This story is a work of fiction. All sexual characters are above 18 years of age. If gay stories are offensive to you you should stop reading at once. If you are not of legal age the same rule apply

Masculinity check He knew that things would get ugly after that, he knew that she will throw him out, he was only a boy toy for her and they were both good with that. Mark was not an angel that is for one but he was not all that bad. If you wanted to know him at all you had to be patient to get to the good bits and pieces. Like all men he had his macho bravado going on and he had a lot to be proud of. How best to describe him that is another matter.

Mark had an older brother who was a sick kid but was good natured nonetheless. Mike and Philip shared a strong bod and when he died at age 19 Mark was devastated and would not speak for a month. But eventually he had to deal with it and start living. Philip always insisted he had to live for both of them. And Mark tried to do everything right to please his brother and not to make him sad. I guess this is why Mark had this obsession with being big and strong. I guess he was not self centered and vain. He just wanted to show his brother he respected his wishes.

Mark knew for a fact that Philip liked to see him in spandex short and form fitting t shirts. He knew for a fact that his brother enjoys seeing him flex naked or with a spandex thong. And he knew for a fact that Philip would never voice such desires but he did them anyways so his brother would have some measure of joy and satisfaction. Without noticing it Mark became an exhibitionist. It was not something drastic but he loved to prance around naked or very scarcely dressed.

He was a swim team captain and he had a hot teen body and he grew some body hair very early on. He liked his masculine appearance and he never stopped working on it. He had dark hair and skin, nice square face full lips strong bulging arms, his pride and joy of the moment his pecs. Other boys didn't have it or not so pronounced as he. Well he had strong muscular legs also. Their coach insisted they were proportionally muscled. In his need to live out this aspect of his body, for both him and his brother, he was relentless in training both in a swimming pool and in gym. And it showed.

Sexually Mark was always very open minded. He liked to try different things most of all he was kinky as hell with the right woman. If you were close to him and he trusted you, he shared every little juicy bit. After he lost his virginity at age 15 with Lucy he even jerked off in front of his brother to share that bit of himself with him. He was well aware of his sexual appeal, but he did not miss use this often. His cock is medium sized but has sexy thickens to it. All in all he had a good package. He always wished his cock was longer. He has some insecurities about that, because he was not the biggest baddest thing in the locker room. He had the biggest body but not the biggest tool to put it bluntly. But since no girl ever complained he did not think of this much later on, but still the nagging realization was there.

After his brother's death he tried to solve his loss with more training and it helped him much. He was focusing on all the muscle groups his brother adored the most namely: chest, biceps, gluts. But he always tried to stay proportional. Those three parts of his body did stand out the most and were considered his better features.

It was time for college and Mark did go abroad to study french. He did actually study for a year and than he began performing in a women only strip club. The madame that ran the club wanted him to change his appearance and become more bulky. As it is in show business some shortcuts were made so he got that impressive body of his. To tell the truth he looked like a harry Greek statue. Mark is 5,9" and weights 235 pounds. He has 52 Chest, 20 Arms, 19 Forearms, 33 Waist, 27 Quads, 19 Calves....

He is an exhibitionist but still he is a private and shy person. If he wants to perform on stage he has to forget about people watching him. That is why I guess he had to get so forward girl as Claudia. He was intimidating to look at and would not start a conversation. So she had to be the one to take charge and he has been his boy toy so to say for the last 3 years.

With Claudia there was nothing easy with her. He wanted a big man but at the same time she wanted to lead and so on and so forth. She took charge of his work out regime and everything that was involved. Mark just wasn't the person to meddle with this things. It soon became apparent that he liked his bigger self and that was all that he was interested in.

But than the problems began. He became almost infertile and his sense of manhood was jet again shaken to the core. His long past insecurities came back in he was having troubles performing for Claudia and her high standards. And that is why all things were bound to get worst for him.

As for friends Mark really had one good friend Faisal who was running a family business abroad but was originally from Saudi Arabia. Faisal or Fai as Mark loved to call him was just that: decisive, strong and handsome. He was taller than Mark and had a lot less baggage and insecurities as Mark. He was a go to man for Mark because of that he was almost never invited to Claudia's. I guess she felt intimidated by him. He never did hide his contempt as to how Mark was treated. She succeeded to turn Mark from a healthy and happy man to a depressed self deprecating heap of muscle.

As for work that was something Mark liked and he used it as therapy. He could express himself in a way that was not allowed at home and he could satisfy the need to exhibit himself. But it was becoming increasingly stressful because Claudia and madame were really close friends. His fear was that if Claudia was to dump him he would loose his job and would become homeless and jobless at 24. he feared going back home because his father disapproved with his lifestyle and not finishing college.

So to go back to the beginning. What was the problem that got Mark so worried? It was a long time coming but still the past month madame at the strip club wanted to whore him out. Even make cheap porn for clients to enjoy. He resisted because he really thought that would make him less of a man. He always made excuses that Claudia would not approve but since last week she to started to make demands of him to do as madame wished. He had to give an answer today and he refused, because he just could not bring himself to submit to madame. It did not sit right with him. After he refused and madame tried for to or three times to intimidate him into doing it. He left and lost his job in the process. While waiting for Claudia to come home he tried to call her but she would not answer. He knew the deal. He packed his small bag and waited for her. She came, she was angry. She jelled at him and called him all sort of degrading things and then she wanted one last fuck out of him but he declined took his bag and left. Somehow it felt good and liberating but he knew what he had and it was not going to last him trough the week. The money he got from the strip club was really nothing and maintenance of his looks was expensive.

II Faisal was a son of a wealthy noblemen in Saudi Arabia. He had a wife and 3 children and he was only 35. His wife and children stayed in his Vila that father gave him on 18 birthday. But he traveled abroad regularly for his father business which he would some day inherit. His standing in his fathers enterprise was strong because his younger brother was simply not interested in the family business. That is not to say that he didn't like the money but was simply to lazy to do it. Faisal knew from very young age that father was placing big hopes in him and he was raised to be a strong and decisive man. In all reality he was like that and to be different would simply not be like him. But he was not mean. He was very loving and loyal.

Because of his family heritage he did not find many people abroad that appreciated him for what he was. All they saw in him was money or being a terrorist. Well he did some shady business now and again but always made sure that collateral damage was not to great. Many of his peers thought him to soft but he knew his integrity would pay of some day. Because of that father favored him above his brother. The siblings were not that close because of that.

He was not that close with his wife. The marriage was more or less a business deal struck by his father. He did not resent her for that but took her as such. If he wanted to succeed in business he had to give his father grandchildren. He did not love Shamsa but he treated her with respect and they learned long ago that respect is the most precious of thing in a marriage like this. He loved his children with all his heart. And that meant that his wife was also important to him because she was a great mother and also weary learned and soft spoken. He confided in her in most any things. The saw each other whenever he was home but that was increasingly rare. He asked her if she would ant to come with him but she declined because he wanted his children to be raised in Arabia. It turned out that was very wise of her because his father was strongly against moving his grandchildren away from his protection. When confronted about it he simply responded to his son:"you are a man, find comfort where the almighty provides."

Faisal knew what that meant. He knew about his fathers sexual exploits and he knew that his mother was just that. Her standing in his fathers house was because she gave birth 7 times. It wasn't love what his parents had, but is was respect. I guess that is why he had such marriage himself. Not that it was not fulfilling but it was rather lacking in love.

His mother often spoke to him about that. She sad that he will love some day or find comfort in some girls arms. She was convinced that his wife will most certainly not be his rafiq tal rouh because money can not bring blessing into a home. So Faisal knew that his mother would die without knowing true love. He knew of some couples that were really happy together and in love, real soul mates but they were not that many. His father and mother were certainly not one of them and what is most important Faisal and Shamsa were definitely not that.

What was more frustrating than that was the fact that abroad it was difficult to get to know people. There were a lot of frustrating people who could not see past his heritage and the color of his skin. He had to be careful whom to trust and most important he could not let his guard down because there were a lot of people ready to cut his throat at a moments notice.

It was not a matter that he could not find sex. He could but he just needed something more out of his regular date. Was he bisexual? Well not really but he could be aroused by both genders. That is another trait he inherited from his father. He however needed a person who would be independent on the streets and submissive in the bed. That trait was not common in people he met. Faisal long ago left that thoughts behind him and just wanted to meet a real good friend whit whom he could share his heart.

As fate would have it he met a guy a few years ago with whom he could really talk and have fun. He was a male stripper which did not bother him at all. What bothered him was his poor choice of women he choose to surround himself with. Faisal was certain his friend Mark was being exploited by those life sucking women but he could not make Mark see the truth.

On the personal note he really wanted to see Mark perform on stage but the club he worked in was strictly women only. Once he expressed his wish and Mark did not decline nor was he offended. He took that as a good omen but he also knew it was better he did not see him perform since he was afraid that he would want more than his exhibitionist friend would be able to give him. He did not want to jeopardize their friendship since he knew that Mark and all the men on the west took labeling things more seriously than him. For Faisal straight, gay, bisexual hold no real meaning. Sensual eroticism was something to live not to label. But hey he could not be a business man and a philosopher at the same time. So he did not spoke about this really often.

So where did they meet? Well that was a chance encounter in the gym. One morning he had no meetings and he went to the gym and there was only one more occupant in the gym and that was Mark and what a site he was to behold. Not only that after chatting him up Faisal learned that besides appearances Mark was a decent man. And they hit it of immediately. Mark did not see the color of his skin he did not ask about the money and business but he simply was there to talk about themselves. Faisal actually thanked the maker for his new friend. OK Mark was a tease and a showoff. Especially after they became more acquainted. But he was real and most of all trustworthy. And Faisal did test that. He could not be swayed by infatuations, he knew better and he had scars to show for it.

Mark was much younger but Faisal knew that life had not spared him. He knew about Philip, he knew about Mark's dreams to become successful and own a club or something. He knew why Mark needed the job and he knew about arrangements he had with Claudia. Faisal offered him to help but Mark declined saying he needed to do that on his own and not take any shortcuts. From than on Mark had a place in his heart. As a friend he admired. And Mark's line of work did not bother Faisal as much. He knew Mark was a tough kid.

As of late Faisal saw the change in Mark and he did not like it one bit. He even offered to solve Mark's problems and when he learned what they want him to do, he wanted to kill the whores. Mike had him promise however that he would not interfere. This was the hardest promise he had ever made. Deep down he knew that some day he would revenge his friend but he had to wait for the right moment. On the other hand he knew all to well why he reacted in such manner. And that thought alone scared him the most. In fear of rejection he did not give voice to his thoughts.

III It was a sordid week for Mark. He had to live in a bug infested hotel, he tried to make money but he couldn't because no one would hire him. Madame did a good job at making him unwanted person in town. She had some string and she was not afraid to pull them. He also noticed that his work out regime was not working to good because he could not concentrate. He had to realize the hard way what it meant to be totally reliant on Claudia and madame. He could not sleep properly and his body was just getting tired.

The worst thing was that he meat his friend Fai and had to lie to him, because he did not want to burden him with his problems. They both knew that he was lying and Fai had a pained look on his face as the parted. Mark felt so dirty and rotten after they parted that he wanted to hide in a corner an cry his eyes out. The worst thing was Mark really needed him, he needed to talk to get some perspective, but just could not make himself do it.

He was well aware of the looks Fai gave him when he pranced around him. Not that he minded, but he wasn't really sure what would help from Faisal really bring to the table. He liked to show of that was given, but he wasn't to sure if he wanted to be touched erotically by him. Mostly he feared that he would but change the gender of his pimp.

As the second week passed he could not afford that hotel anymore and he was now officially homeless. As he was walking toward the park where he thought he would have to spend the night he had a decision to make. And with last sense of dignity he called him.

It was an awkward conversation and Fasial was more reserved that other times, but as Faisal heard the resignation that was creeping into his friend he immediately invited him over.

There wasn't anything that could prepare Faisal for the scene that transpired at his doorstep. Marc was clearly crying and he was in bad shape altogether. It was evident that he hadn't showered for a day or two. All he could say was: "o my what have I done." he tried to apologize to Mark that he should have known that something so drastic would transpire instead he felt betrayed and angry. Marc would not have any of it and apologized for his lie and he explained why he had done it. This time Faisal had him promise he would never think about not telling him anything that important. Faisal than hugged him and Mark in total starvation of another human presence just melted into his arm. Everything felt right.

To brake the ice and to hide his obvious erection Fai sad:"Mark you stink to high heavens, go take a bath please." Mark apologized but than he saw that rich smile of Fai and he knew it was a jest and the both laughed hard for a moment. But still a hot bath was to tempting so Faisal showed him to the bathroom and gave him some clean but plain shorts and t shirt.

After Mark came from the shower he was a knew man. He smelled great and he felt clean again, he felt like a human being.

"Come sit with me bare you sole to me and tell me everything," invited Fai and Mark was happy to oblige. He told him very sordid detail and Fai just got angrier and angrier by the minute.

"You will stay with me until you get back on your feet!" insisted Fai, but Mark could not be persuaded so easily. He explained to Fai he needed to be independent, he needed a job and that he needed to pay the rent not just live there. He told him about his fears that he is just trading masters. Fai was sad that Mark would think such a ting but he respected him for that.

"Will you help me get a job Fai, will you help me get back on my feet. I don't ask for charity I would pay you back once I have enough income." "Of course I will. You are talking to a business man here. I see possibilities already."

They talked at length what would be possible and what not. What would interest Mark. They soon discovered that it would have to do something with the presentation of Marks body to the public. Faisal learned that Mark had not many other possibilities as he had not other working experiences. Faisal promised he would have a plan ready till the end of the week and in the min time Mark had to promise he will rest and work out and eat properly and Mark had to promise he would stay in his house till Faisal got something going on.

Faisal had a hard time thinking what should be done but seeing Mark almost naked or with very tight clothes on, some ideas came to mind. But before he would speak with Mark about that he needed a good plan, how to make this work so that Mark would gain the most and that his wishes would come true. And if this all worked out the way Faisal planned he himself would gain something of far more value.


Mark and Faisal talked a lot about Mark's past life. About his wish to expose himself. A lot of what Faisal spoke of made a lot of sense to Mark although it was hard for him to admit that to him and even harder to admit it to his friend. Being shy by nature and exposing himself didn't go hand in hand. It was more than that. It was his deep wish to please people. Namely his brother, Claudia and others.

The fact that he did not oversee his input of chemicals that madame wanted him to take was mind boggling. Why would someone in his right mind do that. It was almost as like Faisal put it. His body was not his own and he liked it. The part about liking it was a bit over the top but still there was some truth in it.

With his brother it was different, because he could provide him with some sort of relief from his illness, but with Claudia and madame it was something else. It was more degrading. On why he did it he could not tell. Maybe it was mourning in the first year after he started. But later it became like a kink he had with women. He liked to be spanked, humiliated, tied down. He was not a man with Claudia, he was rather an accessory or a really overgrown dog or something. Every time he thought about that he felt shame and anger, but when he thought about what he did for his brother he felt pride, he felt good. That really bothered him.

Has he changed so much without noticing it or was it just kink he had to live trough. He could not imagine to live another day in the company of those two women. On the other hand he still had urges to please, to make happy, to make proud of. The more he thought about it the more he missed it. It was like being high and happy, but now deprived of such feeling he felt lost, he felt hunger.

The most peculiar thing happened so naturally. Mark did, without much thought, start to do things that he knew pleased Faisal. Going around almost naked, cooking, cleaning... at first he did not notice it but after some time he did notice it and it didn't bother him that much. To be fair he found comfort in it. Ok cocking and cleaning was the least he could do but going around almost naked wasn't expected of him, but he did it anyway, because he knew that Faisal was excited about it although he never mentioned it, but he could see it in his eyes. Finally he found a man he could please again. That thought alone made him almost run away. Not only was he questioning his sexuality it also made him question his standing as a man around Faisal. The thought alone made him hard and conflicted at the same time.

V Faisal was very busy at setting up everything he needed to do in order to get started with transformation of Mark. He knew that most of his plans were very selfish, but he was almost certain that is also for Mark's benefit.

For one he was almost certain that deep down Mark was submissive man and that bringing that to the front would make him and his friend much joy. The little things he did for him and the things he told Faisal of his past were the proof he needed.

The fact that Mark himself thought himself being straight had no real meaning for him as he believed no such thing existed. The body offers pleasure and that alone should be important now how you get it. But even if he was not right to think so he knew that mark had some repressed homosexual tendencies.

Faisal came up with the idea that he would set up Mark as a nude male model. He would make an internet address where Mark would post his videos of masturbating and stripteasing. He would collect some money from the members that would had to pay for subscription. Faisal also made some contacts with some other gay porn sites where Mark would appear as to make himself known. He did not want Mark to do nothing more than solos and posing and flexing. That should be enough as he did a study of things gay men look for in porn actors. Just to tease them and make them mad about Mark.

This would of course give Faisal enough maneuvering space to do the next thing and that would be private strip shows for wealthy gay men who would be willing to pay exorbitant sum for the show and for some action. Touching and muscle worship would be most of it. Mark would later on make some videos about that with some other models where he would be worshiped or he would be the worshiper.

At the same time mark would have to visit school to get a business degree so in 5 to 10 years he could have a successful business for himself and he would make enough money so that he could stop perform in adult industry altogether if he would so wished.

It was a good deal. No hardcore stuff would be required of Mark, but still he would have to be able to entice all sorts of gay interests and fetishes. This is where Faisal come into the picture. He would open Mark to a full fledged gay lifestyle preferably as a gay submissive bottom. The most benefits that would come out of this transformation would of course be only for Faisal.

Faisal knew he had to be decisive but at the same time patient so Mark will come to him on his own will and willingly accept all that Faisal demanded of him.

Some things would however had to be done at once. Mark would have to shave at once. That meant only hair on his body would be his eyebrows and Mikes cock would be pierced with prince Albert preferably gauge 0, that last thing will be done gradually. If Mark will not accept those to things he would make him go his own way. His dominance over this muscle stud should be tangible and tat was something Faisal was not prepared to negotiate, all other things could be modified but not this two things.

Faisal also prepared a contract which Mark would have to sign, so for 5 years Mark could use a small apartment with an in build studio that could be used as a working place for Mark. The house that Marc could use was in the vicinity of Faisal own Vila. The contract was made so that Mark would have to pay off everything that Faisal gave him so Mark could feel some pride in his achievement and to follow Mark's wish not to take anything for free.

VI Everything fell into place and Faisal had everything prepared for the reveling of his business plan to Mark. He had lined up an attorney, doctor, piercing practitioner and barber for the next day. Now it was time to tell Mark his plan. He was nervous because he did not know how would Mark react. He really hated those kind of situations, but hey such is life.

Thea sat in the living room as Faisal explained his business plan. Mark was outraged at first but Faisal made his case really good and it all made sense. OK he omitted the most difficult part of the deal about shaving and piercing but he had to be sure Mark would be ok with the deal. Ok he was not going to talk to him about Faisal suspicion as to Mark being a submissive homosexual, that would come much later after the deal was struck. Was it cheating? Faisal did not think so.

The part about a business school was a bit of a shock for Mark as if performing for gay men wasn't enough. Not that he minded as long as he got to call the shots. After Fai's explanation as to why gay market it all made more sense. This was indeed a good opportunity but it was heavy as well. Especially since Mark was not so sure of his position in a world of men. Mark just waited for the other shoe to drop. And there it was as a conclusion Faisal shared his terms as well: shaving, prince Albert and arousing techniques eider done by Faisal or by some other instructor.

Mark was speechless. He could hardly process the amount of date that he got. But then the shaving that was a big thing for him since he was rather found of that part of his appearance, but Faisal was adamant the that part was not negotiable. How would Mark benefit from this was beyond him.

The piercing thing was not a big deal because he already had his penis pierced but the gauge would be some problem since he hadn't wore the damn thing for months now. Faisal did not give him much on the subject jut that it was also not negotiable. That damn prick. It is nice to have all the power. But hey some times you have to loose to gain. Right?

And than ok the damn techniques. Ok he new it would be different but would it be that different and the clinical way Faisal said it was just creepy to say the least. He was a bit mad that his friend would asume he could not arouse men. He had a great body, what did he need to do more. But I guess all men have their peculiar things. And since Faisal would be investing in his business that was his way of dealing with parameters that would need to be met.

Mark did not give him an answer that night, because he needed time. Faisal understood that and did not make a big deal out of it as some other people he knew would. Mark went out and did not come back till early next morning.

He did not have any money to spend on alcohol so he wandered around and thought about what was his life worth. He didn't blame Fai for making demands, he was actually glad he ever met him because he was the only one he knew that thought about his future and thought hard and good and in detail.

Could he trust Fai to have his best interests at heart. He knew about more shady business his friend did but still Fai was nothing but fair and honest to him. He called him a fool for letting those bitches take advantage of him and he also talked to him, trusted him with information. He knew about his wife and three children, about most of the things. And those deep brown eyes were devious but he saw in them something more: respect, care and a whole lot of sexuality. That used to bother him, but those two weeks he actually enjoyed it if he was sincere with himself.

He was thinking hard about his choices, there weren't many. But was this enough to trust Fai so completely. 5 years and he would be his own man again. If all went well of course. Mark knew he would give his best if set to the task.

And then again no women for 5 years, damn that was hardcore. Would he remain sane enough not to do something stupid he would later regret. Those arousal techniques be better good, because they would need to change his view on sexuality and eroticism. The more he thought about it the more he knew that he would definitely choose Fai not some other prick. There was already some intimacy already established. The thought made him hard like he could not remember the last time he was as hard. That in itself was strange but the fact that he put his hand inside his track shorts was beyond belief. He could not stop stroking his hard fat dick. Damn it felt good and kinky at the same time. He fingered his old piercing spot and he got wild. He was totally into jacking now. The new, the unknown, the kinky stuff that could happen. Wis balls were boiling right now. He squeezed them hard and moaned like a cheap whore. Dam that felt great. He didn't care about someone seeing him jack off in public fuck. He needed to come and come he did. He pulled off his shorts and he came like a horse. He was panting.

He knew for certain now that the he was turned on by everything that happened that day. But he was not certain as to why. He really wished it was not because of Fai, but he knew the truth. Fai did push some buttons in him, to what extend he was now really willing to find.

VII So the appointed hour was close and all six men were gathered in Faisal study room. Mark was a bit apprehensive because all men were in formal dresses but he wore only his tracking shorts. He was barefoot as instructed and was freshly showered. It was humiliating and exciting at the same time. Sharply at 10 o'clock Faisal started: "today we won't be more formal than necessary. It is an important moment for young Mark, because he willingly accepts my patronage an all that in entitles. So please Mr. Aamir explain to Mark the terms of the contract."

Aamir than explained to Mark what it meant to receive patronage from Faisal. He explained all that was expected of him namely: staying fit, professional, never to refuse an order given to him by Faisal in professional life, taking care of his health, not to jeopardize himself or his benefactor.....the list was long. Namely his freedom would be severally diminished. That was not something new, Faisal already informed him as much. But then Aamir explained to him the benefits and his pay and so forth. That was already nothing new. If Mark or Faisal should terminate the contract before its terms and conditions were completed a compensation would be determined to cover the expenses and so forth. Mark was already fully determined to go trough with it so this long long speech was really unnecessary. But hell it was nice to know that Faisal went to such lengths to ensure he understood everything. The last words fell like a bombshell: "If you trust Faisal with your life and future than let's sign this part of the contract and proceed to the next stage of this contract."

It was hard for Mike, he knew he had to trust Faisal, but this was official. He knew that he had to do something soon or he would run away like a rabbit. With trembling hands he signed the document. Than came Faisal and when he signed the contract he turned to Mark and put his hand on his chest and Mark knew what that meant. I will care for you like I care for my own heart. Mark could se Faisal eyes were soft and he could swear a bit moist.

"Now Bahir and Aamir will record your physical health for the purpose of insurance on my and your part, Mark. Mr. Bahir tells me it will be a bit embracing and perhaps some discomfort will occur but as he ensures me it will be nothing invasive." Mark remained silent as he was instructed earlier this morning. He should speak only if asked a direct question. So the examination begun. Bahir did at first s totally normal physical examination and medical anamnesis but later on things got strange for Mark. There were a lot of questions about his sexual life with women and men. He was asked about his anal virginity. He responded all questions. He had no sexual interactions with men and he was an anal virgin. He did remind them he considered himself straight. Later on some blod was taken and than swabs all over. From his mouth and his skin from his penis and so on. Than came the rectal examination. He was ordered to bend down and spread his cheeks, he almost didn't do ti but than Faisal implored him not to make a scene. He did and he felt totally degraded. They talked about him like he was not in the room. Than came the pictures and prostate examination. That did it he was now totally hard and ashamed of his reaction. Mr. Bahir told him that he should not be ashamed at all as some men do react similarly to this examination. And there was one other good thing about it because they needed his sperm sample. He wanted to go to the bathroom to fil the given cup but the doctor insisted he did it right now. Faisal agreed and he was going to hear about that later. He had major problems with that but he somehow managed to produce a sperm sample for the doctor.

As his cock was deflating again doctor examined it and the old piercing mark. He took a sound and tried to determine the best gauge for the prince Albert that would be inserted. He used some sounds and determined that gauge 0 would be of some discomfort. Mark was sweating because of discomfort and pain this caused him. Faisal saw this and he demanded that gauge 2 should be put in and end this unnecessary pain. Than Gali put the expensive looking piercing in his cock and Mark was relived that the doctor would not touch him anymore. Aamir did give an impression of a sadistic bastard to Mark. Gali on the other hand knew what he was doing and he did it with respect. Mark was grateful for that. Gali also explained to him how he should stretch the hole for a bigger piercing and all that it entitled. Hygiene and all. Some things he told him where actually useful. Mark knew that this could be pleasurable as he himself have done it in the past. But he wasn't sure if he wanted that but since it was Faisal wish he would consider it. In all fairness the current PA was a stretch, but it was a nice peace of jewelry.

"Now to conclude this meeting mr.Hakem will shave mark as instructed. The way he will do it is the norm Mark and you should not come before me otherwise groomed. If you should need help with follow up shaving Mr. Hakem offered a fair price, but you can do it alone too or ask me for help." Mike was dreading this part the most, but Faisal was determined and could not be swayed.

Hakem explained to Mark what and why he was doing it. He also suggested to do it after a hot bath and a lot of other things. Mark was just sad about this but he tried to listen. And in the hour it took Hakem to shave him Mark was totally aroused several times. "I will leave you this oil for your skin, you can aplly it on your own it is no need to prolong our meeting here" concluded Hakem as he cleaned his shaving gear. Mark was totally hairless apart from his eyebrows. He felt naked for the first time in his life. His eyes were cast down in shame and reverence to real men that had hair on them.

Faisal noticed that and was sad and glad at the same time. He ushered his guests out of his house so he could give attention to Mark alone. He needed to do that and he needed to do it soon. Before Aamir left he gave Faisal an appointment when the results would be ready. If necessary he would make an appointment for Mark also.

When he entered his study again Mark was visibly shaken and has already put his shorts on. Fasial approached Mark: "it was necessary my friend, because all must be recorded so I will not do you harm. I want to give you nice and healthy future. All this men did not judge you. They have similar views on sexuality as I do. If anything they were jealous and turned on. Come with me and let me show you" Faisal extended his hand. And Mark did just that. Faisal led Mark to his bathroom to show him what he saw, to show Mark what many things his body offers and among the things Marks body gives there is no shame.


"Open your eyes Mark, look at me, please." Faisal demanded

"Why did you do that to me? You sad you respected me above all?" Mark acused.

"I do respect you. Will you let me show you why?" Faisal tried to explain but was cut short by Mark: "Why should I trust you now? Why should I listen to you?"

"Will you let me show you?" Fasial was patient and he had this open expression on his face that it showed all of his soul.

"Do I have a choice?"Mark rejected.

"Look me in the eyes Mark do you not see care and compassion?" Faisal sad

"Yes, but there is something else isn't it!" Mark accused.

"yes there is and I'm not afraid to admit it. There is a deep wanting, because I see what you obviously can't. I see a totally and utterly sexual man! The site of you makes me quiver inside! Are you afraid of that, Mark?" Faisal was done hiding his thoughts. The man made him crazy with lust this past week.

"No I can defend myself?" boasted Mark With palpable sadness Faisal had to ask: "Do you want to? Do you need to? Have I ever done something to you that you didn't want, besides business. And the reasons I had for my decisions were not all selfish, although I do find you even more attractive now. But this new thing we try to do now will be different that what you did before. You have to trust me I did research and I know what I'm talking about. Did you happen to think that I did all this for you too, for your future. If you don't want this, leave now and all will be forgotten in time"

Mark knew he wronged his friend: "I'm sorry Fai."

"Shhhs newer be sorry for barring your soul with me, for sharing your fears. Promise me that!" Faisal was getting emotional.

"You are a strange man Fai, but I promise to you that I will speak my mind!" Sad Mark and huged his friend.

"So?" Faisal insisted.

"Yes show me.." Mark gave up

"close your eyes now and do not think of your labels you like to toss in my face. When I say open your eyes do not close them again. Try to see what I'll be showing you. Don't think just feel and see. And by the time we are finished here your body will give you the answer you seek." Fasial explained in a lover voice

"I ..." Mark was cut short by his friend: "Shhhs! Do as I say"

Mark did as he was told. He closed his eyes and tried to inhale and exhale to clear his mind.

"Drop your pants and turn around!" Fasial commanded.

He did as instructed. Faisal stepped behind him and enveloped him in his arms. A chill went trough Mike's body.

With whispering voice Faisal started: "Hear your heart beat, so much power, so much energy, feel it how it trumps, so much power. Fell and hear yourself breathe ."

Faisal took Marks hands and brought them behind Marks neck. With his hands he now lightly touched Mark's skin. "Feel your skin, so warm and soft, be aware of what you feel" Mike got goosebumps all over his body and his dick started to swell again.

Faisal again enveloped him under his arms and his hands were caressing Mark's torso aimlessly. His head was near Mark's left ear and he was whispering in his ear:"open your eyes and see this glory, drink in the strength and work you put in this body, feel it, see it, fuck it. Yes let your eyes roam that magnificent muscles of yours"

As if in trance Mark did just that and he was turned on more than he thought possible. His dick was touching his belly and the heavy piercing almost touched his belly button. He could feel and see sex in his veins. He smelled arousal and he felt arousal and not just his own and he didn't care it felt great in felt like it should. Faisal cupped his pectorals and squeezed. Mark moaned deeply.

With suggestive voice Faisal continued: "yes feel that so dense so male so sensitive. Fell it. Look I'm pinching your nipples and your cock is twitching. So much sensitivity so much power. That are man tits. Look, feel how it makes you horny, how it make you want. Express your need. Do not hold back."

Mark was delirious, his fat cock was oozing precum, he was ready to bust just from this new sensation. He moaned, he did not hold back. His balls were almost in his belly. He was never so turned on in his life. Without knowing it it he gyrated his hips because he wanted to cum.

"yes you want to cum badly don't you. You want to see that dick of yours spurt your seed look at it. No more common, but excellent cock. Look at the jewel adorning it. You wear it because it pleases me and it pleases you...look at that fucking cock, look how it proudly throbs searching release" with that Faisal took hold of Mark engorged cock and just held it tightly.

"How much want and power...look at your sac...totally ready to deliver its juices...such need such need" he whispered in between licking Mark's ear.

Faisal took some Marks precum and brought it to marks lips, taste your need, taste it. Mark was sucking on Fasial finger like a whore...he was totally mad from want and need. With that wet finger Faisal circled Mike's anus while caressing retracted ball sack with his palm: "feels so good doesn't it. Admit it, your ass wants me inside it. Open it up for me. If I push this finger in your cunt you are going to come like a whore."

Mark was beyond caring he indeed was a wanton whore in Faisal hands. And than he felt it. Faisal finger breaching his ass. And Faisal was going straight for his spot. In between his left nipple and his prostate he was on the brink of orgasm.

"Cum!" Faisal whispered forcefully in his ear and then he bit Mark's ear. That did it. Mark dick was twitched one last time now and his orgasm that followed was intense. It was his first hands free orgasm and it was glorious. He was undone in Faisal's arms. 5 spurt of his cum landed on the wall mirror.

"Yes look at your own juices, want them, taste them, lick them. Finish what we started." Faisal suggested.

And Mark did just that. He fell on his knees and he lapped his semen like a dog in heat.

And it was over mark needed to be held and Faisal knew that. After some time he opened the faucet in his luxurious bath. After the bath was full of hot water Faisal helped him inside and than left him to recuperate.

After some time Mark did wash himself and he felt great about himself. He knew that he was a man and that his body gives pleasure in different ways. What he did with Faisal was arguably the most intimate thing he did with anybody. He felt no shame or remorse.

He was certain about something else. His transformation has just begun and he loved it. He was now ready to listen to what Faisal had to teach him. The friendship that they had just got to a whole new level because of the gift Faisal just gave him. Mark was not afraid of that, but was amazed that the thought of it made his cock hard again.

IX The next few days were stressful for both our men and they did not see each other much. The small apartment house was almost ready and little thing needed to be done in order to start the ball rolling. The apartment house had a master bedroom, a guest room, one nice big bathroom with a shower. A kitchen and a living room. There were to bigger rooms in the basement. The home gym and the play room as Mark liked to name it.

Then the doctor reports were not that encouraging and both Faisal and Mark had to visit Aamir. Faisal strictly ordered Aamir not to aggravate Mark any further but the good doctor just couldn't help himself.

First he ordered Mark to take of his clothes and he left him standing there in his office for 20 minutes and he did turn up the heat in there so Mark was sweating profusely. Than he came back and ordered him to get on the examination table and he wanted to check the PA and that in itself brought unpleasant memories for Mark. He than removed the ring and probed Mark's dick with with different sized sounds. Strangely enough Mark got excited and his cock stood erect. It was uncomfortable but at the same time Mark felt really good and the sound entering his ureter was very sexual somehow to him. After some probing and the last sound was indeed 0 gauge and it was somewhat painful he removed the device and put the PA back in place. He than proceeded to manipulate marks ball sac and he did so without much thought of pain he was causing. But Mark liked to play with his balls a bit harder than most so some precum started to ooze from his cock. He was very frustrated as the doctor made a snide remark about his sexual arousal.

Than the doctor wanted to make another rectal examination but would have Mark have an enema beforehand. He lead Mark to the attached bathroom where there was a small attachment on the wall just for that purpose. He did hvaever took the time to lubricate the noosel as he inserted it in Mark' s anal opening. As he filled Mark's insides he made a fucking moves and Mark had to try super hard not to moan. He was however startled that playing with hiss ass would bring such pleasure to him. He knew from Claudia that licking hiss ass was pleasurable but this was a whole new thing. He wondered why he never experimented. After the appropriate amount of water was inserted the doctor let him wait and than he repeated the procedure 4 more times. Mark had a serious precum overflow problem. The doctor commented on that and even suggested that he should practice more anal stimulation in the future. That was just mean and degrading and Mark felt a lot of shame.

So after the ordeal the doctor and our patient returned to the examination table where again Mark was commanded on the table and that he should put him self on all fours and that he should put his head on the table so the angle would be better. Mark felt so exposed and vulnerable but at the same time it was so exciting for him. He found that fact a bit disturbing.

Mark could clearly see that Aamir was obviously excited and by the looks of it he had to have a good fat cock in his pants. Who would thought that such a scum bag would have such an enticing quality. The thought alone Made Mark shiver. Why on gods earth would he think of cocks and their sizes. He was confused and at the same time devastated about that.

So the good doctor now put on gloves and squirted a good amount of lube onto mark's hole and started working his finger in. he explained the fertility issue as he did that and how he would try to make a man out of him once again. The humiliation was once again to much and Mike's cheeks burned with shame. Than Aamir insisted he needed a good sperm sample and to get that that he would procure it. Without further ado he started miking Mike's engorged cock and ad the same time stimulate Mark's prostate. The whole setting the, sluttish felling of it and the kink that doctor is doing this to him, Mike remembered the night with Faisal and he started to enjoy the feeling. Aamir sensed the change and heard the soft moans so he upped the ante and inserted another finger. Now he was fingerfucking Mark with vigor and Mike came shortly there after. Amir collected the sample and ordered him to dress and Mark did so only to realize how moist his ass was but it was to late to wine now so he just suck it up. Aron did not forget to thank him for his cooperation. That made Mark feel like such a slut but he did not want Amir to see that he hit the soft spot but he instinctively lowered his gaze in shame but he than heard Faisal voice in his head: "you have nothing to be ashamed of" and it made him feel good and he left the doctors office with his pride mostly untouched. It was a small victory for Mark.

Later that afternoon he finally moved to his new house, but Faisal was not at home so he would have to thank him later for all he had done for him. He felt sad and happy at the same time.

X Faisal was in a bit of a bind. He knew that things were boiling at home so he would have to live for a month or two or even more he didn't know how long. But he knew the timing to successes was crucial with Mike. Mike had told him of his increasing need for anal play, but was not willing to go any further. He was simply not willing to make the next step namely to express willingness to get fucked. Faisal knew that had to come from Mark alone, that he should not press him more than he already had that fateful night two weeks ago.

Mark was obedient and was definitely submissive in nature but he was unable to make that realization on his own. He knew about the ordeal at doctors office and he was angry but at the same time glad that it happened because Mark did somehow accept that pleasure can be achieved trough different methods. And that none were shameful if they brought him completion of his needs. That was a giant step for Mark.

The jerk of sessions were enticing enough that they launched the site and that he had a few recordings in other studios. Faisal could still see that Mark was not in the right mind set. Not that the movies were bad. He actually masturbated more than once looking at them but he knew that in order to succeed there would have to be more.

And the fact that he would be gone for so long just meant no private costumers and no extra money. If Mark was not wiling to become more subservient no one would enjoy those meetings and first impressions were always the most important.

He knew that personal trainer would be u must because Mark did not really know what he was doing in the gym in the professional sense and there was the standing issue of supervising the project. And not to mention Mark did abhor the books and did not study properly. That needed to be addressed.

He thought of Asim and he accepted the offer all but to quickly. He knew that he would be competition but he also knew that Mark need a trainer in and out of the gym. But how to break it to Mark. And on the side note Faisal was really looking forward to take Mark's virginity. It would sooner or later happen with Asim of that he was sure, but he wanted to be the first and the most memorable one. OK Asim himself was a memorable sight. He was 34. he was taller than bot of them and he was large at 6,2 " for a descendant of Arabic father and he had an impresive 290-300 pounds of rock solid muscles on him. That dwarfed even Mark. And there was the all present Asim's dominant nature. It was a big risk he would have Mark torn away from his bed.

Not that he was unsure of himself, but one couldn't really count on others to keep your own interests at hart.

He decided that a softer approach would be perhaps more cherished and perhaps more memorable as pure force of the deed. And on the bright side when he comes here again he will have a full trained sub, if all went well. And since Asim's influence would be diminished after his return all would be well and ok. But it all sounded more and more like a brothel he didn't want to have. He wanted more than he could get from a hooker. He decided he would try this tonight. So he sent a message to mark to be at his house at 8:30 pm sharp.

XI As Mark stepped into the big house he found a note at the doors: "Put your clothes off and put this on". It was a flimsy thing that hid nothing. Mark got turned on so much he could hardly stuff his growing member into the pouch. He felt like a total whore right now and for some strange reason that turned him on so much more. He was freshly shaven he had douched his ass thoroughly he even lubricated his ass, because he thought it would please Fai more, because he came prepared and willing to learn. As he looked himself in the mirror he twitched his left nipple for good measure. He felt like such a slut and he for the first time did not fret about it.

"Your slave is here as ordered" Mark sad jokingly as he entered the living room

"I like the sound of that" sad Faisal in all seriousness Mark gulped and was a bit lost for a moment. Seeing his discomfort Faisal continued in authoritative voice: "Sit by my feet boy!"

Mark didn't knew what to do so he did as instructed.

"do you remember about a situation that was boiling at home?" Faisal continued casually as he stroked Marks shaved head.

"Yes you sad that you were worried?" Mark replied with a cracking voice. He was really turned on by this. He felt strange.

"Well it got a bit uglier this last few days and I will have to go home for some time maybe to months or more" Faisal explained in somber manner.

Mark's face fell to the delight of Faisal. "what will I do without you here, I do not know how to make this business work?"

"That is why I called you here today, Mark. Well I have a plan about that and about other issues we already talked about. Namely the lack of enthusiasms with studies and small results in the gym. You know I would like to see bigger pecks and really killler bubble butt. I decided that I will appoint a trainer I know. He has more traditional values than I, so some changes will occur. "

"What changes I like things the way they are now." Mark protested

"Do you want to succeed or not? Are you 100 percent in this business or not? Answer me?" Faisal was annoyed by now.

"Yes I know that is my only chance for now?" Mark told resigned.

"Do you WANT to, answer me truthfully" Fasial sad with concern and a bit louder than intended.

After some deliberation Mark answered shyly: "Yes"

"Than you shall obey me and listen to what I have to say before jumping up and down? Am I understood?" Faisal quickly regained authoritative persona.

"Yes, Sir" was all Mike was comfortable responding to that outburst.

"That is what I like to hear!" and Faisal casually lowered his hand on Mark's nipple and started manipulating it. Mark was on the verge of moaning.

"So to make a long story short, Asim will assume all my duties regarding your business while I'm away. And remember this Mark, you need to listen to him as you would me. Look Mark I don't have more time to ease you into this, but at this rate of your progression we will not get results we wish for on the long run" he squeezed his nipple a bit harder "do you know why?"

"Yes, I'm not appealing enough to the gay population" Mark sad this as if he read it from a textbook.

"Yes and no Mark. You are very appealing because of your body but you have to see the hard truth. You are a merchandise when you work. You literary sell your body and thus must be more efficient. Soon there will be offers for private showings but you are not ready not by a long shot. You need to be more accommodating, you need to be more sure of your needs and you need to enjoy in thoroughly to appeal to all tastes." explained Fasial.

"I know I sad that you would not have to do the hardcore stuff but it has to be apparent that even if you did, you would enjoy it. As a merchandise you have to be a slut, a whore. And that, my friend, can not be played like a Hollywood bestseller. People see and notice stuff." Faisal continued but was abruptly interrupted by Mark: "I already feel like a whore right now siting at your feet and having a major erection just by your touch. Fai you did good, you did really good!"

Faisal continued unfazed with Mark outburst: "Mark, the reason I picked this line of work for you is because I sensed something in you. I sensed that you have this part of your personality buried deep down under your expressionistic nature. I think it is not even exhibitionism but just a willingness to please others, including men."

Mark loverd his head in shame: "I guess you are partly right, I started to enjoy this slutty side of me a few days ago, today was just a confirmation of that. Did you know that since I read the note by the door I felt like a slut and did not mind it. I'm fucking sick Fai, not sexy!"

Faisal lifted his head so Mark could see his eyes: "I had no intention to make you less of a man, believe me. If I had time I would try a different approach."

"What do you have in mind Fai?" Mark needed to know.

"Well I was thinking along this lines. We could spend the two days we have, together. I could show you what pleasures can be gained by listening to your needs. We would do much more hardcore stuff than we did since you came to me for help. I would posses you in every way possible. Are you willing to try this with me? Are you willing to give yourself to me and obey me in my every wish I may have. I would try to make you feel good about it and take you as a man not an object to satisfy my needs." said Faisal.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Mark asked.

"More than that Mark!" Faisal said while looking Mark's eyes for clues.

There was this long tick silence as Mark battled with his inner demons. He knew this day was coming, but he had not dealt with it. Could he go trough with it. If it was Fai, possibly. He did not know more sensual man than him. OK he did not know many. But everything they did till now was based on respect and trust. He never did let him down. And to be honest it was not just the fear from the unknown there was also some excitement as to what would happen.

"i trust you Fai" Mark said.

"no my sweet Mark you have to be explicit. You have to tell me what you want:" Faisal pushed.

With determination Mark said: "i want to give myself to you Fai, I want to experience this with you. I'm certain I can't make this journey without you, because intimacy is so easily shared with you. And to be frank I like the exploration of my sexuality"

"Sit in my lap and kiss me" said Faisal softly.

Mark felt weird doing so. Usually it was the other way around, but he positioned himself so that Fai's legs were between his and he set down with his all but bare butt on Fai's knees.

He looked in Fai's eyes and he saw joy and that was enough, there was nothing but joy and all present lust and he leaned in for a kiss. It was awkward for him at first and so different but it didn't make him feel dirty or less a man it was just expression of care and trust could not be, but it was LUST.

He wanted Fai to take him, to posses him.

He was ordered to disrobe Fai and he did it with trembling hands.

"Look me in the eyes as you do this" Fai demanded.

There was no contempt, there was no malice in Fai's eyes, only lust and joy.

They hugged and kissed some more after they were both in underwear. It was a weird, unknown turn on for Mark

"Follow me to the bedroom" Mark knew this was not a request.

Mark did so and he burned the sight of this sexy man in his mind. He did something similar that day two weeks ago for himself. Mark knew both images turned him on and he was rock hard. The role reversal did not bother him so much now.

"Lay on the bed and watch me, want me" Faisal demanded.

He saw this man he was muscular, he was demanding, he was hot, he actually thought that and it did not freak him out as much as it would freak him out otherwise. The only thing that did scare him was Faisal cock which was good 9 inches. Long and fucking tick cock was bouncing in front of him tick. That is going to hurt.

"Don't look at him like that, worship him, worship my body as I showed you last time in my bathroom" Faisal instructed.

And Mark stood up on his knees in front of Fai and he worshiped with his hands and his tongue allover that muscular chest.

"Now kiss your man's cock as it is appropriate." Demanded Faisal.

That did it. Mark was in his zone now and he needed no more saying he kissed it and than he licked it, he wanted to show Faisal that he wanted every part of his body. He licked his balls his legs and than he took that hard dripping fat cock in his mouth. Inch by inch. He willed his gag reflexes down slowly and he waited for Faisal to take his throat. And Faisal did o so slowly and after a few minutes he came in his mount and he eagerly lapped it all down.

After that Faisal became more aggressive. He demanded with his mouth and hands. He demanded and Mark provided. He licked, hi bit Mark and Mark moaned like a whore. Faisal sucked his cocks and than savored Mark's taste for the first time.

Than he ordered him to turn around and Mark willingly obeyed and Faisal worshiped his back with all the lust he had. When he rimmed Mark, he knew he hit a spot because moaning was loud and insistent and than he tried to probe with fingers. Mark gave in so beautifully. That made Faisal so proud. He stretched him and than he entered him bare inch by inch. He knew that all cries were not of passion but he needed to to this, he needed to posses Mark and to do it totally, mark him in some way.

After some time he started to move inside Mark and he wanted to see his face so he withdrew. And Mark whimpered so voluptuous. That made Faisal's heart dance. Mark opened his thighs so willingly and with such lust. Faisal could not hold back any more, he sunk right back in and Mike grunted like a cheap whore it was music to Faisal's ears. He fucked him long and hard.

Mark did cum twice before Faisal emptied hiss balls into now well stretched and fucked hole. By doing so Faisal was changing Mark making him whole; making himself whole aswell.

Faisal knew that this was not fucking but lovemaking and Mark participated and wanted more.

Faisal led Mark into the bathroom afterward and they soaked and cuddled for a long time in a luxurious bath. After some time Mark on his own volition asked permission to suck Faisal again.

No coercion just a willing guy wishing to please his man. Faisal was complete, but sad at the same time sad, because he knew he had to live in two days. No that he found his mate he had to leave. The thought surprised Faisal, but it made his hart swell as well. He almost wanted to confess but waited out of fear of rejection.

Mark on the other hand felt good and finally sated, really sated. He knew he was in the right hands. And he was afraid that there was more than business involved here. He will have to deal with this soon or it will be the and of him. But for now he decided to go wherever this could go. His cock was finally flaccid.

That night they slept together for the first time.

XII And than the dawn brought new clarity. Faisal was up early as usual. As he watched Mark sleep it became clear to him that this would not work. He finally found his rafiq, the other half of his soul, he was certain of that. But the could never have any meaningful relationship with him, because no one would approve, especially his father. He knew about his fathers debauchery, fuck he even partook many times in the past, but it was more like a sport for the old man than anything else. But this thing with Mark went much deeper.

He needed the distance and he needed some perspective. In some way he was happy to leave for home, but the other part of him was torn apart.

For once he had to think about Mark. Here they could live the illusion but back home Mark would not be accepted as anything more than a body slave. He could not do this to him, you don't do that to your friend. And being abroad was going to work for like what 10 years tops and who knows what father had in store for him.

He dressed quickly and called Asim for a meting in town. Than he wrote down a note for Mark:

Mark my friend!

Thank you for your precious gift last night. Know this, that was the best thing anyone gave me ever and I'm in your debt for the rest of my life. I can only hope you found some joy in the process. I would love to spend the day with you, but so many things must be taken care of. The world never sleeps. Don't wait for me, because I will be out for most of the day. Faisal As Mark woke up he was somewhat relived the bed was empty because as the high of list night had passed and he really wasn't sure he could deal with Fai and his demands right now. He needed some time for himself to get his head straight. He tiptoed to the door to get his clothes, but he didn't find them there they were neatly folded on the kitchen table with a note on it. He read ti several times and than he crumpled the note in his hands and wanted to throw it away but he couldn't and he did put it in his pocket after he was dressed.

He knew full well what happened last night he did not take drugs or anything, damn he hadn't had anything stronger than orange juice since he came in this house. He needed a break from all of this. Hiss ass was a bit sore but noting major. He needed to fuck a girl right now. He was totally willing to prove to himself that he can do it. So he called a number he still had from some customer from his old place and everything was set for. He needed to leave this place. He didn't know why but he needed to.

XIII Meting with Asim was pleasant enough. The man was more agreeable than most of the time. Faisal took care not to reveal to much to Asim about what Mark and he already did. He explained to him what he thought was needed to make the business more successful. The art of teasing basically. To show potential but to not give it out. To leave customers hanging there in such a way they would want to come back for more. Same would apply for videos as well. If anal play should arise in Mark's solo plays it should be done only with fingers or very small vibrators that should look artificial and not cock like. If everything should be done right Mark could bring in big bucks. He also wanted Mark to appear on live exhibitions and maybe some other studios as well. Just enough to get enough people interested. The main focus however should be the web site.

Faisal expressed his wishes for Mark's training as to what should be concentrated on and the bulkiness he was looking for.

He also mentioned his studies that should be upheld and if necessary make some reward and punishment system.

About what should be addressed in Mark's behavior in his videos Faisal was of a strong opinion that he should uphold manly mannerism but a touch of sluttish undertones would be needed as well. As to attract all specters of men, tops and bottoms.

After some disagreement on the topic with Asim, Fasial concluded that Mark should not perform anally for clients but if the demand increased some sort of precautions should be taken. A non disclosure agreement or something similar. The emphasis for specifically nude modeling and soft core play should be allays taken to mind.

At last for just a precaution for the possible future events Mark should be trained in proper sexual obedience and some basic BDSM techniques. Faisal made sure that Asim understood that Mark is not a slave but a business partner and should be treated with respect and care.

"What are you trying to sell here Faisal. Is he a slave or is he fucking not" Asim demanded.

"Mind your language, Asim, just show him the ropes so he would know how to react if the need should present itself. Is that clear enough?" Faisal calmly explained.

Asim understood it, but he voiced his disagreement in doing so because that was some serious shit you have to learn and acting the part or living the part was something totally different. He also explained he did not like to teach people to act, for that he should hire a different kind of trainer. Finally they decide it was best to see how was Mark going to react to it and than play it by the ear.

The final words from Faisal made all the difference for Asim: "make a desirable product out of him it is that simple."

"Will do." was a simple answer from Asim.

They parted with a hug and Faisal gave Asim the copy of the contract and all the documents pertaining the business.

Fasial was content that Asim understood the concept and Asim on the other hand wondered if he would rise up to the occasion so he would gain favor with Faisal and possible future cooperation and the money this involved.

Meanwhile Mark fucked Susan for he was worth. He took charge and he did not think about Faisal that much, only afterward he thought if this would hurt his business and his friendship with Faisal. He knew he needed that but there was something nagging him. Did he enjoy this better as the thing he did wit Fai. He needed to stop thinking about it. "Yes I would come and fuck you like a bull regularly and free of charge" was Marks response the obvious question.

Should this continue....????



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