Disclaimer: The following story contains graphic sexual language and actions between males. If material of this nature offends you, or it is illegal in your jurisdiction for you to view it, DO NOT READ any further. This is a work of fiction and any similarity between real people or events is purely coincidental. As this is fiction, safe sex practices are not always followed by the characters, but should be by you.

He made it look effortless, but this was the part where Marcus really had to work at it. Lungs pumping, muscles taught, gliding through the water on the last two laps of his last set. He loved the effort. He loved feeling his toned, smooth body tighten and flex through the cool liquid.

The big university pool normally closed at 9, but the old security guard let Marcus stay most nights. The unspoken rule was that Marcus would finish a lap, climb out, and stretch. The guard got his eye-candy, leering obscenely as Marcus stretched his head down between his calves, his round ass barely contained by the thin spandex of his suit. Marcus, in return, got the pool for as long as he wanted when the guard went home.

At 34, Marcus was in better shape than he'd ever been. He had joined the school's health centre and came in most nights to work the weights and then hit the pool. It was quiet, and after a long and usually stressful day at his advertising agency it was exactly what he needed. He knew it didn't leave much time for a social life, but after spending all day with people what he really wanted was some time to himself.

He finally let himself relax as his hand came down for the last time. Closing his eyes, he let the electricity in his muscles course through him. He even felt his Speedo tighten a bit; he found the rush very sensual. When he finally opened his eyes someone was standing over him. He looked up, past the large feet, over ripped calves, past a pair of board shorts covering up what had promised to be really awesome thighs, over a flat, chiseled stomach, hairless chest, to broad shoulders wrapped in muscle, to a grinning face. A student, no doubt, and a swimmer based on that build. The blond, shaggy hair was wet with sweat, and the body had the sheen of a recent workout to it. Marcus' suit tightened a little more.

"Hey." Greeting call of the North American teenager.

"Hey back," said Marcus.

"I thought the pool was closed by now."

"It is. Just me left, keeping the water company."

"Want to race a couple of laps?" asked the blond, pushing Marcus' male competitive button.

"I just finished a hundred laps so you'd have me at a disadvantage."

"That's okay, I've been in the weight room for an hour. I'm sure you can keep up."

The grin again, taunting Marcus a little.

"Okay, you're on. Freestyle, two laps, block start. 'Kay?"


Marcus climbed out. For a moment he worried about his dick, which showed no sign of losing its added heaviness. Then he thought, what the fuck, maybe the show of masculinity will throw the kid off his stride. Sure enough, as he pulled himself up and the suit sucked around his cock, the kid took had a more-than-passing glance.

They climbed up on the blocks, grabbed the front edge, and Marcus called out, "three, two, one, go!" Two bodies went sailing through the air, arching expertly, landing with barely a ripple at exactly the same time. Arms and legs pumping, the athletes knifed through the water, neither willing to fall behind the other. When they reached the wall both tumbled, felt the tiles with their feet, and shot off with powerful legs. As they approached the finish both turned on the heat even further, but at the end Marcus' hand grabbed the wall a half-body length in front of the kid.

Both recovered, panting, before climbing out.

"I could have taken you, but my arms were blasted from the weights," the kid said.

"You're fast, I'll give you that," replied Marcus. "You might have won if it wasn't for those crazy shorts. They drag so much in the water you're pulling a couple of extra pounds around with you."

Marcus grabbed the loose material at the side and pulled it out to demonstrate. He also wanted to see what was hiding under there, and as he pulled the material tight he got a quick glimpse of nicely shaped balls and a good-sized dick lying to the side.

"Maybe I just don't like to show off my junk as much as you do," the kid grinned, and used the opportunity to stare at Marcus' dick again.

"I don't mind embarrassing you," was the reply. "Anyway, I'm outta here. You sticking around?"

"Yeah, I'm going to do a few more laps."

Marcus watched the tight body dive in again, and admired the form as the kid sped off down the lane. Then he headed for the showers and home.

The next night Marcus was back, powering through his set. The guard came by, and Marcus chatted with him while putting on his show. If the old guy could still get it up he would, thought Marcus as he stretched. His arms and legs were solid muscle. His torso tapered down over a hard six-pack, covered with a light dusting of fur. He sat on the pool deck and pulled his leg up over his head. The guard, who had given up any pretense of not looking, leered openly at Marcus' balls and imagined being fucked, lying on his back while this stud's cock throbbed inside him and those beautiful abs flexed with each thrust. Tonight, he thought, he actually might get it up.

The guard out of the way, Marcus got ready to dive back in when the kid showed up. Marcus unlocked the door for him and noted that the board shorts had given way to a slightly smaller suit that you might see on the beach in Florida.


The kid didn't waste words, thought Marcus.

"How's it going? Did you hit the weights again?"

"Nah, not tonight. Figure I don't need it," the kid boasted, pulling into a flex pose that showed off his impressive chest. "Want to go again? I'm ready to beat your ass this time."

"Sure, I've only done half my set so it ought to be even," teased Marcus. "But look, when I beat you again I want to know it's even this time, so chuck the kiddie-pool suit and put this on."

Marcus reached into his bag and pulled out a racing suit, red with white stripes down the sides. He tossed it at the kid, who held it out in front of him.

"Aw, I can't wear this. It's way too small."

It did look awfully tiny, but Marcus knew how to get what he wanted.

"When I win, you're going to blame your suit," he reasoned, "and we'll just be doing this again tomorrow. So forget that you have a small dick and put it on."

No way the kid was going to allow the 'small dick' comment, he thought, even though it wasn't fair after what he'd seen the day before. Sure enough, the blonde walked to the corner of the pool, turned his back, and pulled off his suit. As he struggled into the spandex Marcus enjoyed a full view of a muscular ass, the awesome legs rippling one after the other. Once again, his own suit suddenly felt a little snug.

The kid turned around, looking decidedly self-conscious, and Marcus had another excuse to stare. This time he was able to see just how pumped the blonde's thighs were, and the fine layer of fur leading up towards his crotch. Large balls were wrapped in the thin material, and above them a thick cock, lying to the kid's left. Marcus could see that he was uncut, another benefit only a Speedo can provide. Was the cock a little filled out, he wondered? And if this guy never wore racing suits, why was he shaved down?

"Okay, let's get it on," said the kid, trying to avoid standing around on the pool deck any longer.

"I'm in," said Marcus, and once more they mounted the blocks.

This race went much like the last, except that when both swimmers reached the final wall it was too close for either of them to call. So of course they both claimed victory.

"I was so down ahead of you," said the kid, pulling himself out of the water. He seemed to have forgotten the skimpy suit in the rush of competition. Marcus took another good look at the cock, now wet and tightly wrapped in the stretchy material.

"I will say that the suit gained you a half-body length," replied Marcus. He had pulled himself up and was sitting on the edge, the kid bouncing with energy beside him. The leg muscles rippled close by, and Marcus could feel the heat off the other's body. "But I still touched the wall first."

"I SO beat your ass," said the blonde, bopping over right next to Marcus, his crotch now really close, jabbing his finger to make the point. Marcus had to stare at that meaty dick and tight abs. He wanted to stop but couldn't. Suddenly the kid stopped bouncing around and just stood there, his cock inches from Marcus' face, as if he'd just realized how close he was. But he didn't step back.

There was a moment of awkward pause, then Marcus did something totally out of character. The heat from this specimen of male muscle was just too much. The sight of the young cock, now definitely becoming thicker in the suit, triggered something. Marcus ran his tongue from under the heavy balls, up and to the right, sliding down the long cock.

"Holy fuck, what the hell are you doing?" said the kid, somewhat breathlessly. But he didn't move away.

"Admiring the suit," said Marcus.

"I'm not gay," replied the blonde, quietly now, as if he needed to say that but didn't want it to interrupt what was happening.

"I know," said Marcus. He did the tongue thing again, causing the blonde to inhale sharply. When he got to the tip of the cock he sucked the spandex material around it, and started to pull the solid cock into his mouth. He slid his fingers slowly over the kid's balls, and was rewarded with another inch of cock trapped beneath the suit.

"We gotta stop, this is fucked up," breathed the kid.

"Uh huh," said Marcus, his mouth full of cock and spandex. He moved his hands to the kid's ass, feeling the powerful muscles, and pulling the crotch further in to his face. The blonde's hands, which had been hanging limply, moved behind Marcus' head and caressed his straight, dark hair. Marcus slipped his hands up the tapered back, and came around to feel the tight pecs and nipples. His mouth kept sucking the thin material and the throbbing tool behind it.

"Holy shit, I'm gonna..." was as far as the kid got before exploding in his racing suit.

Marcus felt the hot cum forced through the material into his waiting mouth. He sucked even harder to drink down all the jiz he could, loving the taste of this stud's cream mixed with the pool water. The young athlete was bucking against Marcus' mouth, spewing again and again, filling the suit with what Marcus couldn't draw out, grunting in animal lust. Marcus grabbed the top and pulled the material down, over the huge cock, licking all the cum that had been trapped inside. Finally he slid his mouth over the kid's dick, drawing out a long moan, and a few drops more of the tasty cream.

The blonde finally sat down, hard, on the starting block behind him, completely drained and in shock. Marcus figured that was it - the kid would bolt now, ashamed at what he'd done. That wasn't what the kid was embarrassed about, however.

"Sorry dude, I've never cum that fast before," he said, "but the feeling of the suit and your mouth together just blew my mind."

"Don't apologize - I loved it," replied Marcus, "you can cum as fast and as often as you want. You really blow a huge load. Been saving up?"

"No man, I whacked off this morning. I always have huge loads like that. Chicks usually think it's gross."

"Well, not me." Marcus pulled the suit off, and continued licking cum from the kid's cock and balls. His tongue traveled slowly downward, and the young stud responded by leaning back and opening his legs, groaning in the pleasure as Marcus got closer to his hole. Finally Marcus was lapping around the ring, tonguing great strokes up the swollen balls and back down over the tight ass. He started pushing his tongue up the kid's backside, slowly fucking that virgin hole.

"Shit, that feels good," said the kid, holding his knees up now to allow Marcus the best access, "I've never felt anything like that before."

As he worked his way back up, Marcus was amazed to find the kid hard as steel again. Man, huge loads and apparently no recovery time - this guy was amazing. In fact, the kid started slowly stroking his cock while Marcus was still lapping at his balls and hole. He just couldn't get enough. Marcus sucked the thick cock back down his throat, and at the same time slid a finger up the kid's ass, lubricated with cum from the discarded suit. There was a sharp intake of breath, but he was allowed to continue, so he started a slow fucking motion. The blonde wrapped his hands around Marcus head, and simultaneously fucked his mouth while thrusting his ass over the invading finger. Soon the finger became two, and he squirmed even more.

Marcus stood up on the first step of the starting block, his crotch at the kid's face level. His cock had still not been released from the racing suit, and it strained at the material, huge patches of pre-cum soaking the material. The kid stared at it, mesmerized by the huge, solid meat in front of him. Marcus grabbed his head and pulled it to his cock, and the blonde responded by slurping up the juice. After his first taste he couldn't get enough, sucking to enjoy the salty flavour. Marcus peeled the suit down over his dick, and the kid took his first tentative suck of cock. Marcus was too far gone for a timid mouth, though, and grabbing the blonde hair again, slid his cock hard down the kid's throat. He ignored the gagging as he fucked in and out, enjoying the hot smoothness. The kid figured out how to breath and how to relax his throat, and was stroking his own cock in no time.

Marcus looked down at the shaggy blonde mane gulping his cock, and admired the broad shoulders and strong upper back. He watched the kid pulling his own dick, long streams of pre-cum spewing out the end. It looked like the stud was going to pop another load already, so Marcus pulled his cock out and pulled the kid up.

"Am I doing okay?" asked the newbie.

"Fuck yeah," growled Marcus, "and you're about to do better."

The big swimmer lay back on the starting block, his head over the water, his feet planted on the tiles.

"Climb on."

"Ah, I'm not sure," moaned the kid, and then again, "I'm not gay."

"I don't give a shit," said Marcus. "You're going to bury that ass on my cock, and you're going to do it now."

Playing the master seemed to worked - the kid obediently stepped over the starting block, standing with his tight ass right over Marcus' prick. Marcus couldn't believe how fucking hard his cock was. The veins stood out against the red shaft, and as he squeezed his fingers around the base and slid them up, a huge spew of pre-cum boiled out. Properly lubed up, he commanded, "sit", and the blond stud lowered his ass, fear and lust mixed in his green eyes. As his crack wrapped around the throbbing cock, the pre-cum did its job. Soon the head was poking through the kid's tight hole. He cried out, "oh SHIT!", and stopped moving, but he didn't pull off.

Marcus let him take his first cock slowly. Soon the ass was moving down, inch by inch, the blonde's face moving from pain to amazement to total bliss. Eventually he bottomed out, his tight butt nestling on Marcus's thighs, and he whispered, "oh my god..." He wrapped his hand around his shaft, stroked it once, and unbelievably cum shot straight at Marcus' face. The big man's mouth hung open in amazement, and the first shot went right in. The second hit his nose, then rolled down his face. The third shot, just as powerful as the first, once more filled his mouth with salty cream. The fourth landed on his hard pecs, and Marcus lost count of the rest.

The sight of the blonde blowing his second load in less than 10 minutes, spewing out globs of warm jiz, put Marcus over the edge. He arched upward, pushing the kid off the starting block, pulled his cock down and out, then slammed it back in. Over and over he plowed the tight, hot ass. He had spewed so much pre-cum that his dick pistoned easily while the kid's cock bounced, flinging cum up into the air.

Before the blonde could even inhale from the mighty prick tearing up his hole Marcus exploded. The shots were so powerful he cried out, his animal howls echoing around the tiled pool. Cum was forced out with each thrust and melted down over his balls. He slammed one last time up into the hot butter of the kid's ass, and then collapsed backwards, the blonde slumping on top of him.

Neither man spoke for a long time. Their orgasms had been so intense it was all they could do to breathe. Marcus wasn't sure his cock would even soften again, but eventually it popped out of the kid's ass, and he felt more cum flow down over his balls.

"That was fucking incredible," breathed the kid. "I don't give a shit that you're a guy, that was the best sex I've ever had."

"Good," said Marcus, "then let's keep meeting like this."

Still on his back, he glanced up at the deserted spectators gallery and saw blue coveralls disappear behind the door.

"The security guard," he thought, laughing to himself, "is sure not going to hassle me about swimming late now."


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