Me and Dad and the Photo Shoot

Hi. My name is Josh. I'm 20 years old and live at home with my Dad while I attend State University.

I'm 6 foot tall and weigh a trim but firm 160 pounds. With brown hair and hazel eyes, you can probably call me cute. At last that's what my couple of past girlfriends usually say. Being of Italian descent, I have a nice Mediterranean complexion but unlike most of my male relatives, I have hardly any body hair. They say that part came from my mother's side. And there's the rub - I don't have one and don't care. Well, I do have a mother, or as I say, "muthah." She and Dad dated when they were in high school and she got pregnant with me. They were both 15. Although they got married and lived with my dad's parents, she left us after a year. They say she ran off with some trucker. Good riddance. So my Dad, now 36, has always been my best friend. We talk about everything and have always been together. He is so cool, and actually kind of cute, if I'm allowed to say that about my father. He's maybe 6'2, a nice frame at 180 pounds, and a nice patch of chest hair which he likes to keep trimmed. My major in school is marketing.

So one night at home, I'm at the kitchen table with my books kind of staring out to space when Dad walks in.

"What's up, Josh? You look lost?"

"Geez Dad, I'm kind of stumped," I answered. "I have this marketing assignment for a new product and I have a great written presentation but I need visual displays, but they gave me this dumb product. Its a lint roller brush! How do I make that interesting?" I looked up at him.

Dad looked down for a moment and then smiled and looked back at me. "Do an ad! Lets take a few photos and we can print them on my large format printer in the basement. We you can have some nice color 8 x 12's! to show at class."

"Of a lint brush?"

"No, silly boy, of you USING a lint brush!" Dad explained. "Go get me one of those brushes I'm sure you have and go change into a suit. White shirt, tie, the works!"

"But Dad! For real?" I complained.

"Just do it, and I'll get my good digital camera ready," he said.

We ran off in our own directions and when we came back he had his camera ready and waiting. He positioned me to stand by the fireplace in my suit and directed me to start using the brush on my jacket sleeve, then a side pocket, and then along my legs. He took the snaps and afterwards, he showed them to me on the back screen of the camera.

I grinned. "I get it! Using the product, not just showing the product!"

"Right," he answered. "Now take off the jacket and we'll take a few more. Use the brush on the front of the shirt, and your pants again. Be sure to look at the camera and smile some."

Happy to be without the jacket, I continued posing. I looked at Dad enviously wearing a pair of Dockers and a polo shirt and being barefoot.

A few more shots and he stopped. "Go change. Um, maybe some jeans and a t shirt. Lets go casual," he directed.

back in my room, I flew out of my clothes and got into the jeans and a red t shirt and returned barefoot like him.

"Ready," I said, as I began posing again. I totally understood where this was going. Kind of like playing dress up with Dad. This was fun. I felt real good about my project now.

"I think we got it Josh."

No way! I was having fun. I didn't want it to end.

"Hey, lemme take some picture of you Dad, just for fun!"

"Well, I guess we can." He handed me the camera and I gave him the brush. I took some pictures and really enjoyed focusing on his smiling face. Before I knew it, I was looking a bit closer then usual at his body. His broad shoulders and firm chest. Those nice legs below his trim waist. I had to see more.

"Hey dad, lose the shirt. Lets see some sexy!"

It really wasn't a big deal. We had seen each other getting dressed and getting undressed and going to the bathroom and showering since I could remember.

He hesitated then shrugged his shoulders and peeled off his shirt. Wow, I was impressed. He kept his shape really well and that chest was kind of hot. I loved the dark fuzz across his pecs.

I picked up the camera and he started to pose, but he seemed to stare at the camera a bit more seriously - or was he staring at me? We talked about the birds and the bees and he always answered my questions, but it never got too personal. Now I felt some sexual tension. It was scary - but kind of fun also!

After I took some really good pictures, he walked towards me with his hand out and a grin.

"What?" I asked.

"Your turn. Lose the shirt and give me the camera," he directed.

"One sec," I yelled as I ran out of the room leaving him confused.

Thinking I might have some more fun, I ran to my room and stripped. I put on a pair of my trim black bikini underpants and pulled over them my new white baggy running shorts. I stayed shirtless of course.

"All set," I announced as I took my place in the center of the room to face Dad and the camera. I started to pose and gave him back that serious stare. After a few poses I tugged on my shorts, showing off the black waist band of the bikini undies. Being so much lower then my outer shorts, I had to pull the shorts down pretty far. Dad laughed when they finally fell off but I could tell by his flushed face he was getting into this as much as I was. My bikinis swelled in the front as I felt my self get hard. I saw Dad take a deep gulp a couple of times when he aimed the camera much lower then where my face was. Damn, I guessed Dad was really aroused by this - by me!

After a few more poses I stopped and walked over to him taking the camera away. Underwear pose for you now Dad! I thought he might say we were done. Instead he grinned and left the room.

I heard some drawers open and close until he proudly marched in wearing some very snug white Speedos. Holy fuck was all I could think. He was so damn hot. And those Speedos let you know just how big he was down there. Although I don't remember him being so big when I saw him in the shower last week. Whoa! He's boned!

This was getting too hot. I doubt if a single picture came out due to my hands shaking and quivering every time I aimed the camera lower then his face! I remember now he had told me that he was also on the swim team in college. I bet that's his original swimming suit when they all wore those sexy Speedos. His look of satisfaction beamed on his face as he knew how hot and bothered he was getting me. But I had a plan.

"Hang on," I said as I put down the camera and walked into the kitchen. In my hand was the water bottle atomizer we used to spray the leaves of the plants to give them water. I faced him with a mischievous grin and walked towards him.

"No way! You wouldn't! Would you Josh? Oh shit, you would! You'll pay I promise," he grinned.

With my eyebrows raised I sprayed the water across the front of his Speedos. I gulped as I watched them become nearly see-thru. How the heck did the school let the team wear such revealing suits? Then I remembered that the swimmers had to wear those dorky white robes after each race.

But here was my Dad, in all his glory. I think my heart skipped a few beats as I stumbled to pick up the camera and try to take some pictures. My hand shook so much I actually started to giggle with excitement watching Dad get a hard-on. His cock looked like it was trying to escape that tight constrictive suit. Then it hit me, I was also getting hard in something restrictive. I looked down and almost died. My cock was hard and the head was sticking straight up past the waist band. I looked at Dad who was holding back a laugh and then I pointed to his Speedos with a grin. His cock head was also sticking up past the waist band - but his looked like it was gasping for air!

"You better lose them Speedos before you cut your cock head off!" I said stunned as I had been so forward with dad! Jeez! What was I thinking?

"So you're worried about my cock?" He asked, giving me a wide grin as he pulled his Speedo off and kicked it off his feet. His cock grew to full attention as he played with his balls. So wanna take a few more pictures before its your turn?" I gulped as I stammered a yes.

I went back to taking some pictures with a very, very wobbly hand and watched as dad began to fondle himself and slowly jack himself off, while giving me some very sexy stares. I cold barely stand it as I took one hand off the camera and peeled off by own black bikini briefs to free my aching imprisoned cock. So much for me teasing him. I think if we kept score he sure would be the one winning! But I sure as hell was enjoying the show.

Fuck, I thought. Two can play this game and I put down the camera and turned to face him as I licked up my palm really slow and sexy, our eyes locked, and my hand lowered to begin jacking off myself.

We were maybe 6 feet apart facing each other with flushed faces and we continued to pleasure ourselves. Every once in a while, one of us took a step towards the other. Quite soon we could hear and feel the heavy breaths the other was taking as we both neared our climax. He looked at me and grinned and stopped jacking, putting his hands to his sides. I understood immediately as I dropped to my knees and looking up to him, leaned forward to lick the tip of his throbbing purple headed cock. For my first cock, I think I did rather well, hearing him moan and pant as he started to caress my head. My sucking technique improved as I went. He gasped once or twice so I knew he was close, but I stood up and crossed my arms in front of my chest with a wide grin.

"And so?" I asked.

He smiled knowingly and dropped to his knees as he began to suck me, and holy cow, this guy knew what he was doing! My knees almost buckled as he expertly brought my aching cock to the hardest its ever been in my entire life. I can only imagine his swim team in the locker room with those see-through Speedos. So I asked.

"The swim team experience, huh Dad?"

He could only grunt and nod in the affirmative with my hard pulsing cock jammed down his throat. With that my legs finally buckled as I tumbled into him. Within moments on the floor, we found ourselves in a 69 position, each hungrily devouring the others rock hard cock. Time seemed suspended as I felt like I was floating. Suddenly the cock in my mouth seemed to get harder and bigger as my Dad's hips pushed forward and froze. His actions made me feel a strong surge rising down below and my hips thrust forward and I could feel myself shoot out wave after wave of my spunk. At the same time, Dad came - and came - and came - and came! I furiously swallowed as best I could but I felt some dribble out of my mouth. We licked each other clean as our pounding hearts calmed and our breathing returned to normal and our bodies relaxed. We pulled away slowly and wiggled on the floor until we were lying naked next to each other, heads turned toward the other, with contented grins on our faces.

"Um Dad? Maybe I shouldn't use all of those pictures we took."

"Ya think so, wise guy?" he answered.

"Well, I may keep one or two for a future assignment," I said with a dirty laugh.

"So we okay kiddo?" he asked.

"Hell yeah Dad, more then okay. Mind if I have you help me with school assignments more often?"

"Hell yeah Josh," he said still smiling. "So you think you may need some help in the yoga class you're taking?" he asked with a grin dirtier then mine.



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