There are so many things that come to mind as a person thinks back, being a thirty year old now, it was the things about my self that bring me the most laughter, Like for instance, I had always been told that 'Jacking off,' would make your cock grow bigger, 'yeah right,' If that were the truth, and I realize it now, I would have to be using a wheel barrow to carry my cock around on. Holy shit man, I guess my cock stayed raw from the time I heard that myth at about thirteen on, untill I came to realize that quality sex was much better than quantity.

My cock got beaten raw most of my younger life, Then I realized that body building was where it was at, I worked out and got myself built up to a very nice looking well built athletic guy, I did great in sports in High School too.

Thats when I realized that for most guys, If your cock was like every other muscle in your body, and would grow with exercise, that it would be the largest muscle on every man's body, well to be honest It's the one muscle that gets used and exercised the most on most men anyway.

I guess it was when I was about sixteen that I realized I had a thing for guys and their cocks.

I was mesmerized by them, I began to see all guys, young and old as a sex object, every time I saw a guy, young or old, I wondered if they were cut or uncut, how big their cock was, I became like a game I played, called 'Guess the guys cock size' I never missed a chance to see a guys cock, at the mall urinals, at school, at well just about anywhere, I was fasinated with them.

Now the first time I ever felt a guys cock other than mine, actually was in church, believe it or not..

LeRoy was my best buddy, he was also the pastor's son. Leroy was one very handsome good looking, well built, Wild, and crazy, do anything for a kick guy,

We were setting in church alone on the back pew this one Sunday,when Leroy leaned over and told me to reach into his pocket and get his pen knife, silly ole me, never thought anything of it.

I reached over with my hand and slid it into his left pocket, and I felt something soft yet stiff, warm round,and thick, I then realized it was his cock, and damn, he was like me uncut, it was sticking thru a hole in his pocket, he had fished it thru the hole and it was harder than a brick, Damn he was thick, it was quite a bit thicker than my cock, I got a boner instantly. He just smiled at me,layed back and let me play with it and he just sat there like it was the most normal thing in the world to have your cock played with in church,and he shot a load into my hand right there in church while the organ was playing music, and funny,I was making music on his 'Organ' at the same time, god I loved the feeling of his cock, and he was into my stroking it big time. I thought at that moment that I would faint, I came in my own briefs there in church too as I played with Leroy's boner, thankful I had a hankerchief in my pocket too, to wipe up a handful of Leroy's cum, but before I wiped it all off, I licked on my finger to see what it tasted like, wow, I was amazed at its sweet, salty, musty taste, and I loved it. I leaned over and told Leroy I wanted him to cum in my mouth next time, he just smiled and said, 'You got it man, can't wait.' Well truth be told, Leroy and I got it on a lot when we were younger, until he went off to the military.

That was my first time with a guy, and It still seems like it was yesterday.

Well the story I am writing today is about a trip I took back when I was twenty five.

I had been working hard at the new job, making good money, doing quite well, I decided I needed to take a break, I had been building up a nice little residual income for myself with monthly royalties coming in, so I felt I deserved a getaway.

I flew to a city in the western states and booked a two week stay at a 'Dude Ranch,' I had always had a thing for Cowboys, and I wanted to see for myself what a real cowboy looked like, and if the occasion arose How they would feel riding, you understand I mean riding me.

Well I got to the 'Double Bar H' ranch and I got settled into my bungalo, at the end of these little Motel like cottages. there was a central building for meals, ect.

I got settled in and went into the main building had supper and thats when I saw this guy, I thought my heart would stop. he was awesome looking, he had this body that was to die for, muscular, he was wearing this tight,faded, light blue, tee shirt, one that was so tight it showed even the blood veins bulging in his stomach abdominals and his chest, he was wearing this leather vest over the tee shirt, and this worn looking straw cowboy hat, his eyes were dark and mysterious, he had this light beard, alsmost like and unshaven guy looks yet really neatly trimmed.

His Levi's looked faded and thats when I went weak, there was this one faded area, a big area to left of this zipper, that just shouted 'I am cock, I am big, and bad and I Like to Play.' I just stared at this awesome bulge, I felt that old gnawing in the lower part of my stomach, and I wanted to rape this guy. he was beautiful. He was wearing these old cowboy boots that have been around a while. he was outstanding, and by this time so was my cock.

Well I knew then that I wanted to meet his dude, little did I know he would be our riding instructor, and trail ride escort.

I got my supper tray and went to a table, and sat alone, I was enjoying the meal when I looked and there he stood with his supper tray in hand, 'Mind if I join you?' he said.

At first I just looked with my mouth full of food, like I was hypnotized, then I came to my senses and swallowed as he stood there waiting for a response.

'Oh Shit man, sorry, sure I would love your company, Hi! I'm Ken.'

'Glad to meet you Ken, I'm Eric, the rideing instructor.'

Eric and I sat there and chatted for a while, I think I noticed everything there was to notice abou this gorgeous man, he was awesome, I think I even tried to count the hairs on his knuckles, I was that taken by Eric.

He was so outgoing and friendly, by the time the evening was over I knew a lot about him and he knew a lot about me, we were both comfirmed bachelors, neither had girl friends.

So we just sorta hit it off really nicely, I wanted to tell him that I wanted to stip him and suck the bejesus out of his body, but I thought better of it.

Well the next day we had our instructions from Eric and our first day of riding, I was doing really good having ridden horses before at my Grandpa's Farm as a kid.

For some reason I was feeling that Eric was drawn to me, and I definitely was attracted to and drawn to Eric.

The day had ended and I was in the cottage, just coming out of the showers that evening, It was about nine oclock, I was just in my bathrobe, and a towel wrapped around my midsection when I heard this knock on the door of my cottage.

I went to the door, opened it a little and there stood Eric, with a couple of cold Beers in his hand and no shirt, just a vest, his cowboy hat, and a big Smile.

'Care to have a Beer with me, he said with a big smile.

I felt so vulnerable, and yet so excited at that moment, I almost said, 'I would love to share a beer with you if I could share your body too.'

I knew better, so I just said, 'Wow man, I would love it.'

We sat there and enjoyed each other's company for most of the evening, I knew I wanted to ask him to spend the night, there was plenty of room, but finally Eric just looked at me and said, 'well Ken, I guess I should be going, so you can get some rest.'

I quickly just caught myself saying, 'If you'd like you could spend the night Eric. I only have this one bed but we could share, That is if you don't mind sleeping with me.'

I saw this big smile come over Eric's face and he said with a smile, 'Only if you'll be gentle with me, it's my first time, and he stared into my eyes and I went weak, and melted.

I said, I need to put some briefs on, I usually sleep in my briefs.

'Don't do it on my account, I sleep in the raw myself,' Eric said.

I didn't realize what was really going on here, then I came to the realization that I finally had Eric Just where he wanted me.

We turned down the lights and I watched this gorgeous man, as he stripped in the mooonlight coming thru the window of the cottage, In the distance I heard the cry of a coyote baying in the moonlight, and I saw this siloutte of an absolute mythical god of a man, undressing in my sight.

His body was awesome, and when I saw his cock, it was already like a diving board, standing straight out almost nine inches, thick and it's foreskin covered head was outstanding in more ways than one.

Eric crawled into bed and grabbed me and started kissing me like there was no tomorrow, 'God Ken, I need sex so bad' he said. 'It's been fucking months since I have had the pleasure of sex with a guy.'

I almost felt honored to be taking care of his need at that point.

I was in a dream world at this moment and I felt his hand stroking my cock, and rubbing my nuts. I was in heaven with this awesome man, I felt his smooth covering of hairy chest, as it caressed my body, making me weak with his passion and lust.

The next thing I knew was he had me broken over like a shotgun, with my legs up over my face and his tongue was a good three inches into my asshole and he was like a mad man, after my insides.

I knew what was coming and I felt his pre-cum soaked very wet, and slick cockhead against my asshole, and then the most awesome feeling, pain mixed with pleasure as Erick sunk that horsecock into my inner being, he stuffed my asssole with the biggest cock it had ever had in it and It felt awesome, he was sliding that swollen head over and over against my prostate and I felt every movement, I wanted more, I couldn't get enough cock in me, I was at this point insatiable I wanted all that he had, within minutes I was as wild as he was, and I was surprised we didn't set off an alarm, we were both groaning, huffing and puffing, pounding at each others' bodies with our bodies.

I loved the feeling as his body slammed against my own body and he was burying that cock to the balls into me, I knew it was what he wanted, and needed, and truthfully so did I. It was the most awesome feeling in the world, knowing that you are giving yourself and your body to someone you love to receive pleasure and that need of fullfillment with.

I was feeling his intensity growing and I knew also that it was only a few seconds away from me blowing a load from just getting fucked, I had never done that before.

I felt his climax building and his ramming his cock got harder, more intense, and then just as he got to the finish, He shoved his cock so hard our pubic bones connected, the pain pleasue as he began firing off, and letting out an almost yell as he shot his load was unbelieveale. I realized I had slipped a finger up his ass as he was firing off.

We layed like that for quite a while, and he just kept kissing me, Holy fuck man, that was awesome, the best fuck of my life.

'Your one fantastic fuck Ken, you know that, god it's so hot inside your body. Your Probably the best fuck I have ever had, male or female.'

'Thanks Eric, your awesome too, I have never cum from just getting fucked before, no one has ever done that before to me.'

We caressed and hugged and fell asleep in each others arms.

I woke up at 5:30 the next morning and there was Eric, laying there with morning wood.

I was not one for letting a good boner go to waste so I took it into my mouth and began to work it over, doing what I do best.

Eric was still asleep when I felt his climax coming on there that morning, and I felt his cock began to flex in my mouth and I got to taste his awesome cum as It flooded from that uncut beauty into my throat, Eric let out a loud moan, 'Holy Fuck Man, what a way to wake up.' Eric said with a very satisfied grin.

We got up and showerd together and went to main building and had some breakfast, Eric just kept staring into my eyes the whole time.

Well I know you can guess, but I had a visitor and sleepover guest every night of that two weeks.

I had been sucked, fucked, and plucked, before It was time for me to go back home, I can't wait for this summer to come around, I have been going to this dude ranch for the last five years on a regular basis, and believe me,I know how to ride and be ridden.

And Eric is still the best instructor there, or anywhere for that matter.



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