Jose was Dominican and he was dark skin with the ruggedly handsome features most latin men possess. He was tall, over six feet, and although not as muscular as Paul, he was well toned and well built.

We shared various classes, but it was in dance class I first noticed him. He was an excellent dancer and when the teacher allowed it we'd have a dance off. I was usually more acrobatic in my techniques than he was, but he had street smart and was a more aggressive dancer, which I admired. He flirted with everyone even the dance teacher, Ms. Whites. He was quite haughty and thought of himself as "god's gift to woman", a real macho, but no girl I knew ever took him serious.

He spoke with a heavy accent and most people had trouble understanding him, but I was completely in love with his Spanish-Dominican accent. I was fluent in spanish, I used to correct him when he mispronounced a word in English, and even coached him a few words when he didn't know how to express himself and we clicked.

We started to hang-out, we spend allot of time together in school. We lunched together, we studied together, and I introduced him to my circle of friends. I even set him up with my slutty friend Drita. But after one date Jose didn't want anything to do with her.

Outside of school we talked on the phone almost every night. At first the calls were school related, he'd call to ask for help with homework, but gradually the conversations developed to long intimate talks about our most personal thoughts and desires. He initiated the sexual tension that was building between us. He told me that he thought the sound of my voice was sexy, and I told him that I thought he was sexy. At first I was only playing, but the more we flirted the more I realized that I was carrying a secret crush for him.

I let my guard down with Jose. I had not noticed until he pointed it out, that I acted differently with him when we were alone, and he told me that he liked who I was when we were alone, when I wasn't pretending. When I wasn't pretending. Those words really made me take a good look at myself. And he was right. I never noticed before, but when I talked on the phone with him my voice changed, my personality changed. It got so weird that when I call his home and his father or sister answered they would say, "Jose, its your girlfriend." We always got a good chuckle about it, and sometimes Jose would play along and greet me with a, "hello my love" or "hello babe", and I secretly like it. I liked the idea of being in a relationship with him. He made me feel comfortable, and it felt excitingly good to be myself and not be ridiculed or harassed for it. He never made fun of me like Paul used to do.

The more time we spend together the harder it got for us to hide our secret attraction. I don't think he saw what was happening between us as the start of something wonderful like I did. He avoided talking about what it meant, but he was not hiding the physical attraction. I supposed it was all physical for him, we were young and too naive to understand what we were feeling or at least to put it into words and own up to it. I don't think anyone noticed the secret caresses - when he would wrap his arm around my shoulder, how he let his hand hang over my pecs, and how his fingers ever so subtle always fondle my nipples to erection. When he would lean in and whisper in my ear, how his lips alway touch my earlobes, and how his hot breath always send chills down my spine. When he stood so close I could feel the bulge in his pants pressing against my body, and how he would slide his hand around my waist and over the bump of my ass. I didn't hide it either; when we sat together in class I'd let my leg rub against his, and sometimes even rest my hand on his lap. We even held hands and let our fingers play with each other when we could get away with it.

One day, while Jose and I were in dance class, he pointed out another thing about me that he found irresistible. I had the habit of sliding my tongue across my lips, sometimes I bit the upper lip while I was in deep thought, it was an unconscious act, and he found it attractive. He said he couldn't stop thinking about my lips and confessed he wanted to kiss me.

I will never forget my first kiss with guy. I remember on that particular day we were rehearsing for an event and the entire class was held on the stage in the school's auditorium. We separated from the rest of the class and looked for a private nook behind the stage, all the way at the back, next to the racks where they kept the costumes and props.

He put his hands around my waist and pulled me close. He was taller than me and I had to stand on my toes and wrap my hands around his neck in order to reach up and kiss him. Both our cocks are already raging hard and the friction between us was invigorating. I looked at his lips and then into his bright brown eyes and smiled. He smiled back and leaned in slowly.  He had nicely shaped lips, supple and suckable. The kiss was tender and playful. First he sucked on my lower lip before sliding his hot, sweet tongue inside my willing mouth, and I gently let mine wrestled with his -- It was chemistry.

We made out and grinded against one another for a few minutes before our hands begun to explored our stiff cocks. I think I pulled his out first; his cock was bigger than mine and it was curved to the left, with a thick purple mushroom head. I stared and fondled it, taking in the size of it, the beauty of its bent shape, and the shear strength of its erection. He pulled mine out and we masturbated one another without unlocking lips. We rubbed our cocks together with the wet lubrication of our precum. My body was on fire, and anywhere he touched me my body exploded with pleasure.

Then he did something I wasn't expecting - He spit on his hand and rubbed it on the head of his cock and slide it between my legs past my scrotum to the crack between my ass cheeks. He continued to jerk me; awakening sensations, from the mouth of my anus to the tip of my dick. I'd never felt such pleasure before, and it drove my body mad. He lifted my right leg over his shoulder, and when I adjusted and his cock found my virgin anus its head spread the walls of my hole and slipped inside. He pumped my ass fast, ramming the solid-black-cock deep inside me. I felt his body tense-up and become one solid frame of rippling muscles, and in one last thrust he let out a gut wrenching moan, followed by the jets of his hot cum exploding inside me, and the more he lubricated the warm insides of my anus with his cum juice the deeper his cock slipped inside, and that set me off too. I burst one, two, three, four long cum streams between us, the first flying past his face, and the rest landing, leaving a trail from his neck down to his bellybutton. For a moment I rested against him riveting in the heat of our wet skins and tender kisses.

We were both still hard. I didn't want him to pull out of me, I didn't want the magic to end, I wanted to do it again, but the next period bell sounded and reminded me where we were. We quickly dressed and parted after one last kiss.

I knew then this was the start of something special, something holy and honest, that I truly wanted. More than I ever did with any girl. All I could think about was him. His kisses, his body, his hard cock and the way he brought me to orgasim while inside me. I wanted to hear his voice, to smell him. I was elated, possibly in the threshold of first love. But it never bloomed.

He never met me after school like we had planned. I waited for him long after everyone was gone. That night he didn't call on the phone like he usually did, and when I called his number nobody answered. I cried myself to sleep that night, I knew something was wrong, and I was afraid. I felt rejected and regretful, rittle with questions and and no answers. The following day I didn't see him at school. A week would go by before I found out what really happened to him -- turns out his parents were in the country illegally and got deported back to Santo Domingo. I never saw or heard from him again. I was heartbroken.


Eros Bastien

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