I was not into being the nosey, busybody type of neighbor. I always tried to keep my self sorta aloof from other people and mind my own business. That is untill I saw the man that bought the house next door.

I was watching from off the front porch as the neighbor boy cut my grass and did my yardwork that day that the new neighbor came to look at the house. It was finally getting looked at, God it had set empty since the Martins had gotten a divorce and the house was held up in the 'division of property settlement' in court for the last three years.

I was thinking that this guy should have gotten a really good deal. The house hadn't been lived in for three years.

Well I noticed this guy in a car that looked sort of like mine, it was about two years old, nothing really special, very nice and clean looking but nothing outstanding about it.

The man himself was tall about six two maybe three, and extremely handsome. He had almost black short cropped hair, slim waist, muscular arms, and was just an all round good looking guy.

After checking the house I watched him as he talked to the real estate lady and man. Then he left. I got word a week later that he had bought it.

I guess it was about a week later I saw a moving van pull up and unload into the house and this guy I had seen that bought the house pulled his car into the driveway which was between our houses.

I smiled at him and he smiled and waved back, I walked over and introduced myself as Phillip Staunton. He introduced himself as Ivan Ivanovitch. He spoke with a decided Russian accent.

He told me that he was a professor at the local University in the City. He was a Language teacher and he taught European History. I found that very interesting, and we chatted about a lot of things but nothing special really. Then I left for my house.

I had been noticing that he was sort stand-off-ish and he was really not that outgoing at all. So to get the ball going is just started walking over whenever I saw him in the back yard and started talking to him, I was getting better at understanding him.

I would take him a cold beer almost every time and he really seemed to like that. Finally one night I invited him to supper with me.

He came over about six the next night, He was such a gentleman, he had brought a bottle of very nice wine.

I put it on ice and said,'Ivan, do you not have a wife?'

He smiled very nicely,'No, I have never had one, and to tell the truth, I don't want one.'

I said,'Oh really.' my sentements exactly, 'You have never had a wife either?'

'No, haven't really ever needed one.'

Ivan gave me a funny look and just smiled this funny smile.

Later that night after he had gone home, I guess he had been gone about an hour, I decided to go outside, and get some fresh air. I guess it was about fifteen minutes after ten. I had gotten into my flimsy cotton sleeping shorts after haveing my shower, I never wore underwear under those either. I went outside my back patio door. I was stretching my arms above my shoulders and just taking in the cool feeling awesome night air, I had my right hand down inside my shorts rubbing on my cock which was feeling like it wanted some attention, and I had this thing about stroking off outside at night on the patio just me and the stars, in the dark and I loved to just take my shorts down and work my cock over under the canopy of the starry dark night sky.

I had my hardon in hand when I heard this sound like a guy moaning, I looked over toward Ivans house and I saw a lit cigarette cherry glowing in the dark. I just removed my hand and sauntered over towards Ivans patio, and He was setting out on his patio with a cool drink on his patio table and his cigarette in his other hand.

I walked up and just trying to be neighborly. 'Hey Ivan, beautiful night, man it feels great out here. 'It sure does,' I noticed that Ivan was doing something with his right hand, and I looked down and I almost swallowed my tongue, He said,'I always enjoy doing this, on the patio at night.'

I looked down and he was setting in a patio chair, naked as the day he was born. I looked at his body and My god he was awesome looking, He had a hairy chest, a very ripped muscular stomach, very muscular arms and legs. But his cock caught my attention, It must have been a good nine inches and thick as his wrist, I could see it by the light coming thru the window in his kitchen right above the patio. I had a fucking boner like a damn breading horse. That piss tube under his cock was very heavy and noticable and He was just gently sliding his forskin back and forth as he set there and stroked off. 'Hey man, take off your shorts and join me, if this doesn't offend you,'

I said, 'Fuck no, man I had the same idea myself over on my patio.' Ivan said, 'I know Phillip, I watched you jerk off out my bedroom window the other night, you were standing there on your patio, It was exciting to watch.'

Ivan pulled up a chair and said, 'here join me.'

I slid my shorts off and layed them up on the table, then set down and got my already hard seven inch cock in my hand. Ivan said, 'Phillip your very nice looking man,' 'Thanks, your a very nice looking guy yourself,' we just watched each other jerk off for about ten minutes, things were starting to heat up, watching Ivans cock as it leaked pre-cum, all I could think was 'man, would I like to lick that off that awesome cock.' I noticed Ivan was looking straight at my hardon as my hand gently swirled around and up and down. and he was going at his nicely when I could stand it no longer. I stood up, knelt down between Ivans legs, he spread them really wide to allow me in between them, and I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth, Ivan, said something, I didn't understand, since I don't speak Russian I can't translate it, but he was enjoying what I was doing, I do know that.

He just layed his head back pushed his hips upward and grabbed the back of my head, I glanced up and noticed he had his lower lip under his upper teeth and was moaning like a dying horse.

I was rubbing on those huge nuts as I swirled my tongue around and up and down his shaft and took it to the hilt for him, and believe me it was a big mouth full.

Ivan finally spoke and said, 'Damn Phillip, Im gonn shoot my load, do you swallow or do I need to tell you when?' I said,'Let it Fly man.' and fuck did he ever let it fly. He came so much I was gagging when he unloaded into my mouth. He just growled and muttered something in Russian.

I looked up at him and he was smiling, and said, 'Thank you Neighbor.' I said, 'Believe me, the pleasure was mine.'

Well Ivan wouldn't be outdone so he quickly got down and slid my body down on the seat I was setting on. He stuck his tongue into my turd tunnel and started tongue fucking me, I was about to blow up from that awesome feeling. He was really good at it and I knew that he was not beginner.

He was tongue fucking me and stroking my cock when I blew off, I shot cum in my right eye and it burns like hell. I never really knew that before, but it does.

Ivan was so good we stayed out there and messed around for almost four hours.

Two nights later I heard a knock on my door. Ivan walked in and grabbed me and said, 'I need you Phillip, now.' He acted Insatiable, almost like a wild man.

I took him up to my bedroom and He said,'I need your cock, in my ass.' 'Damn, man why dont' you just come out and tell me what you want?' hehehe

I smiled and said,'Ivan, I can take care of that for you.'

He was naked and on my bed before I could say 'Fuck.'

I got naked and he took my cock, licked a little saliva on it and just sat down on it almost dry, he was in such a frenzy, god he loved it, and I din't mind it either.

He like to fuck me to death, he was almost jumping ontop of me as he rammed his asshole with my hardon, thank god I make a lot of pre-cum I had started dry but after about two minutes I started leaking pre-cum, and it felt so much better. It didn't take him long to reach a climax from getting my cock up his ass either, He was like a crazy man, he had torn the blankets and sheets completely off my bed, Shuddering like he was having a seizure and going totally wild when he shot his load, I will say it again, that man shot a load and a half, I have never know a man that shot as much cum when he reached a climax.

Ivan and I are never unsatisfied now sexually that is. We keep each others pipes clean, so to speak, and I thank my very lucky stars for the day Ivan Moved in next door to me. I have had a wonderful realationship with Ivan my new Neighbor.



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