Kyle was staying at his Uncle Karl cabin for a week during March break. It was his fist time all alone at the cabin that is located in the middle of know where high into the Rockies Mountain range. It was a least  18 inches of snow that fall overnight  and it looks like that Kyle will be snow into for a couple of days or more.

It  was  around 2 pm in the afternoon when he heard a knock on the cabin door and saw Sheriff Cliff standing there as he look through the kitchen window. Sheriff Cliff is also the state of Colorado  Bounty Hunter who was on patrol looking for 2 escape convicts that had  been on the run for well over 4 days.

Cliff was very good looking for a man who just turn 55 years old and just got over a nasty divorce of 30 years. He stood close to 6'2 weigh just over 240 with short grey hair and a very well kept trim beard and look very close to the Manhunter in the TV series which is very popular among fellow hunters.

Kyle felt a little scare when he heard about the escapees and very reliefs that his gun permits were all updated for him to have incase he needs to use them. Cliff was into his second cup of coffee when he told Kyle that he will be back after his shift to check on him before he heads home for the evening.

The winds and snow started to pick up just after 10 pm as Cliff finally made it back up to the cabin to check in on Kyle. " Come on sir " as Kyle slowly open the door after he knew it was Sheriff Cliff. They both sat around and chatted for well over hour plus and the storm go more intense as it was now turning into a blizzard. " I guess you have to stay here for a night Cliff " As he gave him a nice friendly smile, " You are right there it does not look that I will be going anywhere for the next  8 hours or more.

You can see the two of them are really enjoying each other company along with a couple bottlers of fine wine from California as the fire roar and crack in the new 5 feet fire place that Kyle Uncle just put into the cabin. The clock was now showing just after midnight when Kyle got the air mattress out to plug into the wall so it will get blown up into a double bed that well be located right in front of the fire place. " Holy shit Kyle that is really nice and cozy " As he started to stare over at him in his tight red Adidas Track suit from the 1970 era. 

Kyle was now in the kitchen finishing up on the dishes as he could not help looking and watching Sheriff Cliff undress  before he put on a pair of track pants that where Kyle's Uncles always wear, They both smiles at one another before they felt some kind of hot vibes coming from both of their bodies.  They both decided to have one more glass of wine before they turn in as the wicket winds moans and howl all throughout the cabin.

Cliff was all horny by now and started to give Kyle a body massaged as he lay on the air mattress as he was now wearing just his Black Colt spandex briefs that he likes wearing in his uniform. It was not to long after that they were well into 69ing each other as the sex got more intense as the room was well into the mid 80's from the heat coming off from the fire place.

It was now time for Cliff to fuck Kyle as he place his bubble ass butt over 2 pillows before he started to eat out his clean shaven hairy hole. Kyle was now moaning from the great pleasure of Cliff beard and tongue as his ass juice that he felt all over his beard. 

The fuck began real slowly as Cliff started to glide his 8 inch cock up Kyle tight ass before he got more aggressive. It was a good 20 minutes into the fuck as their sweaty bodies pour out buckets of sweat all over both of them and onto the sheets.

" Fuck me Cliff "

" Fuck me dude "

" Give to me Sir "

" Fuck you got a hot ass "

" Fuck you got a hot ass Kyle "

" Give me your load "

" Almost there Kyle "

" Almost there "

Cliff started to scream out as his cock shoot out 2 loads at once all over Kyle hole and ass cheeks before he pull out of him very slowly. The two of them just lay there totally exhausted from the fuck before they got up to take a shower together. The next morning came by fairly fast as the snow and wind finally stop outside. The rest of the week flew bye for Kyle and only heard from Cliff 2 days before he left the cabin.

Kyle was now over at his Uncle Tom place to give the key back when Tom ask him  Cliff came over to check on him? He gave his Uncle a huge smile and told him " He sure did come out to see what I was all about "

The End 




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