My name is Jessy, I'm almost 20 y-o today but I was 18 y-o when this happened.

I was not the "popular" kind of guy in high school, I used to be by myself admiring the hot guys secretly. But on my last year in high school I wanted to change things. So I tried to be more like the other guys, acting like them. There was a guy named Josh, even if we were not friends, he was pretty nice with me and since I kinda "changed" I became closer to him and I started hanging out with him and his friends. I was finally making things to work and I felt alone no longer.

Josh and his friends were in the Outdoor team of our high school with me and every year we had a scholar trip. On the trips we had before I was alone in my corner, trying to be discreet and let the others have fun together. But this year, I was not alone, I now was Josh's friend and while we were all having a good time, I thought to myself how stupid I was the last years, keeping away from the others.

Soon enough, it was time to get back to our tents. Me, Josh and two of his, or should I say "our" friends, were in the same tent. Alex and Todd decided to go for a walk around the camping. I forgot to mention that we were in New Hampshire near the Mount Washington, we were there to climb it the next day. So back to Alex and Todd, they went for a walk because they were not sleepy. So I was alone with Josh, my crush of all my high school years.

We were talking about this and that, with only our boxers and tank top on, it was getting cold and he asked "Can I get in your sleeping bag, I'm freezing". My sleeping bag was not so large so that would mean that if he came in my sleeping bag, we would be glued together, in only our underwear. Just thinking of his body touching mine was turning me on.

But I just said "Why don't you put on some warmer clothes?" thinking to myself how bad I wanted to cuddle with him. But I tried to look as straight as possible, I didn't wanted to ruin our friendship, wich was still pretty new.

So he answered "We both know that you want that, and to be honest I kinda want it too. You know, you're a pretty cute guy and, I must admit, seeing you in those boxers...damn"

Was I dreaming or he was teasing me for real? But looking at his crotch, he was getting a boner for real. And the way he was looking at me, bitting his lips. He was scanning my body with lust in his eyes. He was looking so hot, his grey boxers starting to tent.

Even if it was now pretty clear he wanted me, I was still on my guards so i just said "Yeah very funny, I almost believed you, but you can get in if you want it that much" With a little smirk.

We both laughed and he got in my sleeping bag.

We continued talking for a couple of minutes and as we talked, he started feeling my body with his firm hands. As we talked, he got closer to my butt, and as his hands landed on my cheeks, he said "It's getting hot in here, you should take those boxers off"

Without letting me answer, he slid by underwear along my legs slowly, caressing me with his hands at the same time. I was feeling his warm breath on my neck, I turned facing him and with a seducing look in his eyes, he got closer to my face and it happened. We kissed each other, our mouths intertwined, I loved how is mouth tasted. As we kissed, he grabbed my cock and started stroking it slowly.

Feelin his hand on my cock made me moan but I tried to keep quiet to avoid being heard.

As he was masturbating me, I slid my hand inside his boxers and took his cock in my hand. It was bigger than I thought, a bit longer than mine. It was my first time with a guy, I was a bit scared, but too excited to get off.

When we finally seperated our lips, he started lick my niplles, playing with it, slowly licking down to my abs and finally, to my rock hard cock. He licked the tip of it, then he licked along the shaft, down to my balls. I could help moaning, damn he was good at it. He went back to the tip and slid my cock down his throat, making me moan louder. "Fuck..... that's so.... good...mmmmm don't stop please..."I said as he sucked my cock as a pro.

"Fuck, I love your cock it taste so good..." He answered

I was getting close so I warned him but he kept sucking, faster, he played with hole as he sucked, gently rubbing it, slowly sliding his finger in and out.

I couldn't keep it longer, as I moaned I milked his mouth and he swallowed every single drip of it.

As he finished cleaning my cock I said "Damn! That was amazing, now it's MY turn"

I got on top of him and gave him a passionate kiss. Then, I went down to his nipples, after what I went down to his impressive cock which was almost 10 inches.

I played with his balls then I gently slid his shaft down my throated, which resulted making me gag but I controled it pretty fast and I was soon swallowing his whole cock, my nose resting on his pube, I smelled it, damn, how bad his smell turned me on, it was so masculine and sensual.

As i sucked his cock, I licked my fingers and did as he did to me, I played with his hole, sliding my finger inside him.

As I did, he whispered in a low voice "Insert another finger, I want more...please.."

I said "Whatever you want Josh..." in a sexy voice.

As I fingered his hole, I could hear him moan, letting out some "Fuck.."

I felt his body tensing as he got closer, so I fingered his butt faster, deeper.

Pretty soon he was filling my mouth with his hot man cream, moaning.

I could barely hear it but I finally heard him whisper "Fuck me Jess, I want you in me...please..."

"You're not going to say it twice..." I answered.

So, he spread his legs apart, showing me his hole, giving it to me. He told me he had some condoms in his backpack. i got one, put it as fast as I could and lubbed his hole by licking and rimming it. His ass was so tight and yummy.

When his hole was ready to be penetrated, I pressed my cock on his hole and slowly insert it inside.

"Fuck... fuck me hard...I've been waiting so long for this" Josh said.

"There you go ..." I said as I slid my cock deep in his hole, making him moan louder.

We could hear my thighs clapping on his cheek. Damn, that was feeling like heaven. He was so tight and the way he was looking at me, a mix of pain and pure pleasure. I couldn't believe I was pounding my biggest crush.

As I fucked him he was playing with his cock, masturbating it very fast, we were both all wet, our skin glistening. I bent down kissing him. I backed up a bit, staying close to his face as he said " That's it fuck me hard, make me cum"

I started to fuck him as hard as I could. In no time he was shooting his load all over his chest, moaning almost crying in pure lust. I bent down and licked his load, tasting the saltiness of skin mixed with the creamy texture of his cum.

I continued fucking him until I was close, I said "Fuck I'm gonna cum!" he said "Get it out and cum on me, I want it in my face..."

So I got my cock above his cute face and shot the biggest load I've ever shot and he licked it using his finger.

"That was out of this world! Your cock was hitting something, I don't know what, but I was in heaven.." Josh said as he kissed me.

As we were kissing Alex and Todd got inside the tent, both looking shocked seeing us naked, covered by cum and sweat.

But they also looked like they kinda liked what they saw.

Alex said with a dirty look on his face "Looks like we're going to have a lot of fun together..."

To be continued...



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