2004 – 2005. 24 – 25 yrs old

It was Fall, 2003. I wasn't happy with the way my hormone therapy was progressing. Miguel suggested I consider castration as an option. I was horrified at the idea! I loved being a woman, but not the idea of losing my penis. I still liked fucking women!

Early the following year, I was researching the procedure. By February, I was seriously considering it. When I talked to my doctor, she suggested a partial castration. She could remove my testicles. Since I was functionally male, and well past puberty, I wouldn't lose the ability to get erections and produce ejaculate. It would be harder to get erections, though. Recovery would be quick. I agreed and scheduled the procedure for the following week.

My doctor told me everything went well. She had to remove most my scrotum as well, but nothing else important to me. Full recovery would take several months. She ordered me not to engage in sexual activity for that time.

I was still able to give blowjobs and eat pussy and ass, so Miguel and Silve weren’t to terribly disappointed. I just couldn’t fuck, or take anything up my ass.

By the end of my recovery, I was nervous. I hadn’t felt any stirrings in my cock. I returned the end of May for the final checkup. My doctor had me sit at the edge of the exam table and stroked my cock. It rapidly sprang to attention. I was relieved.

My doctor laughed and said, “I think I need to do something about this!”

She leaned over and took me into her mouth, sucking gently. I LIKE this doctor! Very unprofessional, but her mouth was warm and moist. I filled her mouth with cream.

“Nice,” she said. “I think you’re good to resume sexual activities.”

“How can I thank you?” I gratefully asked.

She raised her skirt and leaned back on the exam table.

“Well….you COULD return the favor!” she replied impishly.

I licked her dripping pussy to a couple of orgasms. I definitely LIKE this doctor! I can’t wait for my next exam! ( I still see her, but we never repeated the experience.)

I was given a cream to apply to the skin between my cock and my asshole. Silve decided to apply it for me. She took to sucking me off while she rubbed the lotion into my healing skin. She did this twice a day. I looked forward to this.

 She and Miguel wanted to see that I was healing properly. My doctor had suggested I masturbate daily for a few weeks to make sure I kept functioning. Miguel and Silve would watch me play with myself. I was envious, however. She was sitting on his lap while he played with her nipples. She was where I used to be! 

Afterwards, I would hear her cries of passion as he fucked her hard. They were slowly growing closer and beginning to pay less attention to me!

Miguel was fascinated with the area where my balls once were. He traced the area with his fingernails. I discovered I was more sensitive there. Caressing me there would elicit moans of delight. Miguel acted like my cock felt different in his hand.

I hoped he’d be more pleased than he appeared to be. After all, I wouldn’t have considered it had he not suggested it. I was glad I did, though. I felt more womanish than previously. I wanted to please both him and Silve.

Miguel often fucked me facing him. Since the operation, he was slowly moving to fuck me more doggy style, and laying flat on my stomach. He wasn’t as considerate of my desires and feelings as before. Sex was starting to get rougher. I’m a submissive bottom, but I don’t want rough all the time. 

Even Silve was leaning more to the rough side. When we first slept together, she came across as being very insecure. Over the months, I discovered she was what is called a Dominant Submissive. She submitted totally to Miguel, and tended towards being a top with me. Even she was getting rougher.

She introduced mild bondage and a riding crop into our sex. She’d get extremely aroused after swatting my bottom until it was glowing red. Conversely, the harder Miguel swatted her, the stronger her orgasms.

Much of our sex play turned to threesomes with me in the middle. Miguel would hammer my ass with his ten inch cock, while I ate licked Silves’s pussy or ass. Afterwards, they would retire to their bedroom. Miguel rarely spent the night with me anymore! 


We moved into a new apartment in 2004. Silve had Walt, the contractor, add special devices in the bedrooms and the bathrooms. Special rigs for very rough sex. Silve even had Walt abuse me trying out the new set up. Rough bondage play became the norm instead of the exception.

One Saturday, Miguel suspended me and Silve from the special hook in their master closet. Our hands were cuffed and we faced each other, our bodies touching. Silve could stand, but my toes barely reached the floor.

Miguel used the riding crop on both our bottoms. We were painfully red. Silve kissed me most the time and had several orgasms. Miguel reached between us and stroked my cock until I was erect. I wasn’t having erections during rough play. I couldn’t get my cock into Silve’s pussy. She was getting frustrated and wrapped her legs around my waist. She worked her hips and ground against me until I slipped inside.

Silve arched her back and used her legs to ride me. Our bodies were covered with sweat. We writhed on the hook as she struggled to keep my cook inside her. Her face down to her breasts was red as she came several times. She lifted herself free and settled to the floor.

Miguel placed a small step behind me and stood on it, pushing his cock balls deep into my ass. I couldn’t spread my legs very far, making my ass even tighter. When he was all the way in, his thrusts would lift me off the floor. His cock pushed painfully against the end of my channel.

I wanted to cry out but Silve warned, “If you don’t be quiet, I’ll have Miguel put a ball gag in you mouth!”

I whimpered under the painful assault, but didn’t cry out. I like pain. Some pain actually feels good, but this was too much! Miguel stood behind me, ramming up into me. Silve's hands were now free. She stood before me taking my cock in on hand and pulling my face to hers with the other. While Miguel thrust powerfully into my ass, stretching me, she kissed me and stroked my cock.

Although I was hurting, I was also seriously aroused.  Both Master and Mistress knew my body well, and how to play it like a fine musical instrument.  I moaned. I wanted this to end: I wanted this to last forever! I filled Silve’s hand. She smeared her lips with my cream and resumed kissing me, running her tongue into my open mouth.

Miguel’s hand replaced Silve’s on my cock. His other hand grabbed a nipple and pinched it painfully. I knew not to scream. I couldn’t scream. I wouldn’t scream. Silve pulled my face to her neck. I nuzzled her while she cupped my bottom. Miguel’s fist was tight between us pumping my cock, his cock still pumping away in my now very sore ass. His fist would stroke down as his mighty cock stroked upwards. I was rapidly approaching the edge.

Silve was moaning and reached another powerful orgasm.  Not long after, I covered our stomachs with my cream. Miguel kept up his stroking and thrusting. His fist was now painful on my cock. My ass was screaming for mercy! I stayed erect. Silve stepped back, letting Miguel prepare to finish. He started pumping my cock harder and faster. Silve put the ball gag in my mouth. I screamed against the gag.

I don’t know how long Miguel worked me. I came again. Soon after, he thrust up into me one last time as he emptied his hot load into my ass. He pinched both nipples roughly. My ass tightened in response and he fucked me a little longer.

I’d had some of the most powerful orgasms I’d ever felt! I hung there exhausted as he pulled out of me ass. Damn! Agony and ecstasy all rolled up together!

Miguel suddenly dragged Silve over to the bed and threw he face down onto it. He held her arms and spread her legs with his before pushing his cock deep into her ass. She screamed and cursed him the entire time he drove his thick, fat cock into her ass. He fucked her long and hard, finally thrusting deep as he could, filling her ass.

But the Spanish Bull wasn’t done, yet. His cock still hard, he rolled Silve onto her back and drove into her pussy. Her curses soon turned into cries of ecstasy as he hammered her cunt as hard as he fucked her ass! I jealously watched as she wrapped her long legs around his waist, drawing him deeper.

I also watched in anguish as she looked over at me as if to say. “See? He is MINE! And nothing you can do can take him from me!”

While we were lovers, too, she was still frightened of the tranny who looked so similar to a much younger Silve. Occasionally, she needed to prove SHE was the one Miguel ultimately desired!  

I could only watch in tears, the ball gag insuring my silence. I wanted Miguel to fuck me as he was doing her! But that wasn’t happening much anymore. 

I could see the clock by their bed. It was after 1 in the morning. He’d been fucking her almost an hour at this point. He rolled to his back and she straddled him facing me. He ran his hands along her sides as she cupped her small, and still firm, breasts. Breasts I wanted to hold in my hands, to suck and kiss! She looked at my face the entire time she slowly rode him. She seemed to revel in my suffering.  

Silve comes easily and frequently during sex. This time was no different. She came several times, her skin flushed from her face to her breasts. She rolled off and asked Miguel to finish in her, to fuck her as hard as he could! He mounted her face to face and soon filled her pussy.

I could see her laying there, cum leaking out both holes as Miguel came over and closed the closet door. I was left suspended in the dark. I could hear them as he mounted her again!

About an hour later, a well-fucked Silve opened the door and said mockingly, “We forgot all about you! Here, let me make it up to you!”

She knelt and took my cock into her mouth. She sucked me and caressed beneath me, working me to one final orgasm. She stood and walked away. I thought hey were going to leave me there! Please! Don’t leave me!

Miguel untied me and removed the gag. He carried me to my room and tucked me into my bed. He kissed me lightly on my tear-crusted cheek.

“Goodnight, Querida, Sleep well!”

It was after 3 AM.


I didn’t sleep well. My limbs were cramping from being suspended as I'd been. They’d tied me up previously, but my feet could rest on then floor and my arms could bend. I liked being taken that way. I liked being taken as I'd been last night. But I was paying the price this morning. I couldn’t move!

I’d been sobbing into my pillow most the morning. I felt used, humiliated, and very un-loved. While Si!ve and Miguel started out loving me, that love had faded. I was, first and foremost, Miguel's mistress. His trophy. I deluded myself into thinking this arrangement would last for many, many years. I now wondered if it was time to move on. 

I heard a light tapping at the door. When I didn't answer, Mama Rosa stuck her head in. When she saw me crying, she rushed on in. Mama Rosa took me in as if I was one of her own daughters. She encouraged me to call her ‘Mama’. She was also as protective of her girls as was a lioness of her cubs! 

Rosa held me in arms while I struggled recounting the previous night's activities. She knew what I am and what I did, but that didn't matter! The more I spoke, the angrier she became, Portuguese curses streaming from her mouth.

She saw Miguel and Silve at my door and yelled, “HOW DARE YOU HURT MY BABY!”

Her string of invective followed them as they hurriedly left the apartment. Rosa left and returned shortly with Felipe and the girls. The four of them worked soothing lotions into my tortured limbs. They slowly worked out all the knots and kinks. I finally fell into a peaceful slumber.

The next morning, after a good breakfast, Mama sat down for a heart to heart talk. While she didn't want me to leave, she felt maybe I should leave. She held me close.

I needed to register for the next semester and pay the rent on my old apartment. I was stunned to see my bank account had several thousand more in it than I remembered. Someone, most likely Silve, had made a substantial deposit. Also, my trust fund now had three times the amount it previously had. She was buying a whore's forgiveness, and maybe her silence! At least, I didn’t have to worry about supporting myself should I leave.


I didn’t see Silve or Miguel for a couple of weeks, but that wasn’t unusual. They had business interests on the east coast and were often gone a week or two. Before we moved to the new apartment, I saw one or the other, and on rare occasions, both. Frankly, I didn’t miss them this time.

I was eating with the Garza family. They frequently invited me when my lovers were away. Miguel stuck his head in the door. It seemed I left my phone in my rooms and didn’t hear his call. I excused myself and went to him. He looked down and inquired about my health. I was stunned when I saw the front room filled with flowers. In the past, I would have leaped into his arms and expressed my gratitude. Now, I just thanked him. 

Miguel apologized profusely for his behavior.  I smiled sadly and thanked him again. He looked forlorn as he turned to leave. I asked if he’d eaten and offered to share my supper with him. Mama hade made my favorites – chili dogs. Miguel didn’t care for them, but wanted to please me so badly, he ate accepted. Mama brought us our plates.

After the meal, we visited a while, then he headed off to his room. I let him get almost to his door.

“Miguel, you don’t have to sleep alone,” I said. “Come spend the night in my bed.”

Mama frowned at this, but I nodded I’d be okay. He was only rough when Silve was here, and she wasn’t due back for a few days.

Miguel followed me to my room. I kissed him and let him explore my body with his mouth and hands. After he lubed me, he wanted to turn me over and take me from behind, but I refused. I would only allow him to take me face to face. He’d have to rape me to take me any other way! He was stunned at my insistence, but acceded to my wishes.

I spread my legs and rolled my bottom up slightly to allow him entrance to my ass. I was still very sore and his thrusts were painful. He fucked me with long, slow strokes. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled his head to my neck. He would leave a mark, hopefully one Silve would notice when she returned.

I ran my nails down his back, leaving gouges in his flesh, as he fucked me. I would occasionally come when he fucked me, usually with a little external stimulation. Not this time. I was using him like he used me. He fucked me close to an hour before he filled my ass. I held him close and asked him to stay with me the entire night. 

We repeated this routine every night until Silve returned. I was no longer terribly sore and was actually enjoying to the feel of his long, thick cock traveling in and out of my ass. I had several hickies on my neck. His back bore several set of scratches in different stages of healing.

When Silve walked in, he was greeted with a sight of me in one of Miguel’s shirts open at the collar. She could see the love bites on my neck. My hair was mussed and I was sporting a freshly fucked expression on my face. She saw Miguel asleep in my bed, fresh scratches on his back.

She returned, a small frown on her face, and remarked dryly, ”I see you two have been busy. You must be feeling recovered. Save any for me?”

I only smiled and followed her to their room. I spent the next hour licking her ass, probing her hole with my tongue. She might have thought she was punishing me, but I was the Mistress as she writhed in ecstasy.

After supper, I watched Miguel fuck her twice making her scream in pleasure as his nice cock filled her cunt. He fucked her hard for almost an hour, filling her cunt with his load. She looked over at me challenging me to deny her ownership of this bull of a man, but didn’t see the hurt she expected! 

I got on all fours and proceeded to eat Miguel’s cum from her dripping pussy. Miguel squatted behind me, his legs straddling my hips and lining his long, thick cock against my sphincter. He was going to shove his entire length forcibly into my ass. It would be extremely painful at first, but I wanted it that way. I wanted Silve to see my pleasure at being taken so hard by my lover.

“That’s it, baby,” I cried. “Take me, I’m yours!”

Silve was none too pleased to see my expression turn dreamy as Miguel took me with long, powerful thrusts. My small breasts and my cock were swinging with each stroke. I forgot her while he pummeled my ass. I could feel the warmth in my face and neck as I neared orgasm.

“Please, Miguel, harder! HARDER!!” I cried as I shot my cream all over the floor. 

I could feel Silve’s anger as she roughly pulled my head back to her pussy. She wrapped her long legs behind my head, holding me firmly in place. I didn’t mind: I wanted to lick her delicious pussy! Before this was over, she’d be writhing in pleasure. Pleasure I gave her!!

Silve fought coming, but soon relaxed her legs and squirmed as I used my tongue to push her to the edge and release her. I brought her to the peak many times before I finally pushed her over the brink. She shook all over as wave after wave of spasms took her body. She was having multiple orgasms, one right after another. She begged me to stop, but I kept licking until, finally, she collapsed in exhaustion.

I was so focused on Silve that I forgot Miguel’s powerful cock in my ass! A sharp sting as he slapped my ass brought me back.

“Oh, Miguel!” I purred. “Your magnificent cock feels sooo goood deep inside me! Ride me like the bull you are!”

His ego sufficiently stroked, Miguel started thrusting faster. He wanted to fuck me longer, but he’d already been inside me nearly an hour. He roared as he pushed in as far as he could and filled my ass with his cum. I could feel it leaking past his cock out my very well-stretched sphincter.

They were done, but I wasn’t……And the night was still young!!


Angie K


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