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Two weeks had gone by since Marcus had his encounter with the blond student. He still didn't know the kid's name, which gave the event an air of mystery. He also didn't expect he'd ever see him again, although he'd hoped every night that the tall, muscular frame he had fucked so well would walk through the door from the showers once more. But he knew the routine - straight boy has his encounter with gay sex, finds he likes it, and runs like hell in the opposite direction. These ivy-league boys spent too many years cracking fag jokes and beating on the designated poofter in their class. It scared the shit out of them to find that they actually enjoyed being serviced by a strong, dominant guy.

One thing Marcus didn't give up on was his routine. He still hit the pool most nights, pushing his powerful body to the limit. He still stayed too long in the desserted showers, enjoying the hot water pouring over his toned chest, over the Speedo suit that showed off his ample cock, feeling the hardness as he ran his hand over the length. He often ended up blowing a load in this shower, sometimes without ever taking off the suit. The effect of the workout was erotic, feeling his muscles tingle and quiver in the afterglow.

Then one night, two weeks to the day, the kid was back. He appeared in his workout clothes - nylon shorts over longer stretch tights, a sleeveless tank top that clung to his abs and highlighted every ripple. He was covered in sweat, his blond hair soaking, the light hair on his legs matted down. In his hand was a gym bag.

'Hey,' said the kid. That much hadn't changed.

'You don't look ready for me to lap you again,' taunted Marcus, still in the water. He felt blood rush to his cock remembering their last encounter.

'Not tonight, I just finished a workout. You almost done?'

Actually Marcus had another 10 laps to go, but he'd been good this week, and there was something in the kid's voice that sounded interesting.

'Yeah, I'm done. I was just going to hit the shower.'

Marcus lifted himself out of the pool on powerful arms, giving the kid a good eyeful of ripped back muscles and toned legs. His Speedo once again sucked around his cock as it emerged, and the blond cast repeated glances at the prick that had subdued him before.

'I was, uh, I was wondering if you'd, um, like to grab a beer or something.'

Definitely interesting. Straight boy confronts his fear, thought Marcus.

'That would be cool. Is there a pub on campus?'

'Yeah, but I was thinking we could go back to my room in rez. We're not supposed to have beer, but, well, my roommate is in engineering and he's pretty clever.'

The kid had clearly thought this through, and Marcus suddenly felt slightly uncomfortable. Walking into a residence building full of university jocks sounds like fun, but he could also get the shit beaten out of him. At 34 he looked older than the students, but not near old enough to be anyone's dad, so he'd stand out. Guess I could play the older brother if it came to that, he figured. And he was far more muscular and agile than most 20-year olds.

'Sounds like a plan,' said Marcus, 'I haven't been in a university dorm for a while. Let's go see if anything has changed.'

They both needed a shower, one for the chlorine and the other for the sweat, so they stepped into the pool change room. The kid looked nervous, uncomfortable taking off his workout gear in front of Marcus despite what they had shared. The easy grin from before was more cautious. Finally he peeled off the damp shirt, revealing that beautiful hairless chest and carved pecs. He tossed the nylon shorts. Underneath he was wearing tight, stretchy boxer briefs with the Under Armour logo. The briefs enclosed the long cock like they were molded to fit as he walked into the shower room and moved under the flow of hot water. The water made the material darker, and as he turned Marcus saw that beautiful butt, two orbs of muscle perfectly defined.

Marcus had no reservations about showing off at all. He chucked his Speedo, took a run at the shower room, and slid across the wet floor, nearly wiping out but recovering gracefully. He turned the water on hot and felt it pour down over his energized muscles.

'You aren't really hiding much under those,' he teased, 'might as well take them off.'

'I just need to rinse them out, you know, this saves me doing so much laundry.'

Finally he peeled the tight material down over his long, tanned legs, giving Marcus a long look at the defined calves, muscular thighs, and that wonderful ass, now fully revealed to him. His cock jumped towards it, but Marcus turned away; he didn't want to rush the kid, who was obviously uncomfortable. But still - he was here, wasn't he? He wants to enjoy that rush again, but now it's not so spontaneous. Now it's him making the moves, and he's uncertain. Marcus wanted to guide him, and knew that he'd have to take it slow.

'So where've you been the last while?' he asked.

'I've been around. Tons of work to do, our mid-terms are coming up and every prof wants a paper or six first.'

'Listen, I want you to know that I really, really enjoyed what happened before. But no pressure, okay? It's cool if you're not sure.' Marcus hoped that would put him at ease.

'Oh, yeah, absolutely, I mean, that was amazing,' replied the blond stud, now soaping up his toned body. Marcus was having trouble keeping his prick at ease. 'It just really threw me for a while. I've been thinking about it a lot. And I mean A LOT.'

He laughed, and that grin returned for the moment. Marcus realized that besides the body this kid was just really beautiful. To hell with taking this slowly, his dick insisted. He turned to show off his swollen cock, pointing toward the floor but clearly engorged with blood. He felt that familiar rush of excitement and apprehension. The kid might just bolt, he thought. But instead, the blue eyes widened at Marcus' prick before their gaze met. Marcus walked slowly over, abandoning his shower for the other's. He knelt down and put his hands on the ripped thighs. The kid's cock hung before him, swelling now with lust, reaching out to Marcus' lips. He sucked the head in, and slid his mouth down the length so slowly that the hardening cock was growing into his mouth.

'Oh, fuck, oh yeah,' moaned the kid, 'that is so much better than my imagination.'

Marcus' hands slid up the soapy legs to cup the hot ass, and pulled the cock fully down his throat. He felt the heat, the hardness covered in velvet, the perfect smoothness. This cock could have been molded for his throat. Slowly he pulled off, and then slowly engulfed the cock once again, and again. The kid was hard as a board now, his dick straining with blood, and Marcus had to push past his gag reflex to slurp down the last inches. The kid was moaning continuously now, muttering obscenities and pleas for Marcus to go faster, but knowing how quickly he had cum the last time the big man took his time. As the hot water cascaded over him, Marcus released the cock and made for the balls hanging beneath. Slurping and lapping, tasting the last salty sweat, he brought new urgency to the moaning from above. The kid tried to grab his cock and urge out his load, but Marcus pushed his hand away, and instead ran two fingers along the bottom of the shaft, firing off every nerve ending while still tonguing the heavy balls. Finally he ran his tongue up the same path, and the cock started jerking wildly.

'Fuck, dude, PLEASE...' implored the blonde stud, his hands pressed hard against the shower wall to steady himself. He knees were buckling, and the leg muscles were hard under Marcus' hands. His tongue reached the head, and as he once more slowly encased it with his mouth the kid erupted. Grunting wildly, his cum sprayed into Marcus' mouth like a pressure valve releasing, an enormous explosion of hot, salty cream. He barely had time to swallow before another blast filled his mouth, and instinctively he pulled off the throbbing cock. Another gush of cum shot out, covering his cheekbones and running down his face and throat in the cascading water. A final mighty pulse, a final coating of silky cum, and the kid's muscles all relaxed as he collapsed against the wall. Marcus was stunned, again, by the sheer quantity of the kid's load, and slowly engulfed the shaft once more. As the kid moaned in pleasure Marcus milked the last of his load out with his tongue, and let it slip down his throat.

Their breathing slowly returned to normal, and Marcus washed the last of the enormous load off his body and watched it slide down the shower drain. After several minutes of silence he said, 'I could use that beer now.' 'I'm not sure I can walk,' came the quiet reply.

They dried off, and put on their street clothes. The door of the athletics building opened into a howling November wind, and they both grimaced as they set off down a well-worn path, quickly moving into a trot. After a number of twists and turns which made Marcus wonder if he'd be able to find his way back to his car, they came to a long, rectangular building. The architecture could best be described as mid-80's utilitarian. The fact that there were windows appeared to be an afterthought. At some point the university had added some lamp posts and dressed up the doorways to offer a little more interest, but the building refused to budge from it's frumpy origins. Sliding a pass card through the reader, they entered the warmth and noise of a busy residence.

'This is guys only,' said the kid, 'the girls rez is across the way. There are about 300 guys living in here, so it's gets kinda crazy sometimes.'

God, thought Marcus, 300 testosterone-crazed guys barely out of their teens, living without mom and dad for the first time. He could only imagine how crazy it got.

They trotted up the stairs to the third floor, down a long hallway of identical doors, and stopped in front of a door marked '310'. A less-permanent sign said, 'Stu and John'. Marcus wondered which one was now fumbling with his keys.

Inside, the room was typical male dorm. It smelled like sweat, food, and dirty laundry, and the combination brought back memories of Marcus' own dorm days. The university-supplied furniture had been rearranged in various creative designs, and the influence of the engineering roommate was clear. The room was small, so he had used the height to great advantage. Above the doorway a net had been slung, now filled with suitcases, sports equipment, and boxes. Clothes hung drying from the edge. The beds had been elevated by perching them on the two window-sills, leaving more space underneath which had also been crammed with the trappings of the student. Speakers from a large stereo had also been hung on the walls. The effect was to open up the floor space far more than was usually possible.

Stu-or-John reached under one of the beds, moved a suitcase aside and opened the flap of a cardboard box labelled 'dirty laundry'. Inside was a few pairs of underwear and socks, which were removed, and behind them a small bar fridge which held about a dozen beer. Very clever, though Marcus. Once he had extracted two cans the kid carefully rearranged the camouflage.

'If they catch us with this we'd be kicked out of rez,' he said, 'so we're really careful about moving the empties out.'

'Well, thanks for showing me your stash,' said Marcus, 'I'll appreciate it that much more.'

The two men crashed on the beaten up old couch, another apparent staple of all male accomodation. After a long draw on his beer, Marcus said, 'so where's your roommate?'

'Oh, John's over at the library. He's usually there until really late. SO glad I'm not in engineering.'

Marcus felt vaguely sorry that he now knew the kid's name. Funny how neither of them had ever thought it important to ask.

'So you must be Stu,' he said, and then in response to the quizzical look, 'I saw the sign on the door. I'm Marcus.'

'Well pleased to meet ya Marcus,' Stu replied in a put-on southern drawl, and shook hands as if they had just met. The grin made another appearance.

'So Stu, you came to find me tonight. So you must have enjoyed our little extra-curricular activity the other day.'

'It was awesome, man, really awesome. But it freaked me out. I'm not gay, man. I've had any girl I wanted, and I wanted a lot. But fuck, that sex was on a different level entirely. Never have I felt anything like it. And just now when you blew me, no one has ever made me feel like that before.'

'Then stop talking about labels, and just enjoy it. No one has to know.'

'That's just it. Last weekend John and I got really drunk. I mean, I was plastered. And I told him. Well, part of it anyway.'

Marcus had a pretty good idea that the part Stu left out had to do with being plowed up the ass.

'So what did he say? Did he freak out?'

'No, he looked really shocked, and then... well, then I guess I passed out. Didn't wake up until the next morning.'

'And John?'

'He was gone. Since then we just haven't talked about it.'

'Stu, you'll have to give him time to deal with it. If he's an asshole you find another roommate. But maybe he's cool with you being bi.'

'Bi - yeah, I like that,' said Stu, 'I hadn't really thought about being both.'

'Bi-sexual is just a label that means, 'I refuse to have a label',' replied Marcus.

At that moment there was a key in the door. Stu jumped and hid the beer beside him. Marcus got his beer behind the desk, out of sight, when the door opened.

'Oh, hey John,' said Stu, clearly relieved.

'Hey man, it smells like beer in here. You're supposed to open the window if you drink,' scolded the roommate.

Marcus had already formed an image of John, of a skinny, pasty-skinned kid with bad acne who spent too much time playing role playing games and doing math homework. Engineering was a hugely demanding subject, and the guys he had known were way too busy doing calculus to spend much time keeping in shape or getting some sun. But the creature that walked through the door blew that image to pieces. John was shorter than both Stu and Marcus, but solidly built. He wore a white t-shirt, just a little too tight, that showed off biceps that made Marcus jealous. His skin was light olive, but his nose was angular and he had high cheekbones. An odd mix of backgrounds, Marcus thought, but damn they came together well. Below the shirt John wore blue track pants that showed off his rounded ass, and clearly indicated legs that had spent time on an incline press. His eyes were brown, almost hiding behind straight black hair worn long. One arm kept a heavy-looking backpack on his shoulder. He seemed to suddenly notice Marcus.

'Hi, I'm John.'

'Marcus.' He wondered if John knew that it was he who featured in Stu's drunken sex story, but then remembered that the kid hadn't known his name at that point.

'You a friend of Stu's?'

'Yeah, we've done some laps together at the pool.'

The light went on, and the brown eyes widened.

'Holy shit, that story was true?' John asked.

'Well, I don't know what he told you,' replied Marcus, 'but yeah, it was true.'

Stu had been sitting nervously, watching the two faces as if he were watching a tennis match. Now he stared intently at John, waiting for a reaction.

'I figured Stu was shittin' me. You really, you know, sucked his dick?'

Yeah, thought Marcus, I bet that's as far as little Stewey got with his roommate. Guy at the pool blows me, hey, I'm not gay, it was him doing all the work.

'I did a few other things to him as well, but I'll let Stu fill you in.'

Two sets of eyes turned toward the blonde, who suddenly looked like a kid caught being not-quite-truthful.

'Ah, well, I was pretty drunk when I told you, I don't remember what I said.'

'So John,' said Marcus, 'are you okay with that? I don't want Stu being branded around here.'

'Yeah, I'm cool,' replied John, 'I've got nothing against, you know, guys who do that. But I'm not gay or anything.'

Marcus nearly laughed out loud. Where had he heard that before? Oh yeah, right before Stu sat on his hard cock.

'You guys have really got to stop that shit. If something feels good, and gets you off, why does it matter what other guys say about it?'

'Well, come on, it's just wrong...' said John, with a little less confidence.

'Why? Because your buddies make fag jokes? Did you let them choose engineering for you?'

'No, that's what I wanted.'

'Then make your own decisions about sex too.'

'I don't know...'

'So if I offered to give you a really awesome blow job you'd say no?' asked Marcus. Suddenly he had that feeling of being in control again, and he liked it. It was starting to get him hard.

'Er, well, I didn't say THAT,' stammered John, 'I guess if that's all...'

John liked wearing clothes that showed off his physique. Unfortunately it also meant that when his cock started getting hard it was plainly obvious. Marcus noticed; so did Stu.

'John, let me tell you, this guy gave me the blowjob of lifetime earlier,' said Stu quietly, 'don't fuckin' pass this up.'

Marcus looked over at Stu, and the two of them exchanged a glance. He wants to get it on with his roommate, thought Marcus, but he's never had the guts to get started. This was a setup to get John's pants off. Well what the fuck, he didn't mind being used if it meant he got to fuck that hot ass again. Maybe he'd fuck both of them.

'Lock the door,' said Marcus, and John did what he was told.

'Come over here. Stu, sit next to me.'

The kid moved over next to Marcus, and John stood in front.

'Take his pants off, Stu.'

Two hands reached out and tentatively grabbed the waistband of John's track pants. He hesitated, but there was no objection, so he slowly pulled the material down over his roommate's swollen cock, hidden behind white boxer briefs. He got the pants down and John stepped out of them, mesmerized by this chain of events.

'Now his underwear.'

Stu ran his hand gently over John's hardness before peeling the top of the boxers over the hot cock beneath. Marcus reached over and gently stroked along the shaft. John's cock was the same light olive colour, and slightly bent so that it pointed upwards. He was uncircumcised, but the foreskin had already pulled back over the head. His balls hung low beneath. Dark pubes were trimmed short, and were the only visible hair below his head. Marcus brought his face over and inhaled the musky male smell before sucking John's cock down, all the way at once. John stood absolutely silent, waves of physical pleasure radiating from his cock and spreading over his entire body.

Stu wasn't about to miss out, and brought his mouth over to lap at his roommate's balls. For several minutes John had two hot mouths working on him, and he put a hand behind each head and sighed in total ecstasy.

Marcus got up, leaving Stu dedicated to the eager cock, and moved around behind John. He lifted the white t-shirt up over the teenager's head, exposing a tight, lightly-muscled body of that same bronze. He bit gently at John's neck and ran his fingers over the defined pecs, teasing the darker nipples, causing groans of pleasure. His own cock, straining at his track pants, brushed across the kid's butt and nestled between his tight cheeks. John pushed back involuntarily while Stu continued milking his friend's cock. He had never had anything in his ass, but the feeling of the powerful body and hard dick pressing into him was intoxicating. Marcus pulled his shirt over his head, still kissing John's upper back, then sank lower to push the track pants and briefs off in one movement. Pushing the kid's feet apart, he put his head underneath and licked from where Stu was leaving the cock, over the hanging balls, over the tight asshole, and right up the crack behind.

'Come here,' he ordered, moving John over to one of the beds. He pushed the willing body down, legs hanging over the end. Stu quickly went back to work on the throbbing cock from the end of the bed, while Marcus moved to the side and aimed his own cock at John's face. John stared at the thick meat, juice dripping from the end, clearly meant for his mouth. Marcus could see a thousand reactions on the kid's face, but mostly disbelief that he was about to suck a guy's cock. But curiosity won, and he slid his lips down the shaft. After a moment lust took over, and his face bobbed up and down, reveling in this new feeling.

'That's right, you've always wanted to suck a cock, haven't you?' said Marcus quietly, 'You've just never had the guts to do it. Well it feels fucking good.'

John gathered new energy from the compliment, and took to his job with abandon. Marcus began slowly fucking in and out, giving the kid a little more cock with each thrust.

Stu, meanwhile, had moved from John's cock to his balls, and now found his tongue drifting lower, testing out his roommate's asshole, over the edge with lust at the taste and smells he was experiencing. He had managed to remove his clothes without missing a beat, and felt a craving to feel Marcus' cock inside him again. His own prick was aching for relief, arching up toward his abs, but he wouldn't touch it for fear of blowing his load too soon. Pre-cum was streaming down the length and dripping onto the dorm carpet.

Marcus pulled his cock out of John's mouth and walked around behind Stu, who was bent over while he attacked his roommate's hole. Damn that ass looked good - muscular thighs perfectly tapering into two round globes, the pink hole clenching in between. He spit, and spit again, the saliva coating the opening, and then grabbed his cock and milked out a load of pre-cum which he added to the mix. He pushed and the head slipped in, causing Stu to grunt loudly. Marcus pushed a little more, and his shaft began disappearing into the velvet warmth of the blonde's butt. Finally he bottomed out, and began a slow withdrawal. His fucking motion increased speed, his cock emerging and disappearing as waves of heat and electricity coursed about his body.

Stu abandoned his cock sucking to concentrate on Marcus' reaming, and when John realized that his roommate was being fucked by the muscular stud he'd only just met, he sat upright. He stared in disbelief at Marcus' huge cock pumping in and out of Stu's ass. He started stroking his own cock, amazed at the hardness he felt, approaching the edge of orgasm and then forcing himself to back down.

'Get over here,' commanded Marcus, still thrusting into Stu. John got off the bed and walked behind his roommate, eyes fixed on the sight of that huge cock invading his buddy's hole. Marcus pulled his big cock out with a pop.

'Your turn,' he announced, 'Stu, on your back.' The blonde hopped up on the bed and lifted his legs into the air, craving a cock inside him. Marcus grabbed John's dick, and guided it into Stu's well-fucked hole. John was smaller and slid right in to the hilt, gasping in disbelief at the feel of his first man-fuck. He immediately started pumping hard into Stu, slamming his cock home time and again, holding his roommates legs, amazed at the sensations. Constant grunts emerged from beneath him with each thrust.

Marcus moved behind him and watched the dark, sculpted butt in that most primitive of motions, then slid his slick cock between John's legs. His ass wet from Stu's earlier licking, John pulled out of Stu only to find himself impaled on Marcus' rock-hard dick.

'SHIT,' he yelled as the thick head embedded itself in his tender hole, but by then the pain was already subsiding, and a feeling of intense fullness spread over his young body. He pushed back a little more, and then more. Marcus waited, feeling his cock being swallowed up by the tight ass.

'I've never felt anything like that,' John breathed, and he pulled forward off Marcus' cock, burying his own prick into Stu's ass. Back and forth, slowly grinding between fucker and fuckee, top and bottom. He started to feel dizzy from the sensations coursing through his groin, and was held up by the muscular bodies on either side. His own cock felt like an extension of Marcus' plowing into Stu, like they were attached. And then, his nerves on fire, John reached his limit.

'Fuck, I'm gonna cum,' he cried, 'oh fuck fuck fuck...' The word faded into nothing as his cock exploded up Stu's ass. He felt the cum rush through him into the warm, wet confines, slicking it up even further and gushing around his shaft. As his orgasm subsided he bent over and slurped Stu's cock back down, and within seconds Stu yelled out and blew into his buddy's mouth. Marcus knew the quantity of jis that Stu produced, but John was caught off-guard. The hot cream filled his mouth and ran out, pouring down over the blonde's balls. John swallowed and swallowed the spunk, but couldn't begin to keep up with the flow. Pulling off in panic he was rewarded with a shot to the face, cum coating his forehead and nose, joining the load pouring down his lips.

'Get on the floor!' demanded Marcus, his own orgasm building to a crisis, and both John and Stu knelt before the big man, his muscles coated in sweat, glistening and energized. He stood between them, pumped his huge cock twice, and exploded cum into the air. Both roommates, high on lust and the smell of sex, stuck out their tongues and caught the spurts as they fell back to earth. Faces together, they turned and kissed deeply, swirling the cum around between them, licking the nectar off each other before locking lips again. They took turns sucking Marcus' spent cock down and cleaning the cum off his balls until there was nothing more.

Looking down at the slime-covered faces of the two roommates, he realized that he had introduced them both to man sex, and felt a glow of achievement.

'Well boys,' he said, 'I think my work is done here.'

All three of them laughed, but Marcus thought that maybe he'd just spend the night with these two studs and see what happened in the morning.


Scott Cameron



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