As I lay in bed that night, my mind was racing with conflicting thoughts. On the one hand, I loved my wife and yet on the other hand I'd never been more turned on or enjoyed sex like what I had just experienced with Professor Felix. How could I lust after the hottest man on the planet and yet maintain my marriage? I did not sleep all night. I had to decide soon what I would do.

I kept my promise next evening and met Professor Felix at the Greek restaurant. The minute I saw him enter the restaurant in his open blue shirt, tight black slacks, a huge package and that seducing smile, I became hard as a stone wanting to become his bitch. He was intentionally trying to make me want him and he was turning me on.

We had a wonderful dinner with a couple glasses of imported fine wine. I paid for the dinner in cash so my wife would not see the cost on my credit card. 

As we left the restaurant, I said to Professor Felix: "Professor, last night was the best sex of my entire life. I've never reached that level of ecstasy before. That was the most cataclysmic orgasm I've ever experienced. I can only imagine what an incredible experience having us suck cock, rim ass, kiss and fuck that could be as we only fucked last night with no foreplay. Last night was only a small taste of what sex could be with you. But I've decided to be loyal to my marraige vows and not do this again. But I'll dream of what we did last night forever."

Professor Felix looked so hurt and disappointed as he responded: "Oh Ricky, you have already broken your marriage vows with me. However, of course I will respect your decision even though last night was the best sex I've ever had. I only wish we would have gotten together before you got married. Can we just be good freinds? Maybe we could start off our friendship tonight by going to this academy award winning movie that is palying in town at my favorite movie house? Some of my college colleagues have been raving about how great it is."

"Felix that is a great idea. And thank you for understanding and respecting my decision. Yea, I do want us to be friends. Maybe we can also golf with some of my buddies at work from time to time."

We sat in the back row at the theater with a big bag of popcorn and a couple of soft drinks. About 15 minutes into the movie with the lights down in a dark theater, I became rather over whelmed with the smell of Felix sexy cologne, the warm vibes and smells from his hot body and holy shit my cock took charge and began to stiffen when Felix rubbed his leg up against my warm leg. The feel was awesome and so lustful. I warn the readers and I bet you have experienced that same rise in your hormones, heightened level of testosterone and raging libido that can cause one to throw caution to the wind and forget well-intended promises. That was what happened that night. I had no ressitance left. I could only give in to my lust and my cock took charge of me.

I had to have Professor Felix. I wanted Felix to take charge of me and let me be his bitch for a wild evening of a full range of sexual acts. In a state of primitive animal lust, I knew I'd have to make the first move as Felix was honoring my earlier decision  to be true to my wife. I reached over, unzipped his pants, located his rock hard huge cock, pulled it out of his pants, took hold of that big cock head and felt a growing slick cock head from the dripping pre-cum and began to stroke that awesome tool. Felix gave me the most sexy smile, reached over and unzipped my pants. He pulled my now leaking  cock out and he too began to stroke my throbbing cock. We tried to keep our moans very low as we jacked each other off.

The lust was so powerful that soon Felix lowered his face and mouth down on my aching cock as I felt his hot thick lips rap around my cock head as he sucked hard. Then he began to swallow my big tool inch by inch until my whole cock was deep in his hot wet throat. Holy shit, he used his muscles in the back of his throat to give my cock an incredible massage. Needless to say, the feel of my hard cock in that warm mouth lubed with his warm salvia caused me not to last long. I felt my cum gather in my nuts and rush up my cock shaft as I blasted at least seven big spurts of my seed to the back of Felix's throat. He inserted a finger in his mouth, collected a gob of my semen and rubbed that cum on my lips. I licked it all onto my tongue and swallowed my own juice. I reached over and gave him a deep kiss as he wet his tongue with some of my seed. We zipped up our pants and headed to his condo. We had to have each other.

We stripped naked as soon as we were inside his condo as I said: "Felix, I'm sorry about telling you we were not going to have sex in the future. I have to have you no matter the consequences. Having sex with you is the only way to satisfy my lust and need for the ultimate orgasm. Please take me and let me be your bitch. Do whatever you wish with my body. I want to satisfy your carnal needs like no one has done."

Professor Felix beamed and I saw his cock jump and he said: "You have no idea how happy you've made me. My desire and lust for you is beyond words. Tonight I'll make you crazy with sensuous provocative gratification that will cause you to crave me day after day. I warn you that your life is about to change for ever. You'll crave and beg me to fuck you again and again."

At that moment, my swollen cock throbbed like never before, chills ran up and down my spine, goose bumps formed all over my body, I began to  sweat big time and I knew Felix was correct. I would not be able to turn back. He was now my lover, daddy and I was his bitch. I had no resistance left.

Felix retrieved a big bottle of lube and a large sexy black condom. He lubed both our cocks and my ass. Felix slid the sexy condom on his huge boner and lubed it.

Felix sat down in a big soft chair, pulled my naked lubed puckering ass on his lap as I faced him. He began to press his thick lips on mine and soon we were wildly engaging in deep French kissing as our tongues battled for position. The salvia began to pour out of our mouths and ran down our chins onto our chests. Fuck then I felt his wet condom covered cock head hitting my outer ass. He spread his legs, took hold of the base of his stone hard cock and began to shove it inch by inch into my ass. I grabbed hold of my blood filled cock and stroked it as he fucked me hard. 

So turned on I began to ride that awesome dick as if I was riding a wild bull. The feel of that manhood inside my pussy had me almost loosing consciousness.

"Oh Professor Felix, Oh Daddy, fuck my ass, fuck me Baby. Yea, that feels so good. Yea, that is the spot. Give me all that cock. Don't stop. Fuck me harder. Yea, fuck I'm riding that big horse cock. Oh fuck, this is so good."

After several minutes of wild fucking, Felix had me dismount. He pulled off that wet slick condom and threw it on the carpet. We then got down on the carpet in his den and got into a 69 position and began to take our fuck buddies cock in our mouth. The feel of his leaking cock in my mouth and my cock deep in his wet throat produced a spasming feeling. The smell and taste of his cock and the clean asshole was intoxicating. This was a longstanding fantasy coming true. I should never have gotten married as I had known since my freshman year in the Professor's class that I must be gay. The lust for him was constant. 

For the next 30 minutes we gave each other hard blowjobs, sucked ass, fingering our buddies asshole and licked those hairy hot red balls. I felt Felix's big bush of black pubic hair buried deep in my nose as I sucked his warm cock. During the sucking, rimming and licking his crotch area, I felt I'd been given the best gift ever.

Finally, filled with the smell and taste of those sweet and sweaty raunchy assholes, cocks and balls, we were ready for Felix to really bang his bitch. This time he was determined to plant his seed inside my male pussy, as was I.

He placed me on his bed on my stomach, spread my legs to open my ass to his cock, lubed my ass again, he got down and placed his huge cock at my ass entrance and began to insert his monstrous experienced cock deep in my ass. As he became aroused and horny, he started to drive his cock all the way inside my ass and then all the way back out over and over. Each time he pulled out that throbbing tool he thrust his dick back in my ass with a harder thrust. Then he laid his hot sweaty body down on my back and fucked my ass with out pulling his cock out of me. As I felt his cock moving over ever inch of my ass, I also felt his wet growing sweaty body press down on top of me making my body wet. We moaned, grunted and drew rapid breaths. The fuck was beyond description in pleasure.

After drilling my ass for a long time in that position, Felix turned me on my back, placed my legs and feet up on my chest and he drove his purpled head cock back inside my pussy. He began to fuck me rough and hard as I begged him to fuck me harder. He did as I had begged. Man he was fucking me so rough and it felt so good. His stone hard cock rubbed against my prostate, that cock hit both sides of my wet soft ass walls and the tip of his cock seemed to enter my colon. The fuck went on for the longest time. Then Felix reached down and took my aching cock deep in his mouth as he continued to pound my ass with his huge cock. After a long fuck with my cock down his throat, wow oh my god, I felt his cock erupt with a river of his man seed deep in my ass and holy shit at that moment I began ejaculating my semen in his mouth. It is beyond hot the feel of having my ass filled with his cum and at the same time dumping my load in his mouth.

When spent, he pulled that manhood out of my ass and we kissed and enjoyed the taste of all that cream.

Now I woud have to face my wife witth the news on her return home. I knew my animal desires and need for sex with Felix would destroy my marriage but this irresistable raunchy euphoria of wild primordial enjoyment for Professor Felix's cock, his sensuous lips on my cock, his provacative rimming my ass, my sucking his sweet seed out of his cock and his horse cock totally satisfying my fresh pussy meat was the only way to continually give me those cataclysmic orgasms. Professor Felix was now my addiction and I would be his obedient bitch.

Hope you all enjoyed this two part series.


Naughty Eric


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