Silve was so exhausted after her multiple orgasms that she hadn’t noticed Miguel had finished fucking me and left for their bedroom. She finally staggered in to find him on his back fingering my asshole while I was sucking his cock.

I glanced towards the closet and asked, “Would you like to play?”

I could see the wicked gleam in her eye as she nodded. She let me slip the cuffs on her wrists and Miguel lifted her to the hook. She was surprised when he gagged her. She was confused when he kicked the block from beneath her feet. She now had to stand on the balls of her feet. Her confusion turned to anger when she saw I wasn’t similarly restrained!

Her breasts were right at my mouth. I sucked them while Miguel worked a lubed finger into her ass. She fought and squirmed as he slowly worked his cock into her tight ass. Her eyes flew wide open as the head pushed past her sphincter. She had a pleading look, begging me with her eyes to stop this. I reached between her legs and fingered her pussy while Miguel thrusts up into her. 

As much as she hated his cock in her ass, she loved the fingers in her pussy. Again, she had several orgasms close together. Sweat poured off her limp form. Her body flinched upwards with each thrust of his cock.

I stood on a small step and slipped my cock into her pussy. I held her close as my body slid against hers when I thrust. Miguel and I timed our thrusts so that one was thrusting deep the other was pulling back. Silve struggled a while, then gave up when she realized she was pinned between us. Her breathing grew ragged as she began another string of intense orgasms. Her ass and pussy walls contracted as she repeatedly came. Miguel and I continued thrusting into her long after he collapsed from exhaustion. I could feel his cock against mine through her thin walls. I filled her with my cream. Miguel groaned and came in her ass shortly after.

I lay back on the bed as Miguel rammed his still hard cock into my ass. I raked my nails down his back, looking at Silve’s face. So I’m just a tranny whore, huh? She was too exhausted to do more than watch.

After he came, I rolled over onto my stomach and begged him to fuck me as long as he liked! He willingly rammed deep into me causing me to yelp when he hit the end of my channel. I looked over my shoulder but didn’t the pain I’d hoped to see. What I saw, what frightened me, was the look of anger and determination I saw.  Her look was cold and calculating, declaring revenge!

Miguel fucked me nearly a half hour before he grunted and filled my ass.  I was done. Or, so I thought.

When I stretched, Miguel grabbed my wrists and pulled me to the closet. I fought and pulled back, to no avail! He was just too damned strong!  He rapidly cuffed my wrists and hung me facing Silve. I could see triumph in her eyes as Miguel released her. She took the gag she’d worn and put it in my mouth. Her hands roamed down my sides then back up to my breasts where she twisted my nipples and brought tears to my eyes.

“So the little girl still wants to play rough!!” she declared. “I LIKE rough!”

She held me so Miguel could push into me. He lifted my legs to his shoulders. She tied my ankles together, and to my wrists, so I couldn’t pull them away. Any squirming I did would only work Miguel’s cock into me. He held me tight against him as he thrust. The Spanish Bull was going to fuck me mercilessly! 

Silve pulled a harness from a drawer and inserted a long dildo. She stood behind me and started working it into me. I screamed against the gag. I was being stretched wider than I’d ever been! She was ripping me open! The angles were all wrong! 

“Don’t you like having two cocks in you?” she asked evilly. “I liked having two in me!!”

They alternated their strokes, much like Miguel and I had fucked her. I was now pinned tightly between them! Normally the pain fades after a few minutes, but not this time! My ass was on fire! I quit resisting and resigned myself to my fate. 

Miguel had put on a cock ring just before he started. He already could fuck long times. Wearing this, he could fuck me for hours. Thus his nickname “the Spanish Bull”!

Even though I was in intense pain, I was starting to enjoy the unusually full feeling. I came. About ten minutes later, I came again! And about ten minutes after that, I came again!

I was spent but they weren’t! Silve had inserted the special double cock in the harness. The smaller cock was massaging her pussy and her clit. She could also fuck me a long time.

Finally, after who knows how long, Miguel thrust one last time and filled me. His cum easily leaked out of me severely stretched asshole. Silve took his place in front and drove the dildo up into me. She bit my lips and drove her tongue into my mouth. She yanked my head back and left and bit and sucked my neck. She was giving me her own mark, reminding me who owned whom. 

Miguel stood behind me and drove his cock back in. I hurt, damn, how I hurt! He fucked me about ten minutes then pulled out. He then left the room. Silve finally untied my ankles, but left me hanging by my wrists.

She held my chin and looked into my eyes. I could still see the fire smoldering in them. She grabbed my cock and squeezed tightly as she stroked me.

“Was this rough enough for you?” she asked. “Did Miguel’s little whore get enough of his magnificent cock?”

I had to be an idiot. “Let’s do it again! Only harder!” I spat back.

I’d crossed a line I didn’t even know was there!

She only snarled as she spun me around. I felt the burn as she lashed my bottom with the riding crop. This was no game where she’d caress my bottom with the crop, teasing me before the next swat. This was punishment! She was swatting me harder than she’d ever done! I was feeling the full fury of the humiliation and indignation I’d served up on her! My naked body danced under the onslaught. I squirmed and twisted, trying to avoid the worst of the punishment, but my feet couldn’t reach the floor.

Silve cursed me in Spanish as she lashed my raw skin. I couldn’t even beg since I was till gagged. I broke. 

I submitted. 

Silve had beaten me for so long, and so hard, I would have done anything to make her forgive me. I’d screamed long and hard against my gag, but the swats muffled my cries. Swatting my bottom was no longer good enough. The lashes began covering my back and legs, and even my shoulders. I hadn’t realized how much my taunts had angered her. Silve is a very proud woman.

Miguel returned and realized this had gone past being a game. Silve was punishing me. She was putting me back in my place. She was seriously hurting me! I quit struggling, praying the punishment would end soon.

“SILVE! STOP!!” Miguel roared.

He grabbed her wrist and she spun around to slap him. He grabbed her other wrist and held her.

“No more!” he whispered over and over. “No more. She can’t take anymore!” he pleaded.

The fire left Silve’s eyes and she turned to look at me. She wailed when she saw all the angry red welts across my body. She rushed over to free me as Miguel gently lowered me.

I cried on her shoulder.’ “Please! No more! I’ll be good! I promise! I won’t do it again. I’ll be good! I promise! I promise!”

Silve collapsed and Miguel carried me to my room. They’d sent the Garza’s away for the weekend. (It was probably a good thing. I believe Felipe would have killed them if he’d known.) Miguel spent many hours rubbing salves and ointments into me. 

All the while I repeated “I’ll be good! I’ll be good!” over and over. I finally fell asleep. I woke late the next evening to find two very contrite lovers sitting by me. Miguel went to get me something to eat while Silve sat there, mouth moving, but nothing coming out.

“Silve, I’m so sorry what I said and did to you last night. “I apologized. “You hurt me and I wanted to hurt you back! I.....I forgot my place. I promise! It won’t happen again.”

She broke down crying, “I’m so sorry. I’m ashamed at how I hurt you. It wasn't your fault! You didn't deserve my wrath!"

She and Miguel explained they didn’t understand. They thought I was ready. Ready for the next level as their mistress. They thought I knew the rules of the game!

I’d seen the signs, but I ignored them. I’d forgotten my place. I convinced myself I was their equal! I thought they loved me! They might have, but their love and passion for each other was so much stronger, they didn’t see the anguish their foolish young lover felt. They didn’t understand my need to be accepted and loved.

My eyes were open, now.

And I didn’t like what I was seeing.


Angie K


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