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The story began when I enrolled at the local community college at age 18 following graduation from high school. During my first semester, I enrolled in Professor Felix's Psychology 101 class. Although the professor was more than twice my age at 42, he was one hot dude. He was intelligent, witty, super personality and was built like a brick house. Man, he was such a hot dude. It was an open secret that he was gay. Felix was a former college rugby player. The rugby built body was still part of his physic. 

He had remained in perfect shape working out four days a week He stood 6-feet and 2-inches, weighed 190 muscled pounds, coal black hair, dark brown eyes and from his always very tight pants one could see that he packed a huge sausage in that crotch.

All the gay male students druled over the idea of getting his dick up their ass. But no such luck as the professor never violated that line between faculty/student proper conduct never mind those horny gay students tried.

During my two years at the college, I was known on campus as a lady's man. At the risk of not sounding modest, I was and am a very handsome hot guy. I'm often described as a look alike fro sexy Justin Bieber. I have the same facial features, weight, height, hair color, color of eyes and I pack a hard 7.5 cut cock.

During my many enjoyable sexual co-ed conquests pounding all those hot female asses with my sexy hard cock, there was something about Professor Felix that caused my testosterone to skyrocket and my libido to cause me to desire that Daddy. While at the community college and seeing Professor Felix daily, I had night masturbatory fantasies and dreams that Professor Felix was fucking my ass like some wild beast. I could not explain those urges as I had loved fucking all those female cunts yet the professor was the one man that turned me on. It was a complete mystery.

After two years at the community college, I transferred to the state university where I met my wife. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in engineering at age 22. I took a job with a local engineering firm in the town where Professor Felix was teaching and where I had grown up. I got married two years ago with my wife managing a local supermarket; both of us were now 25-years-of-age. I'd rarely seen Professor Felix over the past five-years.

My urges and desires for the professor's body rose again a few days ago when my wife took a ten-day trip out of state to visit her parents. I began to eat out most evenings.  On the second night of her being out of town, I went to the country club for dinner where she and I were members. I had a glass of wine and as I began to eat my salad Professor Felix and a handsome man much older than Felix entered the restaurant and were shown a seat next to mine. At that very moment,  all those earlier urges and lust returned. Now 49-years-of-age and me at 25, the professor looked more mature and even sexier than when I was in his class 7 years earlier.  I soon was stone hard and felt an urge growing in my nuts. I wanted the professor more than ever.

Near the end of the evening, shit Professor Felix, dressed in a black suit, blue shirt and red tie was beyond handsome as he approached my table and said: "Hi Ricky, nice to see you again after all these years. I understand you are a successful engineer with a local company in town. Congratulations and I knew yo would do well. You are a smart guy. Would you like to join us for a nightcap and let me introduce you to my father? He is flying home tomorrow."

"Professor Felix, I'd love to meet your father and have a drink."

As we had a drink and chatted, I was stunned at how Felix and his father looked so much alike. Felix was now 49 and his father was 69 but they could pass as brothers----great genes in that family.

As we got ready to leave Professor Felix asked: "By the way, since your wife is out of town and I understand you are not much of a chef, would you like to be my guest here at the club tomorrow evening for dinner at about 6 PM and we could catch up on what you have been doing?"

I felt my cock twitching as I answered: "I'd really like that Professor. Then maybe the next night you will let me take you to my favourite Greek restaurant. We can catch up on old times and you can share with me what is happening at the community college. By the way George (Felix's father) it was a pleasure meeting you. Your son is the most popular professor at the college. You and your wife did a great job raising this very successful professor."

George smiled and said: "Thank you for your kind words. I'll pass those on to Felix's mother. It was pleasure meeting you. Felix has talked about you often and told my wife and me that you were his favourite student ever."

At that point I almost shot my wad. Had Professor Felix had the hots for me all these years but avoided the forbidden fruit while I was a student in his class? Hearing those words not only encouraged me but also caused my hormones to become radioactive. I excused myself, said goodnight and rushed to the men's room before I got caught with that huge tent in my pants.

Fortunately no one was in the rest room as my cock was out of control and had started to leak pre-cum as the big cock began to twitch, throb and spasm. I pulled my cock out and attempted to piss to no avail. I really needed to piss but my cock was too hard to spill a single drop of urine. I needed to get home, calm down and let my cock return to normal. Finally, I was home and empted my overflowing bladder, took a cold shower and got ready for bed. I was wide-awake and hornier than I could ever remember. I had the most irresistible primordial lust and craving for sex with Professor Felix. The only thing holding me back was that Felix was not there. What would happen the next night? Holy fuck, how about the loyalty to my wife? I'd never wanted any woman like I wanted Felix at that moment. I began to masturbate fantasying about hot Felix. I shot a cataclysmic cum load up my chest, on my face, in my hair and on the headboard. Fuck, I'd never enjoyed an ejaculation this much. I did not sleep all night as my mind ran wild. I was in a total panic of what was going to happen the next night.

The next evening Professor Felix and I had a five-course meal at the Club. At the end of dinner, Felix asked: "Ricky would you like to come over to my place and have a  drink?"

I gladly agreed. Once at the condo, the Professor prepared two gin and tonic drinks. As we consumed the drinks sitting at the kitchen table, Felix said: "Ricky, I could not help but noticing last night that you were stone hard as you went to the men's room. Although you are married, do I turn you on? I know you are married but over the years as a committed gay whore and top, some of my very best fucking ass has been with straight married men. These guys have loved my big cock and they are experienced at fucking  their wives.  I'm really turned on by married men. Maybe it is the thrill of the chase. Let me know if I have offended you and crossed the line with you. But ever since you were in my class as a freshman, I've lusted after your hot body and masturbated many times dreaming of fucking that tight ass of yours."

"Oh my god, Professor Felix, I confess that I've had the hots for you from the first day in your class seven years ago. Although I've fucked many broads and I love my wife, I don't know how to explain that no one has ever made me as horny as you do. Just the sight of you makes my cock so hard. Man I lust for you. I want you right now, please fuck me with that huge cock."

"WOW Ricky, this is so exciting and lustful. Man I've never been hornier. Lets get naked and go to my bedroom and fuck."

We stripped naked and holy shit Felix was sexier than I'd imagined. His 6-foot and 2-inch tanned frame towered over my 5-feet and 10-inch cross country racer's slim body. His rugby-developed body was lined with hard muscles, pumped quads, calves full and hard, muscular thighs, strong arms with melon-sized biceps, his monstrous 9-inch cock with laced veins and big thick cock shaft, huge patch of whorls of black pubic hair, sensuous red lips and his fucking beautiful face had me ready to be his bitch. I melted into his arms as we embraced while our hard cocks banged together.

The professor was so aroused that he forgot about the bedroom, lifted me up, threw me on the kitchen table on my back with my legs and feet hanging over the edge, used his hands to spread my legs far apart exposing my smooth hairless white virgin ass to his cock, and my cock was standing at attention. I noticed that Felix's huge stone hard twitching cock was pointed directly at my pussy.

At that moment, I knew there would be no foreplay as lust drove Professor Felix to go directly after my male pussy. He retrieved a bottle of lube from a kitchen counter, lubed my ass, lubed his huge cock and then said: "Ricky Baby, I can't wait any longer. I've waited seven years. I've got to have that awesome ass right now. My cock is aching to get inside that sexy ass. My cock has to have that fresh meat now. Can you take all my horse dick?"

I began to think of Felix as I becoming his bitch and he my daddy as how he would fuck his young stable stud as I said: "Oh Daddy, fuck this young virgin ass as no cock has ever been where your cock is about to go. Give my that horse cock, Daddy. I can take it, Daddy."

Our lust consumed us as Daddy stood up, pointed his dripping blood filled cock at my asshole, placed his hands on my abs, and plowed that massive wood deep into my ass. He showed no mercy as he drove that entire hard tool inside my pussy. He began to fuck me rough as he slammed his cock all the way in and all the way back out over and over. Man the feel was so awesome even though I felt pain from that cock spreading my ass as if I was about to give birth to a baby. This had to be the raunchiest  and roughest fuck any guy had ever given to his male bitch. His cock exploring  ever inch of my ass caused me to loose control as I began to scream as if I was being killed . I felt his cock rub across my swollen prostate, the tip of his cock hitting something deep in my ass channel and that thick cock shaft began to rub against my ass walls making them spread wide and become red hot.

As he thrust that giant sausage deeper and deeper into my male pussy, I began to buck my ass and lower body upward to meet his thrusting cock. I wanted it so bad. The violent moves by Daddy and me caused the table to move several inches toward the kitchen counter. Some of the dishes began to rattle in the cabinet and a couple of pans fell off the counter onto the floor. This was a wild fuck. I heard a couple of wine glasses fall to the floor and break.  I begged: "OH DADDY, fuck your bitch. Come inside me. Give me your seed. Breed me raw. Yea, Mmmmm. Yyyyeeeaa, that's it. Fuck your bitch, Don't stop, make me come."

Daddy fucked me for at least 15 minutes with no letting up as we moaned, grunted and yelled. After about three minutes of the fuck, I began to stroke my hard cock, as Felix became so aroused that he began to spit his saliva on my face and chest making the fuck even more sexy. Man, this was really raunchy sex. Finally, I could not hold back any longer as my semen gathered in my nuts, rushed up my cock and I shot my seed so far that it hit my face, onto the table and a couple of spurts landed on the tile floor.

This caused Daddy to cross the blue line. He pulled his blood filled cock out of my ass, got up on the table, began to wildly stroke his blood red cock and soon blasted at least seven eruptions of his ropy cum all over my face and chest. When he was spent, he got down and licked his and my cum off my body and he ate it all. We kissed and shared the sticky cum. I learned that one of his favourite aspects of sex was eating cum.

As we headed for the shower, Professor Felix asked: "OH FUCK RICKY, that was the best sex of my life. Can we do this again tomorrow night after dinner at the Greek restaurant? Can we take our time suck cock, rim ass and let me fuck you again?

I responded: "Professor Felix, OH Daddy, I've never enjoyed sex this much. Oh hell, what am I going to do? Oh I'm married and my wife will be home in a few days. Let me clear my head and think about it until tomorrow."

I left and headed home totally confused wondering what would I do? Would I give in to my lust again the next night? Daddy was so hot and man he knew how to ring my bell and give me the best orgasm. 

TO THE READERS: What Will Ricky Decide?????


Naughty Eric


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