Morning run through was going so slow. It took a lot to hide my constant hard on. I could barely stand it anymore. Watching the guys on the team practice there heart out getting ready for this tournament was so hot. As the practice went on they began playing harder. I loved watching the guys play defense. They couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Groping hands, thrusting shoulders and hips, it was such a turn on.

I was so horny, just about everything the team did turned me on. After run through, we went to eat breakfast. The fact that they were serving breakfast sausages and bananas were almost unbearable. I had to keep a napkin on my lap to hide the pre-cum spot on my shorts. I was so glad to go to my room and change my clothes after eating.

When I got up to our room, I opened the door to Coach laying on the bed in his underwear.

'Oh, sorry coach,' I said.

'Are you really' he asked.

'I think you know the answer to that. When are we gonna get this plan started, I can't take it much longer.'

'I can tell' he said looking at my shorts. 'I'm just gonna get some clothes on and then I'll let see who is showered up.'

My mind was racing. Who would be first? What would he think? Would he really let me in his pants? I hoped the first guy was willing, because I was too nervous to handle a rejection. Coach put on some sweats (which did not hide his huge bulge very well), and went out in the hall to grab my first victim. He came back in with a smile on his face and trailing behind him was Mark.

I was so glad to see Mark walk through that door first. Mark was a junior, and one of the nicest guys on the team. If one of the guys on the team were gay, it would probably be Mark. Not that he acted that way or anything, he was just very friendly around other guys.

He stands about 6'1' and is very fit. He is a very skinny guy with just the right amount of muscle. Not very defined, but when he flexed you knew it was there. He had dirty blonde/light brown hair, but the majority of it was on his head. He didn't have much body hair, just a small treasure trail and a small bush right above his dick. I knew from the locker room what all of the guys looked like naked. I took mental pictures of all of them so I could get off to them when I got home at night.

He came in and sat down on the bed, and coach followed suit. Having just gotten out of the shower, Mark was just in his basketball shorts. It was time for his 'evaluation'.

'So, Mark, how do you think you've been doing so far this season?' coach asked.

'Pretty good, I know shooting is my , but I really feel I have improved defensively as well.'

'I agree, you are one of the best defenders on the team' coach responded, 'but I feel as if you are a little too tense out on the floor. You need to loosen up a little bit.' As he said this he began rubbing Mark's shoulder. Mark, being a pretty touchy feely person himself thought nothing of this. 'That being said, Mike here is gonna give you a hand with that and when you're all finished you should be just fine for the game tonight.

As coach left the room, I tried to think of what my first move would be. Although I wanted to, I didn't think pouncing on him would have been the best way to go about this.

'So what has made you so stressed out on the court lately?' I asked.

'Well a bunch of different things. There is some trouble at home with my parents, and my girlfriend isn't paying as much attention to me as she used to, and I think she may break up with me soon.'

This was brilliant. If I could just get these guys to talk to me, and let them know there is someone there to listen to them, I will get there trust.

'Wow, that's a lot going on for you right now' I said as I placed my hand on his knee. 'How long has this been going on?'

As he continued to tell my his story, I continued to make sexual gestures, all of which became more and more obvious that something was gonna go down. By the end of the story I was running my hand up and down his thigh, getting my hand just inches away from his junk.

'Well, I know this is a hard time for you right now, and the pressure you get from basketball doesn't help either, so I'm here to take away some of that pressure.' He looked in to my eyes with a look of confusion and desperation. I don't know if he saw it coming or not, but I leaned in pressed my lips against his. He didn't pull away, and before I knew it he had his hand on the back of my head and we were making out like there is no tomorrow. I slid my hand up his thigh and rested it on his growing dick. I couldn't believe what I was doing, I had dreamed about this so many times, and it was finally happening.

As I moved my hand along his not fully erect 6' shaft, he began to make soft moaning noises. I knew it was time for the kill. I sat his back against the head of the bed against a pillow. I put my fingers on the waistband of his shorts and slowly pulled them off. I went back up and started kissing his lean body. From the neck, to the chest, to the nipples (oh how I loved his nipples), to his abs, to his treasure trail. I stopped right above the base of his cock and took a look at what I was about to feast on.

His cock was so delicious looking. It was thin, but had a big head. His balls were dangling low beneath it just waiting to be put in my mouth. I took a breath and went for it. The first time I had a cock in my mouth. I worked it up and down, twisting my head all around. I licked the head, which made his scream.

'Oh shit! Yeah keep doing that' he cried.

I licked all around the head of his cock, down the underside and began to suck on his balls. From the noises he was making, I began to think I was pretty damn good at this. I knew he was about to reach his climax when he began to start thrusting his hips into my face. I gagged a little then regrouped. It was time.

'Oh fuck I'm gonna cum! Where do you want it?' he asked.

Shit. I hadn't thought about this. In my mouth? On my face? I've never done this before!

'Hurry!' he cried.

'Face!' I screamed just in time. His huge load (at least a week's worth) began splashing all over my face. On my lips, in my mouth, on my check, and on my forehead. It was such a great feeling. I have always wondered what a facial felt like, and now I know what I've been missing.

Mark reached over and grabbed a towel from the table and began wiping my face off for me. 'That was fuckin' awesome. We are gonna do that again!'

'All in good time my friend. All in good time.' I said. He reached over and gave me one last kiss before he left. Just as he was about to leave he turned around and started to say something. I knew what he was going to say right away, and before he could even get the first word out, I assured him.

'What happens in this hotel room, stays in this hotel room.'



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