As I sat on the cold bus, I thought to myself, 'why am I here?' I am only a sophomore in college and coach makes me come on this stupid trip.

Let me back up. My name is Mike and I am a sophomore at a fairly small college. In high school I was very big into sports. I played basketball, tennis, and loved to watch all other sports. I was all set to play basketball in college when an injury ended my career. Not wanting to give up just yet, I became the program's manager. Usually, as a sophomore, I work with the JV team, but our varsity film guy is sick with a cold so I was asked to come along to the tournament and film the games. The only good thing was that I got to share a room with the coach, who I secretly had a crush on ever since I met him.

He stands about 6'2' and he is perfectly built. He isn't overly muscular but he isn't chubby, he is right in between. He has short black head of hair, hairy arms, legs, and a beautiful treasure trail connecting to a rugged chest of hair. Oh what I wouldn't give to see what the other end connects to.

The bus ride was long and bumpy, and after a long day of class, this is the last way I want to spend my night. I was lucky enough to have a seat to my self however, although I'd love to 'fall asleep' and 'accidentally' cuddle up to someone for some warmth.

Just as I was about to drift off... 'Everybody off the bus, we'll meet in the lobby' coach said. 'I'll hand out room keys and then lights out a 9:30. Mike you stick with me, they only have one key for our room so I'll hang on to it.'

'Ok coach'

After the keys are passed out and everyone in the lobby is cleared out, I follow Coach up to our room. We open the door, and what I see makes me instantly hard. One bed. Not only will I get to share a room with him, I get to share a bed with him!

'Well I get you can sleep on the couch' he says. And back to reality.

'I guess I'll have to' I say disappointedly. So close, I thought to myself.

We settle in quickly. Since it is only a weekend tournament, neither of us have much stuff. I packed for one day extra, just in case we get snowed in, but even with that I still have very little luggage. I turn on the tv and go straight to ESPN. What else. Coach comes in from the bathroom, lays down on his bed (which is unnecessarily large for one person) and looks at me with a face that seems to say, 'Are you kidding me?'

'You come to a hotel and you turn on ESPN? The beauty of a hotel is the free movie channels. Turn on some porn man!'

Shocked at what he just said, I reached for the remote and turn to the start of the movie channels. As I flip through them one by one, I wonder if I am going to get to see Coach's cock for the first time. I've seen his bulge through his pants, and one can only assume he is well endowed. My bulge begins get get bigger with every channel. So far, no porn yet, just chick flicks and cheesy comedies. With only two channels left, my dick is about to blow with anticipation. Nothing. And nothing. Once again, back to reality.

'Oh well,' he said, 'I guess we both need our sleep anyhow. C'mon, lights out.' Without saying anything, I comply. A

After a long day, and an even longer bus ride, you would think it would be fairly easy for me to fall asleep. Normally it would be, except tonight I have a sleep on a couch that is a foot shorter than me. It is the most uncomfortable piece of furniture I have ever tried to sleep on. I try to roll around and find a comfortable spot when all of a sudden I fall to the floor with a very loud thud.

'Son of a bitch!' I whisper loudly.

'Excuse me?' coach said from the bed.

'Sorry, not you, it's this stupid couch. It is gonna take me a while to find a comfy spot that's all.'

Coach sighed loudly and then apologized to me. 'No I'm sorry, I shouldn't have made you sleep on the couch it's just that... well never mind just get up here before I change my mind.'

'Thanks coach!' I crawl into the covers and indiscreetly take a whiff of his cologne. It makes me weak in the knees.

'Just make sure you stay on your side. And I don't want to wake up tomorrow with your morning wood pokin my hip or anything like that.'

'I'll try coach, but I can't promise you anything.'

We were breathing in unison as we attempted to fall asleep. All of a sudden I hear him turn over on his side and face me. I open my eyes and see him staring at me.

'I gotta be honest Mike, I didn't just bring you along to videotape the games. I have another job for you. Actually several jobs for you.'

'What are they?' I ask, hoping that it is some sexual favor he wants me to do to him. I look at him longingly, in hopes that he professes his urge to do things to me. Dirty things.

'Well,' he said, 'tomorrow is a really big day for us. This tournament could make or break our season. We play some really good teams and if we win them, we will be considered one of the best teams in the area. I had a talk with all of the guys, and they are really nervous. I overheard some of them say they are even scared shitless. This is not what I want on the basketball court. I need them to relax a little, and take a load off.'

'So what do you want me to do?' I reply.

'I need you to help them take a load off their shoulders. Or should I say, blow their load.'


'Well I told them that they can't do it themselves because you shouldn't before a big game, so this way you'd just be helping out the team'

Although I have had fantasies about doing things very similar to this, I can honestly say I have never actually done anything with a guy before. It is hard to tell whether I am anxious or hesitant at this point, but either way, I know coach is going to make me do this, because he gets whatever he wants.

'Tomorrow', he said, 'after morning run through, I'll tell them to hit the showers and then one at a time come to our room for a pre-game evaluation. I'll step outside and you do your thing.'

'What EXACTLY do you mean by 'thing'?'

'I don't know, it'll come to you. I know you've had fantasies about this before.'

'What! How did you know about that?'

'Just a lucky guess. Besides if you do this for me, and we do well at the tournament, I may have to pay you back in more ways than one.'

I said nothing, just turned over and tried to fall asleep. (I was mainly trying to hide my raging hard-on). I knew he wouldn't let it go before I gave him an answer. Just as he inhaled to speak, I replied...

'Ok. But I better get something good in return.'

'Oh believe me, you ain't seen nothing yet.

We both turned away and went to bed. Needless to say, I had some very pleasant anticipatory dreams that night.



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