Mike's sister is 18 and quite forward and lots of fun. Hey Mike how did you get so lucky she asked. Why's that Mike replied. Wade is hot she replied. OMG I must have turned all shades of red and Mike chased her and threw her in the pool. Ah sibling rivalry, yea gotta love it. Everyone had arrived and I was busy with the grill and Mike was bringing out the rest of the food. We were all having a great time and getting to know each other. Soon the party ended and everyone left for the evening and we left the clean up until the next morning.

Mike was laying on our bed when I walked in. Mmmmm I thought as I smiled and admired his body. I got ready for bed and put my clothes in the hamper and crawled into bed. Mike was half asleep so I lightly rubbed his back and body. There was some massage oil on the nightstand so I poured some on his back and and began to massage it into his skin. Even a massage therapist needs a massage once in a while. Then I poured some of the oil on his butt and in his crack. Mike smiled when I started to massage his butt and parted his cheeks and massaged up and down his crack and teased his tight hole. Then I straddled him and sat right below his ass checks and put my hard cock in between his ass checks and continued massaging his body. My cock was sliding in and around his butt and teasing his hole. Mike was loving every minute of it and so was I.

After I was done massaging his back I laid down on top of him and reached under him with both hands and lightly pinched his nipples which made him jerk a bit. I began sliding my cock around his ass crack and my cock found his hole and I teased him with my cock head. Damn I want to take him again right now I thought. With my full weight on him I slowly began humping him and my cock head accidentally penetrated him.

Mike raised his head when I penetrated his entrance. I kissed his neck and bore down on him and slid my cock deep inside of him. I couldn't help it. I wanted him again so badly. Mike thrust his ass back into me, taking me all the way inside of him. Giving himself completely to me. I slowly and passionately took his boyd as he groaned in ecstasy, begging me to take him. OMG Wade I can feel you deep inside of me, you are driving me wild. Please thrust yourself harder and deeper into me he begged.

Mike's tight manhole had a grip on me, it was like he couldn't get enough of me and I couldn't get enough of him, my lover. My orgasm was building deep and powerful from within. My balls we slapping against Mike's taint as my cock plunged and thrust deeper and deeper into him. It was as if we were in a rhythmic trance.

My body was wrapped around Mike tightly as I made passionate love to him. Giving him everything I had and everything he wanted. We both erupted in a euphoric orgasm that left both us breathless. We laid there breathless as we held onto each other. Mike I whispered as my body trembled, I love you, I love you as I let myself down onto him. Mike held me in his arms till we both calmed down and fell asleep in each others embrace.

Wade began his new position at the shop and settled in and I was swamped with work like usual. We had a good time combining Wades things with mine and turning my home into our home. Since we wore the same size clothes there was no need to separate drawers and closets. We were settling in nicely at home and learning more about each other everyday. And yes we were head over heels in love with each other.

Who knew a simple delivery would turn into the love of a life time.

Watch for Part 2



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