I had just hired on as a formans assistant for this very large construction company. It had about ten large working crews that went out to different locations to do construction, and we

stayed in motels and worked on location during the week and most of the guys went home for the weekends, but there were exceptions.

I had been working in the trailer, I was sort of a secretary for the company, I was the one responsible to get the time cards taken care of, making sure the guys got their proper rate of

pay, I figured their hours, ect.

I also took care of seeing to it that the workers had the equiptment, and supplies and materials that they needed for the job.

I had just finished ordering some supplies from the handlers when Big Jim, the foreman on the site, walked into the little business trailer that we used for an onsite office, walked in

and said, 'Mark, (my name), heres those delivery invoices for that last load of concrete blocks we had delivered.

I reached up and took them from his hand, touching his fingers as I did, I felt electricity shooting thru my body. just from his muscular hand touching me.

Big Jim just smiled at me and said, 'Mark your doing a wonderful job here, thanks for coming aboard.'

'Why Thank you Mr. Sims, I appreciate that, I didn't even know you noticed.'

'Hey man, thats my job to notice when a guys doing a great job, or if he's a slacker. And your doing a fantastic Job Mark, just

thought you needed to hear that.'

He leaned over close to my face and said,'and by the way, Just thought you might like to know, you have an awesome looking ass.'

I was startled at that statement, 'What?'

'Hey Mark, lets just say I know a good thing when I see it. Your ass is phenomenal.'

Not really knowing how to respond to a Married Man, I just just blushed and studdered, 'I guess I should say thanks Mr. Sims.'

'Hey Mark, you can just call me Jim, everyone else does.'

'Alright Jim,' I looked at his left hand and noticed a ring.

My head was swimming with a load of thoughts. I didn't realize that I had given off any signals that I was gay, I had tried to keep that side of me covered, at least on my job. What had I done that would have sent out that message?

It was almost time to shut the office and head for home that night when Jim came into the office. I thought I would pass out.

Now you must realize I was just twenty two, I had some business college but didn't got a degree. Jim was around thirty seven or eight, but he was one awesome looking man, very, very handsome,

built like a stone building.

He walked in with his shirt, which was a flannel sleeveless, workshirt,it was unbuttoned, hanging out of his faded denim jeans.

When I looked up from my desk Jim smiled at me and just opened his shirt, and then started just rubbing around his thick muscled chest and washboard stomach.

He hooked his left thumb into his jeans at the buckle, smiled as he rubbed his chest and I

noticed his nipples had rings in them, god damn, I could feel something happening, my briefs were holding back a fastly swelling eight inch python, and it was almost to the point of being painful, My thoughts were anywhere but there in that trailer.

Jim was not saying anything as I ogled his body and watched as he flicked his nipple rings and sorta pulled at them, god I was about as turned on as I could get. My stomach was tied in knots,

my cock was already leaking pre-cum, and I wanted to start sucking those gorgeous nipples and chew on those little rings so fucking bad I thought I would shit. I was breathing funny, laboured and


Jim just slowly walked around behind my desk and set down beside me, 'Damn Mark, your one fucking gorgeous guy, you know that?'

'Thats what you said,' I felt him pull me up and he stood me in front of him, he put his finger on my lips, 'Beautiful, man, these lips need some kissing, and attention.'

'Yeah, I know it,' came out of my mouth. My first thought was how stupid that response was.

'Well Mark, shall we do something about that?'

I was so friggen weak that I felt faint, weak in my knees.

'UGNH HUNH!' I couldn't even speak. I felt like a blithering idiot.

Jim leaned over and I felt his lips touch mine, and everything went black for a few seconds, I came too with Jim holding me in his arms. I felt almost stupid for the way I was acting, but

the truth was, I had been fantasizing about Big Jim and that awesome body, his ass, and the heavy bulge in his Jeans.

Big Jim took hold of my shoulders, lifted me up with his verymassive looking arms. He pulled my body next to his, I felt its awesome heat as he started to work his tongue into my waiting longing mouth, I stuck my tongue into his mouth like a loved starved child, god Jim was so hot.

I could smell his manliness, he was sweaty and dusty from long hard day of work, I felt myself leaning down and licking his chest and nipples, Jim leaned back his head and just growled, as I began sucking on his nips.

'Oh Fuck Kid, we need to take this somewhere else.'

'Lets take this to my Motel room,' we locked up the office and drove about two miles to the Motel, went into the room.

'Does your wife know your like this?' I asked.

'Wife, What fucking wife,' Oh the ring, that belonged to my father, it belonged to his father and it's a keepsake, 'Fuck Kid, I don't want no female hanging all over me, First off, every woman that saw my cock told me 'no way man, your not sticking that into me.'

'I preferr a hot hairy asshole on a good looking dude, like you, you ever been fucked before?'

'Well........ahhhhhhhh.........Yeah I have to be truthful,'

'AND?' 'And what?' 'Did you like it, getting fucked I mean.'

'Truthfully, yeah I did.'

I saw a big smile come over Jim's face.

We began to kiss and make out like young lovers, Jim could really kiss too.

I felt as light as a cloud as Jim began to undress me. I was down to my briefs and my cock was about to split the white material.

Jim smiled when he saw my well kept body, not like Mr. Universe but I had this concept that I wanted to offer something to someone else that I wouldn't want to get offered to me.

I watched as Jim started to get undressed, I was in heaven as I watched this awesome man, big, built like an olympic athlete, hairy chested and beautiful, started to strip.

Jim got down to his awesome looking briefs and I walked up to him and reached down and felt the cock of a horse hanging between his legs.

I dropped to my knees and yanked down his briefs as he started running his hands thru my hair.

When I looked at his cock I knew why the women didn't want it. It was about ten inches, and as thick as his wrist, god it was 'bodatious.'

I lifted up his awesome looking nuts and began to lick the underside of his hairy balls, He began to lightly moan, 'Yeah baby, thats what I need,'

I was about to faint, that sweaty smell and aroma of his musty, sweaty,sensual balls sent me wild, I wanted to eat Big JIm alive.

Damn was I ever in my zone, I hadn't had man on man sex in almostmonth.

Jim was enjoying this, I was feeling around behind his body, his ass was phenomenal, awesome, muscular, tight, and I felt him pull his

cheeks apart as I began to slide my middle finger inside his asshole.

Jim was in another world, he was gone, moaning, wimpering, mumbling, and thoroughly enjoying my artwork, his cock was thick, and had that

slight aroma of an uncut cock, it was awesome, I wanted to eat him alive.

I had sucked him as I stroked my own cock for about ten minutes. I was enjoying myself like crazy.

Jim pulled out of my mouth, grabbed me by my shoulders, pickedme up and carried me like a wife to the bed, 'Baby, I'm gonna

tap that ass, I haven't had a good hole to fuck in at least a year.'

I was placed gently on the bed. I was rolled over on my back, my legs were picked up as he leaned

down and ate my ass with much wonderful feeling.

I was about to fly off the bed as he tongued my asshole like a straight man would eat a pussy. I loved it.

After he got me loosened up, he took some lube oil, and ran some up my asshole, his fingers felt fantastic, but I knew they were in no way like his cock.

I felt him crawl up between my legs, I was enjoying this very much, I do so like to have a nice cock in my ass and for some reason,

I can usually get off without touching my self if theres a fairly large cock inside my ass.

Jim smiled, 'Are you ready baby?' 'Yeah, give my that cock man.'

Jim put his very hot feeling cockhead against my poop hole, god it felt awesome, then he shoved with his muscular ass, and his cock head slid inside my ass, I felt some pain, but I wanted it really bad.

'Hey babe, you aright with this?' I nodded and smiled, Jim slid a few more inches into me. 'Still alright?' 'Yeah, just fuck me


'O.K. you ask for it,' Jim started sliding that horsecock into my body, Holy fuck man, I didn't realize it was that long, I didn't think he would ever get it all in.

I finally felt his pubic hair and balls laying against my asscheeks.

Jim said, 'Fuck Kid, I didn't think you could take it.'

'Shut up and fuck me,' Jim smiled and said, 'you got it.'

And fuck me he did, it took him almost forty five minutes of heavy, hard, almost furious at times, fucking, to get him off.

Damn man, I could feel every thrust with very stronge feelings, I felt each inch as it went in and out of my turd tunnel. I felt his

rubbing my prostate as he fucked me wildly.

I heard him breathing and huffing and working up a huge sweat.

I had worked him hard and he was dripping wet with sweat, god he smelled so good, I felt his cock flexing as it pumped hot musty man cream up inside my intestines. I felt so honored to

take his load. And as I watched his face make these little contortions, I got so excited that I began to pump out a load of cum like a horse would have shot.

Big Jim just layed over on top of me, and started giggling,'Fuck man, you did it, you fucking took my cock, damn that was awesome, Would you marry me?' then he just laughed.

I felt so awesome, I had unloaded a big load of cum, and Jim had unloaded a big load inside me.

'Spend the night with me, we don't have to work tomorrow,


'O.K. Jim, sounds good to me, but on one condition.'

'O.K. Here it comes. Whats the condition?'

'You take me out to supper, I so fucking hungry I could eat a cow.'

'Big Jim started laughing, you got it.'

We went out to supper and had a steak at a local steak house, then went to a show and then went back to the motel room, and we went at it again.

Needless to say that things have changed for me and Jim at the Job site, and we spend one hell of a lot of time together off the site as well.

I just love my new job and the foreman, I really do.



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