Just to get back in the story, Alex and todd just got inside our tent as me and Josh were kissing, all covered of cum and sweat.

Alex said with a dirty look on his face "Looks like we're going to have a lot of fun together..."

As he said that, Todd looked at him with a surprised look and said "Are you serious Alex?"

"Absolutely" Alex answered with a small grin on his face. Todd was clearly felling uncomfortable with how things were going and he just said "well, do your thing, I will watch and if I get a boner, I'll join you"

"That's a deal" Alex said as he stripped his clothes off. I never realize how hot he was, it was the first time I saw him full naked and let me tell you, that guy had a hell of a hot bubble butt. It was so round and firm. How bad I wanted to stick my face between his hot ass cheeks.

So as he got between me and Josh, I said "Why don't you suck Josh for a while, I want to eat that hot ass of yours"

"That sounds good to me" said Josh, Alex nodding his head saying he was down for that. So I got behind Alex as he bent down on Josh's crotch. I started by gently playing with his butt cheeks, kissing and licking them. That was so hot, and he smelled so good, it was driving me wild. I couldn't wait any longer and I started rimming his tight hole, tasting its saltiness, feeling it twitch each time my tongue touched it. He was moaning in pleasure, whispering something I couldn't understand at first, but I finally heard him saying "I want more...I want you in me"

I picked up a condom, put it on, as I did so, I turned to see what was Todd doing and he was jacking off like crazy, he was clearly enjoying what he was looking at.

So I got back to Alex's butt, rubbing my cock on his butt cheeks, then on his hole.

Then I slowly sticked my cock inside his manhole, making moan with pain at first, but the more I got deeper, the more I felt him relaxing and he finally was enjoying it real bad.

Soon enough he asked me "Please... faster, fuck me hard" So I started to fuck him even harder than I did with Josh. He was getting really horny and he was constantly moaning, asking for more. I was about to stick my cock out of him to shoot my load, I released the condom and Alex said "I want your cum in me... fill my hole.."

So I slid my cock back inside of him and spurted my load, filling his hungry hole.

Josh took Alex's head in his hand and started to facefuck him as he was getting closer. Alex looked at him with a dirty look as Josh shooted his load down his throat.

I layed on my back to get my breathing back to normal since I was exhausted. I looked at Todd and back to Alex and said "You know, me Josh got laid, now its your turn"

Todd looked at Alex and said "Why don't you give me what Jessy just gave you?"

Alex, did not even answered, he just grabbed a condom, pulled Todd closer to him and said "Get on your back and spread those sexy legs appart"

Todd did so and alex lubbe his cock and Todd's hole, gently rubbing his cock on the tight hole. Todd seemed a little scared but he certainly wanted it real bad. He looked so cute, staring at Alex with lusty eyes. When Alex slid his cock inside him, he shouted "Stop!...I mean don't stop...just go slower, your cock feels so big in me"

So Alex gently slid his cock in and out, loosening Todd's hole. In no time, Todd was moaning in pleasure, almost pushing Alex deeper in him.

Me and Josh just layed there, watching them having sex. I layed my head on Josh's chest, enjoying the moment.

Alex bent down on Todd and gave him a passionate kiss as he shoved his cock deep inside him. "I..I'm about cum...fuck" said Todd he jerked his cock. "That's it, shoot it, shoot that load" Alex said. They were looking so hot. A few seconds later, Todd was shooting his man juice all over his chest. Alex couldn't resist anymore, he got the condom off and spurted cum all over Todd's face and chest.

He bent down on Todd and licked his chest clean and shared their mixed cum in a hot kiss. "Mmmm that tasted so good, too bad there's no more left" Alex said.

Todd answered with a dirty look "Don't worry, there will be more back in town".

I slept in Josh's arms and Todd slept in Alex's arms, we all slept naked.

That was the best noght of my life, at least until now. I will always remember that night. The rest of the trip was very nice, we had a good time. Back in Canada, we passed the weekend all together, having some "fun".

We are still getting together for some sex, and me and Josh are now lovers, it's been almost two years now and we're still loving and desiring each other like we did in New Hampshire.

Thanks for reading, Hope you enjoyed reading this story

I'll be back soon with another lustfull story



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