As I stand here looking down at this wonderful man, I felt my heart would burst, I was shaking as I sobbed and I viewed his beautiful face,laying in the casket. What a gorgeous man he was, so perfect in every way.

His Name was Harold Halburton, but everyone knew him as Hal.

Hal had been a mentor to so many young men, baseball coach, sponsored soccer leagues, led the city into the Boy Scouts, he was just a wonderful, wonderful man.

He was a father figure to so many of us, who were less fortunate and always had a kind word for everyone.

He was a pillar of strength and a society leader in the community.

Hal was a city counselman, and he was also a Local Milkman, the old fashioned kind that drove a truck around and delivered the milk to the doors along with other dairy products.

It seemed like everyone in town loved this old man. But now, he was gone, The town had come out in groves to visit and pay their respects and there were so many flowers that there wasn't room in the funeral parlor to hold them all, they lined the outside halls. Words can't say enough about how great this man was.

But, I knew a little secret, one that I had never shared with anyone, at any time.

Hal had taken me in when I was just fifteen, I was an orphan, having been raised in and orphanage I was getting older and the families that would come to adopt a boy would pass me by because of my age.

One afternoon the Head administrator of the Orphanage called me to his office with four other, Older boys, and asked us to come into his office. We walked in and lined up, I was the oldest I was fifteen at that time, never expecting to be picked to be adopted, I had given up that idea a long time ago, most people want a boy and I just was not a little happy go lucky kid anymore, I was fastly approaching manhood.

I already had found my self jerking off like crazy, three to four times a day, My dick was quite a bit bigger than most boys there and I had even had a couple of the boys my age, well lets say I knew what a blowjob felt like and also what a boys dick tasted like.

I was now thirty six, a grown gay man, and I learned to accept myself, being gay and all that due to Hal. Hal had taught me it was alright to be gay.

Hal had picked me and took me home with him that night. We stopped by a local Kmart and he purchased me a bunch of new clothes, shoes and underwear.

Hal made me feel so special for some reason, and I guess to him I was. He had never married, had no children, and he went out of his way to make me feel wanted and needed.

I guess It was a couple years later, I was seventeen almost eighteen, I was doing my homework, I heard Hal taking a shower and then he went into his bedroom, I got up to go to Hals room, I had a question about something in my homework. I walked over to his bedroom door, which was standing open just a little, there laying on his back on his bed, with just his bathrobe on and it was laying opened, was Hal.

From the position I was standing I could see him but he couldn't see me and he had his legs spread wide opened and he had the most awesome looking cock in his right hand, it was at least eight or nine inches long, thick as a beer can, and hard as a board, His right hand was wrapped around it, and he was working it over like mad. I watched as he slid his foreskin back and forth on his cock, god it was awesome looking, I found my own cock getting hard watching Hal stroke off, this was so fucking hot I as about to swallow my tongue.

It took him a good ten minutes and I could hear his heavy breathing and almost gasping for breath and then his body started jerking and 'my god in heaven,' I heard him grunt and say 'AHHH---awhhh---Shit,' and I saw what looked like a upward flowing avalanche of cum shooting high into the air and landing on his stomach, chest and face. god It was amazing.

I quickly ran back to my room and all I could think of was Hals awesome cock shooting that cum.

I slipped my trousers off and started beating my meat like the overly horney dude I was. I just about got to the blast point, and I felt the cum boiling in my balls I had reached the point of no return, and the door opened and I was shooting cum up on my chest and Hal just stood there and smiled.

I was a little embarrassed but Hal, just came over to me and smiled, kissed me on the forehead and said, hey son, we all do it, glad to see you enjoying yourself, and then he swiped a glob of my cum and stuck it in his mouth and licked his fingers off, then he smiled at me, winked and said, delicious.

I was absolutely astounded at this. But so fucking turned on and happy for some reason, I began to think of Hal in a totally different way.

It was several months later when Hal took me to dinner, it was my eighteenth birthday, he took me shopping and bought me several different things.

Then we went home, Hal said, 'Ken, I have something special planned for you tonight. I smiled and said,'Special?'

'Yeah Special' had no idea what he meant. I only knew just how much I loved Hal and how special he was to me, He had become my family.

We went out to eat, and went home, Hal had bought me a birthday cake and icecream and had invited some of my friends from school over and we had had an awesome time, I thoroughly enjoy my birthday party, we just had a great time.

It was about ten that night and Hal said,'Ken, come on lets go to bed,' I said, 'sure thing.'

I Started into my room and Hal grabbed me turned me around and said,'Ken,Your gonna sleep with me tonight.'

Hal led me into his bedroom, and he started undressing me. As he was undressing me, he said,'Ken, you remember I told you I had something special for you tonight?'

'Yeah, I do.'

'Well now its time for that something special,'

Hal stripped me down to my briefs and I noticed he was staring straight out at my cock and wetting his lips.

He said, 'I have wanted to do this since you were younger but it was Illegal then.'

Hal pulleded down my briefs and I stepped out of them, He stood up and started undressing himself.

When He got down to his underwear I noticed his cock was leaning hard to the left and sticking out, swollen up hard as a brick.

He slipped out of his briefs and I once again saw that huge cock of his.

Hal said,'Ken, do you like what you see?'

'Hell yeah man, Hal I love you,'

Hal set me down on the bed and pushed me onto my back and then he raised up my legs and started by licking on my sensative hole, I was about to loose it, it was so damned exciting, my cock was definately doing a double take and getting harder than a diamond.

Hal licked and stuck his tongue into my hole, god I was in love with this, Hal was awesome at making a man feel good.

I was raising my ass up off the bed to meet his face as he sucked and tongued my hole, I was leaking pre-cum like a sieve and, by the time he to it was really wanting Hal to swallow my cock.

Finally Hal had gotten his fill of my manhole and then took my cock to the bush into his mouth and massaged the head with his throat muscles, damne Hal was good.

All I knew is that I was in a sexual Fog, and I knew I was about to blast off.

Hal started a slow steady rythm and it took me aobut three minutes for me to finish and Hal took the load like it was a creamed filled tort or somehing. I was totally exhausted. Hal just sucked and licked every drop of it my cock was red as a beet from being worked on.

I finally got my composure back and noticed Hal still had a big boner, that needed someones attention.

He leaned into me on the bed and started spooning, and before I knew it he had his cock to the balls in my anal opening. God It felt big, he was just rocking like a 'teeter totter.' I was in awe at how good this felt, I never dreamed it would feel like this.

I could feel each and every sensative inch as he sild it in and then back out. It was awesome.

I felt his body give a shudder and then he grabbed my body and held me tight, slid his cock to the balls into me, and I felt his cock flexing inside my anal canal as it unloaded cum, and boy did he cum, I leaked cum for a week it seemed, and I was totally satisfied, and filled.

I had shot another load while Hal assulted my asshole, but I loved it.

Hal and I had sex on a regular basis after that birthday night.

I couldn't have asked for Hal to be more Wonderful. I brought guys home with me after that and to sex often, there was never a bad vibe between Hal and me, actually he joined in a few times.

I could not have had a better parent, Hal was a wonder man, and a great Dad. I will love you Hal and remember you all the days of my life. And I will and do miss you.



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