'Go ahead, suck it, I know you want to, damn man, you've been staring at it for at least an hour.'

David was right, god did I ever want it, but like this, right here in front of all my classmates, David walked over and stood right in front of me with his eight inch thick, very hard, uncut cock sticking straight in my face, I could see a little drip of precum on the tip as he pushed it toward my mouth. The truth was I think he wanted me to suck it as much as I wanted to.

I looked up and finally gave in to my sexual desires and took his cock into my mouth and began to work it over, 'Holy Shit man,' I heard Travis say, 'your really doing it, Fuck MEE!'

All three of my other friends got up and walked over chatting amongst themselfs as I began to suck the shit out of Davids thick cock, I must say it was one awesome tasting cock, he was only the third guy I had ever sucked off, but it was awesome, I reached up and started playing with his low hanging balls I felt him sorta go weak in his knees as I took his cock to the pubic hair.

I was making him moan and almost squirm with delight as my mouth worked its magic on David's cock. I was surprised at the other guys when they came over and stood there watching my work on David's cock by the campfire. I noticed they were all three rubbing their crotches and squeezing their cocks thru the material of their shorts.

I could tell by Davids actions he was getting close to nutting and I started pouring on the heat, I figured the guys already knew I was gay from this little activity here before them, so let them think what they wanted.

I looked over to the side of me and Marshall, was standing there with his cock out stroking as he watched me suck David's cock.

Finally I felt Davids movement as he shoved his cock into my throat deeper and he grunted almost loudly, and as he did that I grabbed his asscheeks and pulled body against my face, his cock went deep into my throat and I felt it start to jerk as it fired several shots of thick tasty cum into my mouth, David stood there motionless for a couple minutes, his hardon throbbing still in my mouth, 'You acutally did it, you fucking sucked me off.Fuck man, that was awesome.'

Marshall shoved David over and said, 'My turn, and he stood in front of me and I took his cut beauty into my mouth.

Marshall's cock wasn't as long as David's but it was thicker, and it was phenomional, I was really getting into this cock sucking thing now, and I didn't care who was watching me.

It took Marshall about five minutes to bust his nut in my mouth to very loud groans, He filled my throat with such sweet tasting cum I was amazed, Davids was rather salty and bleachy, Marshalls cum was sweet and very tasty, I guess I was becoming a cum pig or something, I was loving it.

Marshall finished and I looked over and saw Travis standing there with a very large thick, long bulge jutting out in his boxers and said, 'Bring it over here, I figured that I might as well get a good mouthful of all their cum while I was at it, and the they knew already that I liked to suck, I reached up and slid his boxers off and I almost jumped back, Mother fucker, it was the biggest cock I had ever seen, it must have been nine inches long, Damn, I couldn't take it all the way, no matter how I tried.

I sucked Travis, adoreable quiet, sweet, Travis, special as he was this kid could cum, and he loaded me up so full of his cum it was running down my cheeks from the overflow. I almost choked when he shot such a load, he held onto my head made a light wimpering sound and filled my mouth, god man Travis could cum.

I then saw Phillip standing there stroking his cock and saying, I want to fuck his ass, I said, 'Bring it on baby, and I got some vaseline, thats the only thing like lube we had on this campout, truth was,I really didn't know that this was going to happen.

Phil lubed up his cock which wasn't, thank goodnes, as large as the other dudes but it was about six and a half, nice and thick inches, he didn't practiceany sort of forplay, he just walked up, I bent over and he sunk it to the base, all the way into my asshole with one slick move, I let out a gasp, from the pain and shock of his quick response and it was 'Man the Cannons' mate, Man did this kid know how to fuck and fuck me he did, Phil was hammering my ass like a jackhammer, and I, tho never being used to getting fucked before, was really enjoying it, wow.

Phil was giving my ass hole a real workover as the other guys cheered him on.

I looked over to see Steve standing there with his hardon in his hand and I motioned for Steve to bring it over to me, I leaned over as Phil Hammered my asshole and took Steve's cock to the hilt into my mouth and I heard him let out a loud Gasping moan and he started holding my head and face fucking me, 'yeah man, take my cock, suck that fucker,oh fuck yeah take my load.'

I was in gay heaven at that point, I had not planned this but I was totally enjoying it, I was sucking Steves seven incher, getting fucked by Phils six and a halfer, and I was so friggen turned on that I finally reached down and grabbed my seven incher and started stroking it, I knew it wasn't gonna take me very long and I just went with the flow of things.

I felt Phil's getting wilder and knew he was almost there, and about five more jams into my asshole and Phil started unloading, I guess Steves watching Phil getting his nut took him over the edge and Steve unloaded his cum into my mouth. I blasted a huge load onto the ground, and as Phil and Steve came down from their sexual high, I stood up and The other guys started Applauding me.

Well That was the beginning of a very close bond between us guys, we were inseperable, we played sports together, went on several campouts that always ended up in and outdoor orgy, and just had awesome times together.

We actually repeated this experience several times but the next few times, some of the other guys started getting into the sucking part themselves, I really wanted Marshall to let me fuck his beautiful ass but he never would give in.

Me I couldn't get enough cock, and was hooked on swallowing cum.

I Had so many good times with the guys up untill after gragudation, we only got together one time after that,as a group, then we went our seperate way.

Ever so often now we talk usually only one on one and remeniss about the good old times

Last week Marshall came over and visited me, we are all in our upper twenties now, Marshall actually just got out of a bad relationship with a woman.

He looked at me over supper that night and came out and said, 'Ken, you wouldn't but up for a little romp in the sack, would you? I'm horney as fuck right now.'

I smiled at Marshall and said,'I thought you'd never ask.'

We Hit the sack about nine that night, I stripped Marshall as he undressed me,and there we stood looking into each others eyes. Marshall said, 'Ken, I have always had this special place for you in my heart, ever since that first night you sucked my cock on that campout. God man that was awesome, I have never forgotten that.'

I smiled, and said,'Well you know Marshall, you were the special one to me too, I loved doing the other guys but you were the special one for some reason.'

I was totally shocked as Marshall leaned over and started kissing me like a lover, god he could Kiss, I felt jolts of sexual energy and light shock waves coursing thru my body as Marshall began to rub on my shoulders tenderly and stroke my chest and play with my nipples, I was in limbo from his advances to me.

By the time we started into the sex part I was panting like a wild cat, almost climbing all over Marshalls body and in total lust and heat.

I leaned down as I rubbed his enormous balls and tasted once again that awesome cock with his manly aroma waffeing from his crotch, god it was like an sexually charged air freshener, I wanted his cock, and to the hilt I took him to gasps of delight coming from his mouth.

I had sucked on his thick lovely cock for at least ten minutes, then I stopped and I took a tube of lube, slathered up his cock and layed him back and straddled his body and let his cock gently slide up into my asshole with wimpers of delight and joy comeing from his mouth.

Marshall smiled up at me from his position and raised his hips up and sunk his cock to the balls into me, God was it an awesome feeling, his thick cock was rubbing my prostate as he fucked me like a wild man, I felt ever inch of his manhood as he fucked and made love to me.

I was getting close to busting a nut myself when I caught a glimpse of his excitement mounting.

Marshal was getting ready to nut, I started squeezing his cock with my rectal muscles, milking it for all I was worth, I hear him let out a loud groan and his cock started flexing, pumping out a huge load of cum into my intestines, that feeling took me over and I shot cum clean up on Marshalls face, he started laughing as I shot volley after volley of thick creamy cum. I collapsed over on top of Marshalls body, wasted, I could still feel his cock inside my asshole as it flexed, I had never felt so happy, and from what I could tell Marshall couldn't have been more happy at that moment.

'Wow Ken, you know the whole time I was married, every time I would have sex with the wife, I was really having sex with you in my mind, I guess it wasn't fair to her but thats what happened, well I wish her well, but now I got what I want,'

he looked over to me and kissed me on the lips.

Marshall moved in with me after that and we have been together ever since, and having the greatest sex a guy could ever have, we are both totally happy.



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