My encounter with Larkin was almost like a dream come true for me, I was feeling like the whole day after the encounter that I would wake up and somehow it would have all been a dream.

But I couldn't make my mind come to some realization of reality about why I was so taken with Larkin, Was it his looks? he was beautiful, and very well built, and of course that awesome set of balls and his cock was almost perfect.

Maybe it was the way I perceived him as a sweet, gentle, very mild mannered, gracious and loving man, so appreciative of every little thing I did with his body, or was it the way he let you know you were doing every thing just right, the way he would have told you if given the chance.

'Adam.............! ADAM.........! I heard a voice call out, I came to my senses and realized that one of my regulars, a Mr. Aidain Danels had just walked into the salon for his Massage appointment, I came out of my daydreaming of Larkin, and told Aidain to get naked and drape the towel around his body.

I was almost beside myself, thinking about Larkins hot sexy body.

I began working on Mr. Daniels, a married man about thirty five or so, and I came to realize that I had been thinking about Larkin so much I heard Mr. Daniels say, 'Fuck man that feels so good, its not what I came in for but I'll take it.' I once again came to my senses and realized I was sucking on Adians cock, Holy Shit, what the Fuck was I doing, 'Oh shit Mr. Daniels, Im so sorry, what was I thinking,' I said.

Mr. Daniels just looked up at me, 'I don't give a Fuck what you were thinking, Don't stop now, I love it. Man you just man yourself a new best friend,' he said, I looked down and I had a good eight inches thick cock in my hand massaging away, his big nuts had pulled completely up beside his cock, and he was loving it.

I said, 'O.K sir your the boss.' and I leaned over and heard him let out a big gasp as I took his cock to the balls and began working it over with my tongue and mouth.

'Fuck man, my old lady won't get her mouth even close to my cock, and I love to get sucked off.' he said.

I stopped long enough to tell him, 'Well Aidain, now you know where to come to get your cock sucked off,' I said, as I went back down on his cock.

'Awe Fuck man, JEEZIS Im close to cumming, you want it?' he said.

I just kept sucking like a hoover and before long his breath got very heavy, his body started tensing up and I noticed his toes were curled as he started jerking slightly, grunting and shooting a sweet load of cock cream into my throat, while holding my head down onto his cock.

'Haw Fuck,' he said as he finished his cumming.

After he calmed down a bit, he smiled a big smile at me 'Hey, Adam, If I divorce the old lady, Will you Marry me?' he said with a giggle, 'That was Fucking Awesome.' he said.

I just giggled and wiped the cum from the side of my mouth and licked it off my fingers.

'Man, you fucking like the taste of that shit?' he said.

'Love it, why?' I asked.

'Never tried it myself, I always thought it would be gross.' he said.

'Well it is an aquired taste, but Yes I love it.'

Mr. Daniels finally got dressed turned around and rubbed the side of my face, and smile, 'I definately will be back Adam, you can bank on that,' he said, and walked out.

My cell phone rang, 'Hey Adam, its Larkin,' my heart started pounding for some reason. I loved his sexy, hot, sweet voice, I felt passion, love, all the emotions a guy that is in love would feel.

'What time do you want to meet me for supper?' I asked.

'Oh say about sixish,' he responded, 'Looking forward to our time together tonight, I hope you plan on us haveing a wonderful night together, I got some wonderful plans Adam, I have missed you all day,' he said.

'I have thought of nothing else but you all day Larkin, I miss you too.' I said.

'See you around six then O.k. love you.' he said.

The day seem to drag out so long.

At six on the nose I saw his silver Mercedes pull up out front and he waited as I came out and crawled in, kissed me passionately and then we left to have dinner.

Larkin was literally courting me as he took me to a very nice place, he was of course dressed to the max in a business suit and tie, and I was just in my pullover izod shirt and slacks. I felt sorta out of place.

I got finished and he rubbed my inner leg under th table as he licked and sucked on an olive from his drink that was stuck on a tooth pick.

I watched his beautiful lips and tongue as he sensously made love to this olive with his lips and tongue, provocative, sensous, Damn he was making my cock hard as he stared me straight in the eye.

Sensations were flooding as he paid the check with a mastercard, and left our waiter a hefty tip.

Larkin looked straight into my eyes and so sensously and sexy said, 'Dessert will be back at my place,' then smiled like a cat with his paws caught in a mouse trap.

Larkin ran several red lights going back to his apartment, which I might say looked like a very elegant batchlor pad.

As we got into the apartment, Larkin said make yourself comfortable I am.

I took off my shoes and sat on the sofa, I was just setting there leafing thru some magazines, when in walked Larking, wearing nothing but a huge boner. it was astounding looking.

'I told you to get comfortable.' he said.

I smiled not realizing that he mean nakely comfortable.

while I was getting undressed I felt his hand on my face, 'Your beautiful,' he said.

I couldn't even get a word out, his tongue was already passionately sliding in and out of my mouth, making me go crazy with lust.

Larkin helped me get naked and then started by lifting my legs up and diveing tongue first into my asshole, It felt as if hot wires were just shoved up inside my asshole, what a wonderful sensation, I was beside myself as Larkin took me oto outer Space, with his tongue.

I was at the point of no return when Larking pulled my legs up and then shot some lube oin onto my asshole and leaned his gorgeous cock into my love hold and sunk his cock deeply into my anal opening.

Larking was hitting spots inside my body that had never been touched and as much as I was hurting from having my asshole stretched like this, I was also loving it, and Inigma for sure.

Larkin began to makeing love with me like I was his mistress or something, whispering sweet words into my ear as he drove that thick cock to the balls inside my asshole.

I felt his lips against mine in passionate love making and his tongue was bathing me in his desire and love.

I finally got to the point of no return, Larkin was stroking my hard cock as he thrusted back and forth in his driving, I was gone with his love making.

Finally about half hour later, I knew my asshole would be raw for a day or two but I never cared, I wanted Larkin, all of him, and as he thrusted in and outof me, I felt his passion building up as was mine, I guess you could say we were blessed because how often do you both blow you cum at the same time. We did that night, and it was phenominal.

Larkin fucked and sucked each other for the whole weekend, actually we were exhausted by the time work on Monday was resumed, and I didn't regret a second of our time together that weekend, which is still going on. I love Larkin very much, and by what I can tell, he loves me.

And the Job and side Job goes on with vigor.



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