I know this is a strange story that I tell, but it happen just as sure as my name is Jason.

I am 22, I thought I was a normal, I had a pretty girlfriend, and well we had been having pretty hot, normal, Guy Girl Sex, Untill that fatefull evening.

I work in construction and I get pretty dirty, My girlfriend Lisa, works downtown at a Law office, a Clerk and para-legal, and this particular evening She was going to throw a birthday party at our appartment for a fellow employee in her office and we had been planning this all month, all the proper things for the party were in place, the apartment was decorated, and all the food had been ordered and the drinks etc.

Well the party was to start about 6 p.m. and have snack foods first, then drinks, and then a dinner, all the proper things for a proper party.

Well the night had just started and was wonderful with the party and it was in full swing when I got to the Apartment, but I was filthy and needed a shower before coming out into the party, Lisa was busy going about doing her thing as the host and I told her I was going to take a shower, she she take your time almost everyone from the office was there and the party was going great every one was having a drink and seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I went into the bathroom and I never lock the door since there ususally is only Lisa and myself in the house and I walk around the apartment nude half the time anyway.

I stripped down to my birthday suit and was admiring my body in the full length mirror over the vanity, Damn I had a really hot body, well muscled from sports in High school and Pre-College and then from Heavy Construction, and mostly I was proud of having an eight inch, thick cock, and the nuts of a bull, I was really proud of that I stood there and kinda stroked it a little and watched it get hard on me, and then said nope! I'll save it for Lisa later, then got into the shower, well, the Curtain on the shower stall was just a plastic curtain, not clear, sorta opaque and it let in the light but you couldn't tell exactly what was on the other side, anyway I had been trying to get Lisa to learn how to give me a good blow job and she just couldn't get it right for some reason and the thought of swallowing my load was just out of the question sickining to her.

We had this little game we played I had took a pocket knife and split a slit up in the shower curtain just big enough for me to get my cock and balls thru and when she would come into the bathroom when I was showering, I would stick my cock thru saying to her, so now you want to suck my cock for me, and she would usually play with it for a little while but never sucked it.

Well I was into the shower really good letting the hot water run down my back and I heard the bathroom door open and in walked Lisa, I thought, I could tell she had a yellow blouse on and she set down at the toilet bowl, My cock which hadn't had any lovin for about a week because of the party comming up, was wanting some attention and I knew we would probably have sex sometime in the future but just as a little joke I turned facing the shower curtain and said is this what you come in here for It really wants you bad, and I stuck my cock and balls thru the little slit in the curtain, I saw the yellow blouse move over to the curtain and I felt a hand reach over and take hold of my hardon and kinds squeezed and then started stroking it lightly, then the other hand started massaging my nutsack and then I felt a warm moist mouth on my nutsack and Muther Fuck it was the most wonderful feeling I think I ever had, the second hand just kept gently massaging my nuts and the tongue was just licking the cockhead like a lollypop, and then started licking up and down the shaft of the cock, I thought I would explode Lisa must have been practicing and taking instructions from someone because she had never done anything like this before, Fuck it was totally the best feeling I ever remember, I slowly started to slowly pump my hips forward and then it happened I felt her mouth go over the head of my rock hard cock and started sliding back and forth, taking the whole fucking cock to the hilt, I thought she has had to be practicing on a cucumber or something, she had it balls deep into her throat, Holy Shit, It was out of sight, Hot, wet, just the perfect amount of pressure and suction and I was in ultimate bliss, finally she learned to suck cock and I was loving it, with an awesome Love, The feeling just kept building up and up and when I thought I was gonna cum the pressure let up for a while and then it would start over again, Muther Fucker, I was lost in another place and another time, My nuts were somewere inside my body, my ass muscles were about to cramp for tightening them up and I was hanging on the shower curtain rod, holding on for dear life and just about there, and then it happened, I fell my cock harded like concrete setting, the head flared out and I started groaning, and making a coughing noise and wimpering, and started blasting a blast of cum that surely would have choked a horse it just kept cumming and I was done totally in from the intensity of it, fuck I thought Lisa would cuss me out for cumming in her mouth, She milked the last drop of cum from my cock and then just got up and left without saying a word. I was totally satisfied, the thought, I finally got a really fantastic fucking head job from someone who didn't even like to give head ,and it was totally the best head I have ever had.

I was totally happy, very pleased with myself and with Lisa, and I got dressed up sharp and went out to the party, I walked over to Lisa and kissed her on the cheek and said Thanks Babe, that was a fucking awesome blowjob, She looked at me like I had slapped her in the mouth and said, What the hell are you talking about? Then I noticed Lisa was wearing a bright blue blouse and black slacks, and I looked up and there across the room leaning against the wall, was a young man about 24ish holding a beer in his hand and looking straight at me and he smiled a beautiful smile and said cheers! and raised his glass up to me and I looked around the room and noticed he was the only on wearing a light yellow shirt. He just smiled and kept looking at me and winked.

Well needless to say I was a little taken back and embarrassed, then he came over to me and said Hi, My name is Mike and you are? I said Jason Im Lisa's Live in boyfriend. Mike just looked and said She's one hell of a lucky gal to have a cock like that to chew on and make love to, He was so fucking open and brazen about it, I thought I was in the twilight Zone. But to look at Mike and Listen to him talk You would never think, in the stereo types of Gay men, that he was Gay at all, He had a deep baritone very masculine voice not a bit femish. And fuck He looked like he could have any woman he wanted.

Mike then said Jason, I know your straight but you just learned that a guy gives great fucking head and that ain't all, Would you like to meet with me and go out for a drink sometimes I would love to have a good talk with you and anything else you might want. I said Well Maybe sometime. Mike gave me a card with his name on it and his address and telephone no. on it.

That night Lisa and I had sex and she kept asking me what I ment by thanks for the blowjob, I just answered 'wishfull thinking I guess' and smiled.

Later that week I was thinking about Mike and that aweswome headjob he gave me in the shower, I was just laying in bed one night and thinking about it and was getting a very still dick from the thoughts of it.

The next week end was special weekend, Lisa was going to go home for her parents anniversary and I was staying back because I had to finish up a job.

The first night alone I just layed there with a stiff cock and thought about Mike and got a bonder again and just jerked off.

All then next day I thought about Mikes offer, then out of the blue the phone rings, It's Mike, I said Hey What's up, Besides my cock, Mike said we can fix that if you want, I said sure I'll be alone all week end and part of the first of next week too. Mike said Can I come over, I said sure how about 6:30 this evening we'll have supper out and come back here for some drink's and whatever else. I was nervous as hell, Here I was setting up a date with a guy, What's going on in me?

Right on the dot, 6:30 Mikes rings the doorbell and I open the door, Mike looks at me and says Man do you know just how gorgeous that you are, Your fucking beautiful, A girl saying that is one thing, but that, comming from a guy is something else ,it's the hight of compliments. I was busting with pride.

We Went out to dinner and came back to his apartment, He offered me a drink, which I accepted and then Mike came over after we made small talk and set besided me on the couch and leaned over and started unbuttoning my shirt I felt a little conspicuous but I let it happen and then he undid and took of my shoes and then the socks and then he took off my undershirt and then the fun began, he gently started rubbing my lightly hairy chest and stomach and I was starting to get turned on, I could feel my cock getting stiff in my trousers, Mike then leaned over and started kissing my chest which I liked very much and then oh fuck he started lightly chewing on my nipples, which I didn't know were sexually arousing but damn were they ,I like to come off the couch, and I grabbed the back of his head and pressed it against my nipples, and started lightly moaning fuck that feels awesome all the while he's rubbing my crotch and playing with my hardon under the material, I was leaking pre-cum enough that it looked like I had started leaking piss in my pants. He looked down and smiled and said Hey lets schuck the trousers, I raised up and he had me totally naked in about four seconds My cock sticking straight up in the air, He reached down and swiped upsome clear pre-cum and licked his hand and looked into my eyes and said you gorgeous stud, your fucking delicious, and then he went down on my cock with his hot, steaming, wet delicious mouth and took it first try to the hilt, fuck I almost cum there and then, then he started the artwork of a master cocksucker, while massaging my nutsack and then he said I gonna make it even better, kinda sloutch down here on the couch Jason and I did he took some of me precum and some saliva and wet his middle finger and slowly gently slid it up my anal canal, it felt uncomfortable at first and then the joy of a lifetime took over, He found my prostate and started slowly tapping it with his finger and when he did that I started to grunting and wimpering and hunching upward and stuffing my whole cock into his mouth and then for some reason I wanted to feel Mike's cock in my hand so I reached over and undid Mikes pants and started gropeing for his cock, He kinda shifted and I was able to reach his dick, and muther fucker, He had a good nine inches and half again as fat as mine, fuck this guy was huge, I felt that hard cock and said I gotta see this thing and Mike stood up and took his pants off and he said it's all your's Jason, fuck I, for some reason went wild, Mikes cock was hard as flintsone and leaking clear liquid like mine and then we went to the bedroom and layed down Mike reached over and got sum lube and a condom out of the dresser drawer and told me to put the condom on and I said O.K. but why? he said you'll see, Mike then lubed up my condomed cock and started stroking it and then he layed over on his back and raised his legs all the was up into the air and layed his arms under his knees and had his knees besides his head and said I want you to fuck me like you would Lisa an He didn't have to say it twice, I had always wanted to try anal sex but Lisa was too ? whatever.

I knelt up to his asshole and sorta rested my hardon on his turd tunnel and he said, Your pretty thick, be gentle at first and then ram it home and I did, I got the head in first and It was ten times hotter that any pussy and I was loving it then Mike said O.K. I'll take it all and I started to slowly press it in to the hilt and I could hardly hold back, I started pumping just like a breading horse and Mike started humping up to meet each thrust, and it wasn't long before Mike said Hey fucker I'm gonna cum , cum with me if you can and I said Man I'm almost there we both started Grunting and growling and sounding like a couple moose in rut. and I felt the blast comming on and Mike started spasming, I could feel it in my cock his rectum started milking like feeling of my cock as he shot a huge load all over himself and me. He had just finished his last shot of cum and I started blasting and filled the condom I was wearing, I thought as powereful as it was I would burst the condom but the damn held and I was safe, Muther fucker that was the most powerful fuck I have had in my life and Mike said yea me too. Man you do know how to fuck. I said Hey Man I'm just learning Mike reached up and kissed me on the mouth and stuck his tongue into my mouth and I learned to love the ways of Man to Man, I stayed at Mike's Appartment all that weekend and I got fucked with that huge cock and I tasted his cum for the first time and I loved it all. Man Am I glad for having that party in my Appartment and haveing to take a shower before my initiation into the world of Gay Love. I'm an Addict now, Mike introduced me to some of his friends, Lisa and I parted company, I found out she was screwing one of her bosses and so things worked out for us all. Man Ain't life strange the roads that we take and the ones I have taken I'm not sorry for, not at all.



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