The reports of the week were winding down, and I looked around the table, only half conscious of what was being reported. The three older guys at the table would take care of all that for me. I was sizing up all of the young and beautiful people I'd stocked the board with. The power to do this was the joy of heading a robust family business; I could stock the board with the pick of the crop, and as long as I paid them top dollar, they'd all lay down for me. They'd stay with me through thick and thin actually, thick and long in my case. Now who would it be this morning?

I had faced my seat at the boardroom table toward the big picture window looking out on the other big skyscrapers of Manhattan. This view gave me a sense of comfort and of power. I could feel the sense of power coursing through my veins now as I contemplated who it would be; hard and young and ambitious, cynical, and compliant. That seemed to suit me this morning.

'Chas,' I said, as everyone was rising from their seats and shuffling their papers at the end of the meeting. 'Could you stay for a few minutes, please?' A command rather than a request, which he very well understood.

'Yes, of course, JR,' Chas responded. And the look he gave me of pleasure and anticipation made my cock stand at attention. I'd made the right choice.

I glanced around at the others I had been considering. Candice looked disappointed. Good. There was always this afternoon. Joe, however, looked relieved. I filed that in the back of my mind; maybe something really special for Joe when his next time came.

I walked around to the side of the table and pushed Chas's chair back as I heard the solid click sound of the door being shut behind the last departing board member. Chas was standing there, facing the table. I came up close behind him, a young, solid, blond hunk. I could smell his after shave, a musky, inviting smell.

I brought my arms around him, under his arms, and started unbuttoning his shirt, leaving his tie in place. He brought one hand around to the small of my back and the other went to the back of my head and buried itself in my hair, a signal of acceptance and compliance.

I had my hands on his pecs now a hard bodybuilder. His pecs jutted out and his nipples were already hard. I loved big, firm tits on both a woman and a man. He had little rings pierced into the aureoles of his nipples, and I played with those briefly as I buried my mouth and nose in the side of his neck and enjoyed the musk of his body.

I stripped both him and myself of our shirts and threw them to the side. I pulled him close to me and enjoyed the feel of skin on skin as I returned to playing with his nipples and pecs and then slowly worked my way down his belly and to the bulge at his crotch. After tracing his rising cock there, I started working at his belt and the buttons and zipper of his pants. He arched his back to me and turned his head so that we could go into a long, lingering kiss.

He had his hands at my belt and zipper as I found his half-engorged cock and pulled it out and started stroking it. He was sighing and moaning for me now, knowing that I liked that.

He had my cock out. I heard him gasp and felt him tremble, as he discovered once again how thick and long I was. He fondled it lovingly with both of his hands, holding the shaft at the bottom with one hand and running the fingers of the other hand around on the cock helmet, moistening every part of the helmet with my precum.

He arched his back to me as his cock hardened under my stroking. We kissed again, tongues searching tongues, before I pushed him down onto his belly among the papers on the top of the boardroom table.

I pulled his pants down and off and then started stroking his big, firm butt cheeks and his heavily muscled thighs, working my way to playing with his balls and dick from the rear, which he let me know he was enjoying immensely. My fingers went to his butt crack and I stroked him there to his audible sighs. His arms are flung out from his body on the tabletop and his fists scrunched up sheets of paper in rhythm to my strokes, which became ever more penetrating at his asshole.

I positioned my hardened cock so that it lay up his butt crack and I stroked up and down there. I could tell I was sending chills of pleasure through his body. I took my cock in my hand and slapped it around his butt cheeks until he began revolving his hips, anxious for my entry. And then I teased him by moving my hips in and out, poking at his hole with the head of my dick, pushing against his hole with him trembling with the expectation that at any moment I was going to penetrate him and thrust deeply up his passage.

I reached into the pocket of my pants, which were still hugging my hips and buttocks, and fished out a tube of lubricant and a condom. I lubed up his ass real well and then opened the condom packet with my teeth and rolled the condom onto my throbbing nine-incher.

Pulling apart his butt checks with my hands, I moved the head of my cock to position at his hole. He shuddered when he felt the head of my cock at the door to his ass once more, knowing that this was going to be the moment of penetration. I took the cock in one of my hands and moved it around his hole, rimming him and seeking the best angle of entry. When I felt I had found it, I gently pushed the cock head into him. He grunted in pain and I heard the crackling of paper as he bunched up his fists ever tighter. But he didn't tell me to stop. I pushed in farther, beyond the sphincter, and I could tell I was rubbing against his prostate because his body twitched and lurched and he let out a breathy groan. I held at that level, rocking back and forth gently, rubbing my cock head on his prostate, waiting for him to open fully to me, waiting for him to beg me to fuck him.

'Oh, God; Oh, God,' he was moaning softly to himself. But I felt his ass walls loosening, and I slid in a good six inches.

'Oh, oh, awwww,' he responded, and he arched his back up to me, raising his head to mine again, and we kissed. My hands went to those taunt ringed nipples and thrusting pecs again and dug in.

I stroked him at that depth for a few minutes. In, out. In, out; at first slowly and than a little faster, and finally pushing in those last two inches and a third that I'd gained since entering him until I could feel the skin of his butt cheeks being tickled by my pubic hair.

'Awwww, Shit! Awwww, Shit!' Chas screamed, as his chest fell hard on the table top and his fists beat against the crumpled stack of paper.

'Too much?' I asked in a voice of concern. 'Should I pull out some?' I had no intention of pulling back on this marvelous fuck, of course. But then I knew that Chas was too much of an ambitious prick to show any sign of weakness or unwillingness.

'Hell, no, boss. Fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep. God, it feels so good. You're so good. You're the best.'

Just as I had thought, and so I did as he asked with extra zest because of his vaunting ambition and my own undaunted cynicism. I fucked him hard and deep, with short, slow strokes, gradually moving to longer deeper strokes, pulling out to where my cock head rubbed across his prostate and then a deep thrust into the center of him. He was telling me how much he loved it and to ride him harder and harder. I grabbed his tie and pulled it around to the back and held his body arched half up toward me with those reins, as I slapped his butt cheeks with the other hand, riding his ass hard.

When my legs got tired, I pulled him back toward me and collapsed into his chair, my cock still buried nine inches in him.

'Now fuck yourself for a while,' I said, as I grabbed his torso to me with my hands buried in his pecs and my mouth buried in his neck. He grabbed the arms of his chair with his hands and used his strong leg muscles to fuck himself, both shallow and deep, on my shaft and to rotate his twitching ass around my cock. One of my hands traveled down his abs and into his curly blond pubic hair and grasped his cock and stroked hard.

At length, with a spasm and scream of pleasure, Chas's arm and leg muscles gave out and he collapsed back on me in a fountain of his cum squirting up and onto the very carefully crafted monthly company report on the table in front of us. His mouth found mine, and he offered his thanks, feigned or not I didn't really care which in the form of a bruising kiss.

With renewed strength, I lifted Chas and myself up out of the chair, turned him, laid him down on his back on the top of the table, and side-splitted him until I had cum myself in a scream of power and release. Even while I was spasming inside the luscious, compliant blond hunk, I was thinking of what I would be doing to the lithe, dark and hairy, but apparently not fully willing Joe after the next meeting of the board.



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