My name is Skyler Thomas, I am in my third year at The college I attend. Its a large, rather trendy college in the Midwest. I have made my grade point average rather a good one by hard work, and I have been active in college sports. I have kept my self in good shape all thru High School and College, and wanted to try out for playing pro sports later in life, but I need to get my education out of the way first and it is really foremost to me.

I have a dorm room and I had this little nerdish little dude named Wilfred as my roommate, at least he was untill this last week, he transferred out to another University, he was really a brilliant kid, extremely smart.

I had been alone for about two weeks in my room, and then this one evening, after school had been in session about three weeks, I hear this knock on my dorm room door.

I got up and opened it and there standing in front of me was this cool looking dude, with all sorts of bags and boxes laying at his feet and he just said is this Skyler Thomas's dorm room, I said yes, I'm Skyler, He said Im Dek, actually Dexter Stolman, I am suppose to move in here, and share this room with you, I said hey man, welcome.

I helped Dek, thats what he wanted to be called, and we brought his things into the room, He said well we need to be properly introduced, Im Dexter J. Stolman, and you must be Skyler Thomas, I said yes. He said I have the papers here somewhere in this mess, he pulled out the papers assigning him to my dorm room as my roommate. I said great, we chatted and got sorta aquainted, and he said, now which bed is mine, we shared a study room, a large walk-in closet and a bedroom, with twin sized beds across from each other.

I was just giving him the once over, observing everything about him and I said man, are you into sports, he said Yea, I play basketball, and soccer, and some football, he said how could you tell? I said man, just looking at how your built tells it all, he smiled and said yea, I do look pretty hot, don't I? I said you sure do.

I showed him around the dormitory, we have bathrooms and shower rooms down at the end of both the upper levels of the dormitory, and the lower levels.

He said awesome, He said I really need to shower, I said be my guest, he said something funny, to me at least, he ask me If I wanted to join him, for a shower, I said really, he said sure, I thought we would get the being naked in front of each other out of the way, since we would be sharing a bedroom, I said I feel I must tell you something now, since you will probably learn it sooner or later, I'm gay, He said sure enough, wow I have never known a gay dude before, I said do you have a problem with that, He said not really, your just another dude to me, do you have a problem with me bing straight? I said not at all, he said, you stay on your side of the fence around me and I'll stay on mine, and he just smiled.

Well Dek and I really got alone really well, the matter of me being gay never was mentioned again.

We would wrestle, and scuffel around, and I kept my distance sexually from him, and he kept his from me. But I have this one little problem, Dek liked to get naked, he liked to sleep that way, and He was a hunk of man flesh if there ever was one. I was ga-ga over Dek, He was built like an olympic gymnist, wide shoulders, narrow hips, pec muscles like a greek god, stomach like a washboard and legs like and bull, and his rounded solid ass was a thing of beauty, he was awesome looking. He had a nearly hairless chest, but at his navel there was a brush of dark hair that ran down into his shorts, and a very thick dark pubic bush in his boxers, I would go to bed with a stiff cock almost every night, because Dek would come to the dorm room and run around almost naked except for the boxers which were standing open and things were quite visible, he would strip naked and crawl into bed just before he shut off teh light. Oh yea, there's something else, his cock looked like a fire engine hose, very thick, and Long, and uncut, god it was awesome, He must have had six and a half inches soft.

Well needless to say he was jerk off inspiration to me, and we had been roommates for several weeks,when I noticed him sorta groaning and making funny noised in the dark, I thought something was wrong and I snapped on the light and mother fucker, Dek was stroking off like a fucking madman, He just looked at me and smiled and said man, either join me and enjoy the moment or turn the light off, My cock had already made the decision for me.

I was watching Deks cock, thick, long, and very hard as he stroked it up and down, I loved watching his foreskin slide back and forth over his cock head, god it was awesome, he was very rythmic and precise in his stroke, so fucking sensual and arousing, I was getting more turned on watching his cock being stroked than I was by stroking my own cock, I got so friggen excited that I just let out a loud UGHMMMMM and moaned as I shot a huge load of cum all over my stomach, Dek just grinned and said 'That was fucking Awesome' And about three minutes after I shot my wad, Dek said Oh Fuck man, aw Jesus, and blew cum clear up on his face, it was astounding to watch, and he just sat there with his cock in his hand and started laughing, I jumped up and ran over to him and said that was fucking awesome and leaned down and started licking his come off his body, Dek just watched and said wow man, you like that stuff? I said hell yes man, thats why I like to suck a guy off, He said, no shit man.

Well Dek and I became really free with each other, we would take showers together, then on the day of my birthday I came home from the Library of the college, I had been studying some papers for a thesis I was doing, It was about nine o'clock that night and I didn't see Dek when I opened the door to the Dorm Room, He was in the bedroom I guessed, and I heard some shuffling around in the bedroom, and I opened the bedroom door and flipped on the lights and there was Dek with a big red bow tied around his neck, and he was naked as a newborn baby with a Hardon in his hand and a note taped to his chest, with big letters written on it: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I'm your birthday present for the night, I said Dek, whats this? He said I wanted to give you something for your birthday, and I don't know of anything you would want more than this, and it's all yours to enjoy all night if you want, I said no

shit? he said, No Shit.

I took all my clothes off and said can I eat my birthday cake now, he said, help yourself, I walked over to him and set down on his bed beside him. leaned over and took his beautiful cock to the hilt into my mouth, and believe me, my mouth and throat was full, he said Holy Fuck, my girlfriend can't even do that, and I Licked and swirled his cock head with my tongue, and he was feeling it like crazy, I was in Lust with this guy. I couldn't get enough of his cock and his nuts, I was groaning my pleasure and sucking like a madman, he said man I won't last very long like this, and I just kept up the sucking, I wanted his cum so fucking bad, I needed his load, and get his load I did, It almost gagged me when he grunted and unloaded into my throat and mouth, It was fantastic. He layed there and said Good God man, That was awesome, I never had a blowjob like that before, no wonder even married guys like to get sucked off by dudes.

I said we have our good sides. I said will you be ready for some more in a few minutes, he said hell yes, I said good.

I got a soda out of the fridge and shared it with Dek, and we sat there and I leaned over an kissed him on the lips, and he looked rather startled, He said, that felt pretty good. Dek reached over and said man, I'll have some more of that and started kissing my mouth like he had been doing it forever. I looked down and Dek's cock was long and standing up stiff again, bobbing up and down, I just sorta pushed him back onto the bed again and got up on top of him and lubed up my ass, and let him shove that horsecock into my asshole, awe fuck it was big, and it was very tight, and Dek was loving it but I wasn't sure I was, It was hurting like hell and I just kept thinking man, you wanted this, now suck it up. I sucked it up all nine and a half inches into my intestines, and I began to feel full, and hot. I was getting into the groove with it, and It was feeling like I was being stuffed all the way to my throat, God Dek was big, I began to feel the sensetive tip of his cock hit my prostate, and I started grunting and wimpering and asking for more, It wasn't feeling so bad now, and I was liking it much more than when I started and Dek was loving it, he kept saying man, it's so fucking tight, and hot. I said, I could have told you that, he said I think I like this better than pussy, I said Im glad you like it, and he poured on the heat, after about ten minutes of being battered with that post sized cock of Deks I felt his body shudder and he just grunted and jammed it to the hilt, and said Awe man, Shittttttt, I felt the warmth of his cum splattering my intestines and I felt his cock jerk and It felt just awesome. I shot a load of cum all over myself and Dek giggled and said man you were primed for that, I said yea, with a big smile on my face.

Dek and I began to have regular sex after that.

A month went by after my birthday, and Dek and I was trying out for Football, we both got chosen for the team, Now this team had a really nice coach named Coach Eldon Miller, Coach Miller was really overly nice to the players, always patting them on their asses, rubbing on their shoulders and when we would come in after practice, we would get into the showers. Now outside the shower stalls there was a room, the coach would stand in the doorway and hand out the clean towels after the guys would shower, and I began to notice that the coach would get a rather large lump in his shorts while handing out the towels, Dek had noticed it too, and he ask me, Do you think the coach is maybe Gay, or at least Bi? I said I'm beginning to wonder that myself, every time I come out of the shower hes got at least a half of a hardon pushing his shorts out. I think he likes to see young dudes in the nude and he gets off on it. Dek said I was thinking that too.

Well about a month into the football season, we had a scimmage practice one Saturday afternoon, We practiced for about three hours and finished up our teams different plays and strategeys, and then we went in to the showers, I had taken some of the geer into the towel room, which also was used for geer storage, and I saw the coach preparing to hand out the towels and I stood there and just said care if I stand here and watch, he said not at all, Well all the guys had finished up but Dek, unbeknown to the coach that we planned this, all the guys had dressed and left except Dek and me, We both walked into the towel room and said come on coach take a shower with us, He said, sounds good, and we all three got naked, I must say for an older guy, Coach was fucking Hot looking, He was what you called a Bear, very hairy chested, Muscular as hell and built like a brick shithouse, and His cock was almost as big as Dek's. Fuck me, I started to getting a boner when I saw the coaches body, gorgeous and naked, I asked the coach how old he was, he responded thirty nine, I said man coach, your one hot looking dude, when I said that Dek walked into the shower stall and we took the shower heads to each side of the coach, I reached over and took a bar of soap, and told the coach to turn around and I would wash his back, he said o.k. still not getting the hint, but as I scrubbed his back I was making it as sensual as I could, I had him face the wall and put his hands on the wall, he did, then I started washing his back, I rubbed soap all over his back, then his ass, I slid my hand into the crack of his ass cheeks, I heard him moan, I let my finger linger on his rectal opening, and just wiggled it up and down, and heard the coach wimper a little, I looked at his face and his eyes were closed, and he had bitten his lower lip and was holding it in with his upper teeth. I lathered up my hand and started washing up under his armpits, and he moaned again, fuck he was really getting into this, but then I reached around his body with my body against his back, he felt my hardon against his ass, and I started washing his chest and twisting his nipples as I washed, he just said Oh Fuck guys, What are you doing to me? I said what you have wanted us to do for a long time, We are here to please you, he said Jesus, man, I'm your teacher, I said Coach, from the looks of that hard cock, your a man first, then a coach, he just said Awe fuck, and he leaned down and took my cock into his mouth and started doing some awesome feeling cock sucking on my hardon, I just leaned against the wall and let him have it.

Dek came up behind him and started to finger his asshole he never moved or lost a suck, and In about five minutes after we started this, Dek had his cock buried to the hilt in the coaches ass, The coach was banging his ass against Deks pubes and sucking my cock like a sex starved madman. God watching Dek's face as he pounded the ass of the coach was awesome. I was about to bust a nut, when I heard Dek go, OOH, OOH, OOOOOOOHHHH, Fuck Me, and he started jerking and shooting a huge load of cum into the coaches asshole, the coach was stroking his own cock and sucking me while Dek had been fucking his ass and I started firing a load down Coach Millers throat, He was sucking and swallowing and moaning his approval as he went, I was feeling a little drained at that time, I heard the coach, as he got off my cock, just say, Oh God, Oh God, and he started shootin a huge load of cum that just splattered on the floor of the shower and gently washed down the drain, He finally squeesed the last bit of cum from his cockhead, and licked the last droplet off my dick, and He looked up and said Hey guys, you won't tell anyone about this would you? I could loose my job. Dek said, What? and ruin a good thing, Not on your life, We plan on doing this at least once every other week, He smiled and said guys, you have made me very happy with this, It has been several years since I have enjoyed sex like this. He Hugged Dek and Me and kissed us on the lips and said you guys are something awesome.

Dek and I have had a great year, we have kept each other satisfied, and the coach couldn't be a happier man. Man what a year at college this had been.



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