This story is a work of fiction. All sexual characters are above 18 years of age. If gay stories are offensive to you you should stop reading at once. If you are not of legal age the same rule apply


Faisal came home rather late and he was tired because he didn't get much sleep and truth be told the day was exhausting. He had meeting the whole day. He went to bed early and he packed all the thing in advance so he was ready to go. He had Asim and Mark come at his office at 7:00 so he could say goodbye to his friend and so Asim could take him to the airport.

Well the parting wasn't as hard as Faisal tought. Well for one Mark was late and he had a hangover and he relly could not to nothing that could resemble a parting gift. Well all wasn't bad Faisal tought. At least there were no heated words. But it bothered him allthesame.

As he was leaving the car he sad do Asim :"take care of things on this end" but he wanted to say something different but he didn't want to explain himself right now and in front of so many people. Asim on the other hand just smiled and assured him: "everything will be in best order as you come back."

So now Asim had to decide what to do, how to approach Mark. For what he saw he was a mess this morning. But he decided one thing. He will not interfere at the beginning but will pay close attention to the guy. He already decided that Mark would have to work very hard in the gym, so he would not do stupid things and to give the best results possible when Faisal returns. This was crucial if he were to remain his position. So without anything else to worry about he payed Mark a visit.

As he entered the small house with his key he noticed that things were not as clean as he would imagined but he tried not to meddle right now. He found Mark still in bed almost naked lieing on his back. What a sight. That would just simply not do, but for the sake of peace he decided to be nice.

To make a good impression he went to the kitchen and he made some orange juice and he brought it to Marks bedroom. He woke him up and than explained to him that his workout would begin in 15 minutes and that he will wait for him in the living room. Mark was groggy and mildly unpleasant, but Asim did not say a thing.

After 20 minutes Mark cane downstairs with annoyance. But Asim acted as he didn't notice. They introduced themselves. And Mike started to tell him of his wishes and than Asim had enough and just told him that he would be the judge of what was necessary and than he explained to Mark in a most pleasant way possible what was expected of him and that Faisal himself wanted things done this way and that is something Mark should respect since he signed his contract.

He than ordered him to take of his clothes to asses his physique and take some body measurements. Mark grumbled and disrobed. Asim saw a good male body. The hairless part took him by surprise but at the same time turned him on. Asim tried to ignore his rising dick and did his job of measuring everything. He was happy he was not free balling today. He definitely saw that some improvements could be made fast so he explained him that Faisal hired him for 12 hours a day and than he laid down his plan as to how would things go: 4 hours of fitness training, 3 hours of supervised studying than 3 more hours of marital arts training than 2 hours of exotic instructions or filming once a week.

Mark protested loudly and he was quite rude, but Asim just waited till he finished his tirade and than asked him a simple question: "Do you want to end your contract?"

Mark knew there was but two answers but only one remained at his disposal because he didn't want to live in the streets.

Asim looked on the clock and they started their day. Actually after some time they both relaxed and started to chat a bit and Mark wasn't so unpleasant as soon as he started sweating and he saw that Asim really did know what he was talking about and he had a great body to show. Mark started to thing it would be great to have a buddy to joke around and not be judgmental of him. After Mark told him that Asim agreed with him.

They eventually talked about the plan of the 12 hours that had to spend daily and if Sundays were off. And they soon came to terms and they were both happier.

All went well apart from the studying part. And after getting all the facts straight they realized that actual schooling would take 5 hours out from the work plan Asim presented. Asim really wanted to stick with the original plan so he told Mike that actual classes should be done in Mark's free time. Mark was all over the roof. Asim tried to make Mark realize that it was for his own good. Asim reminded him that he sound like his ex wife. They managed to lough about that together.

At the exotic instructions things got complicated. Asim wanted to see what Mark planed for his next video. Mark didn't want to go there. Asim got frustrated. "Ok we need to get to know each other than." Asim concluded. They sat down on the leader couch in the studio and Asim started to tell Mark everything about his previous marriage. How he remained friends with his wife, how they on occasion still fucked and so on. Mark gave him a short run down of his dealings with Claudia. Than Mark wanted a bear. At that time Asim could not hold it back anymore. He just told him that as long as he was around there would be no alcohol involved. Mark was sulky after that. Mark than suggested mutual massage since they worked hard today. They were both up to it as long as the pants stayed on. Asim suggested that he saw Marks body already and that he was not afraid to show his. But Mark wanted it this way and Asim didn't push it. In a way he was happy afterward because he got a major hadron while getting a rub down. But he was not embarrassed he was not the only one. Asim was a bit surprised that Mark suggested that they year off to some porn. So they watched some straight porn flick and they both got off and afterwords they just stayed on the bed enjoying the comfortable silence. Asim noticed though that Mark didn't have his cocking on.

So the day concluded and Asim went home and Mark did take the shower he so needed right now. He went to the university after all. After supper he got really horny. He was a bit devastated that he thought about the massage so much. There was nothing erotic about it but he still thought about it. He didn't like the thought of that and wanted to get it out of his system so he called Susan and they hooked up for some hot passionate sex.

And so went the first few weeks. Mark actually was impressed with Asim and his willingness to teach, to be a friend. The martial arts were fun. Without knowing it after a few day Mark enjoyed Asims company and the 2 hour at the end of Asims's stay became something he was really looking for. They shared almost everything with each other. Asim told him about his need to dominate women in bed. But that the whole macho thing he had going on was more or less something he did not like about himself but was something common for most of his friends and that he liked Mark's more laid back nature.

Mark was surprised at that declaration. He than in turn admitted we was not that dominant with women and that he actually let Claudia to be more aggressive sometimes. He told him about his exhibitionism and so on and so forth. Mark was glad that Asim's reaction to that was so god:"Man I respect you for telling me that!"

And there were the massages they shared. That was simply something excellent. respectful, relaxing and beneficial. But Mark was torn because he really started to get of more on Asim than the porn flicks they watched. And there was this relaxed conversation Asim liked after the deed that got Mark all the more troubled. He liked it but he didn't want it at the same time. Asim also admitted to Mark that he was in for the money at first but now he really appreciated the company.

After the first time Mark and Asim jerked each other of Mark became troubled again. It was he who started it but then he did not know what to do with it. His best reaction he could think of wad defense. Mark was really starting to become arrogant towards Asim and for no good reason because Asim did not act differently after the episode they had. Mark thought that everything that he did with men till now made him less of a man. Again his insecurity. Asim tried to talk about it but Mark shout him out. He didn't want to talk about it. So he stopped shaving and he got his old macho act back on. Asim wanted to know why but he got no answer.

And than there were the videos, they were getting worst by the week. Asim was not welcomed in the studio during filming. Everybody could see that Mark was not into it. Asim noticed this after the first video. And when the second came out he needed to find out what was happening before he got the call from Faisal. Asim decided to follow Mark of duty. Well he soon knew what was wrong and he knew something had to change at once or both would have to pay the consequences.

Since he knew that Aamir had some good trick up his sleeve he paid the good doctor a visit and after explaining what he discovered they both agreed it would be better not to go public but to tame the man privately. In doing so they would have leverage for further things to come.

Asim was really happy that the doctor helped so much but he was a bit angry that Aamir wanted to exploit Mark but eventually he would have to let the good old Aamir in on the fun as he put it. Mark had done one mistake to many and he would have to live with it. Asim was seriously disappointed, because he really liked what they had with Mark. His male friends where not that many. He had Alice but you can't go for advice to your ex every two weeks can you?

Only shopping needed to be done for today and tomorrow things will change. Asim was not sure if for the better but he was excited in some strange way.


The next morning Asim was torn. If he goes trough with what he planed than he looses a prospect of a good friendship, if not than he gambles with his own future. It should be so easy, really easy. Well it is not. He saw something in Mark that he didn't find in any of his friends. No need to be competitive, no need to establish his place among men. And truth be told until last week he thought he hit jackpot with this job. But than that hand job. What is hand job among friends. He returned the favor he did everything right. He didn't rub it in, he wasn't a selfish prick as he used to be the last time he was messing with a man, he didn't make Mark feel worthless. And than the prick just started doing stupid, mean things. The crown jewel was definitely: "get out of studio you are ruining the atmosphere!" What atmosphere does one need to jerk of. And the video wasn't remotely sexy.

If the fuck only told me he wanted to fuck some chicks. He would let him do it. For fuck sake, I'm not that uptight. But he had to go all macho. I don't need to shave. I don't need to wear the PA. I don't need to ask permission. He signed the contract for fuck's sake. Does he not get it that Faisal is not stupid and that he is vindictive.

And then the whore he fucked. Could he do any worst. He wasn't gone the whole hour as I aproched the bitch. And she was all over me. Thank god she is stupid and now I guess really afraid. That will teach her a lesson, whore. Well guess no better than Mark.

What to fucking do. I guess I have 10 more hours to decide.

Asim entered the premisses with a major attitude. He wanted to break things and when he saw Mark yawn he really wanted to deck him hard.

"For fuck's sake. Show some respect for my work here and be at least ready wen I step trough the doors, punk" Asim sad trough clenched teeth and he went straight to gym.

"Why the foul mood? You didn't get any?" sad Mark sarcastic.

"As a matter of fact I can whenever I want, but after people piss and shit all over me I'm not in the mood. You fucking prick. Now bring your lazy ass down here to start the day"

Asim was really pushing Mark today. He himself was a bit winded but Mark could simply not keep up with him. But there was no encouragement just jelling and degrading remarks. Mark pushed trough somehow. He knew something was up. He was scared now, he newer saw this side of Asim before.

Than came the martial arts for the day. Well there was no art with it. It was just Mark in the air or hard on the floor. After a short pause Mark mustered the courage and he came to Asim: "what's the matter buddy?" and he put his hand on Asim's shoulder. He regretted that move immediately. In a split second he was plastered against the wall with his hand twisted behind his back. "Don't you ever try to touch me without permission you stupid cunt" Asim hissed in his ear. "Do you understand whore!" Asim jelled for emphasis.

"Yes." was a meek reply.

As Asim wanted to start again with the training Mark bulked: "i will not train with you in this condition!"

"Well if you wont, than you are just going to get it" And Mark was soon on the floor unconscious.

Asim was sorry immediately after the assault, but he was just so angry at Mark and he knew he had to calm himself before he continued as was planned.

He carried Mark to the bathroom and put leader cuffs on Marks wrists and he secured him on the hooks he installed during Mark's study time.

He went back to gym and started with the punching bag. If the punches to the bag were any sign of what Asim was going trough then it must have been a world war 3 inside his mind. Asim decided that something needed to be done or all will be lost. He was afraid he lost Mark already. That thought made him sad.


Asim walked back to the bathroom and he gagged still unconscious Mark and than he woke him up with cold water. As Mark regained his senses he was confused but he soon found out he was in bondage and that a very intimidating Asim was standing right in front of him. He noticed that he was naked and he started to struggle. Asim warned him not to make noise but Mark just wanted to get free. So to make his point Asim gave him two options 20 with the paddle or stop struggling. Well Mark didn't stop so Asim took the paddle and started to deliver the punishment. Mike was hauling trough the gag and saliva started to dribble out of his gagged mouth. After the fifteenth blow Mark lost his will to fight and tears started to flow down his cheeks.

"Now as I gained your attention you will listen and you will listen hard. Because I will not repeat myself. First of all Mark you made your point. You are a whore who can't be trusted. You go and sign a slave contract with someone like Faisal. You knew hist tastes. His tastes lie in man's asses and mouths like yours. He doesn't care about the rest much. And you go and sign a contract that strictly forbids you to fuck women. And you go and fuck them. You put mine future at risk. Go ahead and put yours at risk. But do leave me out of it. Do you get it you stupid fuck we are in this mess together. One does not succeed without the other. Stupid cunt. Then you go and sign that you will wear a PA for five years and you don't obey. Why on fucking earth would a man do that. He wouldn't. That leads me to conclusion that you are not a man. Than you go and sign a contract that commits you to be shaved all the times. That means no hair but your eyebrows. And you go and fucki'n don't shave. Who would do that. You are a first class cunt."

Mark listened and the tears run down his cheeks. He knew that everything Asim sad was true. He signed to be a slave to be used as Faisal deemed fit. The notion of lost freedom set in. Why did he put trust in others as he was clearly deceived so many times before. He felt worthless.

"All the mistakes you did will be corrected shortly. By my hand. And you know I'm not in good mood today because I bring you friendship and you bring me piss and shit." Sad Asial in somber voice. Mark could not look Asim in the eyes and he looked down in shame. Asim slapped him: "Look at me cunt, look me with your selfish eyes and see what you have lost. There is no respect in my eyes, no good will. You see fucking cunt." Asim eyes were indeed cold.

"So we will do the following. First we will address your hair problem. The whore that you fucked yesterday gave me a recipe for a smooth cunt like hers. So lets see it in action." Sad Asim with glee.

Mark saw with eyes like saucers a big jar of wax and he knew what was coming. There was no tenderness, no talking, just pain. Pain and humiliation as Asim tore his hair away. In some ways it was worst then 20 strokes with the paddle. And it was much worse than the shaving Faisal ordered. He lost the will to jell and he accepted the pain, the humiliation. But Asim's contempt was the hardest thing to swallow, because he knew why he did those things. Lastly Asim shaved his head with a razor and he did not make it gentle. Mark was sure that cuts he did were deliberate.

"The next thing we will address is your unwillingness to keep your fucking cock in check. For that purpose I brought this baby with." He showed him an ominous looking cock cage. Metal and heavy. "You see Pric Albert is a way to keep a slave in check and you rebel against that and you took it out, but I will see to it that Faisal can put any jewel in your cock that he desires. And to that mater this cock cage will lock itself through you piercing hole. And one added bonus to this cage is that you will not touch your cock unless given permission to. Once a week as duty demands no more. As long as long as it pleases me you will wear it with gratitude. Your wishes are unimportant"

It was a minimalist cage but it was devious and beautiful. With o cocking and a metal tube large enough only for soft penis to enter. The lock was designed so that a special lock wac put trough the tube and his piercing for PA. And a cap could be optionally screwed on top of that. Asim put it on him, roughly handling him in the process. The cage was heavy. Marks cock was inaccessible without the special screwdriver and a key.

"The last thing to address is your obedience. You will be released shortly. As soon as I release you you shall fall to you knees ant thank me for my reproach. Than you shall Say: I will strive to better myself and I will heed your commands. After I say I accept you will say: may I please kiss your cock in sign of gratitude, Sir. Did you understand SLAVE?" Mark nodded.

Asim let Mark go and took off the gag. And mark did as he was told. He lowered Asim's short and the fat 10 inches flopped before Marks face. He gasped and than kissed it on the head. "put the head into mouth and hold it there" Asim commanded. After that Asim instructed him on proper behavior and what was expected of him and when. The house should be made spotless. He must wait for him five minutes before he comes to the house. He must eat only the food he brings into the house. He must drink only water. He must shave every day. He must obey every command without question and with enthusiasm. He must cal him sir at all times, he must never look into his eyes unless ordered. And the last thing Asim declared: every day before Asim leaves for home Mark will have to suck him off if so instructed.

"Start sucking!" Asim instructed. Mark sucked Asim's cock into his mouth but he could not take it all inside. Instinctively he worshiped the cock with his mouth and he wished to please Asim. Asim noticed that and he soon climaxed. After the rush was gone he saw Mark at his feet and he hated it. Than he left the house in haste without words.

Mark did not know what to do. He showered, cleaned the house, and ate the tasteless food he found in kitchen and than he just rolled himself in a ball in the and cried.


The next few days were hard on Mark. He didn't want to give in to Asim's demands but he payed for that dearly. The strikes with the paddle or with a bare hand were brutal on already bruised ass. After a week or so the fight left him and he started to do as he was told. In between all that happened Mark find out that he got turned on when Asim would give his punishment with his bare hand. He was starved of human touch and if that meant that Asim would indeed touch him, he sometimes deliberately did something wrong. Asim seemed to catch on on this so he changed up things a bit. So he gave Mark some human touch he knew they both craved while they were in the studio for 2 hours. All in all it was becoming more and more sexually charged. But Asim never again let Mark suck him. Mark was relieved and sad at the same time. Mark seemed to start to unconsciously crave Asims attention. As release was not possible cock vise the body responded in some strange manner. His skin was more sensitive, his nipples were super sensitive. Mark was ashamed to admit to himself, but he played with his ass more and more. He even used the toys he had to stimulate his ass while Asim was away. The most embarrassing thing was that his cock almost constantly leaked his juices.

Asim had the same difficult time. He missed the talks he had with Mark. Mark did not talk to him much And when he did it was a question and that dreaded Sir witch Asim started to hate after two weeks. At first it made him feel like a God but he soon realized what was lost.

At first Mark was rebellious and he was hard on him But at the same time he punished him he hated it so much. But once the word is out you can't take it back. After some time Mark just gave in and Asim was glad that he didn't need to hurt Mark as much. He became more attentive towards Mark and he noticed certain changes. The deliberate mishaps were hilarious. At first subtle and after some time not so much. And the stifled moans Mark produced. He wanted to fuck him right there and then but he knew he shouldn't. He refrained from the blow jobs for the same reason. He was afraid of himself. He knew he was fucked. And than he saw the need in Mark to have some human touch. And he decided that they would practice the body worship things he knew Mark had to be comfortable with. That was fucked up. It wasn't clear who enjoyed the things more. The massages were so hot he had to masturbate before they did that. But he got hard never the less. Amir did not touch him inappropriately. But the sexual energy was ever more present.

There were the shootings when Mark was allowed to cum. Fuck, that as some hardcore erotica. At first it was just animal thing. Mark wanted to cum, but than it became sensual as Mark was putting a show for Asim's benefit. While the 4th video was made Asim could not hold back, he had to jack himself of at the sight of Mark. Mark gasped as he noticed what Asim was doing at first. But than the camera was unimportant. He put a show for Asim alone. He was really into it. He even fingered his hole for the first time on video. And Asim came undone. He fucked his fist and moaned. Some serious montage was necessary before publishing the video. Asim took a copy of that video home.

Then Asim came up with a devious plan. He searched the adult store for a specific item. A slender butt plug designed to stimulate men's prostate. And he found just the thing. He was giddy the whole time until play time with Mark. And then he could not hold himself back. He ordered Mark to undress and wash his ass out. Mark did so without hesitation. Asim watched he was hard as a rock in his pants. Afterwords Asim lubed him up and slowly inserted the slender device in Marks as. He was attentive and making it erotic came all by himself. The device was remotely controlled. Mike almost moaned when he inserted the device, but he look he made when Asim turned on the vibrator inside the plug was priceless. He watched Mark suffer and enjoy this new toy for about 15 minutes. Asim had a big weat spot in his shorts by than and mark literary made a pool under his caged cock on the tiled floor beneath him. Asim could not hold back anymore, he fished his cock out and started slowly jerking it. The hunger he saw in Marks eyes made him almost cry it was so good. After edging for himself for some time he heard the most delicious sound: stifled moans and whimpers Mark made. He could not hold back anymore. He stood up went to Mark and sad: "Suck!"

It was not just a blow job it was something more. This was heaven for Asim. The hunger Mark did it with was beyond words. Asim petted him on his hand the whole time. It was comforting for both of them. And than Asim came like never before. He pushed his dick all the way in Marks throat. And Mark just accepted it. Asim was tempted to kiss Mark. But instead he got behind Mark. He knelt behind Mark and with strong hands he pulled Mark onto his hairy chest. All the while teasing Marks nipples and abdomen with his hands. He whispered in Mark's ear "let it go, let it happen" Mark was on the brink of orgasm the whole time. Now with Asim petting him the orgasm was just a step away. He melted into his arms. It all happened the moment he heard the words "Mark cum for me" and when he felt Asims lips on his neck the he came trough his straining dick in his cage. It was something beyond words. The orgasm was not the best, but the fealing just right after that was beyond words. Mark knew at that moment that there was no going back. Asim owned him, because he was wiling to give himself to him. He hollered "Asim". The moment he came Asim shut down the device and just held him there and was still pecking him on the neck. It was intense for both of them.

As Asim came to his senses he saw what he was doing and he knew that he was totally fucked. He developed strong feelings for this man. The first time it happened with a man. And now he was afraid that he could never have him. He stood up rapidly and left. He needed to talk and only one person could help him. He called Susan.

Mark knew as soon as he came that he had changed irreversibly. He didn't like his cage he hated it. But at the same time he knew it made him listen to his body for the first time. And what he found after he listened was astounding and erotic. It turned him on. To be happy in life he needed a man. He accepted himself and for the first time there was no shame no confusion. This was real and it was good. He was disappointed when Asim left so abruptly and a bit mad. A "thank you" would be great. He smiled for the first time in weeks because the thought who should tank whom was unclear. He felt good. As he washed himself the neck burned where it was kissed. Mike rubbed it and wished for more.


"so you wish to fuck?" Susan teased when Asim cema to her place.

"yes and no." Asim answered quietly.

"o fuck you are soft. I can't believe this. OK who is the lucky girl?" Susan asked while still playing with Asim soft dick

"O com on Asim. You can tell me, I wont tel a soul. Come on I want to know." Susan pleaded.

"Mark..." Asim uttered.

"o my god I was so right. I told you only a man could tame you." Susan was beaming with joy for her ex lover. They parted a long time ago, but there was still something there for both of them.

"It's the opposite of that" and than he started to account all the sordid details that happened to him in the last month and a half. Susan just listened because she knew if she stopped him she would never get the whole story. What she saw and heard was lust. Love and a lot of hurt.

"for fuk sake Asim are you that stupid or do I have to draw it out for you?" Susan finally spoke up.

"I'm not sure of anything right now. I just know I cant keep away any longer. My heart is taken. Or is it just my cock? Tell me Susan, what should I do?" Amir pleaded with teary eyes.

"Only you know that. If you don't see love when is stares you in the face than I can't show it to you. You now why he broke up?" Susan tried to explain the facts to Asim with care, "because I could not give you what you want and need. I don't have a cock between my thighs."

"i would never take it up..."Asim tried to gain some composure, but was cut short.

"Like hell you wouldn't, remember the time I rimmed you, you sick fuck. How you begged me to fuck you with my finger. Remember that!" Susan was on a roll now

"That was different." Asim objected.

"Like hell it was. You always have excuses. You sad yourself you feel good with him. Hes not competitive, you are less of a prick with him. Stop hurting the man and love him instead." Susan said.

"it's not that simple, I did him wrong to." Asim countered.

"He did too and you both payed for that. Come clean with him and get it over with. You are not sexy like that. Right now I wouldn't fuck neither of you" Susan sad with apparent lust in her woice.



"what would I do without you Susan?"


"God I love you..." Asim said while hugging Susan

"No you don't. I believe his name is Mark!" Susan said while she pushed off his chest.

"I don't know if it is love jet?" Was sincere answer from Asim.

"Listen to me good Asim. Look at your hands and see that you can bring pleasure with those hand. But at the same time, if you are not careful you can bring a shit load of pain and suffering to. Don't be stupid Asim. Use them for good."


Later that day Aamir called. He wanted Mark in for a check up first thing on Monday. Asim wanted to know why and Aamir explained that it was for medical reasons. Well they both knew that was not the whole truth but Asim could not do much about it.

Asim called Mark telling him about Aamir and the appointment he had with him on Monday morning. Mark was not happy about it and he tried to maneuver himself out of the situation and Asim told him he does not have much of a choice. But Asim could not lie to Mark so he told him about what doctor knows and that he should own what he likes instead of fearing it. They had a good long talk after that. Mark wanted Asim to come over for a talk but Asim wasn't sure that was the best idea so they decided it would be best to see each other after the doctor appointment on Monday.

Mak knew full well what was expected of him so he prepared the best he could for Monday and he started to get an itch to get it over with. He knew the doctor was sadistic bastard and that it wouldn't be as enjoyable as it was exploring with Asim, but he had to own his feelings.

Mark was still very nervous when he came to Aamirs's office and he knew his limits would be tested, but he was also so very afraid. Afraid he would like it to much.

The strangest thing was that Amir was not his sadistic self. He tried to talk to Mark about his infertility problem and explained some things here and there. Mark soon saw trough Aamir's rouse. All the words he used were there to debase him: useless, infertile, man up....and so forth.

Mark knew that this was a game that two could play. So he started to play his own part in this. So you want to humiliate me, well I'll play along but on the end it will be you good old Aamir that will bee the butt of your joke.

So the ground work was laid there. Mark trying to play the humiliated stud routine. Averting his eyes, fake blushing and so on.

Aamir insisted Mark had to disrobe. Mark knew what he was doing by now. He did it with fake modesty trying to make it as erotic as possible. So Mark was naked in all his glory and he even flexed his muscles here and there. He was a sight to behold and he knew it at last. Mark also saw the hungry eyes that wanted to eat him. But it was not he kind of hunger he knew from Faisal or even Asim it was something different. Mark knew he saw that before. It was the hungry look he had, when he was turned on by a man.

Aamir on the other hand saw Mark and something was different he could not put his finger on it. But it made hims super horny he had to had this stud one way or the other. Aamir wanted to humiliate this stud of a man, just because he had something that Aamir would never have. His fucking perfect body and appeal Aamir never possessed. Aamir had a few friends but he had to put so much effort in getting one to play with him.

Aamir suggested to take the cock cage off and he did it with his own set of keys. Mark had his dick finally free. But not for long. Aamir produced a device that would electrically stimulate Marks cocks and ass. He put the Cock plug in Mark's dick with not much care for Mark's discomfort. He wanted Mark to be in pain. The same with themetal butt plug he prepared. And than he put on the wires.

Mark had a great deal of troubles to stay focused and to stay ahead of Aamir twisted mind. The feelings he got from both devices were just phenomenal. It was so easy to loose perspective and to just let things happen. He was on the brink of not carrying anymore.

Aamir on the other had had a great deal of problems himself. Seeing Mark so exposed on his medical table was something else. It was stimulating for him. But for all the wrong purposes. He just could not stop looking at Mark's cock which was straining because of the stimulation. Aamir knew it was a mixture of pain and pleasure. And than Mark's cock started to produce the snot and the room was filled with the musk that was all Mark. He got hard and he started to manipulate his own dick inside his slacks.

Mark saw what was happening. He knew he wanted to see Aamir's dick. He wanted to see that fat cock that he admired the last time. He wanted to taste it he wanted it all to happen. At the same time he knew that should never happen. Not because it would shame him but to loose the hold that Aamir thought he had over him. It was a battle of wills.

"Get naked for me." Mark sad mustering the semi commanding voice form the tingling amount of self control he jet had.

Aamir strangely obeyed and he got undressed before Mark. That just did it. The stud was asking him to get naked. And he wanted it so bad. He wanted to be desired. He knew thing could go either way from now on. But he did it anyway.

Mark saw the fat cock for the first time. It wasn't long, it wasn't the best looking cock in the whole world. But the combination of it all. Him being treated to this delicious mixture of pain and pleasure he was receiving from the apparatus Aamir connected him to and the hairy older man before him with a totally hard dick in front of him. Mark was in serous trouble. On the one hand he wanted to be dominated, to get on his knees in front of Aaamir and suck the man dry like an obedient whore, but on the other hand he knew that would give Aamir to much control over him. He had to decide soon what to do or get lost in the lust it was building inside of him.

"Yeah. Touch yourself and that fat cock of yours. Imagine what it would feel like if it were my cock you could appreciate right now." Mark made a decision to take the lead.

The path of events this day were set in stone. Aamir started to moan and jerk his own cock. Aamir finally succumbed to the appeal that was all Mark. He knew this was not right, but he could not stop. He wanted to please the cock that was straining before him.

Aamir disentangled the cord leading to Mark's cock from the electric device and he procedded to take the cock plug from Mark's cock with great care and reverence. Aamir was in trans like state right now. He wanted to taste that cock so bad. The hunger showed on his face.

"Yeah take it in your mouth. Taste that fucking cock. Taste the nectar. Ravel in it. Take my cock deep in your troath" mark moaned.

Aamir did as instructed. He was like a small boy now. He took mark's cock into his mouth. And he loved it. He knew he would. He knew it would be the same as it allays was. Who was he kidding. He wanted to taste that cock the moment he saw Mark naked. Some part of him hated it and so he wanted to hurt Mark instead. But no anymore, he would be a total slave to this cock as long as he could taste it, use it. Aamir slobbered over Mark's cock. And Mark loved it. It made him feel strong it made him feel superior. He moaned and he wanted it to last. But the ministration form Aamir and the butt plug that was still lodged in hiss ass doing his magic it was all soon to be to much.

"Show me your hairy fuck hole, show me where you want that cock of mine" Mark manged to gain some self control one last time. It was getting increasingly difficult the nearer he came to orgasm.

Aamir obeyed, he was so turned on right now he would do anything Mark asked him to. He showed mark his hairy butt and he played with his puckered hole. Aamir moaned like a cheap whore right now.

Mark got this intense urge to bury his cock in that ass. He wanted to feel like a man. He wanted to feel like a god.

"Let me fuck that hungry hole for you. Let me make you feel so fucking good." Mark tried the hardest to keep his composure.

When the good doctor was on his back with his legs spread wide on the medical table finger fucking himself with three fingers now Mark could not wait no longer.

He roughly took Aamir hand in his left hand and put ti over the Mans head and with the other hand he lined his cock to the awaiting hole and he pushed in. Aamir grunted and moaned with tears in his eyes. Tears oF shame and happiness at the same time. Mark fucked like a man possessed. But he did not last long and soon he erupted in Ammir's ass. As Aamir felt he convulsions of Marks cock he came himself all over his belly. Mark made him eat his own jism and Amir loved it. After today Aaamir knew that this was the only way he could cum again with cock up his ass. Mark was exhausted and he rested his head on the hairy chest of his doctor.

Later they showered together and Aamir sucked Mark dry again. He cummed while doing it.

The didn't need to talk much afterward. They both knew they got what they wanted. Aamir put the cock cage back on Mark and they dressed in silence. And before Mark left the office he kissed Aamir lightly on the cheek.

"I might want to do a check up soon." Aamir said.

"I think I would like that some time." Mark replied while leaving the office.

What a day for both of them.


Mark came back with a content look on his face. As he stepped trough the door he saw Asim and was really happy to see him. But Asim stormed out of the house the moment he wanted to hug him. Mark was devastated and was not really shure what he saw in Asim's eyes. But it was smoething between jealousy and disappointment in Asims's eyes. Mark was lost and his good mood evaporated soon.

Asim saw that content look on Marks face and he could not handle it. He was uncertain if he could ever do that to Mark and at the same time he hated the fact that some other man was able to do that to his Mark. The thought alone scared him and made him mad. He had to leave the house before he did something stupid that he would regret afterward. He hated himself because, he knew what was wrong. He wanted Mark for himself and was not able to come to terms with the fact he might never have him in such a manner.

Asim did not come to the house for 4 days. Mark tried his best to do his daily routine he learned to love so much. He even studied some. But he missed Asim's company, he missed the man terriblly. Suddenly he was sorry he fucked Aamir. After two day he realized that he would take anything Asim was willing to give him, because he learned to LOVE that man. Mark was scared shitless, but at the same time this fact brought him peace. He would wait for Asim to come back. Somehow he knew he would.

Asim battled his inner battle at the same time. The more time spent away from Mark the more he came to realize that his perception of masculinity that he learned was wrong. He had cravings, he had a lot of them. And after two sleepless nights he realized that he needed Mark to fulfill all of them. The only person that he cared enough to let himself be whole was on the other side of town. But could Asim really have that man in such a way ever. The thought of rejection mad him sick to the core. Finally Asim could not take it anymore he needed to face reality.

Asim came to an empty house. Mark was not at home. Asim was disappointed. All he could think was about Mark and now he wasn't there. As the doors opened behind him he got that rush that he knew was not just his lust but something so much more. For a few moments they just watched each other. And than they just ran into a hug and the kissed full on. The made out in front of open doors for anyone to see. They did not care about that. The embrace and the kiss, the closeness and the touch, hard cocks pressed together, all that was more important. They somehow wanted everyone to see their need to be together.

As they come up for air they were both happy and content. That was what they needed. Mark closed the doors with his foot and then he took Asim's hand in his own and he lead them to his bedroom. Asim was there just once before and now that he was here he knew that it meant so much more.

They kissed again with eagerness, they wanted to explore each other They stripped for each other. Mark had his cock cage on and Asim hatted the site of that. He unlocked the cage and trowing it away from them while saying to Mark "I newer want to see that thing again." It was music to Mark's ears. They were hungry for one another. And than it happened. Asim went down on Mark. Exciting him to no end. He played with his nipples and Mark was moaning out loud "Asim, Asim. Want you so much".

"Mark I want you too" and the kissed. They were both totally hard. Than Mike wanted to go down on Asim but he would not let him. He needed to take Mark's cock in his mouth and give him pleasure. He needed to give and receive this.

And he did made love to that cock and balls. Mark could not hold back anymore he come in big spurts down Asims throat and in his mouth. They kissed afterward. Asim was still hard like a rock.

"Take me, fuck me with that cock of yours please Asim." Mark pleaded with urgency.

"Can't do that Mark, I really can't. But I can make love to you." Whit that they fell on the bed and Asim became the aggressor he knew he could be. He devoured Mark who could do nothing but moan.

Finally Mark got the chance to take that big and fat cock in his mouth. He struggled to take it all in his waiting orifice. But he wanted to. He wanted to worship that cock he wanted to taste it before letting it pass into his ass to fill him in more ways than one. That would be the biggest cock to enter his ass but he wanted it. No denial no fear just want, need and willingness to show his devotion to this great man. To Asim. For Asim. That was all. And then Asim's whole body jerked."Here it comes baby take it all." and he cum and he cum a lot.

They slowed down, just enjoining the touch of their bodies together. Kissing, touching. They were both hard again soon. Asim wanted to taste all of Mark. He worshiped that body with his tongue all over. It was beyond erotica, it was the sign of love. Asim ate out Marks ass fucking him with his tongue. Probing with fingers and marveling at the softness and warmness of Marks waiting hole. Mark was having a hard time breathing and he repeated Asims name all over again.

Asim wanted to see marks face while entering him with his hard cock. He wanted to see, kiss and remember everything. Something so long denied needed to come true.

Mark opened his legs wide for Asim. He didn't feel like a slut it felt natural it felt right. As Asim started to enter with his big long cock. There was little pain and a lot more wingless and wanting. Mark was slowly filled like never before. He knew he wanted this he knew he wanted Asim. It did not frighten him it made him happy, content, fulfilled. They kissed the whole time.

Asim started to slowly move inside of him, he started with that slow sweet tortures and they both needed so much more.

"Harder Asim, harder. I need you Asim fuck me harder" Mark beged.

And it happened. They rutted for a long time. It was rough it was everything they were it was masculinity at its best. Two men enjoining each oter two man making love. Two men getting what they waited for so long, craved for so long.

The friction between their bodies and the ass fucking made Mark come and soon after hiss ass mucles clenched down on Asim's cock Asim followed. They yelled their names and after the orgasm subsided they stayed locked together.

They started to loose their hardons but after their kissing and so subtle moves they both became hard again. The hunger they felt was not jet satisfied. Asim fucked Mark for some time. The movements were not that urgent anymore, but the expression of devotion and even love was so much more present. Asim started to realize that this way his hunger, his need was not to be sated.

"Mark, make me yours. I need you Mark. I need you inside me." Mark gulped at the sound of that. He liked what he felt right now. But he also knew that he wanted to enter his lover. No shame, no confusion about that. He knew it was true. He knew it was meant to be.

He licked Asism's ass he made love to that part of Asims body, he made love with Asims's ass. And soon Asim was begging to be fucked, to be possed like never before. Mark played with his ass and he massaged that spot in Asim's love chute. He was making it all about Asim and bringing him pleasure. Not just receiving but also giving pleasure.

"I want to enter you like you did me, turn around my love" Asim tensed for a moment there, but he didn't mind it. He knew he felt the same.

Mark entered him so slowly, with so much care. It did hurt some. But the pain was alleviated with kissing and with Mark attentiveness. Soon the moves were urgent and he started to enjoy the feeling. He started to enjoy everything about what was done to him, what he was giving to Mark. It made him whole. They came at the same time.

They stay connected for some time. But Marks now soft cock slipped out of hiss ass. His ass felt strangely empty but he was content. He had his man in his Arms.

"I love you too" Asim sad out of the blue.

Mark heard what he hoped for. He thought before as he called Asim his lover that he made a mistake. But no he knew it was al true and that he read the sings correctly.

"I love you Asim." The kissed and stayed in the embrace of one another. No strange feelings, no regret, no nothing. Just love in contentment. They fall asleep spooned together.

Asim behind Mark and it was all good. Mark felt safe and happy. Asim felt fulfilled.

As the morning came there was no awkwardness, just embrace and love.



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