After my experience with Jose I had no doubts about my sexual preference. I had taken a bite of the forbidden fruit and I wanted more.  Sex with girls had always been mechanical, forced even, but with Jose it had been intense, satisfying, natural, and I knew I wanted more of it. The problem was I didn’t know how to go about getting more. I wasn’t openly gay and I didn’t know anyone else who was gay. And as far as I could tell there was nobody else interested in me.

Except for Paul, of course. He was the only other boy in school I knew for sure was gay-curious, but after I rejected him he kept his distance from me. But maybe what Paul needed was for me to take the initiative, and in desperation, I decided to stalk Paul. I waited around in the locker room for him. Often in only, but a towel, other times in my underwear, and when he went into the shower room I’d follow. I watch him lather-up his perfect body, how he’d always wash his hair first, then his face, and work his way down - how his hand would circle around his pecks down to his washboard abs. And when he grabbed that beautiful cock hanging loosely between his legs, I remembered what it looked like erect. When he caught me staring he would turn his back at me.

In the hallways, he avoid me, turn right around or walk past me without acknowledging me. One time I got so daring I positioned myself behind him in the line to the lunchroom. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and pin his body against mine, I wanted to do to him what he did to me on that day in the boys bathroom. When he realized I was behind him, he got really angry, I could see it in his face, and pulled me off the line. He didn’t hit me, he didn’t say a word to me, he just left me standing alone and got back in line. Everyone laughed of course, and I walked away embarrassed.

I stopped stalking Paul after that. If only I hadn’t been so stupid that day I may have had Paul all to myself. If only I'd had then the confidence I have now.

All-in-all I never regretted that Jose was my first. He taught me to be myself, and to accept myself. And I was slowly cracking the closet-door, just enough to let anyone inside. My friends noticed the changes in my personality, some understood others crept away like I had some type of contagious infection. But I wasn’t as uptight anymore, when someone made gay jokes around me I laughed too. The attitude change made me more fun to be around.

I started to hang more with Drita, a co-cheerleader and proud slut, had slept with the entire football team, and she was always on the prowl. She was the kind of girl that had no qualms about sex, she enjoyed it, plus she was a hoot to be around. And I learned very quickly that she was my bait, the peace of cheese on the mousetrap, the worm on the hook at the end of my fishing stick. She attracted guys like a moth to a flame. Not only that, but guys would talk to me to get to her. But more importantly when I was with her I wasn’t seen as a threat.

Drita and I shared a lot, we partied together, we cut class together, we slept in each other's houses, we covered for one another. Our parents thought we were a couple, and I guess in a way we were just not sexual partners. There were times when some idiot didn’t understand no means no, so I would step in and smash his face in. But most times I just watch her having sex. Except sometimes the same boys would come after me.

It happened one day in English class, she was seated on the pupil to my right and I noticed she kept spreading her legs wide, and the tight jeans she was wearing clearly marked the outline of her twat. I mean there was no hiding it, the jeans were so tight they choked-up her pussy and you could see a sexy cameltoe. But she wasn’t showing me, she was showing someone behind me.

Curiosity got the best of me so I had a look behind me. Two empty seats behind me sat Angel. He looked at me and smiled and I smiled back, but turned quickly around. Drita kept teasing him and leaning in to me said, “He has a boner.”

I turned again to look at him and this time stole a peak between his legs. He tried to cover it with his hand, but there was no hiding that huge bulge. My jaw drop and I looked at his face, he just smiled without any hint of embarrassment.

“Peter!” called out the teacher.

Startled, I turned to face her and sat upright - feeling a little embarrassed, as if I had been caught with my hands in the cookie jar.

“You and Angel can step outside,” she said.

“Why?” I asked, confused.

“You and Angel can talk in the hallway, and when you finish come back inside.”

“But I have nothing to say to, Angel?”

“Go!” she ordered.

Angel got up first and walked passed me, I followed next. In the hallway, I sat on the floor with my back against the wall, and he stood next to me.

“So, what you think?” he asked me.

“About what?”

“You know,” he said, and tugged on his crotch, adjusting the bulge in his pants. I pretend to not notice.

“Oh, right, you and Drita. Yeah, she’s an easy laid,” I said, reassuringly.

“No. About this.” He smiled down at me and stepped closer. He grabbed a handful of his crotch. I could see his boner growing bigger inside his pants. It looked as if it was going to rip through.

“OH!” I nodded, and this time I couldn’t look away.

“I’m so horny,” he said.

I was growing a stiff one too, though I tried to hide it. To be honest his bluntness took me by surprised and I didn’t know how to react.

A minute seems to pass in silence between us, and he finally broke it and said he was going back inside, but I couldn’t let him go. I remember back to that day with me and Paul in the toilets, and how I fucked up. I wasn’t going to let fear control me again.

“No, wait, let me see it?” I said, though it didn’t really sound like a question or request, sounded more like an order.

He cautiously looked down the hallway in both directions. We were clearly alone. He pulled the zipper down and reached inside his pants. It took a bit of maneuvering to finally unleash the monster inside - it was huge, circumcised, and the tip of the head was oozing precum. He was so close to me, I could smell the musk of cock sweat mixed with precum. He moved in closer to me and pressed the head of his cock on my lips. I looked up at him, and his deep blue eyes held me in his gaze. He ran the head of his hard cock around the shape of my lips, wetting them with precum. I slipped-out my tongue and tasted it’s sweet salty flavor.

“Open your mouth,” he said.

My lips parted and wrapped around the thick head, a large droplet of precum filled my mouth and I lobbed it up like it was honey.

“Ooh Gah!” he moaned.

He laid his hand on the back of my head and pulled me forward. His cock slowly pushed deeper into the back of my throat, my mouth wrapped tightly around the girth of his shaft. His cock was too long, I couldn’t take it all and choked. He pulled back, but I refused and bobbed my head, taking in as much as my mouth allowed again. I scratched him with my teeth.

“Now, slowly, enjoy it... Suck it” he requested.

His cock was super hard and warm in my mouth. The abundant precum was doing the blowjob extra slippery. I could see his balls rise with every thrust. And my own cock was erect - I kept rubbing it through my pants, and the heat and friction was building me up to an explosion.

While I sucked on Angel’s cock all could think about was that he was going to cum, and the more I thought about his cock exploding in my mouth the more excited I got. My jaw locked tightly on his cock I could feel him stiffening even more, I could feel him flexing his cock muscles, and then he held the back of my head with his hand, feeding me all that my mouth could take. I never stopped suctioning his penis, and sucked on his cock like a baby on a nipple. He burst a hot, heavy glob of cum filling my mouth, I swallowed it. His cum juice was warm, thick, salty but tasty. I came too, inside my pants. I came so hard that cum spilled out through the fabric of my jeans.

“Holy Shit! Fuck!”--

I kept sucking his cock dry, and it remained stiff even after it stopped spilling cum. We could have kept going for a second round, but we heard a noise and he put his cock back inside his pants. I started to laugh, because no matter how he adjusted, his bulge was huge and quite visible. He couldn’t go back to class like that. I couldn’t go back inside either, I had cum stains on my pants. We went to the bathroom to try and clean up a bit, but I had a big wet spot and looked like I had pissed myself. Finally, we decided to skip the class and go to my house.

When we got home I sucked him off again, this time slower and more sensually. I sucked on his balls, taking them both in mouth, savoring the flesh and running my tongue up and down the shaft of his cock. He even let me run my tongue to his butt hole, and I loved making him moan like a bitch each time my tongue proved his ass. I used my hands to jerk him off, while my mouth wrapped around the head of his cock. When he came, he came hard, and shot cum all over my face and his body.

Angel didn’t blow me like I wanted him to, he refused, but he at least jerked me off while we kiss. I was so excited that it didn’t take much for me to explode.

We hooked up several more times after that. I even had trios with Drita and Angel - he loved having both of us suck on his cock. But, he would only fuck and go down on Drita. I either had to jerk off or let Drita finish me off with a blowjob. Though I try not to do it too often, I always felt like I was a third wheel and not a participant.

He did introduce me to one of his buddies - his name was Edgar.


Eros Bastien

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